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Spelling Lists Crosswords

To view or print a Spelling Lists crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Spelling words the ability to learn or understand. having a sweet or agreeable smell. the quality or state of being patient. the act of assisting. willing to obey. Hard
Spelling words The three branches of government limit and control each other. Signed by King John and said that the king was no longer above the law. Philosophe who focused on freedom of speech and religion. Collection of laws, traditions and court decisions that develop over time. The idea that rulers receive their power directly from God. Hard
Spelling Words Promise of marriage.. When you need to be somewhere.. Something musical.. Something that happens inside your body when something good happens to you.. Somewhere many people can live.. Older Children
Spelling Words unwilling to spend, give or share. brave or daring in the face of danger, fear or pain. to proivde more details. material that is quoted, repeating exactly what somebody else has said or written. not having or using good sense; silly. Older Children
Spelling words We are having a _______ party.. The _______ yelled 'Strike One'!. I would like to ______ you to my party. Another word that means finished. A long single room building. Hard
Spelling Words A famous and interesting event or person. . Something that happens because of your actions. . Stuck in a tree by something.. To die by sinking down in water.. A type of hound.. Older Children
Spelling Words it comes after eighteen. not last. it comes after Tuesday. you swim in it. not sad. Big
Spelling Words vocabulary a behavior an animal learns fromwatching other animals. numbers that only have 2 factors. numbers that have the same factors and their array forms a square. numbers that have more than two factors. a body part or behavior that helps an animal meet its needs in its environment.. Hard
Spelling Words to persuade people to vote for a particular person. an organized group of people who have similar ideas about how government should be run. a person who speaks or acts on behalf of a team or group. a person who seeks to be elected or chosen. to discuss an important subject at length and in detail. Older Children
Spelling Words dimensions, quanity. weather time periods on Earth. a jacket that keeps you warm. stalk, husks that cover a corn cob. presidential election month. Older Children
Spelling Words Acceptance. Place. Sand No Water. Past Tense. Situation. Older Children
Spelling Words a stove. part of something. to annoy. one who governs. a task or duty . Older Children
Spelling Words it has the opposit of sit in it. it has any in it. you tie your shoes with it. you use these in dark places. men get these at a barbor shop. Big
Spelling Words Anna Hernandez # very little of something. a swamp like place. to hit something hard. a four sided shape. to say a bad word. Older Children
Spelling Words an angry disagreement.. a brief account of daily events, a record of daily or weekly happenings. . lying or moving in the direction. a supply of weapons or a place to keep armor.. the art or science of designing and building structures and especially ones that can be lived in . Hard
Spellling Manly; masculine. Death. Great disgust or distaste. Having a very bad reputation. Secret; hidden. Teenage
Sports You need black and white ball ,you can only use your feet.. You need skates ,ice rink, a brown ball. You need a horse,a ball and a club. You need racket ,yellow small ball and 2 players. You need brown ball .You must very tall. Older Children
SS10 Chapter 5 Review Leader of the Metis that knew many languages and fled to the USA after being defeated at Batoche. Second Prime Minister of Canada, leader of the Liberal Party at the time.. Canada's first transcontinental railway. to formally withdraw from an alliance or federal union. to settle on unoccupied land without legal title and without paying rent. Very Difficult
Storm Chasing the act of pursuing a storm for the sake of science. a cloud vortex extending toward the ground (also called twister). an image created by the actual satellite picture . the highest, most destructive type of cyclone . the scale created to tell the intensity of twisters. Big
Suffix 2 study of living things. the study of earth and rocks. the opposite of forward. a mammal. hollow organs of an animal. Hard
Synonyms (v) flinch, shudder, recoil. humiliate, embarrass, abash. drenched, waterlogged, saturated. useless, vain, unproductive, futile. lively, animated, gallant. Older Children
Synonyms departure. wide. very. thrill. luxurious. Big
Synonyms and Antonyms SYNONYM - Let's not *perplex* the issue further with irrelevant concerns.. ANTONYM - The girl's personality is *revolting*. SYNONYM - Scientists have created *ingenious* inventions.. ANTONYM - The man inside the LRT was *abstracted* because he forgot to get off his station.. SYNONYM - I could forgive them for what they did if they showed some *remorse*.. Teenage
Talk the Talk: Baseball Lingo A play in which the batter makes it safely around all bases and back to home plate without stopping.. The official who judges the legality of individual plays and who otherwise enforces the rules of the game.. A defensive play in which two offensive players are put out as a result of one continuous action.. Two games played in immediate succession.. A fair fly ball which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, while first and second, or first, second and third bases are occupied before the second out.. Hard
