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Children Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 8 to 12. They are made up of words that are often found in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to older kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for children click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Week 5 Spelling Words Spelling Lists gnippird. deppots. deppihs. deppirg. gnittih.
-tion Crossword Literature and Writing When you see 'tion' in a word, you say 'shun'. Can you work out which -tion words fit the clues? A choice.. The act of adding.. A sudden, violent outburst.. The act of giving to a charity.. A short description to go with an illustration..
The Outdoors Recreation The outdoors is a puzzle about the outdoors We like to annoy you. Twinkle twinkle little ....... How I wonder what you are. I am cold and white. Look up and I am always there. I float around in the sky.
The Outdoors Recreation We like to annoy you. Twinkle twinkle little ....... How I wonder what you are. I am cold and white. Look up and I am always there. I float around in the sky.
Africa World Geography This animal is a native of Africa. The River Nile begins its course in this country. This is an island country to the south east of Africa. This natural resource has been found in parts of Africa. This is the second largest continent in the world.
Spelling Words Spelling Lists Week 2 My best friend is very ____________________ to be around.. I want to go to _________________ and get one of those jobs.. The ________________________ is 10 feet high.. The leaves change color in the beginning of _________________.. I was early, ___________________ I had some extra time..
Vocabulary Chapter 1 Spelling Lists Kristen Brinson the application of the science to help people. the standard by witch the test results can be compared. a possible explanation for a problem using what you know and what you observe. occurs when what the scientist expects changes how the results are viewed. a statement about what happens in nature and that seems to be true all the time.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Literature and Writing A word that people can call Muggle Borns.. Filch's cat. The house that Draco Malfoy is in.. The school's caretaker. A wizarding sport played on broomsticks..
Cross Word Puzzle Week 5 Spelling Lists Can you find the answers to the clues? hot or cold?. Corner?. don't pay for this road. not low. not plaise.
Unit 1 - Chapter 1 - Vocabulary Spelling Lists Please complete the puzzle The loud noise ________ the children.. My brother's daughter is my ______.. My sister's son is my _______.. my uncle's children are my ________.. My brothers and sisters are my ________..
London 2012 Olympic Games Sports do the crossword! a mixed sport of shooting,equestrian,running,fencing, swimming. a mixed sport of running,cycling,swimming. you need a gun. similar to judo . bow+arrow+target.
Autumn is just Around the Corner! Other Pupils. What this month is. Garden guardian. Another word for the fall season. College teacher.
Lab Safety Science prevents injuries and damage. acid can be poured in this but this cannot be poured in acid. something you where on your eyes for protection. wiring or connections not properly covered and protected. a thin glass tube used to hold small amounts of liquid.
Linear Motion Science The SI unit of measurement for this is the second (s). Regarded in relation to something else; Depends on point of view or frame of reference; with respect to. Motion under the influence of only gravitational forces. How fast something changes with time. Used in physics to mean 'straight line'.
Geology Science Crossword (Basic) Molten rock under the surface of the Earth is called. Traces or remains of ancient life found inside rocks are called ______.. Rock changing from one basic rock type to another is called the ‘rock ______.’. Sedimentary rocks are made of tiny pieces called_______.. Fossils are usually found in ______ rocks..
The Whipping Boy Literature and Writing a tough, lawless person; roughneck; bully.. a deep, wide trench, usually filled with water, surrounding the rampart of a fortified place, as a town or a castle. . paved with stones. knee-length trousers commonly worn by men and boys in the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries. . a loud, sharp, shrill cry.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Literature and Writing lack of energy, sluggish inactivity. the right hand side of a ship as one faces forward. a loud, long sound. not appropriate, out of place. cheerfulness, willingness, eager.
FAMILY MEMBERS Home and Family Read the clues and fill in the crossword with the correct word. the daughter of my brother. the son of my sister. the children of my uncle. the couple of my brother. the couple of my sister.
Christian Religion Fifth fruit of the spirit. I believe that God will win, victory over ________.. Fourth fruit of the spirit. The name of our production person. Seventh fruit of the spirit.
vocabulary Spelling Lists Causing death. Overwhelm with shock. Violent anger. Careless. Marked by clever discerning awareness.
vocabulary Spelling Lists shallow container used for carry small objects. adverse to work. how one carries or conducts oneself. to put or place in a horizontal position. a place where a thing stops.
Genesis 4:1-16 Religion Cain and Abel The LORD said, 'What have you done? Listen! Your brother's _____ cries out to me from the ground.. But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your _____; it desires to have you, but you must master it.' . Now you are under a curse and driven from the ______, which opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand.. And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and ______ him.. I will be a ________ wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.' .
Safety Health ___________ comes first. always wear a _______ jacket when on a boat. stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. swim between these at the beach. stands for state emergency services.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists If, then statement. applying logic and reason to observations and conclusions. describing something with numbers or formulas. describing something with words. force with which gravity pulls on a quantity of matter.
Diversity at the Table Food The most widely produced and eaten food in an area. A set of customs, traditions, and beliefs shared by a large group of people. The practice of creating new recipe by mixing the influences and preparation techniques of different food traditions. Abstaining from some or all foods for a period of time. Relating to a specific culture.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists staring in a angry manner. is a flinch, to tense the body. to be stubborn. to be bitter, poor. brave or spirited.
