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Children Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 8 to 12. They are made up of words that are often found in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to older kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for children click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Hungar game Books characters picked from each district. Katniss hunting friend. head of district. hobbs. not earthly.
Sports Sports You need a bike. . You need a net.. You need a bat.. You need a racket.. You need football shoes..
Ammon, a great servant. Religion God knows the intents of the _________________ (Alma 18:32). