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Spelling Lists Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Vocab to hate. It is _______________ to see someone wearing a Ballard sweatshirt in the halls. . small, inadequate or insufficient. thorough and careful. having opposing or uncertain feelings. Hard
Vocab reduse. person who begs. take away. not in good condition. smell. Older Children
Vocab attachment. to model. responsible. gloomy. cautious. Older Children
Vocab event put into order in which they occurred. to differ. calculate. figure out. assertion. Hard
Vocab incentive. bully. deprived of. to corrupt. meditate. Big
Vocab having food or shelter on board at a quality right below the first-class. an assistant on a ship or airplane. soaked. needing help immeadiately. the front of a ship. Older Children
vocab next to last. arduos work, tribulations or agony anguish. offensive in speech or gesture: reffering to sexual matters in arude or irreverent way. logically connected, clear and consisted. lasting for a very short time. Hard
vocab equal. things on display that you can see. to eat or drink noisily. an animal that hunts another animal. to be aware. Older Children
vocab Causes grief. You are as charged. Not careful. To be fast. Very bumpy, not smove. Easy
vocab commonly. a storage place for treasure. look similar to. married to a wife. self control. Big
vocab right to use of property without interference or claim of interest by third party. restores parties to a contract to the status quo . legal proceeding that halts foreclosure. creates obligation of repayment of loan. a power of attorney that survives the death or incapacity of the principal. Hard
Vocab the remains of a wrecked ship. a journey to some distant place. came out from mist or darkness. a small look out structure at the top of the ship. small,round window on a ship. Older Children
Vocab The ______ed workers striked for union rights.. The students ______d Mr. Morgan.. The ______ female gave birth to ten kittens.. The judge provided ______ for the theif.. There was an ______ of sympathy to the boy who lost his parents.. Older Children
Vocab This fallacy occurs when a writer builds an argument upon the assumption that there are only two choices or possible outcomes when actually there are several. states that since there is no conclusive evidence available, you should accept the arguer's point of view. pretending there are only two possibilities when really there are far more. uses two unproven propositions to prove each other. Appeal by a candidate that makes him/her seem just like everyday citizens, with the same wants/needs. Hard
Vocab rising in a great wave. changed because of being exposed to the weather. a bowl shape depression. hot melted rock that flows from a volcano. no longer active, extinguished. Hard
Vocab List great. large. new. both. throw. Hard
Vocab Puzzle Run of the mill. Hard working. Brilliant at an early age. Extravagant . Fleeting. Hard
Vocab words relating to rigid goverment routine.. advice or lesson form a mentor; wise teacher.. used as frightning .. second hand account.. first hand account.. Older Children
vocab words brave or notable deeds. something handed down from one generation to the next. taking part in a contest. seperate; specific to one person . broke out suddenly. Older Children
Vocab Words To hate greatly. Good, kind. Highly emotional. To go off topic, ramble, stray. Overly elaborate. Very Difficult
Vocab Words The sharpness of the subject. . A rough draft of a layout showing the amount of space occupied by copy, photos, and artwork. It is used for roughing layouts so corrections and changes can be made. Itís also used to organize ideas and photo requests. . One side of a signature; the eight pages that are printed on one side of a press sheet. . Surrounding the subject by other objects such as people or things to shift the focus to the subject. . Also called process color. The process to produce color pages on an offset press. The four ink colors are Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black. All other colors are obtained by mixing these primary colors together. . Hard
vocab. breaks down object into its component objects. changes color intensity. allows the beginning and end of video to be trimmed. moves an object toward the top of the stack. area to type and format notes. Teenage
Vocab. guidelines used to make decisions . classifications of work and jobs. Carries out activities that are consumed by it's customers. is a business owned and controlled by two or more people who have an agreement. is a written contrat granting permission to operate a business to sell products and services ina set way. Big
Vocab. Monster! what divides the angle into 3 congruent parts. point where 2 rays meet . where a line ends. an educated guess on what will happen. has a vertex. Very Difficult
Vocab. Power a subject or problem that people discuss. a fixed period of time. to show an image as in a mirror. correct in every detail. a legal process in which a court of law examines a case to decide if someone is guilty of a crime. Hard
Vocabulary believes in no god. laws. large tree limb. to choose or appoint. putting on or showing off. Hard
Vocabulary Striving to get attention. doesn't belong to anyone else but you. To make beautiful. Wicked behavior. Suitable depending on the situation. Moderately Challenging
