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Botany Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Photosynthesis A gas that diffuses into the leaf through the stomata for photosynthesis . These are found in the spongy mesophyll to allow gases to diffuse in and out of the leaf easily. Control the opening and closing of stomata. The energy source that plant produce during photosynthesis . A protective layer of the leaf that is transparent so that light can penetrate it and makes the waxy cuticle. Big
Munford Cell Organelles The thin layer on the surface of all cells. It regulates what enters and leaves the cell. It also provides some protection and support for the cell. A series of flattened sacs. This organelle modifies, sorts, and packages molecules produced by the cell. The organelle that converts the chemical energy that is stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use. Organelle that enable algae and plants to convert light into energy through photosynthesis. Sac-like structure that stores materials such as water and waste in plants and some primitive invertebrate animals. Big
Plants structures that trap the energy from food and release it to the cell/ or powerhouses. atoms connected by chemical bonds. use of oxygen use by plants and animals to break down food and release energy. fluid substance that contains organelles. colored substance, that enables light to be absorbed by the plant's cell. Big
Transport In Plants It is responsible to make food for the plant by photosynthesis.. Around the stoma are two of these.. Tubes that transport water and minerals from the roots to the leaves.. They absorb water and nutrients from the soil.. Plants make food by this.. Big
Job Position of A Frontliner Finds and rescues victims in burning buildings or emergency situations. GrabFood / foodpanda. To maintain law and social order by protecting citizens. To maintain hygiene at highest level. Plays significant role in every hospital and clinic. Hard
Plants and Seeds This part of the plant takes in energy from the sun. These make hitchhiker seeds prickly. A kind of sugar which is food for a plant. A plant starts life as this. Where a plant gets water. Big
Plant Root Growth Modified stem that grow horizontally and form new plants.. Main, downward- growing root with limited branching.. Profusely branched roots around a plant's base found on all grasses.. Type of plant that utilize rhizobium bacteria to fix atmospheric nitrogen.. A thimble-shaped group of thick-walled cells at the root tip serves to push though soil. . Big
Plant Nutrients one form of nitrogen found in the soil. in poorly drained soils this can get turned into a gas. grass shoul dbe growing fast in this month. not found in the atmosphere so much these days. important nutrient for root development and growth. Big
Photosynthesis Holes in a plant that let oxygen out and carbon dioxide in . What is the liquid needed for photosynthesis. The gas that plants need for photosynthesis. What is the output of photosynthesis and turned to energy. The gas made by photosynthesis. Big
Plant Kingdom response to length of light exposure. growth response to light. layer with closely packed, tall, thin cells. chemicals that control growth. outermost tissue of leaves. Hard
Plant Tissue Parenchma which stores food . Scelerids are also called. Meristem responsible for secondary growth. Xylem is also called. Type of tissue provides both mechanical strength and elasticity. Hard
Plant Life Cycle Sticky Powder.. Part of the plant that helps reproduction.. Changes that happen during the life of a plant.. Where a plant makes new plants.. When a plant makes its own food and releases oxygen.. Older Children
Anomal and Plant Cells Read the hint and fill out the crossword puzzle I love being GREEN. group of similiar cell that work together. Breaks down energy and releases energy. States that all organisms are made up of more than one cell or one cell. This has a cell wall. Hard
Botany a seed consists of an ________, a food supply, and a protective seed coat. . Nonvascular plants must have adaptations to keep them from _____(two words). a plant with needlelike or scaly leaves that produce seeds in cones are in what division. leaves on pterophyta that vary in length from 1 cm to 500 cm. conifero- meaning cone bearing. Hard
Forest Mensuration common tool used to measure changes in elevation and tree height. similar to a caliper, calculates the number of pieces of lumber yielded by a given piece of timber by measuring its diameter. direction finder. sample measurements are taken so that they are a fraction of the entire timber stand.. A computer or calculator random number generator is used to assign plots to be sampled.. Hard
