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Physics Crosswords

To view or print a Physics crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Electricity Something that produces light and entertainment . Something that tells you the time and wakes you up in the morning. Something metal and plastic which you can use to contact people. A component that produces light. One battery that produces electricity. Big
Electricity By Harrison, Sam and William It is sometimes produced by electricity . Electricity from the sky. A sticky substance. You get it if you rub against something. A glass coated object. Big
Energy, Work, and Power type of potential energy that is typically the focus in physics. Although energy can not be created or destroyed, it can be _________________.. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that 'Energy can not be ________ or destroyed.'. type of energy carried by electromagnetic waves. work that an object does as a result of the work input. Hard
Electromagnetic Waves Complete the the crossword puzzle. can be used to treat cancer. too much exposure of radiation can cause . waves that are created as a result of vibrations between an electric field and a magnetic field.. is a change in a DNA sequence. is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. . Big
Electricity a fun game to test your knowledge! measures potential difference across a circuit. rubbing two neutrally charged objects together to exchange electrons. detects high current in circuits that have the potential to cause a fire. allows electrons to flow in a circuit. transferring electrons from a charged object to a neutral object. Hard
Thermal Physics What is the process where a liquid is rapidly changed into a gas. What is the unit of thermal energy. What is the process where a gas becomes a liquid. What is the measure of how much thermal energy something has. What is the process where a liquid becomes a solid. Big
Magnets and Magnetism Like poles of a magnet ___________________ each other. magnets are formed when _________ line up in the same direction. the two ends of a magnet are called __________. A magnet creates a magnetic __________ around itself. _______________________ sea turtles use the earth's magnetic field to find their way around the Atlantic Ocean. Big
Changes in Matter a negatively charged particle moving around the nucleus of an atom. a substance made up of a combination of two or more elements held together by chemical bonds that cannot be separated by physical means. having little solute in a solution in comparison with the amount of solvent. the smallest particle of an element that has all the properties of the element. the changing of a substance or kind of matter into a different kind of matter with different properties. Big
Energy speed of an object. energy exerted on earth through the sun and moon. the movement of electrons produces this type of energy. the splitting of an atom produces this type of energy. this energy provides direction through a compass. Big
Satellites and Gravity The Earth has an escape _____________________of 25,000 miles per hour.. If there weren't any gravity, we would all _______________into space.. Supposedly it was this dropping from a tree, and striking his head, that gave Newton an idea about gravity.. Number of satellites in the Global Positioning System. When you are in a car, and need directions, this is what you use.. Big
Kinetic Energy speed of an object. _______ energy is the movement of electrons. ________ energy involves the splitting of uranium atoms. ________ energy is exerted by the moon and sun on earth. _______ energy is the general term for energy that moves. Big
Energy Electrical energy travels through ___________.. A hairdryer plugged into the wall uses _________ energy.. The friction caused by rubbing hands together creates __________ energy.. ____________ are materials that allow energy to easily pass through.. ____________ are materials that do NOT allow energy to pass through easily.. Big
Physics variable that is changed or controlled in an experiment.. a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something.. smaller than or occurring within an atom. . the quality, condition,or fact of being exact and accurate. . the action or process of monitoring something or someone carefully to gain information. . Older Children
Light Energy These waves start with g. Light energy travels across space as ______________ waves. All the colours of the rainbow from light is called ______ light. An objects colour is due to the one colour wavelength that is not absorbed but _________ . These waves are used to cook food. Big
Physics Complete the Crossword Puzzle. He made great contribution to the radio navigation system.. He's famous for his solution of the so-called hierarchy problem.. He's famous for his three laws of motion.. He's the father of Chinese missiles.. He's famous for his law of free fall.. Hard
Physics Another term for the speed of an object. Energy of a moving object. A stored energy of a trampoline is called ______ energy. Weght of an object. Energy stored in molecules of foods is called ______ energy. Big
Energy, Temperature, and Heat states that particles made of matter move around at different speeds. energy of electrical charges. energy stored in the nucleus of an atom. Law stating energy cannot be created nor destroyed. energy of motion. Big
