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Children Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 8 to 12. They are made up of words that are often found in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to older kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for children click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Math Math a polygon with six sides. each angular point of a polygon. a plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles. a polygon with seven sides. numbers that can be expressed in a+bi form.
Animal Kingdom Animals hard covering of the body of an insect. lives only in water, has gills. warm-blooded, hairy, backboned animal. animals with no backbone. many have feathers and fly, born from eggs.
Solids, Liquids and Gases Chemistry This is a very dangerous type of gas.. This is what we see in the winter.. This is the last step in the water cycle.. This is what we breath out.. A type of gas that we need to live..
Tiger Woods Sports Writer of Books. State Tiger was born. Event Tiger won in Augusta, GA. Tiger's first braning company. Tiger's real name.
Improving Self Esteem Other Please fill in the blanks on ways to Improve Self Esteem. Replace negative thoughts with ______ ones.. Celebrate your own _____.. Building up positive thoughts and improving your ______.. 'You have to climb a mountain ____ step at a time.'. Be able to ______ others..
Language of Position Spelling Lists Write the best word for each sentence. comes after second. close to something. on the side of something. comes before fifth. comes after first.
Fun Facts About Germany World Geography The German word for blue.. How many countries border on to Germany?. How many states does Germany have?. The German word for Germany.. This German city shares the same name as a 'hot dog'..
The Crucible Literature and Writing Write the correct word that matches the hint Who gave Elizabeth the poppet. Which girl confessed. How many warrants were issued that night. The person who was sentenced to hang. Who is charged for murder.
Planet Mercury Astronomy dry and rocky. Nearest plant. What the core is mostly made of. Holes in the surface. Mercury has none.
Elephant Animals All about elephants Type of elephant. Colour of their skin. Continent they live in . Country they live in . Type of elephant.
The Northern Renaissance History What did the growth of cities help create?. Why were other people starting to interact more?. Who invented the printing press. How was the Northern Renaissance different from the Italian Renaissance?. Name one thing Shakespeare wrote..
Westward Expansion History the name given to the 800-mile forced march of 15,000 Cherokee in 1838 from their homes in Georgia to the Indian Territory. Moved people and goods quickly on rivers and canals. Moved raw materials and goods quickly over land. a person who is among the first nonnative people to sette in a region. Person who wanted to end slavery.
Space Transportation Transportation First satellite in space (no number). First person to orbit the earth. Space missions to take pictures and study mars . First dog in space. reusable rockets.
1st Amendment Government and Politics this freedom means the government cannot stop people from saying what they think. means to have the supreme power. added to the Constitution to protect citizens' freedoms (3 words). the number of amendments in the Bill of Rights. this freedom means people can request that the government makes changes.
Life Cycle of Stars Astronomy a core of a star that is left behind. a large cloud of gas and dust. a very large star that is running out of fuel that is brighter and cooler than a giant. an object with gravity so strong nothing can escape it. any star that is fusing hydrogen in its core with a stable balance.
Cyclones Meteorology I. Crossword Puzzle It is a disturbance that originates in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.. It is a rotating, organized system of clouds and thunderstorms that originates over tropical or subtropical waters and has a closed low-level circulation.. It is a disturbance that originates in the Northwest Pacific.. It is a disturbance that originates in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific.. The wind speed of the cyclone is less than 63 km/hr..
Plant Life Cycle Botany Sticky Powder.. Part of the plant that helps reproduction.. Changes that happen during the life of a plant.. Where a plant makes new plants.. When a plant makes its own food and releases oxygen..
Moons Astronomy Large moon of Saturn and has liquid lakes. Something other than water that Europa and Earth has in common. ______s have been seen jetting out of Europa and Enceladus. Sixth planet from our sun and has 62 moons. Small moon of Jupiter and the sixth largest moon in our solar system.
Rock Cycle Geology cools on the exterior of the volcano. this kind of igneous rock cools slowly and forms large crystals with coarse grains. sedimentary rocks found in layers and formed from organic material. rocks made by the layering and compacting. a specific type of igneous rock.