Spelling list Spelling Lists not clear thinking. to wipe away. not early. more than one mouse. used to smell with.
cows Animals produce more milk than cream. has a white face and a black or redish orange body. what is a cow called bfore she has a calf. what is the lions name on narnia. it's meat is used in a burger.
Spelling Spelling Lists the out side of somthing. a man that kills others. a peice of clothing. they look after the people. people sent to a foreign country.
Vocab Spelling Lists Use the clues to find out what word goes in the boxes NASA ___________ conditions in space. The sight of a dead body was ___________. I ________ on every test. To wire or equip with electric power. To be a scientist you must _____________.
spelling words Spelling Lists to be sure of. sport which requires kicking the ball. positive charges that are drawn to each other in a forceful manner. selected . to mean to do something.
Business Business and Work Read The Hint And Write The Word That Matchs The Hint Where It Belongs . Is The Amount Of Money Left Over After A Business Has Paid For The Cost Of Producing Its Good Or Services . . Something You Would Like To Have . Any Activity That Seeks Profit By Providing Goods Or Services To Others .. Anything That People Can Use Or Make Or Obtain What They Need Or Want .. A Person Who Purchase , Selects , Uses Dispose Etc ..Of Goods Or Services .
Weather & Climate Science Science Vocabulary Water in the form of a gas; found in the atmosphere. An instrument used to measure air pressure. Envelope of gases surrounding the Earth; four main layers. Condition of the Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place. Elevation; the distance above sea level.
Genesis Chapter 6 Bible The Ark of Noah 6:13 So God said to Noah, 'I am surely going to ______ both them and the earth.. 6:10 Noah had three sons: _____, Ham and Japheth.. 6:5 The LORD saw how great man's ________ on the earth had become, . 6:22 Noah did _________ just as God commanded him.. 6:9 and he ______ with God..
Landforms World Geography flat land. large dry area of land usually without water or trees. large area of trees; think woods. a body of water with land on all sides. highest kind of land.
Elements of Art Art A two-dimensional area that is defined in some way, perhaps with an outline or solid are of color.. The way a surface feels or appears to feel if you could touch it.. The relative lightness or darkness of a work or part of a work. The amount of light relflected by a hue.. The area surrounding or within an object or shape.. The aspect of objects caused by the varying quality of reflected light..
geography World Geography Its mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea. has a population of about 11 million people. about 6million people live their. one of the major political and economic powers of the European continent. has the world's fifth largest nominal military budge.
Egypt World Geography first pharoah of egypt. egyptian tomb. gift of the nile. egyptian picture writing. boy king.
English Literature and Writing Adjective, Nouns, Vocabulary according to what people say but unproven . the type of literature . what the story is about. the plan and the time needed to do it . generous in size; enough to satisfy.
Lewis & Clark History platforms built on the shore or out from the shore;wharves;piers. a smell. to convince someone to buy or do something. to make someone laugh. felt the same by each other.
Customer Service Business and Work Please use the clues below to complete the crossword. Lend a hand. A facial expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth; usually shows pleasure or amusement. Good-natured tolerance of delay or incompetence. Recognize with gratitude; be grateful for. Scientific term for 'shooting stars'.
Text Features Literature and Writing like on many maps, this explains what the parts to a chart, graph, or timeline represent.. help to give the reader a visual about a topic or reading.. show percentages and must add up to 100 . provides a list of key terms and their definitions. words or phrases that help to explain what a picture is representing..
Lab Safety Science Wash your eyes. Hold hot glassware. Protect your clothes. Protects your eyes. Mix your chemicals.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists Causing shock or horror.. When I try so hard to get good grades. To thrill or shock.. To confirm or make certain.. A guess..
Amazonian World Geography A temporary cover from the weather. The uppermost foliage of the jungle. A medium sized primate who loves bananas. George of the ___?____. A forest which has a large rainfall.
Tips For Depression Mental Health Makes you feel down, sad, empty, hopeless or numb. Get a good night's ........... Follow your ........excercise regimen. Get out and ........daily. Eat well-balanced, nutritious .... and follow your prescribed dietary guidelines.
1.1 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Spelling Lists scientific explanation for a set of observations that can be tested in ways that support or reject it. logical interpretation based on what scientists already know. group exposed to the same conditions as the experimental group except for one independent variable. an experiment in which one variable is changed, while all others are kept unchanged or controlled. the variable that is deliberately changed in an experiment .
ASTRONOMY Science the upper part of the mantle. weather conditions of a region. the science dealing with the atmosphere and its phenomena including weather and climate. the state of the atmosphere with respect to wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, and pressure. the force exerted by air.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists To quarrel or argue in a noisy, angry way; to obtain by argument; to herd. Make impossible, prevent, or shut-out. Applause or enthusiastic praise or approval. To make or force one's way by pushing or elbowing; to bump, shove, or brush against. Of or relating to a slave; behaving like or suitable for a slave or servant.
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