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Asian History Crosswords

To view or print a Asian History crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Ancient China King gives land for more military protection. enforced peace throughout Asia, responsible for more territory and larger population. 1029-258 B.C.E. dynasty that seized Yangte River, ruled with alliances. Chinese Philosopher, came from an aristocratic family. origins dating to the Zhou Dynasty Laozi founded this philosophy. Hard
Ancient China Find and Complete the Crossword a sovereign ruler of an empire.. a person held in servitude as the chattel of another. a person or company involved in wholesale trade, especially one dealing with foreign countries or supplying goods to a particular trade.. precious metal that China was known for. Continent that China is located. Hard
Ancient Feudal Japan Life under the rule of the Shoguns Powerful Japanese warlord. Cut off from the outside world. Important protein source in Japanese diet. Samurai helmet with horns or frightening images. The city where the Emperor lived. Hard
Asia Iím a multi-storey structure used to look out for enemies.. There are three of us standing with halos above our heads. . Iím a life-sized figure from the Yixian region, sitting cross-legged. . I inspired Chinese writers and painters. Find me dressed in red on a handscroll . Iím a curved musical instrument from the Dian society. . Hard
China & Japan Complete the crossword puzzle. founder of Taoism. established the Mongol Empire. the oldest surviving religion in Japan. China's longest ruling dynasty. founder of Japanese civilization. Big
China and Imperialism Section 12.5 Vocabulary 1899; a policy to keep Chinese trade open to everyone on an equal basis . Organized the Revolutionary Alliance to rebuild China on 'Three Principles of the People'. 1894; caused by Japanese pressure on China; ended in disaster for China, with Japan gaining the island of Taiwan.. 1839 war of British vs. Chinese. Ended with Treaty of Nanjing. 1850-1864; Led by Hong Xiuquan, who called for an end to the Qing dynasty.. Hard
China in the Middle Ages type of ceramic ware made of fine clay. organized way to produce, see, and buy goods. uncivilized person. a count of the number of people. violent acts meant to scare people to surrender. Older Children
China's Commnist Revolution In an attempt to break with the Russian model of Communism. Four leadersí played a dominant political role. This was a ten-year political campaign. It called for parliamentary democracy. . This was torn down over night because of anger . Hard
China's Communist Revolution A promise given to the Chinese to improve modernisation. A group of powerful rebels that wished to overthrow Mao Zedong. A long political campaign to stir up revolutionary enthusiasm . A wall that citizens of China recorded news on. Mao Zedong's army. Hard
Early India seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons.. the effects that good or bad actions have on a person'ssoul.. the most important language of Ancient India.. going without food for a long time.. based on the teaching of a man called Mahavira, who is believed to have been born around 599BC. Hard
FAMOUSE EGYPTIANS AND PHARAOHS He fought and won a peace treaty . First king of New Kingdom died around 35 years old. A new kingdom pharaoh,18th dynasty. Son of pepi the first. Famouse for being military genius,and for building towers for empire. Hard
Feudal Japan person exempt from the legal jurisdiction of the country in which they reside. fear or dislike of strangers or foreigners . shipwrecked person. sudden governmental overthrow by persons in authority. Chinese and Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism. Hard
Happy Independence Day Malaysia Read and complete the crossword puzzle below. Malaysia's capital city. Malaysia's flag name. Malaysia's national animal. Malaysia's national anthem. Malaysia's national language. Hard
History of China and Japan Mongols could not fill all the positions in the ______ dynasty because many Mongols were illiterate. . A ____________ rules through military power. . _____ believed in most relationships one person is above the other. . the lives of many lower class people was changed when this dynasty allowed them to become government employees. . New faster growing ______ was introduced in China and lead to increased food production. Hard
Hong Kong Historical Facts 1990: The [10] was approved to be the symbol of Hong Kong.. 1500s: European ships began arriving along China's southern coast. Driven by trade, the [2] were among the first to hit the scene in Hong Kong.. 1950s: Hong Kong enjoyed economic rivival based on [5] industries, such as textiles.. 1941: After attacking Pearl Harbour, the Japanese army invaded Hong Kong. Western citizens were interned in [4], while Chinese citizens were massared in large numbers.. 1841: When Hong Kong became part of Queen Victoria's dominions, foreign secretary [3] famously called Hong Kong a 'barren island with barely a house on it'.. Teenage
Independence Day Malaysia Fill in the blanks with correct letters Name of malaysian flag. A talk given during the Opening ceremony. Vehicle in the parade. The minister does this action during parade. A competition held in schools during independence day. Hard
Japan Capital city. Only country to have a monarch called this . Ocean to the west. Japan is made up of 6852 what? . Famous Japanese fish dish. Hard
Japan and the Koreas Uniform; what Japan's ancestry is. Fixed total quantities, which limit the number of foreign-made goods sold in Japan. Affects Japan's seasons; are prevailing winds. Japan attacked this U.S. naval base during WWII on Dec.7,1941. Increase in number of atomic weapons around the world.. Hard
Japan Before Modern Times Supreme military commander. A Japanese drama for nobles and samurai. A Japanese drama for farmers, merchants, and other common folk. A social system in which landowners granted people land or other rewards in exchange for military service or labor. Someone who governs a country in the name of a ruler who is unable to rule. Moderately Challenging
Japanese Culture Capital city of Japan. Food with fish and rice. Flies to represent Japan. Country name. Colour of hair. Big
Khmer Empire Who founded the Khmer Empire?. During the reign of Jayavarman VII, what did the state religion change to?. Building used for praying. A kind of carving or sculpture in which the figures are raised a few inches from a flat background to give a three-dimensional effect. Leave and not plan to return. Hard
Legend of the White Snake Xu Xian's former employer sold him __________ herbs.. When she was chased by the disciples, Bai Su Zhen put the herb under her __________ for safekeeping.. Xu Xian is Bai Su Zhen's husband and he is a ___________.. Demon or not, Xu Xian was still __________ to see his wife after she revived him.. When she was a small snake, Bai Su Zhen was about to be killed by a __________.. Hard
Mongols The ruling dynasty of China established by Kublai Khan. Dynasty set up by Zhu Yuan Zhang. Empire in which Genghis Khan started. First leader of the mongol empire; also known as Universal Leader. Origin of Genghis Khan. Hard
Rise of Modern Japan Under the new emperor the decision was made to become a more . Enlightened Rule. Treaty between USA and Japan, which provided the openings of ports to Western traders. Wanted power to be shared between the legislative and executive branches, with executive branch having more control. Included royal appointments and elected nobles. Hard
Russian Revolution the Czar who abdicated in 1917 and was later executed along with his family. the workers. the residence of the Czars, outside of which there was a massacre in the early 20th century (two words). The political group that would come to rule Russia. what was the army fighting the Red Army during the Russian Civil War? (two words). Hard
Shang Dynasty First Dynasty to invent recorded history. defeated king Jie of Xia. wear the shang were located north,east,south,or west . king who ruled for 58 years. used to make Wepons,Armor,and Technology . Big
South Asia & Indo-European Migrations Sum of good & evil in a life. Aryan term for the Dravidians. Priests. Chief god of Aryans; of rain & war. Aryan god who preserves cosmic order. Hard
The Mongols Genghis Kahn's original name.. Kubli Khan conquered it. Timur the Lame. Ghengis Kahn means ruler of all of the. Why the Mongols could conquer so much territory so fast.. Big
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