Slavery and North vs. South Economy History cotton and Tabasco were the main products produced for its value than being used. believed their way of slavery was abolished. the South is known as the ________. the state where the first slaves were sent in America. African American woman who believed blacks were happy as slaves .
Neil Armstrong Crossword US History What state was Neil Armstrong born in?. What state was Neil Armstrong ordered for overseas active duty? . Who was Neil Armstrongs flight instructor in 1946? . Was Neil Armstrong the first man to step foot on the moon? Write yes or no.. What was Neil Armstrong granted when he was sixteen years old?.
Matter Physics An element or compound; matter that always has exactly the same composition. a mixture that has some particles that are intermediate size between small and large . a change that occurs when some properties of a material change . change that occurs when a substance reacts and forms one or new substances. a substance that is made from two or more simpler substances; can be broken .
Science Rocks Science This scientist from the late 1600's and early 1700's has three laws of motion.. Atoms are made of protons, electrons, and ______.. Rain, snow, and sleet are all forms of ___________.. The three types of rocks are igneous, metamorphic, and ________.. Humans have 206 of these in their bodies..
Civil War US History The south.. To withdraw from a lager body.. To isolate your enemy.. The act of freeing someone.. The effort to fix the U.S.A..
Nature Other tree used to make snooker cues. bird in a clock. spring flower. freshwater predetor fish. edible fungi.
Boiling, Poaching and Steaming Food Steak and kidney pudding is cooked using this cooking method. (8). A type of food that it boiled, of which there are three main types: white, brown and vegetable. (5). A combination of fat and flour gently cooked over a low heat for a short time. (4). A type of poaching in which the food is cooked in a small amount of liquid and covered with greaseproof paper. (7). The process of removing impurities from the surface of the liquid when boiling meat. (8).
The Diary of Anne Frank - Quotes Books - Historical Complete the crossword below Its a phase... you heard father... most girls go through it.... If my husband had any obligation to you, he's paid it, over and over. I always get along well with children. Mr. Dussel, i leave you in good hands. I want to see something now...not a thousand years from now.
The Solar System Astronomy Glowing ball of hot gas that makes its own energy and light. Large object in space that orbits a star such as the sun. Envelop of gas surrounding an object in space. very bright, rotates in opposite directions from other planets, day lasts 243 Earth days, much carbon dioxide in atmosphere, greenhouse effect, very hot, rolling plains, towering highlands.. iron in rock and soil, two moons rotates once every 24 hours and 38 minutes, year lasts 687 Earth days, thin atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide, windy.
Physical Geography Earth Sciences This biome is where the lion king takes place and where many african animals live. . Some think a synonym is daily weather, but it is not.. I am sweating and there is sand in my eyes. What biome am I in?. Sometimes soil just doesn't like to stay put and leaves with the water.. In this biome, you may see a white-tailed deer running through the trees. .
Words From Shakesphere Literature and Writing without disguise . little remains of it . a rush of wind . to spend money carefully and sparingly . 'large and outstanding'.
The Flute Music Beginner's will use this type of flute. The Right Hand Pinky's nickname. This is the smallest member of the flute family. This type of flute is played to the side (like modern flutes). Ancient flutes were sometimes made out of this material.
Ancient Egypt History Is supposed to be put on a toothbrush and was invented in Ancient Egypt . Most famous dessert that Ancient Egyptions ate . These were the people who built the pyramids . Poor peoples houses were made of this . Most powerful person in Ancient egypt .
Bicycle Safety Other Write the correct words from your spelling test for each clue Your feet push them to make a bike go. A vehicle kids can ride. A bicycle has two of these. Cars moving on the street. Make it easy for cars to see you.
States of America World Geography Read the hints and figure out which state it has been written about. Which state is the 2nd largest by both area and population?. Which state has the capital Oklahoma city?. In which state is the Walt Disney World?. In which state is the Golden Gate Bridge?. Which state has the capital Springfield?.