Atoms, Molecules and Compounds negatively charged particle that orbits the nucleus of an atom. formed when two or more different elements bond together in a chemical reaction. the shell around the nucleus where electrons can be found. smallest unit of matter. is made of atoms. Big
Motion Terminologies directed motion towards somewhere in a period of time. straight movement. motion that don't care for direction. continuous change of position. related to catapult. Big
Addison’s Energy Fill in the blanks according to the hints/definitions The potential of a chemical substance to turn into other substances . The form of energy that can be heard by other living things. The process in which water moves energy . The sum of potential energy and kinetic energy . Scale of temperature most commonly used throughout the world. Hard
Elements an element that has the symbol Au. an element that has the symbol Ag. an element that has the symbol Cl. an element that has the symbol S. an element that has the symbol Cu. Big
Basic Electricity Protects an electrical circuit in the event of a short circuit. Negative charged particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom. Resistance in an electrical cable can vary with. The lines of force or force field around a magnet is also refereed to as the area of influence of magnetic . Converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Hard
Light An object can form shadows of different __________ if the light source is shining at different parts of the object.. The other reason why shadows are formed: Light is partially or completely __________ by an object.. One of the reasons why shadows are formed: Light travels in __________ lines.. The shadow of an object becomes __________if (i) the light source is moved further away from the object, (ii) the object is moved further away from the light source, or (iii) the screen is moved closer to the light source or object.. We are able to see an object that does not give off light when light shines on it. The object __________ the light into our eyes.. Older Children
Matter The volume of the stone also remains the __________, even when it is pressed. Hence a stone has a definite volume and cannot be compressed. . A liquid has __________ definite shape. A liquid takes the shape of the container it is in. . A liquid has a __________ volume. The volume of the liquid remains the same even if it is poured into another container. . Matter also occupies __________. The space occupied by an object cannot be taken up by another object. . The volume of a liquid can be measured __________ using a measuring cylinder or a syringe. The volume of a solid can also be measured using a measuring cylinder and water. . Older Children
Motion it is travelling at 107,000km/hr. a measure of time. Your school. when an object is moving it has ......... the name of this topic. Big
Force and Motion A force that opposes motion between 2 surfaces in contact.. The force that is transmitted through a string, rope, cable or wire when it is pulled tight by forces acting from opposite ends.. The force that opposes the motion of objects through air.. This type of forces produces a change in motion.. A property of matter equal to the measure of an object's resistance to changes in either the speed or direction of its motion.. Older Children
Properties and Changes the ability of a substance to combine with or change into one or more new substances . observations based on measures or counts. A substance that changes because of a reaction with another substance. Makes a new substance.. describing data by observing its qualities or appearance . Appearance changes but substance does not. Can be reversed. . Older Children
Light Waves The highest point on a wave.. This tells you how fast the wave travels or it's speed.. This tells you the distance from this surface to the highest point of the wave.. When the motion of the medium is perpendicular to the motion of the wave, these types of waves are created.. This tells you how many crests pass a given point each second on a wave.. Older Children
States of Matter The process where something turns from a solid to a gas. The process where something turns from a gas to a solid. The process where something turns from a liquid to a solid. Out of gas, liquid and solid which one has a flexible shape and can be visibly seen . The boiling point of water is ___ _______ degrees celcius. Older Children
Electricity Used to measure a voltage. Energy that creates a charge. Two or more paths for current to flow through. A measuring instrument used to measure the current in a circuit. A circuit where the current follows one path. Older Children
Energy Use the clues to fill the answers into the correct space in the crossword. An object that is up high, has this type of energy. . A convection current is when _____ energy travels through air or in water. . This energy comes from the sun. . This type of energy is found in food. . Tidal and wave energy sources use moving _____. . Older Children
Energy Definitions of key words in energy. Bright flash of electricity.. Energy not moving.. Water into invisible gas.. Large spark caused by electricity traveling in air.. tiny drops of water in the air.. Big
