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Bible Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Naaman Healed of Leprosy Find the answers for the puzzle by reading 2 Kings 5:1-14 Commander of the army of the King of Syria. 6,000 _____ of Gold. This Prophet gave Naaman the instructions that resulted in his healing. Ten talents of _______. Where the captive was from. Big
Hebrews Chapters 1-4 Believers have this kind of a calling. Do not do this with your heart. The Israelites couldn't enter Canaan because of this. God confirmed His apostles by these. Sin is this.. Big
The Call of Abram An ______________ was built by Abram.. Abram pitched his tent with ______________ on the west.. Who did God promise to make into a great nation.. Who traveled with Abram from his father's household?. God told Abram he will be a __________________.. Big
Creation Story~Old Testament What did god do on the first day?. Did God do it for a reason? Yes or no?. How many days are there in the creation story?. What was his form when he came to Earth?. What was his emotion when he created the world?. Big
Moses what was Moses' Job after he left Egypt. what did Moses' staff turn into. Who were the slaves. what was the first punishment. Who was the Pharaoh of Egypt. Easy
Mosiah number of plates the people found when looking for Zarahemla. the plates that were found tell of what people. wicked king who orders the prophet killed. lived with the Mulekits for nine moons, last man of his people. a man called of God who can translate records. Hard
Miracles of Jesus Raising _______ from the dead John 11:1-46. '_____ be still' Matt. 8:23-27. Jesus restored a _______ hand Matt 12:10-13. Cleansed ten _______ Luke 17:11-19. Feeding of the ____ thousand Matt. 14:15-21. Big
Alma 8 Who had a great hold on the hearts of the Ammonihites? v 9. What will happen to US when we are obedient?. The angel told Alma to warn the Ammonihites if they didn't repent what would happen? v 16. Who was the 1st person to possess the land of Ammonihah? v 7. This is how Alma responded to Lord's command to return to Ammonihah v 18. Big
Story of Creation what God made to separate the earth and the heavens. to make from nothing; to originate for the first time. the part of the earth that is dry. at the very first; to start. period of time at the beginning of the day. Big
Story of Ruth to no longer be alive. relationship of a woman who marries a woman's son. to have no-one. the town in Judah where Naomi came from. name of people who lived in Moab. Big
The Walls of Jericho How the walls tumbled.. The time they marched each day.. The sound a full river makes.. What they put twelve of by the river.. What they all did after the blast of horns.. Hard
Romans 3 rules that a society lives by. to make a statement based on personal knowledge. the reconciliation of God and man through the death of Jesus Christ. in remarking about time, right now; this instant; . left out or omitted. Very Difficult
Jesus Heals a Blind Man Jesus stopped and said ______ him.. The crowd told him to be _______. He called out Son of ________, Have mercy on me. The name of the blind man. There was a large ______.. Older Children
The Birth of Moses the new king did not know __________ and his work. They were afraid of the children of ______________. where the Israelite sons were supposed to be thrown. Moses's sister offered to go get. the midwives had a ______ of God and didn't hurt the babies. Older Children
Men of the Old Testament First king of Israel.. Diciple of Elijah who received a double portion of the Holy Spirit.. Judge and prophet who anointed the first two kings of Israel.. Sold into slavery but later was able to save his family from hunger through dreams.. Used his strength to fight against his enemies and lead his people.. Big
John the Baptist Crossword puzzle Immerse in water. Jesus. place where God resides. John the Baptist mother. spiritual realm over which God reigns. Big
The Unmerciful Servant Use the things you learned in the story to answer the clues Name of the king's servant who owed a little bit of money. Name of the king's servant who owed a lot of money. What we feel in our hearts and homes when we forgive each other. What the king had for Samuel, but Samuel didn't have for Josiah. How many dollars Josiah owed. Big
The Israelite Kingdom The first king of the Israelites.. Group of people from the Mediterranean area who wanted to capture Canaan.. Chaldean king who captured Jerusalem and destroyed the temple.. Known as the greatest of the kings of the Israelites.. The northern kingdom created by ten of the tribes; its capital was Samaria.. Big
Mighty Acts in the Desert the land was flowing with milk and ____. number of years they were in the desert. the manna fell from _______. who are the people wandering in the desert. the soldier who succeeded Moses. Easy
King Josiah He found the temple in _ _ _ _ _?. How old was Josiah when he became king?. How many years was Josiah King?. Where did Josiah send his assistant?. What did King Josiah tear?. Big
David Returns Kindness to Jonathan grandfather to Mephibosheth and father of Jonathan. how Mephibosheth may have felt when David wanted to see him at the palace. was ordered to farm the land. king. dropped Mephibosheth. Big
David Plays For Saul King of Israel. was loved by Saul. what David played for Saul. a way to encourage others. a harp-like instrument. Big
Isaiah The writers of the Old Testament ____________ these passages to be fulfilled in Jesus Christ.. What did the Jews call their religion?. All the people were kinder and they ________ each other.. ___________ is a prophet.. Isaiah reminded them that God remained in faithful and _______ as he was to his people in Egypt.. Big
Th Story of Tobit what Tobit became blind from. the thing that was stolen and gave to Anna for the woven cloth. Raphael returned here. the angle that God sent in disguise to save Tobit, Tobiah, and Sarah. Raphael showed Tobiah how to cure his fatherī s . Hard
Ezekiel the Prophet God would again choose Jerusalem as his ________ place.. Ezekiel told the people that God had said 'I will give you a new heart and place a new ______ within you.'. Ezekiel called the people back to God and condemned all forms of social injustice, ________, and superstition.. Ezekiel's message is found in the ____ of Ezekiel.. Ezekiel began to offer words of ____ and comfort to the people during the time of the exile.. Hard