Volcano Earth Sciences Holes on the planet on one the moon due to an impact or a explosion. Bits of rock or solidified lava dropped from the air. A place where hot rock is forced toward the crust where it melts. A type of volcano that is formed by tephra. An opening to a volcano.
Mohandas Gandhi History Use the clues to fill in the crossword. Not eating or drinking for a certain amount of time.. The person who influenced his beliefs growing up.. He was offered a job here and he protested against racism and poverty her.. His home country.. He went to school to get his law degree here.
Lewis and Clark US History identify important people and landmarks from Lewis and Clarks expedition a good place to reason with native American tribes one box is a space. this river put a huge fork in the expedition one box is a space. it would have been a long walk to the mountains without here one box is a space. The first in command of the expedition. south of the columbia river this fort was a replacement for an old fort 1box empty.
Russian History World Geography Use the clues to complete the crossword! This Bolshevik slogan called for land for the peasants, peace from WWI, and the end of food shortages. Stalin's goals to turn Russia into a modernized and industrialized super power. Stalin's plan to increase weapons production. Stalin's plan to produce more goods for Russia. This political party believed in a rise of the working class and a more fair society.
Solar System Astronomy Fill out cross word puzzle below an object that moves around another object in space. different shapes of the moon. a large object that moves around a star. the motion of a planet or other object as it turns on its axis. the movement of one object around another in space.
Bud, Not Buddy Books Vocabulary make a deep heavy sound. relatives of the same family. crawfish related to but smaller than the lobster. move about nervously. pictures.
Expressions and Equations Math A variable, a number or a number multiplied by a variable. Terms with the same variable and exponent. A math sentence showing two expressions ar equal or equivalent. Operations that undo each other . An expression that containsat least one variable.
Weathering and Erosion Earth Sciences is where these minerals ( sedement ) are being put down or deposited by wind, water, and ice.. Wearing away rocks by living things such as living organism.. Erosion occurs when the products for weathering are transported from place to place. Refers to chemical and mechanical process in which rock and glacier ice are wore down by waves or wind. weathering which is when rocks are broken by physical forces such as wind , water etc..
Movements At a Joint Body The swivelling of a joint/ bone moves freely around in a curve. . Decreasing an angle between two bones . Movement at ankle where toes are pointed towards the ground . Movement at the ankle where toes are pulled towards the knee. Movement of limb towards the midline of body.
Book of Matthew Bible I baptized Jesus in the River Jordan and later beheaded. An_________appeared to Joseph in his dream. Virgin mother of Jesus. Husband of Mary. Matthew 28:19-20 is known as 'The Great _____________' .
Black River Public School School ELECTIVES rubbing food against a rough, bumpy surface. to make clean. bakes food. directions for cooking. sharp object used for cutting.
Ecology Science Any living part of the environment with which an organism might interact.. All organisms that live in a place, together with their physical environment.. The scientific study of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environments. . A group of different populations that live together in a defined area. . A group of ecosystems that share similar climates and typical organisms..
Tiger Sharks Animals tiger sharks help keep the ocean claen by eating___.. a tiger shark's___is rich in vitamin A.. people who fish for tuna or swordfish sometimes___a tiger shark instead.. license plates and old tires have been found in tiger shark___.. a shark's___are on the sides of its head..
Geography World Geography interaction with raw materials. land created to feed millions. created by dams to provide water for farms and cities. believe air pollution has caused climate change. reduces amounts of waste.
Components of the Universe and the Big Bang Theory Physics when earth pases through the tail of a comet of a cloud of dust left by a broken up by a broken-up astroid. giants cloud of gas and dust between stars. are huge collection of stars. Are shaped like a flattened or partially deflatted football.Does not rotate or much slower than spiral galaxy. does not have a distinct shape or oddly shape.
Venus Astronomy Venus is the 3rd _____ object in the sky after the Sun and moon.. Its high, reflective clouds are made mostly of _____ _____.. _____ is the second planet from the Sun.. Venus high temperature is due to the runaway _____ effect.. Its atmosphere is composed of 97% _____ _____..
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