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Spelling Lists Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Commonly Misspelled Words Capacity for understanding. Lack of knowledge. Extended upwards; altitude. The act of judging. Not influenced by others. Older Children
Compound Words Use the hint and correctly spell the compound words. You become one of these when you turn 13.. How long it takes light to travel.. Parents and grandparents are the best ______.. When you are in a hurry at Tim Hortons, you use the _______.. Always 2 words even though most of people spell it as 1 word.. Older Children
Compound Words Read the clues and solve the crossword puzzle. A place where a stream of water falls.. Seen after it rains. The child of my child.. A fly that is found in the sand.. A band that is worn around the arm. Older Children
Compound Words breakfast food served with butter and syrup. to be unable to do something. Not yes or no but _________________.. sport where a ball and bat are used. Once ________ a time.. Big
Con Prefix convert. condemnation. convex. contravene. contour. Older Children
Cool Words Persistance. Very Important. Type. Unbreakable. Unexpected Ending. Hard
Cross Word Puzzle Week 5 Can you find the answers to the clues? hot or cold?. Corner?. don't pay for this road. not low. not plaise. Older Children
Culture Vocabulary the sum total of the knowledge, attitudes, and habitual behavior patterns shared and transmitted by the members of a society. loss of uniqueness of a place. includes beliefs, practices, aesthetics, and values of a group of people. process through which something is given monetary value. seeking out the regional culture and reinvigoration of it in response to the uncertainty of the modern world . Hard
Describing Words Find the best word that matches the definition and fits in the space Pleasant or attractive to you. Causing great surprise or wonder. Very unhappy. Very beautiful. Strong feeling of disproval. Older Children
Dict. Words The decision a jury makes in a trial; the decision said by the jury. Formal words issued by a jury that charge a person with a crime. A reference book in which spoken or written words are defined. To speak against; to say the opposite. What is written down as someone says it. Older Children
Earth EnvironmentalVocabulary Energy derived from the heat in the interior of the earth. . Use more than once. . Energy-saving light.. A cell that converts solar energy into electrical energy.. A single identifiable localized source of air, water, thermal, noise or light pollution.. Hard
English To attempt.. To come to an end.. Another way of expressing courage.. Someone who is a part of a competition.. A sort os soup.. Big
English bogus; fake. oppressed; abused. wearing down. to assemble; to gather. to feed. Hard
English Composition to maintain;assert. unyielding;severe,strict, or harsh. to turn aside from the main subject of attention. to participate or assist in a joint effort; to work with another, cooperate. to say or do again or repeatedly;repeat excessively . Hard
English Vocabulary An attraction to . Overly decorated. Open mouthed,suprised. Common,ordinary. Open to more than one interpretation. Hard
English Vocabulary To make dirty,to stain. An attraction to . Overly decorated. Open mouthed,suprised. Pertaining to cows and cattle. Big
English Vocabulary To blend,to merge. A crown. Embarrassment , a complete loss of courage. Behavior,mannerof conducing onself. Contemptible,hateful. Hard
er words find all the words ending in er you write these. not over, but. a warm season. something that you count in. a meal you eat in the evening. Young Kids
F Vocab Use the definitions to help find the word never ending, incapable of being terminated . refusing to obey the orders, willfully disobedient . severe criticism . to make fun of, shout at in a mean way . Sea monster. Hard
Final Exam to surrender or give up something. to give concrete form to an idea. relaxed, lack of concern. becoming successfully larger, stronger or more effective. to appear out from behind something. Hard
Fraction Vocabulary Match definitions with the terms A fraction whose numerator is always 1. Of two numbers are factors that are the same that are called these. This fraction has a numerator greater than or equal to its denominator. The least common multiple of the denominators. The numer and denominator have no common factor other than 1. Hard
FUN WITH WORDS FIND ME IF YOU CAN! exclusive group. support. connection. 14 in male 12 in female. figure out who you are. Big
