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Sports Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Tennis A set is usually comprised of six games. how does the tennis racquet is the basic tool of the game?. what is his highest ranked or lowest?. The court is where the action happens!. The shot played when the back of the dominant hand is facing forward. Hard
Tennis Everything about tennis Who is the best ranked women's player?. In tennis, What has a round or oval frame strung with catgut?. What is it called when you score 40–40 in a game? . What is it called when a player makes two faults?. The shot played when the palm of the dominant hand is facing forward. Hard
Hockey crossword Shoot it. Offence. Red and blue. Saves shots. Takes face offs. Easy
The 1936 Olympic Games _________ was introduced as an Olympic event for the first time and was won by Americans.. The first Olympic torch was made by this German steel company.. This American won the most medals, all in track and field (no space). . The _________ did not participate in these games (no space).. 1936 is the year the Olympic games were first broadcast on _________.. Big
Badminton A shot hit deep to the opponent's back . a ball or shuttlecock so softly hit that it falls to the playing surface just after clearing the net. the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time. an offensive shot performed from the back part of the court. a shot played in the middle court that can be seen as an offensive shot. Big
Sports A game played between two or four people on a special closed playing area that involves hitting a small rubber ball against a wall. The art or sport of shooting arrows. A sport in which two teams of eleven players try to score runs by hitting a small, hard ball with a bat, and running between two sets of small wooden posts. The activity of moving on a surface, wearing boots with a single row of small wheels on the bottom of each. Physical exercises and activities performed inside, often using equipment such as bars and ropes, intended to increase the body's strength and the ability to move and bend easily. Big
Cricket Use all the words used to protect your hands. a way that you can get out when the ball hits them. a type of bowl. when you get out. used to protect your knees. Big
Extreme Sports what the sport called where you jump of a bridge with a rope?. Name the sport where they use hives in their job?. what is the extreme sport called where you jump out of a plan with a parachute?. . what is it called when someone is on a board and does tricks?. what is it called when you are inside a big ball and run around inside it?. Big
Flag Rugby done by a ball carrier to avoid being tackled by defenders. when a player touches the rugby ball down to score a try. direction of an illegal pass. world wide rugby event held every four years. end zone where players can score. Big
Sports This sport is mistaken for Number 15. This can be said as an Insect. This sport includes ball,stick and is played outdoors. use of hoops in this game. Some call it Table Tennis. Big
Hockey 101 another term for looser. a mustache. hockey stick. long hair. when a player gets hit so hard that they loose their equipment. Big
Basketball Solve the puzzle A statistic that occurs when a player passes the ball to someone who scores after receiving the pass.. When a player from either team retrieves the ball and gains possession after a missed shot.. Shots within two-feet of the basket.. The arena where the Blugolds play their home games. . This penalty, which results in a turnover, occurs when an offensive player with the ball runs into a stationary defensive player and knocks him or her over.. Easy
Badminton Back third of the court, in the area of the back boundary lines.. Hard-hit overhead shot that forces the shuttle sharply downward. . Exchange of shots while the shuttle is in play.. Official name for the object that players hit.. Stroke used to put shuttlecock into play at the start of each rally.. Easy
World Cup Best Young Player World Cup Best Young Player Peru 1970. West Germany 1966. Hungary 1962. Brazil 1958. USA 2002. Hard
Cup Winners' Cup Finals Cup Winners' Cup finals Bosuilstadion (1964). Nya Ullevi (1983,1990). Rasunda Stadion (1998). Stade de Gerland (1986). King Baudouin Stadium (1996). Hard
Badminton Terminologies players put the shuttlecock into play for points by “serving” it to opponents. the back third of the court, in the area of. Back boundary line at each end of the court, that runs parallel to the net.. players put the shuttlecock into play for points by “serving” it to opponents,. Gentle shot played by pushing the shuttle with little wrist motion.. Big
