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Movies Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Rabbit-Proof Fence Fill in the following crossword puzzle. rule of a country that says what people may or may not do. makes sb. suffer because he/she has done sth. wrong. run after sb. or sth. in order to catch them. protection from rain, danger or attack. large, dry area that has very few plants on it. Hard
Racing The Sun Graduate from High School and then you go to. Brandon's ................ Is sick!. Brandon's .......,.... left his Indian heritage. A competition with your friends. You go here on week days. Big
Ready Player One! Read the Hints and write the answer in the box! A bat-and-ball game played between two opposing teams who take turns batting and fielding. A number that is one more than seven. A game played on a field between two teams of 11 players each with the object to propel a round ball into the opponent's goal by kicking or by hitting it with any part of the body except the hands and arm. The capital of Japan. A thermally insulated chamber used for the heating, baking, or drying of a substance, and most commonly used for cooking. Very Difficult
Sabrina an object that is wrapped. a pink bird with long legs. to cause something to fall or get ruined. to receive money. an AD you watch on T.V.. Hard
Saige Paints the Sky Saige showed this personality when she spoke to the reporters about why her school should have art classes. A hobby that Saige, Mimi and Gabi enjoyed in the afternoon. Where did Mimi go after she broke her right wrist and leg?. A grandmother who likes to paint and ride horses. jump-started the new art program at school. Older Children
Saving Grace Complete the crossword puzzle below. “moral goodness; integrity; gentleness'. “disbelief; stubborn opposition to divine will”. 'unmerited favor of God”. 'kindness or goodwill toward the miserable and the afflicted”. “wills; pleasures; of the purpose of God to bless mankind through Christ”. Big
Sea of Monsters Main character. What Tyson and Polyphemus. medicine used to heal half bloods. Percy's cyclops brother. The former head master at camp. Older Children
Sean Connery Sean Connery has made some great films can you name them? Is there a doctor in the house?. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. John Steed. The League of exterodinary gentlemn . It is Red and has Thorns . Adult
Sean Connery Bond Sean Connery Bond Rosa ___, SPECTRE's No3, once of SMERSH. Adolfo ___ (played xx). Mr ___, one of xx's henchman in Diamonds Are Forever. Ian ___ (novellist who created the Bond character). Kissy ___, Bond's love interest who goes undercover as his wife. Very Difficult
Seasons of the Witch well known tool used for scrying. witches companion. marks winter solstice. witches mode of transportation. ancient religion that worships mother nature. Hard
Secret Life Of Bee's August was looking for this to wipe her tears,,. The coffin was loaded into this.. (213). 'June came ____ into the water.' (193). Lily held onto August arm this way, but August pulled back free.. This dinner consisted of Smothered chicken, butter beans, rice & gravy, sliced tomatoes, biscuits, and ____? (217). Big
Secret Life of Bees attach or fastened with pins in a certain way. deep wide ditch surrounding a castle. a church house provided for the clergy. a stupid person. failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate. Big
Sergeant Stubby Greatest country in the world. Another word for canine. During his service, Sergeant Stubby received many of these. After being injured by mustard gas, Sergeant Stubb was given one of these. Something dogs like to eat. Big
Sidney Poitier much adored person. kind of allergy test. dried fruit. trumpet shaped flowers. rainforest. Hard
Slumdog Millionaire a weapon made to explode when it hits sth. a place where aircraft arrive and leave, espcially military or private aircraft. the character played by a particular actor in a film. a room or set of rooms with very strong walls built underground as a shelter against bombs. an injury in which your skin is damaged . Teenage
Soul Surfer Who was Bethany sponsored by?. What is a fake arm called?. What was Bethany's dad's nickname?. How old was Bethany had the shark attack?. What name did Bethany give the remainder of her arm?. Big
Soul Surfer to suffer extreme pain. heavily decorated. to play or splash in water. having notched edge, like the teeth of a saw. people sent on a religious mission. Adult