Jonah the Prophet There was a _____ storm when he was out on sea.. What does this story remind us of?. God had a message of ____ to give to the city of Nineveh.. A short story that has a message.. What kind of city was Nineveh?. Big
The Potter and the Clay the wheel must be _______. We are God's _______. Another name for top of Vessel. Vessels are created for a______. Added to the clay. Big
The Israelites Wise saying.. Jewish house of worship.. Sacred song or poem used in worship.. Teachings that Moses received from God; later became the first part of the Hebrew Bible.. Division of time that is shorter than an era.. Very Difficult
Biblical Facts Blinded on the road to Damascus. Swallowed by a whale. Stoned to death. Raised from the dead. Number of commandments. Hard
Elijah on Mount Carmel Elijah placed his sacrifice on the?. False gods have no what?. What did Elijah pour on the alter?. What did they use for the sacrifice?. Who was King Ahab's wife?. Big
Ruth, the Gleaner Words associated with the story of Ruth. What Star Point is Ruth.. Ruth's first husband. Flower of this Degree.. Emblem of this Degree.. A descendent of Ruth.. Hard
The Ten Commandments You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. You shall not make for yourself a carved image. You shall not commit adultery. . You shall not covet. . Big
Jesus's Birth Thing that guided people to where Jesus was. Animal watchers that went to Jesus . Thing Jesus was laid in. Jesus's mother. Country that Jesus was born in. Big
Lord's Supper this was poured out for us by Jesus. used to dry feet or hands. 2w place they ate the passovermeal. this represents Jesus broken body. the Jews celebrated this meal each year. Big
Moses and the Israelites who was the leader of the Israelites. what did Moses go to the top of to speak to God. what was Moses' brother called. what was the colour of the sea the Israelites crossed. what dd God provide when the Israelites said they were hungry. Big
Jesus Heals Two Blind Men The men could hear ______.. People gave the men _____.. Jesus made it so the men saw ______________.. How many were blind?. What did Jesus do?. Older Children
The Prophets The prophet who was called to Nineveh.. Something Ahab was willing to kill for?. This prophet was called when an angel visited him in the Temple with a burning coal.. A major sin of the Old Testament. The '_?_ of the Lord's Favor' is a time of healing and restoration.. Big
Elijah and Elisha birds that fed Elijah. Elisha's servant. owned a vineyard. animals who ate Jezebel. appeared with Jesus and Elijah. Big
Holy Ghost Because the Holy Ghost does not have a body of flesh and bones and we cannot see Him, He is a __________.. the Holy GHost will help you receive answers to your _________.. The Holy Ghost is a _______from our Heavenly Father. This helper can guide those who are baptized and live worthily (two words). If you pray and live the commandments of our Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost will help you develop a strong _________ of the gospel.. Big
The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Where did Jesus promise that one of the criminals would be?. What part of the soldier did Peter injure?. The name of the place where Jesus was crucified was, 'Place of the_________. What was the meal called that Jesus had with his apostles before he died?. What did Judas do when he saw Jesus?. Hard
Death and Resurrection of Jesus What part of the soldier did Peter cut with his sword?. Jesus was crucified at the place of the --------. What was the meal Jesus had with his friends before he died called?. Who did the High Priest ask Jesus who he was?. What did the soldier say that Jesus was when Jesus died?. Hard
Cain and Abel What did god put on Cain to protect him? (4). Cain working the soil, he was a ___. (6). God wants us to give out___to HIm. (4). What was Abel's offering to God? (4). God told Cain to ___ his sin? (6). Big
Descent of the Holy Spirit Fill in the boxes with the correct words. What the diciples devoted themselves to while waiting for the Holy Spirit . Who baptized Jesus. The communication of the fruits of Christ's Paschal mystery in the celebration of the Church's 'Sacramental' liturgy. God communicates to us through this. One of the days there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Big
The Romans Road to Salvation a conversation with God. a special place that souls go if they've given their lives to Christ. a messenger of God. a book of Christian scriptures. the personal followers of Jesus. Big
Jesus Heals the Leper Jesus went out to stay in .......... places.. Jesus said to go to see the ......... What must lepers call out to others?. Jesus told him to tell ........... What disease did He have?. Big
Life of Christ There must be some permanent tests available to all men, civilizations, and ages by which they can decide if any or all of these _____________ are justified in their claims.. How did the _______ of the East know of His coming? Through the many prophecies circulated through the world by the Jews as well as through the prophecy made to the Gentiles by Daniel centuries before His birth.. If God sent anyone from Himself, or if He came Himself with a vitally important message for all men, it would seem reasonable that He would let men know when His ______________ was coming and other details of His life.. Socrates, Confucius, Lao-tze and ___________ had no one to pre-announce them, their message, or any details of their lives.. This fact alone distinguishes Him from all other _________ leaders.. Hard
Preparing for Lent Catholics are encouraged to personally take up three practices (fasting, almsgiving,and ________) during Lent.. Christ fasted in the desert for _____ days.. 'Take up your cross and _______ me.'. Why do we celebrate Easter?. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Big
Joseph in Canaan The brothers rip up Joseph's coat and dip it in this.. Jacob had this many sons.. Jacob and his sons were these.. Joseph's brothers throw him in one.. The brothers sell Joseph to these men for 20 pieces of silver.. Older Children
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