FUN WITH WORDS FIND ME IF YOU CAN! something painful. efforts. exclusive group. not happy . once in a while. Older Children
G is sometimes soft fantasize. pay for work. makes you sneeze . someone you don't know. stiff. Older Children
Get Moving! kneel. reach. shiver. chew. swallow. Older Children
Greek and Latin Roots one, single, alone. throw, cast. all, every, everywhere. within. bad, ill, difficult. Teenage
Greek and Latin Roots throw, cast. all, every, everywhere. within. bad, ill, difficult. fear, dislike, aversion. Teenage
Greek and Latin Roots II circle. ten. lead or draw. people. government. Hard
Greek Vocab A Greek Historian. a method of reasoning. A Greek Astronomer. People vote directly . Athenian Philosopher. Hard
Green Software that requires user to help the environment. Currency. Green to Jean-Pierre. Green Mountain State. US Army Special Forces. Hard
helping Verbs _ _ _ _ you let me borrow your book?. _ _ _ _ _ you give me my paper back?. You _ _ _ _ _ _ eat lunch now.. _ _ _ _ our teacher have extra paper?. Another word for should.. Easy
Homonyms is from trees. beginning of a letter. yum, yum. I ___ like some ice cream!. _____ a letter to me.. Easy
Homonyms and Homophones Claws. Chute. Wail. Time. Cent. Big
Homophones Do you have a ____ or socks or just one sock?. The number ____ is less than two.. To make a cake we need _____, sugar, eggs, milk, butter and baking powder.. Don't ______ the food, eat all of it please!. Our favorite store for these is Osh Kosh.. Young Kids
Homophones Seven days in this. A fish. Not very strong. To be permitted to do something. Past tense of will. Easy
Homophones Something you eat for breakfast.. What is done with shoe laces. . Something that grows on your head.. What many trees are in winter.. A major source of light and energy.. Older Children
Homophones clothes. place. one place to another. what we breathe. they own. Easy
Homophones Something a bird did . Something you wear on your wrist. Something you put on your fingers. Used in mechanical pencils. Color. Older Children
Hotel vocabulary the desk or office that books rooms for people and answers their questions.. to leave a hotel after paying and returning your room key. a woman who works as a servant in a hotel or private house.. you arrange for it to be kept specially for you, rather than sold or given to someone else.. the process of reporting your arrival at an airport, hotel, hospital . Older Children
Idioms and Phrases Find the phrase that that matches with the idiom. decided too quickly or without thinking. performing unnecessary activivties. very pleased. 'It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.' A proverb: No matter how bad a happening is, someone can usually gain something from it.. live longer than be. Teenage
Inter words Week 4 spelling words connecting or travelling between continents. that can be interchanged without affecting the way it works. not continuous; occurring at intervals. a mediator. to take between sending and delivery. Teenage
Jazz English an all female organization/club for students. hopeful, possible plans that might change. a meal and large party after the wedding ceremony. a place that takes advantage of an area that tourists like to visit and charges very high prices. visiting interesting and famous places in the area. Older Children
Junior Vocabulary strict. having or showing with to do harm. gloomy or glum. talkative. fictitious name. Hard
Language Vocabulary short dedication written in a book,coin, or monument. papers with writting that will be read and acted out. ordinary, dull, without variation. disturb. to fling or hurl forcefully. Hard
Latin Fill in the Latin word for the clue sword. they will show. thank you. I entrust. friend. Teenage
Latin Stems circle. above. into. one. great. Hard
Let's Recall WORDS! Complete the crossword puzzle below. Have fun and Enjoy! It is an affix attached before a root word. . It is a word formation that takes the first letter or the two initial letters of words or phrases and makes a new word.. Chemistry may be clipped into this word. . What do you cal the emotional and imaginative association surrounding a word? . It is a word formation that consists of removing syllables from a word to leave a word with the same function.. Hard
Linguist Disgusting, revolting or repulsive. Incapable of being heard. To form by combining parts or elements. Generous in forgiving an insult or injury. To explode with a loud noise. Hard
List 21 very upset. pleasant or enjoyable. small bunch of flowers. adjective from misery. sure to happen. Hard
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