Rays and Reflection Find the words using the hints below: Formed in a location where where the rays cannot actually reach. . Equal to angle of incidence. Parallel rays bounce off a flat surface, reflected rays remain parallel. . These go into our eyes. . Incoming ray. Hard
Optics The highest point of a wave. The angle between the refracted ray and the normal line.. Emission of light during chemical reaction. Distance that a wave dips or rises.. Form of electromagnetic radiation detected by the human eye. Very Difficult
Light an image light rays do not actually touch. the angle made by a reflected ray. parallel ray all bounce off at the same angle. a line perpendicular to the lights wave fronts. the light hitting an objects surface. Older Children
Light and Sound Look at the word bank to find out the words Waves. Sirens are an example of. Is a example for carbass. A vibration that you can hear. Something you can feel that can be hot,worm, or cold. Older Children
Matter This states that matter expands when it is heated up ( water is an exception). An objects mass compared to its volume . The amount of force that matter applies on a space . A gas like mixture that has no definite shape, no definite volume, and most atoms are found in the universe. States that the volume of a gas increases with increasing temperature (ex. Hot Air Balloon). Older Children
Interference of Waves The maximum displacement of a particle of a wave. The number of waves produced in one second, measured in Hertz (Hz) . The net displacement when waves come together is the sum of the individual displacements . The physics of when waves come together. When waves combine to produce an increased amplitude at a point . Hard
Classifying Elements one of the group of elements with properties opposite of metals. a group of elements with similiar properties arranged in column. a mixture of two or more metals. one of a group of atoms of an element with the same number of protons but different number of neutrons. an arrangement of elements by increasing atomic number. Big
Electricity and Magnitism Lined up atoms or electrons. How much energy needed to move a charge; measured in Volts. A type of cell that has liquid electrolytes. A type of cell that has solid or paste-like electrolytes. A path that allows electrons to flow from negative to positive. Hard
Optics Do the crossword. the highest part of a wave. distance between the highest or lowest point of a wave to the rest position. a wave for which the action making the wave is back and forth along the direction in which the wave is moving. the process in which light or another type of wave interacts with a surface and is sent back from the surface . electromagnetic waves having wavelengths . Big
Light and Optical Systems something in nature that gives off light. something that gives off light. a smooth reflective surface that curves inward in the center. light is trapped or held inside something (not reflected). light hits a surface and bounces back. Big
Electricity the measurement of the distance between two wavelengths . reduces acne and reduces bacteria . constant even-flowing current that travels in one direction only. the flow of electricity along a conductor . positive electrode thats usually red and is marked with a P or + sign. Older Children
The Forces All of these answers are to do with forces. It is an opposing force caused by friction between the liquid or gas and the surface of an object. This is a force that slows the movement of an object due to rough surfaces. This shape helps air to pass over and below an object smoothly. It is something that measures weight which is sometimes called a spring-balance. What are forces mesured by?. Older Children
The Cycling of Matter Read the clue closely, and use the word bank to complete the following crossword. organisms that produce ammonia and nitrates. process that uses fuels and releases carbon dioxide. when chemicals wash off farmed land onto uncontaminated land or water. what nitrogen gas is turned into in the nitrogen cycle. part of environment that phosphorus does NOT cycle through. Hard
Electricity & Magnets outer shell of an atom. magnetite. every item is made up of these. magnet with an arrow that always points North. one path circuit. Hard
Sound and Light how quickly something happens over and over again. to make clear. any substance or material through which something (like sound waves) can move. moves up, down, or to the side. how high or low a sound is. Hard
Thermal Energy he energy released when 1 kg of steam condenses is the ____ of water.. Reverse process of heat engine.. Heat engines convert thermal energy into ____ energy. The freezing point of water on the ____ scale is 273 degrees.. As particles collide, they _________ energy.. Hard
Gravitation Gravitation force does not depends upon. Scientist who gave laws of gravitation. Force by which all the bodies having mass attract each other. Value of acceleration due to gravity at the centre of earth. At surface of earth the value of acceleration due to gravity is maximum at. Older Children
Properties of Matter the ability of a substance to react with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. the ability to be hammered into thin sheets (alternative, brittle). how easily a liquid flows. it has indefinite shape and definite volume. solid form of many minerals in which you can see a definite structure of cubes or blocks with a regular pattern. Hard
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