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Spelling Lists Crosswords

To view or print a Spelling Lists crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Vocabulary A quantity of something.. A person who steals.. To bring back.. To suppose or assume.. A person who is under medical care or treatment.. Older Children
Vocabulary shaky, unsteady. an insane person. strange, odd. stubborn. having very great or even infinite power. Hard
Spelling A number that is divisible by one and itself.. To learn by heart commit by memory.. A number or algebric expression obtained by dividing one number or algebric expression.. A mathmatical problem.. A number that can be divided with more than just one anditself.. Hard
Vocabulary very important. in agreement . absolutely essential . to find a solution. a collection of myths. Older Children
Vocabulary that it can happen. to observe. to establish the truth. to go on. to make or cause changes. Big
Vocabulary finally or in the end. results. a difference . ability or competence . a single set, group or list. Hard
Vocabulary results. a difference . a single set, group or list. a thing, place, activity that something comes from. having many closely related parts. Hard
Vocabulary A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made.. The maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product.. A new method, idea, product, etc.. The objects of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.. A decision-making process surrounds any design. . Big
Spelling Words to persuade people to vote for a particular person. an organized group of people who have similar ideas about how government should be run. a person who speaks or acts on behalf of a team or group. a person who seeks to be elected or chosen. to discuss an important subject at length and in detail. Older Children
Words color of the grass. color made if red and blue mix. where books are kept. where stuff is stored in a room. what you hang a painting on. Hard
Word Many animals have noses or __________.. The road does not go straight, it goes to the left and them right it is ________.. Be careful with the glass, it could ____________.. A place you can swim a ___________. You look at the _____________ turning colors on the trees.. Easy
Vocabulary To Reconcile. To take property away for lack of payment. Variously constituted. Characterized by vulgar humor. To study. Big
Spelling A short but complete written summary; a collection that includes a variety of written works. to look over reading material, sampling different parts; to look at in a leisurely and casual manner. The study of the sounds of a language. The origin and history of a word. (In a reference book) a subject or word with information about it; the means or place by which to come in. Hard
Vocabulary test result showing person has what is suspected. citizen of the United States. a person or bank you borrow money from. test result that shows person does not have what is suspected. to put aside for future use or delivery. Older Children
Spelling a religious feast. a space for dining next to a house. a lizard. a powder made from cacao seeds. freight carried by a ship. Older Children
Vocabulary evil . welcoming or inviting. courageous. lacking initiatives. suffering from extreme mental confusion. Hard
Describing Words Find the best word that matches the definition and fits in the space Pleasant or attractive to you. Causing great surprise or wonder. Very unhappy. Very beautiful. Strong feeling of disproval. Older Children
Wordly Wise a person who offers to do a job; usually without pay. able to learn, think and understand quickly and easily. the land beside the sea. a public sale. a flow of air, water or electricity. Older Children
Vocabulary to note the differences between something. A mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something. Make clear to someone by describing it in more detail. an educated guess. Say or estimate that a specified thing will happen in the future. Older Children
Vocabulary a list or collection of items. (antonym) compatible, fitting. (antonym) vague. (antonym) flattering, genial. (antonym) composure. Teenage
Vocabulary a list or collection of items. (antonym) compatible, fitting. (antonym) vague. (antonym) flattering, genial. (antonym) composure. Hard
Latin Fill in the Latin word for the clue sword. they will show. thank you. I entrust. friend. Teenage
Vocabulary without equal. to put off until another time. of great importance. to get to know. dealing with the writing of dictionaries. Teenage
Vocabulary Almost exact or correct. Eg. the ......................... time of the accident.. To connect with. something of use, advantage, or profit; goods (as food or clothing) intended for direct use or consumption.. To bring or come to an end, one stage at a time. eg. The student's motivation to study will. To show clearly and deliberately;. Teenage
Vocabulary skill for doing something. series of contests. place in a certain class or level. something done to pass the time pleasantly. way something ends. Older Children
Vocabulary certain; sure. story or account of something. look up to. an act. showing little or no fear. Older Children
Vocabulary excitement. fair or show. speed in acting. to spread about. large area of sea. Older Children
Vocabulary number of things happening in a certain order. tiny unit of living matter. to put in a certain order. eyesight. way in which shapes are placed. Older Children
Vocabulary finish a course of study. trick or joke. causing one to be upset. first in important. take a chance. Older Children
Vocabulary long open tunnel. thin, straight piece. move from one place to another. bundle of wires. large church. Older Children
Vocabulary happening slowly. to protect. very unhappy. wish to hurt someone on purpose. single person. Older Children
Vocabulary low-lying area. room for babies. to hold. something done without thinking. hard to please. Older Children
Vocabulary go out of sight. something that is done. fix in one's memory. cause air to move to cool. added or extra. Older Children
Vocabulary one of the seven great land areas. plan that gives expected times. having an unpleasant taste or smell. honor or praise. sudden increase in wind. Older Children
Vocabulary grab or get in the way of a player. point beyond which one may not go. open flat area marked off for a game. group of people that work together. surprise. Older Children
Vocabulary silky case of an insect. small amount of water. dividing line. right for some purpose. sweet liquid in a flower. Older Children
Vocabulary person who does a job without pay. able to learn, think, and understand. land beside the sea. public sale. flow of air. Older Children
Vocabulary hang loosely. bring closer. something that happens. carried along. get started. Older Children
Vocabulary object in the shape of a tube. look at closely. special part of something. mark on skin. long part that grows from sea animals. Older Children
Vocabulary roof in the shape of an upside-down bowl. tool used for doing careful work. able to do something well. small in amount. throw away. Older Children
Vocabulary someone who just arrived. simple, not fancy. group of things that grow close to each other. eager to learn. group of animals. Older Children
Vocabulary someone who just arrived. group of things that grow close to each other. come to rest. move from side to side. eager to learn. Older Children
Vocabulary speak of it without going into detail. come to rest. move from side to side. countries under the control of one ruler. join or bring together. Older Children
Vocabulary fall down. line showing the outside of an object. thinking, listening or watching carefully. destroy or tear down. work of art. Older Children
Vocabulary a particular place. adult male pig. know or learn about something. not seen very often. foot of an animal. Older Children
Vocabulary throw something back. round hole . object that makes distant things seem close. in addition to. unit for measure the temperature. Older Children
Vocabulary try to act like someone else. handle fitted to a pipe. something that is given. hanging piece of ice. glass tank filled with water. Older Children
Vocabulary someone who works under ground to dig for coal. green plant with feathery leaves. line made when 2 pieces are sewn together. something that is burned to give power or heat. solid figure with 6 sides. Young Kids
Vocabulary soak up. hard middle of fruits. object made of hairs on a handle. where bees live. building where things are made. Older Children
Vocabulary lets smoke escape outside. burning stick held in the hand to give light. long pole with a sharp point. made of nerves inside the skull. related to a monkey. Young Kids
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