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Spelling Lists Crosswords

To view or print a Spelling Lists crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Vocabulary the point of concurrency of the altitudes of a triangle. first part of a conditional statement following the 'if' part. the point of concurrency of the perpendicular bisectors of a triangle. a ray that divides an angle into two congruent coplanar angles. true conditional and converse; if and only if. Hard
Vocabulary Using natural resources in a way that does not deplete them. gasses combine with water. farming of aquatic organisms. the wearing away of surface soil by water and wind. loss of forests. Hard
Vocabulary to cuation or advise against something; to scold midly; to remind of a duty. to size for a military or offical use. stubborn and often unreasonable in holding to one's own ideas, having a closed mind . scatterd fragments, wreckage . sudden violent but brief; fitful; intermittent. Hard
Vocabulary developing stage of a multicellular organism . phase of mitosis in which the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell. one of a group of external regulatory proteins that stimulate the growth and division. substance found in eukaryotic chromosomes that consists of DNA tightly coiled around histones. cell with limited potential to develop into many types of differentiated cells. Hard
Word Study To create something seem less appealing.. Tending to produce, contributive, helpful, favorable. The way of causing.. A word that is used before a noun, pronoun,or to show place, time,direction ect.. The adhesive friction of a body on some surface.. Older Children
English bogus; fake. oppressed; abused. wearing down. to assemble; to gather. to feed. Hard
Spelling jumped up. what an actor reads. making water jump around. excitement. to rid pasta of water. Older Children
Vocabulary its job is to encourage fellow party members to vote as the party leadership wants. committees that address broad issues that affect both chambers. a law that punishes a person without a trial. a tax an individual pays directly to the government. the power of Congress to charge officials in the executive and judicial branches with wrongdoing and bring them to trial. Hard
Words ending in ..nation There may be more meanings for the words than those given in the clues of cows, chewing the cud/calm consideration. the place at the end of the journey. causes disgust and hate. pink, red or white spice-scented flower. state of intense interest. Big
Vocabulary the role of the president as head of the executive branch of the government. the presidential power to postpone the execution of a sentence imposed by a court of law. an arrangement in which two or more members of Congress agree in advance to support each otherís bills. a rule or regulation issued by the president that has the effect of law. a court opinion reflecting the views of the majority of the judges. Very Difficult
Vocabulary Able to get along or work well together.. A state of perplexity or doubt. . An injury done in return for an injury.. Eating every kind of food; eagerly taking everything, having a wide variety of tastes.. To make ineffective or useless, cripple; to have a dulling effect on.. Big
Vocabulary materials that doesn't allow electrons to move through it easily. a type of heat engine that burns fuel inside the engine. device, such as a refrigerator, that removes thermal energy from one place and transfers it to another place at a different temperture . transfer of energy, through matter by colliding particles; takes place because the particles are in constant motion. thermal energy that flows from a warmer material to a cooler material; is measured in joules . Hard
Science Vocabulary An area where living and non-living things interact.. The amount of mass per unit of volume.. How deep something is.. The total amount of dissolved salts in the ocean water.. Great rivers of water moving through the ocean.. Hard
Suffix 2 study of living things. the study of earth and rocks. the opposite of forward. a mammal. hollow organs of an animal. Hard
Vocabulary to disapprove of or reject something very strongly. Hate, disgust, detest. Absurd situation. elaborately or sumptuously adorned, often excessively or showily so. having the power of or actually driving or impelling. The process of being heaved upward.. Hard
Spelling Wonder A little something that we should all obey.. An electric car does not make this.. We use this to wash our faces.. A homophone for something we burn to heat the house.. You will find many of these in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.. Older Children
Vocabulary BINGO lack of foresight or discernment; obtuseness. To turn aside or dodge. Great warmth and earnestness of feeling. To secure or bring about by force. Causing discomfort by being excessive. Hard
Vocabulary How long someone is in office. The president. The power to postpone a court sentence. A rule issued by the president that has the effect of law. Reflects upon majority views. Very Difficult
Vocabulary awkward, bulky, or clumsy. to identify or discover brethren. modest or devoted . careless or erratic. skill or ability to do something. Older Children
Vocabulary A tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. The action or process of moving or being moved. An influence tending to change the motion of a body or produce motion or stress in a stationary body. The magnitude of such an influence is often calculated by multiplying the mass of the body by its acceleration. The SI unit of work or energy, equal to the work done by a force of one newton when its point of application moves one meter in the direction of action of the force, equivalent to one 3600th of a watt-hour. The speed of something in a given direction. Hard
Spelling Words Anna Hernandez # very little of something. a swamp like place. to hit something hard. a four sided shape. to say a bad word. Older Children
Spelling possession. pleasure. You seem very ......... doing nothing.. I am in my .......... .. The king lived in a far away .......... .. Hard
Spelling a wildcat. emotionally uncontrollable. a doctor. you breathe it. something that shows that one has an illness . Older Children
