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Transportation Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Space Transportation First satellite in space (no number). First person to orbit the earth. Space missions to take pictures and study mars . First dog in space. reusable rockets. Older Children
Air Transportation Natural form of lift produced by heat. frictional force. forward force created by the engine. Aerodynamic lift is explained by who's conservation of energy law. The main body of an aricraft. Big
Expressway Driving Choosing a lane.. The speed in which traffic goes.. One of the most dangerous maneuvers a driver can attempt.. Used to alert other drivers of a lane change or direction of turn. . A high-speed divided highway for through traffic with access partially or fully controlled.. Big
Road Intersections A controlled change in movement or direction of a moving vehicle or vessel, as in the flight path of an aircraft.. A path marked off on a street to indicate where pedestrians should cross.. To go or extend in different directions from a common point.. To combine or unite.. A public way or road along with the houses or buildings abutting it.. Big
Air Travel a situation in which something happens later or more slowly than you expected. the place to which someone or something is going or being sent. one of a row of small cupboards above the seats in a plane where passengers can store things during a flight. an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting tariffs and for controlling the flow of goods, including animals, transports, personal effects, and hazardous items, into or out of a country. cards you have to fill in when you enter certain countries. Big
On the Road Again the place toward which one is traveling. to cart or transport. elevated road,often one that runs over water or mashland. the amount carried by a freight car. the part of an engine in which fuel is mixed with air so it will burn. Big
Cars When Dodge was first started was called what?. Cadillac Motor Company was founded in 1929, but from 1900-1929 it was called what?. This is a division of Dodge. This is just one brother of a car company.. FPV originates in this country and is sold only in this country. Big
The British Empire Also known as the United Kingdom. A country that is surrounded by islands. A country near the USA. A continent near the British territory called Gibraltar. A country in the south of Asia . Older Children
Airports work it out where the plane flies. where you go when you get to the airport. where you buy things . planes go here. people on the plane. Easy
Early India seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons.. the effects that good or bad actions have on a person'ssoul.. the most important language of Ancient India.. going without food for a long time.. based on the teaching of a man called Mahavira, who is believed to have been born around 599BC. Hard
Bicycles your feet go on these. in the middle of the wheel. you ride it. shiny parts. your bike has two of these. Older Children
Vehicles tube shaped space vehicle. needs no fuel and good for exercise. Long snake like vehicle. Carries passengers and has a conductor. small wooden vehicles to catch fish. Older Children
Travel what you are when you travel on a plane. used to carry goods from town to town. travels on rails. country you live in. where buses stop for passengers. Big
Railways I travel in the train. The train travels on me. I carry passengers, bags and sometimes goods. I check everyone's ticket. I look after the railway station. Easy
Roads and Transport a zone that is used by both pedestrians and cyclists is _____. the person in control of the car. a word for all vehicles on the roads. a type of gate to stop cars entering. cars, trucks, buses, bikes etc. Big
Motorcycles complete the crossword below the person directing the vehicle. allows you to see at night. the color of yours. protects your noggin. keeps debris from flying into the air. Big
Travelling Without a Car good luck! This transport is used in the Sahara desert.. This transport is used in Egypt.. In the desert the weather is really ..... You ride on it through the jungle.. Roads in Egypt can be really .... Older Children
Alaska Alaska has apox 5,000 ________ a year.. Alaska's state flower. There used to be a bridge that connected ____ to eastern Alaska. The last __________. Sea that lies northwest of Alaska . Older Children
Travel The person who sit next with the driver. A place where passengers can store their belongings . The thing that protects human life. A person who rides a bicycle . A person who controls the plane . Big
Mining and Railroads grants of land or money. a reailroad line that spanned the continent. self appointed law keepers. A situation in which a period of great or rapid economic growth is suddenly followed by one of economic decline.. had prairies, mountains, and forests.. Older Children
How well do you know England? Famous book written by Charles Dickens. The current leader of England. The rise of technology . One of the houses of Parliament. Common place where parent-less children lived . Older Children
All About Dirt Bikes a spot to place your feet. Cools the engine. Goes over the rime to grip the ground. allows bike to shift gears. Makes the bike move forward. Older Children
Solar Cars Newton's first law explains this.. An object in _____ stays in _____.. A synonym to the frame of a car.. The force that tries to counteract thrust.. It helps with traction.. Hard
At the Airport a person (other than the driver) who rides in a bus, boat, car, taxi, etc. a foreign travel authorization. you have to fasten it in the plane. it is not a direct flight. I have to ......................... in Madrid. I don't want a window seat, I want an ............... seat. Hard
The Rainforest What do Vampire bats drink.. The third layer of the rain forest.. Its an animal that has two animal names in it.. Name the tree that yopu get chocolate from.. The largest rainforest.. Hard
Middle East Torah- book of this religion. Dam built on the Nile in Egypt was called the ___ High Dam. a ____ nation is one like the USA where people are well-fed and have high standards of living. Gamal Abdul _____ was President who strengthened Egypt. Hindu belief that what goes around comes around. Hard
Antarctica If Antarctica's ice were to melt, sea level would rise _____ meters everywhere. A continent that broke apart 200 M years ago. Antarctica used to be an _________ forest. Antarctica is the ______ continent on earth. Antarctica is commonly known as a ______. Hard
Aviation Sudden downpour of water lasting a few minutes. Upside down. Condition where critical angle of attack is exceeded. Heats the Plug. What type of aircraft was used to first break the sound barrier. Hard
Places and Transportation When I'm sick I go to the ............... A transportation that has two wheels but no machine.. A firman works in a ......... A public transportation, like an undergound, but doesn't run under the road.. I go to the ........ to buy euros.. Hard
Leaning Tower of Pisa A tall building. Another word could be something very ancient. Florence is in _ _ _ _ _. Black and _ _ _ _ _ arn't colours. Something on a tilt. Older Children
Travel moving stairs. it keeps you in your chair. where the pilots sit. where you show your passport. to see if you have weapons. Big
Road Safety If unrestrained these can also injure or kill others in the vehicle during a crash. We must obey this. You should always wear this in a vehicle. Increases the risk of being involved in a crash. In situations of fog, rain, smoke, bad light or sun in your eyes ---------- may be pooor. Very Difficult
Road Safety Puzzle wearing this saves lives. car safety feature. If you ingnore road rules you could receive this. avoid this when driving. should checked regularly for roadworthyness. Older Children
The London Underground Angry monarch (5,5). Where tennis is played (9). The nursery rhyme says its falling down (6,6). An egg is this shape (4). Save your money here (4). Hard
Travel Please review the ....... card prior to takeoff, even if you have flown recently.. Keep you seatbelt fastened at all times, in case of unexpected........ Under your seat?. Don't turn on your ...... while in the air. We don't want your plane to crash.. What city will you be landing in?. Older Children
Driver Education seatbelts improve your chance of living by _______ % in a fatal car crash. _______ driving is protecting yourself from other drivers bad decision. Insurace every car in NJ must have. uphill with a curb, turn your tires _______ from the curb. a passive safety device in a car. Hard
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