Sounder Where the prisoners work. A plant that heals. What the dynamite does to the dad. How the sherrif transports his dad. What the boy finds in the town garbage. Hard
Star Trek Uhura's rank. Voyager's expert pilot. Gang boss who 'put the bag on' Kirk in 'A Piece of the Action'. Problematic fussy creatures on Deep Space Station K-7. Spock and Worf, after Starfleet. Hard
Star Wars a protocol droid. a bounty hunter big gambler. an astromech droid. Lukes friend. a message that projects a moving picture. Hard
Star Wars Anakin's Journal The capital city of Naboo. Is the Gungan King. To move things with your mind.. The thing that Anakin is enslaved to.. The wisest of the Jedi. Big
Star Wars Characters Complete the puzzle A protocol droid built by Anakin Skywalker - Episode IV: A New Hope. Former Padawan of Yoda but because of multiple disagreements with the Jedi High Council resigned from the order and ended up becoming the Sith apprentice to Darth Sidious - Episode II: Attack of the Clone Wars. A brilliant Separatist military strategist and a feared Jedi hunter, known for his ruthlessness, his body itself was a weapon, allowing him lightning quick strikes and devastating blows- Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Left on Jakku, a desolate desert planet because her parents had to hide the truth about her heritage from the First Order - Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Captain of the Millennium Falcon- Episode IV: A New Hope. Hard
Star Wars Characters Complete the puzzle Former padawan of Yoda, menacing Sith Lord whom became disillusioned with the Jedi Order and thirsted for greater power - Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Cadet 124-329 when serving as an Imperial cadet, was a smuggler who became an instrumental figure in the defeat of the Galactic Empire - Episode IV: A New Hope . Co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon, known for his short temper and accuracy with a bowcaster - Episode IV: A New Hope. Han Solo's old friend from his smuggling days; he eventually signed up with the Rebel Alliance and would become a General - Episode V: Empire Strikes Back. The son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, was once a Jedi apprentice, but was drawn to the dark side of the Force and became a leader in the First Order - Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Hard
Star Wars: A New Hope The Rebels fight against whom.. What is better than a lightsaber by your side. They ride single file to hide their numbers.. 'Yes, Greedo. I was just going to see your boss.'. 'Where are you taking this... thing?' What is this thing?. Hard
Star Wars: Episode 1 Was a Chancellor, Replaced by Palpatine.. Golden Droid, His name means; Human Cyborg Relations, Made by Anakin Skywalker.. Gungan, Clumsy, Saved by Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.. One of Anakin’s friends.. Padme’s Guard, Has an Eyepatch.. Hard
Stardust The Hairy Man's form of the word mushroom.. Unreal. A word the Hairy Man uses that means confused or puzzled.. To give a false impression.. A dense puffy cloud form having a flat base and rounded outlines often piled up like a mountain. Big
Stephen King's Thinner Find the definition To great to be overcome. A state in which opposing forces are balanced. Something supplementary or complimentary usually food. Irritate intensely; to infuriate. Having characteristics of both sexes, or none of either. Adult
Steven Spielberg Spielberg film about Holocaust in Europe. . Spielberg's first son.. A 1991 film directed by him about Peter Pan.. Where Spielberg was born.. Spielberg married ____ Capshaw.. Big
Storm Boy A dark place often hidden. A tuft of growing grass. Not often. A liquid that you use for fule. A person who collects stuff of the beach. Older Children
Storm Boy A dog kept to keep watch. A tuft of growing grass or weed. A big bird used as one of the main characters in this story. Not often. A liquid often used for. Older Children
Storm Boy . firearm with a short, large caliber barrel. showing ill will and a desire to hurt. thorough search for something. fierce, violent and uncontrolled. mockery or teasing. Big
Stranger Than Fiction to get control of something in order to use it for a particular purpose. to change from one system, use, or method to another, or to make something do this. someone or something that gives you new ideas and the enthusiasm to create something with them. to rise extremely quickly or make extremely quick progress towards success. a very strong wind that goes quickly round in a circle or funnel. Hard