Plants Name: Growth of a plant in response to light. The part of the plant above the ground. Where does the carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis come from?. An example of food storage in a leaf. Product of photosynthesis. Big
Lemen Brown based off of the lemon brown book Unite or cause to unite.. an involuntary quivering movement.. Having a damp, moldy, or stale smell.. giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious.. lack of good sense or judgment; stupidity.. Hard
Understanding Horticulture Complete the puzzle on Horticultural terms A horticultural skill. Fruit and nut production. Using plants to beautify an area. The _________ industry . A place that grows ornamental plants. Big
Photosynthesis organelle where photosynthesis occurs. space inside a chloroplast. absorbs certain colors of light. stack of thylakoids. main land autrotroph. Hard
Plants soil that has a well balanced mixture of sand, silt, and clay. the second layer of a root made of soft. loose tissue. a tiny opening in a leaf that allows gas into and out. a thin outer layer of cells. tissue in root, stems and leaves. Big
Tropisms A water filled organelle. A plant growing toward light . Plant growing in response to earth. Force of molecules making a plant stands straight . Bending to touch . Hard
Plant Hormones Plants which produce seeds after 2 years. Seedless fruit. Can induce the production of amylase in barley seeds. Non directional response due to a stimulus. Hormones produced at the tip of the shoot inhibit growth of lateral shoots lower down the plant. Hard
Parts of a flower Complete the given cross word puzzle. the male reproductive orgaan of a flower.. a head like structure that hold the pollen grains.. the stalk that holds the anther.. the colored and scented part of a flower.. holds the eggs or ovules.. Big
How to Raise a Raisin Fill in the words that match each definition! a dried grape. a substance used to keep foods from spoiling. made by humans, not by nature. anything that can be used to show something is true or real. a woody vine on which grapes grow. Easy
Flowers You can't forget them.. There's nothing 'daffy' about these white and yellow flowers.. They are very tall and love the sun.. These white flowers live in water on their leafy green pads.. ____ are blue.. Easy
Specialized Plant Cells Complete the crossword! Acts like cement, sticking the plant cells together.. Are specialized for support. All organisms are composed of cells. Unicellular organisms are composed of a single cell. Multicellular organisms are composed of many specialized cells. . Provides rigid support. Found in flexible tissues of leaves. Big
10 Plant Parts The male reproductive structure of flowers.. The part of the stamen that contains pollen.. A thin stalk of the stamen.. The part of the stamen that contains pollen.. Broad, flat, thin leaflike parts of a flower.. Older Children
Plants Complete the Crossword Puzzle. the protective layer on a leaf. the part of a plant that transports water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves. when trees stay alive in the winter. tiny openings on a leaf control how quick a plant loses water. when extra water exits a leaf. Older Children
The House of the Scorpion 1 A tiny unborn human. The boy clone. This looked like lemon soda. A tool used to pull out slivers. An exact copy of another living being. Teenage
Botanic Gardens coconut _______. place to see the view. large road or highway. small, Japanese pot plant. Plants need ________ from the sun. Hard
Clematis The Clematis type live in fantasy ______ . The Clematis type is easily_____ . The Clematis type needs a lot of_____ . Clematis helps kids to___on their studies . The Clematis remedy is for______ in the present . Big
Plant Terms The definitions are the hints. Plant that completes its life cycle in two growing seasons.. Flower has all 4 major flower parts; petals, stamen, pistil, ans sepal.. Flower that is missing one or more major flower parts.. Reproducing plants by seed or vegetatively.. Plant that completes its life cycle in one growing season.. Big
Herb Herb Herb, Herb is the Word! Enter the correct Herb/Brand in the answer key. Keeps your mind sharp while easing nervous tension and anxiety. Can be suggested for people who have high stressed jobs but need to keep their focus.. (BRAND) These physicians were dedicated to clinical research and the practice of botanicals. This company is known for their freeze dried process.. (BRAND) This brand uses the whole entire herb in their formulas, they believe in leaving herbs in their true form as found in Nature.. Activates enzymes in the liver that stimulates Glutathione production, great for liver support and 'free radical protection'. Contains oxindole akaloids that have immune stimulating properties.. Hard
