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Bible Crosswords

To view or print a Bible crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Adam and Eve What book is Adam and Eve from?. Adam and Eve used to live in............. The first man. Adam was made by.................. The fallen Angel. Big
Ephesians Answer the question, or complete the sentence, then look for a/the word in the puzzle What should we give thanks for? . What is the bond that keeps the unity of the Spirit? . What does Paul desire the people not to do at his tribulations for them? . In what are we to walk? . When were we chosen? . Big
Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids find the word that matches makes unwise choices, silly. makes good choices, thoughtful. where God lives. not sleeping. fully prepared. Big
Jesus Calms the Storm Matthew 8:23-27 The storm was ________.. Jesus told the storm to stop and it became ____.. The disciples were ______ that Jesus could stop the storm.. Jesus asked, 'Why are you so ______?'. The disciples woke Jesus and said, 'Lord, ____ __.'. Big
Books of the Bible Old Testament 2 16th Book/ Man of Perseverance. Name Means 'Help', #15 Book. 5th Book of History/10th Book in the O.T.. 8th Minor Prophet/Forced to see Evil. 10th Minor Prophet/Name means 'My Holiday'. Big
Introduction to the Old Testament _______ is an official list of books belonging to both the Old and the New Testament.. The _____ Testament fulfills the Old Testament.. How many books are in the Catholic Old Testament?. The ____ Testament is about God and His relationship with the Jews.. ___________ helps us to understand certain Bible stories and events better by putting them in the context of geography and history.. Big
New Testament Survey Gospel written by a medical doctor. Historical narratives of Jesus life and ministry. Epistle written by Jesus' half-brother. Gospel written to show that Jesus is the Messiah. Epistles written by Apostle Peter. Big
The Golden Calf Exodus 19 & 32 What kind of tool did Aaron use to fashion the gold given him by the Israelites (32:4)?. God called the Israelites this type of people (32:9).. Using the jewelry the Israelites gave Aaron, he fashioned this 32:4).. Moses went down from the mountain with two of these (32:15).. Aaron told the pople to break these off the ears of their wives and children (32:2).. Big
The 10 Plagues Solve the puzzle! God told Moses to do this with his hand to part the Red Sea. What the Israelites were after safely crossing the Red Sea. How the Israelites left Egypt when Pharaoh told the people to GO. The sone that died in each family during the 10th plague. Country the Israelite people were slaves. Big
Jesus the Carpenter, Brother and Son Jesus' earthly father. The town where Jesus was born. Jesus' brother, second letter A. Jesus learned a skill from his father. He learned to be a what?. Jesus' hometown where he grew up and learned to be a carpenter.. Easy
Daniel's Integrity The king of Babylon.. Daniel and his friends still looked _________ and strong after only eating vegetables and water.. They didn't eat the king's food because they wanted to _____ God. . Whoever walks in ___________ walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out. . What Daniel and his friends asked to eat instead of the King's food. Big
Bible Geography Locations Mentioned in Matthew through Revelation A city where Christ's disciples were first called 'Christians'. A city in Galilee. A road where Jesus met two travelers. The city of David. Name of the brook flowing between Jerusalem and Gethsemane. Hard
Bible Geography Locations Mentioned in Matthew through Revelation A city where believers in Christ were first called 'Christians'. A city in Galilee. A road where Jesus met two travelers. The city of David. Name of the brook flowing between Jerusalem and Gethsemane. Hard
Noah What was covered with water?. Who helped Noah build it?. How often did it rain in Noah's time?. Who laughed at Noah?. What is believing in things we can't see?. Young Kids
Moses Where Moses fled to after killing the Egyptian. (Ex. 2:15. God changed Jacobs' name to this. (Gen. 32:28) . He was sold into slavery but became very mighty in the land of Egypt. (Gen 37:26-28) . Took his family to Egypt during the famine. (Gen 42:1) . What did Moses hold high to win the battle against Amalek? (Ex 17:11). Hard