Target Words Workshop 6 & 7 very particular and detailed . . the way something is put together .. awake , able to think and understand .. to detroy .. clearness .. Teenage
the e sound a person who feels hatred to yoy. the past tense of sweep. to search to find something. past tense of mean. the condition of your body. Moderately Challenging
To Kill A Mocking Bird mean or cross. untouched or unused. understandable. favorable. to lessen or calm. Hard
Tom Sawyer Vocabulary high station, rank, or repute. energetic; forceful. vanishing; fading away; fleeting. personal behavior; way of acting; bearing or deportment. a person who shares in one's activities, occupation, etc.; companion, associate, or friend. Teenage
Tricky Spelling Words The .............................. surrounded the garden and gave protection to wildlife.. The car suddenly ............................... before it hit the flood waters.. 'I have had .................... to eat thank you' the child said politely.. The angry customer ............................... about waiting for service.. There were ......................... ducks. That was one more than a dozen.. Older Children
Uni Words one of a kind;unusual or rare. moving in only one direction. having only one cell. one wheeled vehicle on which the rider sits and pedals. an instance of saying the same words or sounds at the same time; a group that sounds like one . Older Children
Unit 1 - Chapter 1 - Vocabulary Please complete the puzzle The loud noise ________ the children.. My brother's daughter is my ______.. My sister's son is my _______.. my uncle's children are my ________.. My brothers and sisters are my ________.. Older Children
Using c and k . . . . . Easy
Verbs To say something to someone as a question which you want them to answer. To put liquid into your mouth and swallow it. To produce words, letters, or numbers on a surface using a pen or pencil:. To do, test, taste, etc something to discover if it works or if you like it. To offer something for people to buy. Easy
Verbs - Past, Present, and Future future tense of 'would'. helping verb that rhymes with would. past tense of 'be'; used with plural nouns. present tense of 'do'; used with he or she. A word that rhymes with mall. Easy
Verbs in Past Participle Fill the crossword by writing the verbs below in past participle. spin. forbid. think. swear. steal. Older Children
Voacabulary Words attachment. to model. selfish. trustworthy. peacefulness. Teenage
vocab something aimed at object;goal. act or process of injecting. a reasoning or conclusion from particular facts. being annoying,distractive,or causing disorder. a small organ attached to the large intestine,for wich there is no known purpose. Big
Vocab Use the clues to find out what word goes in the boxes NASA ___________ conditions in space. The sight of a dead body was ___________. I ________ on every test. To wire or equip with electric power. To be a scientist you must _____________. Older Children
Vocab on the outer side. cut along the lengthwise plane of the body; devides into right and left parts. toward head; above. infront of. smallest unit of living things. Hard
vocab the exact value every time. indefinite shape, definite volume. a particular kind of matter that has a uniform and definite composition. a way of writing numbers that accommodates values too large or small to be conveniently written in standard decimal notation. a ratio that compares the mass of an object to its volume. Very Difficult
Vocab super. dis. sym. pre. un. Young Kids
Vocab Someone who is strict. Found on a baby's face. Urging. 1000 Years. Uses big words. Older Children
Vocab revealed information that may change someone's reputation. a fancy celebration. a person who is forced to take the blame for the mistakes or crimes of others. a funny or exaggerated imitation of something. to trade one thing for another without using money. Older Children
vocab existing as or in substance. the voluntary violation of an oath to tell the truth. inspiring horror or repulsion. quick and light in motion. to provoke the hostility of. Big
Vocab the world's first civilization first system of writing. consisted of a central city and all the countryside around it. long poems that tell the stories of heroes. the worship of many gods. the type pf arrangement in which each worker specializes in a particular task of job. Hard
Vocab emitting light as a result of being heated. informal or natural. bounded or limited in magnitude, spatial, or temporal extent. to place limits on (extent or access). a faucet for drawing water from a pipe or cask. Hard
vocab Having to do with people’s relationships and society, meaning human beings living together or connected in some way. Having to do with people’s well-being. When describing a person, social can mean “friendly” or “outgoing.”. With a lot of careful detail. Showy or fancy.. Unclear. Not specific or defined.. Having good manners. Behaving in a way that is socially approved.. Having to do with politics, the science of or actions related to government and people trying to gain and keep control of a government. The government is the ruling body of an area.. Older Children
Vocab The division of a market on the basis of a consumers response to product.. Marketing research that gathers specific information related to the identified issue, situation, or concern.. Records of sales peoples meetings or contacts with customers.. Economical; good value in relation to the price, or cost.. Surveying individuals via -mail or internet web sites to obtain research data.. Hard
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