Sports Marketing segmentation based on measurable statistics. segmentation based on area, region or climate. a goal which can be felt but not directly measured. a company with a popular logo. an individual that supplies a product or service. Hard
Hockey black disk of vulcanized rubber that is one inch high, three inches in diameter. a pass of the hockey puck that leads directly to another player scoring a goal. when a player who is behind the center-ice line shoots the puck across the center ice line, the defensive zone blue line, and past the goal line without the puck ending up in the net or being touched by the defending goalie. the area in ice hockey where a player sits to serve penalty time. a fight. Hard
Coaches 1956-1962 Coaches 1956-1962 Reims 1956,1959. Fiorentina 1957. Barcelona 1961. Eintracht Frankfurt 1960. Real Madrid 1960,1962. Big
Gymnastics The gymnast lies flat on the floor and pushes up so that they are supported by their hands and feet. One of the most basic floor skills. The standard outfit worn by gymnasts. Basic gymnastics shape where the knees are brought in to the chest. The skill used to get onto apparatus. Big
Sports and Entertainment Marketing A company with a license to reproduce an official brand mark.. One-way mass communication paid for by an identified sponsor.. A relatively small market with specialized needs.. The importance worth or usefulness of something.. An individual that makes a purchase.. Hard
Baseball Terms when someone receives the ball from an outfielder.. occurs when a pitcher throws any combination of three swinging or looking strikes to a hitter.. occurs when a baserunner is no longer permitted to legally occupy a base and must attempt to advance to the next base.. An illegal act by the pitcher when one or more runners are on base.. A ball is a batted ball that settles on foul territory between home and first base.. Easy
Sports and Entertainment Marketing A relatively small market with specialized needs . The importance worth or usefulness of something. Seating used for business meetings . Someone who makes a purchase . Method of distribution for a promotional message. Big
European Cup Final Cities San Siro. Heyselstadion. Olympic Stadium. Camp Nou. Wankdorf Stadion. Hard
Works in the Ministry of Sports Greatest Wicket Keeper from Antigua. First female Director of Sports. Pan Genius. Husband and Wife working in Sports. 1997 Carnival Queen. Hard
Blugold Soccer A term that can be used interchangeably with forward, though it sometimes refers specifically to a forward that is the team's primary scoring threat.. A move where a player attempts to win the ball by sliding towards the ball.. Our team's name!. When a player strikes or deflects the ball with their head to pass or shoot.. A player positioned at the front of a formation responsible for trying to score goals.. Big
Golf Complete this puzzle of Golf related words Keeping track. Life's a beach. Don't remove these. Hit 'em straight. One less. Big
The Greatest Great players for different teams and sports Considered the greatest women's basketball player of all time. Considered the greatest NFL player of all time. Considered the greatest soccer player of all time. Considered the greatest Hockey player of all time. Considered the greatest Major League Baseball player to come from centralia. Hard
2020 Kentucky Derby Call to. Drop from the race.. Number of inches in a hand.. Distilled from at least 51% corn.. Young female horse.. Big
Hockey Life Another name for a hockey stick. Mr. Goalie. The Show. Slang for puck. Space between a goaltender's legs. Big
Triple Crown All answers are as of 2020 The player who lost to Mark Selby in the 2016 World final. He was knocked out in the 2020 World Championship semi final against Kyren Wilson. How many times has Steve Davis won the UK championship?. He made a 147 in the 1984 Masters. Against whom did Ronnie O'Sullivan score a maximum break in the 2006 UK Championship semi final?. Hard
Olympics find the missing words a different selection of sports . hitting a ball with a stick into a hole . Brodie goes to learn this . long run . a sport hitting a ball to the other player . Older Children
Bromley FC Find all the Bromley FC and football related words! The name of the sport Bromley FC play. The player whose main job it is to score goals. One of Bromley FC's nicknames. The surname of Bromley's manager. The people who come to watch a football team. Big
Sports and Games In what sport do you need a runway and a takeoff board identical to those used in the long jump?. Which is one of the sports that is mainly played in winter?. What is the name of the 2 player card game mainly played in the United states?. The artist of this game is Judith Lester and it was created in 1630 - what is the name of this game?. In what board game do you need 9 coins and one dice?. Big