Nutrition In Plants An example of parasitic nutrition.. A process in which pants feed on dead and decaying matter.. ----------- is a living partnership between a fungus and algae.. Process of utilizing and obtaining food.. A kind of plant which makes it's own food. . Hard
Nutrition in Plants example of saprotrophic mode of nutrition. result of the process of photosynthesis. gas used in photosynthesis. food factory of the plant. mode of nutrition in green plants. Hard
Nutrition in plants Organisms feed on dead and decaying matter. Process of obtaining and utilizing food. Carbon dioxide enters through pores. Organisms who make their own food. Plants that feed on insects. Older Children
Nutrition in Plants A relationship in which a thing helps another and in return it also takes help.for example- Rhizobium.. The body of living organisms are made of tiny units called______.. The ones who depend on dead and decaying matter for their nutrition.. A parasitic plant with yellow, slender and tabular stem.. During the process of photosynthesis plants take in _______.. Hard
Botanist Acid found in willow trees, used to make aspirin. Botanists are able to make more money here than any other state. On site investigation and research. a multidisciplinary academic field that integrates physical, biological and information sciences. Requires four years of college. Hard
Nutrition in Plants smallest unit of organism. make their food itself in the presence of sunlight. tiny pores present in the leaves. evaporation of the water. a unicelluar or multicellular organism relater to thallaphyta group. Older Children
Living with Plants match the words to the hint and number of boxes layer of branches and leaves of the tallest trees in the rainforest. long root that soaks up water from deep in the ground. what a plant on the ground of the rainforest does to reach sunlight. biome that is very hot with sandy ground and very little rain. biome that is on the ground such as a desert or savanna. Big
Plant Structures Male Flower part. Grows below or along the ground. When a leaf/plant 'turns' to face the sun. Root that is often used for eating. Thickened, compact stems. Hard
Cell Parts A structure in the cells of plants and some other organisms that captures energy from sunlight and uses it to produce food.. A water-filled sac inside a cell that acts as a storage area.. Material in cells that contains DNA and carries genetic information.. A cell structure that is like the 'control center' for the cell.. A small grain-like structure in the cytoplasm of a cell where proteins are made.. Hard
Plants Characteristics, Structures and Processes also known as the baby plant. a complex group of plants that has true roots,stems and leaves. produced by a cone bearing or flowering plant. the vascular tissue that transports water from the roots. the plant structure that hold the leaves up to the light. Hard
Plant Hormones and Signal Pathways Ethylene is the only hormone that is __________.. A double mutant (gid1a/gid1b) will have defective ______.. Direction of travel from shoot toward the base. Brassinosteroids promote differentiation of the ______ and suppresses that of the phloem. . The structure of Abscisic acid resembles these other plant molecules.... Hard
Transgenic Plants The copying and reproduction of the gene with the desired characteristic. the first step in this process is to lyse or break open the cell. the process in which a gene is identified. the step in which ligase is used to link the DNA strands and the cloning vector. the process of inserting the gene into the plant. Hard
Nutrition in Plants depend on other organism for their food. an instrument for to see very small objects. carnivorous plants that feed on insects . organi compounds. tiny pores present in the leaves. Big
Gardener's Tips Ingredient in a bean salad. We are now Master . a red juicy fruit (people think its a veggie). green vegetable. One vegetable found in a salad. Older Children
Designing Landscapes Plants that live for two years and then die. trees that keep their leaves or needles all year long. the use of plants to make outdoor areas more attractive. this type of planting creates an area of particular beauty in a landscape. landscaping a small part of a larger area to meet the particular needs of people. Very Difficult
Inside of a Flower the pollen-bearing part of a stamen.. The male reproductive organs of a flower.. one of the cavities in an anther in which pollen is produced.. the stalklike portion of a stamen, supporting the anther. . one of the often colored segments of the corolla of a flower.. Big
Plants and Fungi Male reproductive part of a flower.. A fertilized egg cell.. The complex life cycle of plants that is composed of 2 generations.. A protective structure which keeps main root from being damaged as it moves through soil.. Plants that have vascular tissue and reproduce by seeds.. Very Difficult
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