Vocabulary something that all natural disasters do to things (trees, roads, buildings). a person who repairs equipment and wiring . hot molten rock that comes out of a volcano. really big. if there are dirty dishes you need to do the...................... Hard
Vocabulary similar meaning to frightened. often. someone who always looks on the bright side. beautiful. really worn out; tired. Hard
Spelling it's very useful and can be spoken out or on paper. when something goes wrong and it is not planned.. where your donations go. different groups,studies and is world wide.. when you arrive.. useing a part of your body to try and be quiet.. Hard
Vocabulary material that doesn't allow electrons move through easily. . a type of heat engine that burns fuel inside the engine. . devices that remove thermal energy from one place and transfer it to another place at a different temperature. . transfer of energy through matter, by colliding particles.. thermal energy that flows from a warmer material, to a cooler material (measured in joules) . Hard
Vocabulary evil harmful threatening. something new a change. agile clever quick movement. a handcuff to chain or restrain. blocked nothing through. Big
Spelling Words it has the opposit of sit in it. it has any in it. you tie your shoes with it. you use these in dark places. men get these at a barbor shop. Big
Vocabulary An account of someone's life written by someone else. Of or relating to the tongue. The recurrence of similar sounds, esp. consonants, in close proximity. Expressed in terms intended to persuade or impress. Conversation between two or more people as a feature of a book, play, or movie. Very Difficult
Spelling the very basis of something. a person sent to gather information . sleepy . a piece of absorbent cloth. a small amount of money that is regular given to children. Hard
Vocabulary An Object Or Ridicule.. Strongly Emotional:Intense Or Passionable.. Watchful;Being On One's Guard Against Danger. . To Abstain From An Impulse To Say Or Do Something. . Boldness Or Daring, Especially With Confident Or Arrogant Disregard For Personal Safety,Conventional Thought,Or Other Restrictions.. Hard
English To attempt.. To come to an end.. Another way of expressing courage.. Someone who is a part of a competition.. A sort os soup.. Big
Vocabulary A colorless pungent toxic gas, SO2, formed by burning sulfur in air. Ozone depletion describes two distinct, but related observations. A metal of relatively high density, or of high relative atomic weight.. Rainfall made sufficiently acidic by atmospheric pollution that it causes environmental harm, typically to forests and lakes.. A reddish- or yellowish-brown flaky coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, esp. in the presence of moisture.. Big
Vocabulary to expel a student from a college. . a small peg or plug for stopping the vent of a cask. . the border of a two dimensional figure. to make hollow by removing the inner. young. Hard
Vocabulary verb: hate. adj: calm; peaceful. adj: fake; false. verb: give voting rights. noun: narrow-minded, prejudiced person. Hard
Vocabulary science or study of the origin. of the same kind of nature. inflamation of th heart and its valves. able to live in both land and in water. external supportive covering of an animal. Big
Vocabulary a period of ten years. Small and weak. a sister or brother. to know or understand. an essential characteristic. Older Children
Vocabulary .org, bibliographic entries, peer reviewed, updated. mini-thesis. sources are created by people who were not present at the event. sources are created by people who were present at the event. catch the readerís attention about our topic, define terms and assert an arguable and specific thesis statement. Older Children
Vocabulary To surrender; to submit. High-sounding; pompous; pretentious. To twist or to squirm, as in pain. To inspect minutely; to dissect. To make young or fresh again; to revive. Big
Vocabulary metabolic process that does not require oxygen.. fluid-filled space outside the grana in which light-dependent reactions take place.. light-absorbing colored molecule, such as chlorophyll and carotenoid, in the thylakoid membranes of chloroplast.. one of the stacks of pigment-containing thylakoids in a plant's chloroplasts.. metabolic process in which pyruvate is broken down and electron carrier molecules are used to produce ATP through electron transport.. Hard
Spelling large,important;major,significant;prosperous;not imaginary,material. to interfere with;to meddle rashly or foolishly with;to handle in a secret and improper way. liable to change very rapidly, erratic; marked by a lack of constancy or syeadiness . capable of being wrong mistaken, or inaccurate. doubt, the state of being unsure. Older Children
Root Words Write in the root word corresponding to the clue words. versatile. mobile. geography, biography. visual, visualize. anthropology. Hard
Vocabulary Rocks that form when molten material cools and crystallizes. Compound that can contain carbon OR hydrogen, but not both. Characteristic of rocks and minerals that describes the break of a mineral along specific sides and lines. Characteristic of rocks and minerals that describes the color of the mineral in the powder form. Characteristic of rocks and minerals that describes the uneven break of minerals. Older Children
Vocabulary opportune, favorable, fortunate, or prosperous . to set free, admit, or grant . a threadlike body in an organism's cells that carry genetic information. to destroy or weaken. detrimental to health; causes injury. Big
Vocabulary when a character talks to themselves using quotes. two things compared using 'is' or 'was'. to figure out how something works. to use something. to be made of different things. Older Children
Re-Prefix to take something away. to put something in a different order. you can do this to some batteries when they run out. to get better after an illness. to jog somebody's memory. Older Children
Spelling very helpful and can be spoken or given out on paper. to be choosen to be looked at infront of alot. useing a part of your body to try and be quiet.. people get it every day. some lick and some dislike.. having troble speak a certean letter or word e.t.c. Older Children
Vocabulary warn; scold. closed minded, stubborn, obstinate. wreckage, rubble. confusion, disorder, hopeless mess. standstill, stalemate, impasse. Hard
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