Vocabulary To take whats offered. A __________ tooth. To inhale and exhale. Woven or knitted from cotton. I dont know __________ your telling the truth. Older Children
Vocabulary (verb) to search or examine thoroughly; to rob, plunder. synonyms: rummage, scour. (adjective) long and tiresome. synonyms: boring, monotonous. (verb) to deny interest in or connection with; to give up all claim to. synonyms: disavow, disown, repudiate. (noun) a person who sells something. synonyms: peddler, hawker, dealer, merchant. (noun) a temporary peace, halt in fighting. synonyms: cease-fire, truce. Teenage
Vocabulary on the other side of something. not in the foreground of a picture = in the .... the one before. Every morning, I have a cup of tea - it is a .... a document in which the terms (Bedingungen) of a deal are written down. Teenage
Vocabulary at or to a great distance . a person who escorts people to their seats in a theater or church . to lie in or be exposed to a pleasant warmth . keenly distressing to the feelings . an interchange of goods or commodities . Moderately Challenging
Vocabulary at or to a great distance . a person who escorts people to their seats in a theater or church . to lie in or be exposed to a pleasant warmth . keenly distressing to the feelings . an interchange of goods or commodities . Teenage
Vocabulary to make an official judgment or give an official order. having no money, no food, no home etc. the effects of an action or event, especially bad effects that continue for some time. someone who has committed a fraud. ntended to be used or accepted for a short time only, until something or someone final can be made or found. Big
vocabulary shallow container used for carry small objects. adverse to work. how one carries or conducts oneself. to put or place in a horizontal position. a place where a thing stops. Older Children
vocabulary when you are sure that things will work out. one-of-a-kind. what a person is like; the way we look, act, think, etc.. when a person does not want to work or do anything. cheerful and hopeful. Hard
vocabulary ability to think of new ideas and to express them. filled with ideas, encouraged to create. to last a long time. reason for doing something. care and thoughtfulness. Hard
vocabulary Each clue is the definition for one of your vocabulary words. Match the clue definition to the vocabulary word and that word will fit into the crossword! AGREEMENT. RURAL. HIDDEN, NOT OPENLY. NASTY, BLOODY, GORY. LOOKED AT BRIEFLY. Very Difficult
Vocabulary If, then statement. applying logic and reason to observations and conclusions. describing something with numbers or formulas. describing something with words. force with which gravity pulls on a quantity of matter. Older Children
Vocabulary staring in a angry manner. is a flinch, to tense the body. to be stubborn. to be bitter, poor. brave or spirited. Older Children
Vocabulary AWOL, fugitive. healthy, fit. highly decorated, fancy. undecided, indecisive. to serve as a good example. Hard
Vocabulary The antonym of 'certainty'. The antonym of 'clear'. The antonym of 'friendliness'. The antonym of 'selfish'. The synonym of 'hostility'. Teenage
Vocabulary branch of knowledge dealing with engineering, applied science, etc.. an older married woman . of high reputation, outstanding. s=desiring or consuming great quantities. to predict or foretell a future event. Teenage
Vocabulary branch of knowledge dealing with engineering, applied science, etc.. an older married woman . of high reputation, outstanding. desiring or consuming great quantities. to predict or foretell a future event. Teenage
Vocabulary to keep (several objects, as balls, plates, tenpins, or knives) in continuous motion in the air simultaneously by tossing and catching. a course of travel or passage, especially a long journey by water to a distant place. to strike or occur to with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment. younger (usually designating the younger of two men bearing the same full name, as a son named after his father. a fact, occurrence, or circumstance observed . Big
Vocabulary Commercials for a new horror movie. To attempt earnestly. That magic trick thrilled the audience. Confirm, Verify, Support. Not knowing the answer ; Prediction. Hard
Vocabulary Condition of having conflicting attitudes. Not clearly defined. Not interested. Thoughtful of the well fare of others. Keen hostile feelings; dislike; ill-will. Hard
Vocabulary sellers. providing money. sneaky dishonest. small. uncovered. Big
Vocabulary a mathematical sentence that expresses the relationship between certain quantities. when there is no solution set for an equation. (a+b) + c = a + (b+c). if a =b then b=a. numbers that do not terminate or repeat. Hard
Vocabulary an occurence of an action or situation that is a seperate unit of experience. to beg earnestly or urgently. a distant view through or along an avenue or opening. to dislike greatly. to thrust, enter, or force in or upon. Big
Vocabulary Assets = Liabilities + Equity. Describes a company's revenues and expenses along with the resulting net income (or loss) over a period of time. Creditor's claims on assets. explains changes in retained earnings from net income (or loss) and from any dividends over a period of time (word abbreviated). Resources a company owns or controls. Big
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