Stranger with My Face The first place that Laurie projected herself.. What was the Abbotts daughters’ name?. Who gave the bird caving to Helen? . Where did Helen transfer from? . Who was out on the beach with Gordon when they “seen” Laurie?. Hard
Streetcar Named Desire to weaken or reduce in force or intensity . a conversational exchange, dialog . something extremely light, flimsy, or delicate . Gaudily vulgar, cheap, tawdry . pretending to have virtues, morals or principles that one does not actually possess . Hard
Superman Childhood sweetheart . Is most vulnerable to what color of Kryptonite. Born on the alien planet . A feature shared by several supporting characters is names. Clark works as a . Big
Swiss Family Robinson Drink found inside the half ripe coconuts. Youngest son. This animal is Jacks pet. Fritz gave these as a gift to his mother and brothers. The animal that rode on the dogs backs.. Hard
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Characters, Humans, Mutants and Aliens The Goofball of The Group. The Teacher and Father. The Muscles Of The Group. Scientist who became a humanoid fly. The Female Ninja. Young Kids
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind William created the windmill to the wind. This is the main characters name. This is the continent in lived. malawians believed in____. He built it and it changed his life. Big
The Cat's Meow When the drugstore cowboy fed the hoofer a line she punched him in his (SMELLER). When the thieves heard loud noises outside their ginmill, they knew some (GATE CRASHERS) had shown up. The hoofer who won the dancing contest at the speakeasy had no (RAZMATAZ) after. When a guy fed a line to the Sheba, she knew that he was just a (DRUGSTORE COWBOY). When the Sheba saw a girl fall for the drugstore cowboys line she knew she was a (DUMB DORA). Big
The Choice you go see them when you're sick. a group of stars making a pattern. an act of a play, concert, or other entertainment . a young dog. group of organic compounds that cannot be mad eby the human body. Big
The Company Men when you're resume , has been cut down to a certain year, after being laid off. what was the essential entrepreneur chaacteristics did walker have. Promise of value to be delivered . combination of factors which help a business to take into account customer needs when selling a product. of or designating salaried professional or derical work or workeers. Hard
The Core (2003 film) Movies Hilary Swank. Delroy Lindo. D.J. Qualls. Bruce Greenwood. Aaron Eckhart. Hard
The Dark Crystal Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places The Planet Of the Dark Crystal. Elfin-Like People. Wise Old Hunchbacked Wizards. Under-dwellers. Aughra's Home. Hard
The Dog That Saved Christmas Deanna and Jeff's 12 year old daughter in The Fist Noel. Becky and Tony's 5 year old son in The Holiday Ringer. Dane's brother and Trent's grandson in The Christmas Goose . The character that bought the dog in The Holiday Ringer.. Theo's aunt in The Winged Wonder.. Older Children
The Fault in Our Stars Seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive. Hazel's cancer medication. Meeting for young people with cancer. Absentminded dreaming while awake. Hazel's favorite book. Very Difficult
The Fellowship of the Ring Bilbo's nephew. the elf friend of Gimli. Bilbo's gardener. Pipin's good friend. the dwarf friend of Legolas. Older Children
The First Empires Chaldeans made this to tell time and were the first to have a seven day week.. Nebuchadnezzar built the Hanging Gardens to please this person who missed their homeland.. People who captured Nineveh in 612 B.C.. Assyrians hardened iron for use in these.. Assyrians learned how to harden iron for use in weapons from these people.. Hard
The Flight of Dragons Film Characters, and Creatures The Golden Wizard. The Chinese Dragon. Leader of the Sandmirks. The Wood Elf. The Knight. Big
The Ghost of Flight 401 to move at a great speed, typically in a wildly uncontrolled manner. ask for information from someone. to manipulate or persuade someone or something carefully. to separate or release something from what it is attached to . an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural ghost-like image. Adult
The Grinch Some .of the answers are two words Annual holiday festival held by the town. The Grinch is this color. The little girl Who's name . Cindy Lou's father's name. The name of the town. Older Children
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