Summer Olympic Cities 1952 host . Would have hosted for the second time this July . First host after the First World War. Were held at the highest elevation. The 100th anniversary host . Hard
Olympic Games Scene of the Black Power demonstration in 1968. Founder of the modern Olympic Games. An aim of the Olympic Games. Concept at the heart of Third Reich ideology. Home to the first modern Olympics in 1896. Big
Chicago Cubs the round ball that you throw. one of the MVP's for the cubs. when a player runs all the bases in one hit . the green plant on the walls. the person who throws the ball. Big
Hockey hitting another hockey player above the shoulders with the stick. chucking the puck before the red line. were you would skate. a violent check of a hockey player. using a stick or blade to hold up another players progress. Easy
Wrestling where you qualify for OAC states. what you wear on your head. special shoes you wear on your feet. what you wrestle in. what you can wear on your knees. Big
March Madness a sport that involves throwing a ball in a hoop . a mythical being that looks for a pot o gold. warmth and light that radiates from the sun. a season know for rain and flowers. a competition where teams play each other until a winner is found. Older Children
Benfica First appointed club President . Portuguese parish, located in the municpality of Lisbon . Home field of the Womens SL Benfica team . Benfica is in the Guinness Book of World Records for what?. Current Head Coach. Hard
Sports A soccer team located in england. A sport created by Canadians . A game with paddles and a ball played over a table . shoes wore by soccer players . An object used in many sports. Big
Quidditch Team UK ended ..............at the World Cup in Frankfurt.. The city EQC 2017 will be held in.. Quidditch is a mix of Handball, rugby and ............... Quidditch is a contact sport meaning you can .................... The ref calls this when play starts.. Big
The Penn Relays The goal is to leap over, or clear, a crossbar.. Common name for the number card a runner wears during a race.. The shortest and swiftest running event.. Which month do The Penn Relays take place?. A type of race in which the athlete must have one foot in contact with the ground at all times.. Hard
March Madness For the basketball enthusiast #1 team in the Ivy conference. A shot which goes through the net without hitting the rim. The top school of the west located in Eastern WA. To hold the ball while running or walking. A wide curving cut, as opposed to a cut that is straight OR the shape of the cut on my . Hard
Sports Management a person's regular occupation, profession, or trade. a fixed regular payment, typically paid on a monthly or biweekly basis. a person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization.. the amount, level, or extent to which something happens or is present.. an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.. Big
1969 Kansas City Royals Schaal. '69 Royals HR Leader with 14. '69 Royals finished ______ in the American League West. '69 Royals doubles leader with 21. Hedlund and Fiore for example. Very Difficult
NHL Who is the worst team in the NHL this year?. Who is the captain of the Washington Capitals?. What's the name of the new arena in Edmonton?. What's the last name of the twins that play in the NHL?. Who is known as the GREAT ONE?. Big
Baseball Facts The base most often stolen in a game. How many baseballs are often used in a game. Played 2,632 consecutive games. Holds the record for most home runs and RBIs in World Series History. My favorite major league baseball team. Big
Sports Medicine no spaces. All the words may not fit lack of fluids can cause muscle cramps. An athlete who is exercising vigorously may lose 3.5 mL of water per hour. This rate of loss over a 3-4 hour period may account for loss of 4%-6% of the athlete’s total body weight. This causes a drop in blood . Pressure, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate. Splinting, taping, or bracing the ankle can help protect it from further injury. An incomplete crack in the bone. Microfractures due to the inability for the body to heal faster than the injury can result in full fractures. . a bony growth on the calcaneus that causes painful inflammation of the accompanying soft tissue. This type of condition is aggravated by exercise. As the foot flattens, the plantar fascia is stretched and pulled at the point where it attaches the cal. contains the tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum longus, peroneus tertius, and extensor hallucis muscles. . Hard
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