The Land Where Jesus Lived Use your workbook, pages 23-26, to help you with this puzzle. town where Jesus was born. southern region of Israel. large sea in Judea . country where Joseph, Mary and Jesus escaped after Jesus' birth. city where Jesus was teaching in the temple at age 12. Older Children
The Land of Palestine Where Jesus was born. Found to the south of Palestine. It is the lowest point on earth.. Large sea to the west of Palestine. Mountain over 3000m above sea level. Common mode of transport in first century Palestine. Older Children
Beliefs about Creation Christians believe that we have a duty to care for the planet. . God is all powerful. . The book in the Bible containing the Creation story. . A Christian that believes that everything written in the Bible is completely true. . Christians believe that God created the world out of nothing.. Big
The 12 Apostles Identify the Apostles by the clues was the smaller of the two. was a tax collector and also was an evangelist. also called Nathaniel. his other name was Jude. participated in the miracle of the loaves and the fish . Big
What Happened to Adam and Eve? Genesis 2:8 - 3:24 GOD made Adam and Eve clothes out of --------. what was running through the garden. what Eve wanted to become. the person who named the animals. what was man made from. Big
Cain and Abel you will find all the answers in Genesis chapter 4 A person who grows crops. The name for a group of sheep. Who would Cain and Abel have celebrated Father's Day with. I am the younger brother. This happens to you when you have done something wrong. Big
Cain and Abel A farm animal that produces wool . A person who grows and harvests food . The first male created by God. Something people would make to say ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ . A settled way of thinking or feeling about something. Easy
Peter & Cornelius Cornelius and his household was _______________ after they believed in Jesus.. A person who isn't a Jew.. A Roman Centurion who loved God. A person who Jesus sent to tell others about him.. Peter told Cornelius that ____________________ is Lord of all.. Older Children
Jesus’s Disciples This apostle was not one of the original 12 disciples. Simon Peter appointed him to replace Judas among the apostles.. He was from Bethsaida. He introduced Nathanael to Jesus. Jesus discussed with him how a multitude of 5,000 people might be feed.. John’s brother . Tax collector, wrote first book in New Testament. Another word for disciple. Older Children
Christmas Story From Luke 1-2 Mary's cousin. no room here. Joseph's lineage. governor of Syria. Caesar Augustus taxed all of this. Older Children
Who is Jesus? He loves us very much. He is our best _________. (John 15:15; 18:8). He is the only wat to God. He is the ________. (John 10:9). He made the sick well, blind to see, and lame to walk. He is our _______. (Matt. 14:34-36). He made the whole world. He is __________. (Gen. 1:1 ; Rev. 4:11). We are his sheep. He is our __________. (John 10:14-15). Easy
People of the Covenant Legal, social, or moral freedoms to which you are entitled as a result of your dignity as a human person. The event in the Exodus story when the Angel of Death strikes down the firstborn in the land of Egypt but passes over the houses of the Israelites. A member of your family from a long time ago, e.g. a grandparent. Beginning or origin - it is the name of the first book of the Bible.. The ten laws that God wrote down on tablets of stone for Moses to give to the Israelites - it's other name is the Decalogue. Hard
Naaman Healed of Leprosy Find the answers for the puzzle by reading 2 Kings 5:1-14 Commander of the army of the King of Syria. 6,000 _____ of Gold. This Prophet gave Naaman the instructions that resulted in his healing. Ten talents of _______. Where the captive was from. Big
Hebrews Chapters 1-4 Believers have this kind of a calling. Do not do this with your heart. The Israelites couldn't enter Canaan because of this. God confirmed His apostles by these. Sin is this.. Big
The Call of Abram An ______________ was built by Abram.. Abram pitched his tent with ______________ on the west.. Who did God promise to make into a great nation.. Who traveled with Abram from his father's household?. God told Abram he will be a __________________.. Big
Creation Story~Old Testament What did god do on the first day?. Did God do it for a reason? Yes or no?. How many days are there in the creation story?. What was his form when he came to Earth?. What was his emotion when he created the world?. Big
Moses what was Moses' Job after he left Egypt. what did Moses' staff turn into. Who were the slaves. what was the first punishment. Who was the Pharaoh of Egypt. Easy
Mosiah number of plates the people found when looking for Zarahemla. the plates that were found tell of what people. wicked king who orders the prophet killed. lived with the Mulekits for nine moons, last man of his people. a man called of God who can translate records. Hard
Miracles of Jesus Raising _______ from the dead John 11:1-46. '_____ be still' Matt. 8:23-27. Jesus restored a _______ hand Matt 12:10-13. Cleansed ten _______ Luke 17:11-19. Feeding of the ____ thousand Matt. 14:15-21. Big
Alma 8 Who had a great hold on the hearts of the Ammonihites? v 9. What will happen to US when we are obedient?. The angel told Alma to warn the Ammonihites if they didn't repent what would happen? v 16. Who was the 1st person to possess the land of Ammonihah? v 7. This is how Alma responded to Lord's command to return to Ammonihah v 18. Big
Story of Creation what God made to separate the earth and the heavens. to make from nothing; to originate for the first time. the part of the earth that is dry. at the very first; to start. period of time at the beginning of the day. Big
Story of Ruth to no longer be alive. relationship of a woman who marries a woman's son. to have no-one. the town in Judah where Naomi came from. name of people who lived in Moab. Big
The Walls of Jericho How the walls tumbled.. The time they marched each day.. The sound a full river makes.. What they put twelve of by the river.. What they all did after the blast of horns.. Hard
Romans 3 rules that a society lives by. to make a statement based on personal knowledge. the reconciliation of God and man through the death of Jesus Christ. in remarking about time, right now; this instant; . left out or omitted. Very Difficult
Jesus Heals a Blind Man Jesus stopped and said ______ him.. The crowd told him to be _______. He called out Son of ________, Have mercy on me. The name of the blind man. There was a large ______.. Older Children
The Birth of Moses the new king did not know __________ and his work. They were afraid of the children of ______________. where the Israelite sons were supposed to be thrown. Moses's sister offered to go get. the midwives had a ______ of God and didn't hurt the babies. Older Children
Men of the Old Testament First king of Israel.. Diciple of Elijah who received a double portion of the Holy Spirit.. Judge and prophet who anointed the first two kings of Israel.. Sold into slavery but later was able to save his family from hunger through dreams.. Used his strength to fight against his enemies and lead his people.. Big
John the Baptist Crossword puzzle Immerse in water. Jesus. place where God resides. John the Baptist mother. spiritual realm over which God reigns. Big
The Unmerciful Servant Use the things you learned in the story to answer the clues Name of the king's servant who owed a little bit of money. Name of the king's servant who owed a lot of money. What we feel in our hearts and homes when we forgive each other. What the king had for Samuel, but Samuel didn't have for Josiah. How many dollars Josiah owed. Big
The Israelite Kingdom The first king of the Israelites.. Group of people from the Mediterranean area who wanted to capture Canaan.. Chaldean king who captured Jerusalem and destroyed the temple.. Known as the greatest of the kings of the Israelites.. The northern kingdom created by ten of the tribes; its capital was Samaria.. Big
Mighty Acts in the Desert the land was flowing with milk and ____. number of years they were in the desert. the manna fell from _______. who are the people wandering in the desert. the soldier who succeeded Moses. Easy
King Josiah He found the temple in _ _ _ _ _?. How old was Josiah when he became king?. How many years was Josiah King?. Where did Josiah send his assistant?. What did King Josiah tear?. Big
David Returns Kindness to Jonathan grandfather to Mephibosheth and father of Jonathan. how Mephibosheth may have felt when David wanted to see him at the palace. was ordered to farm the land. king. dropped Mephibosheth. Big
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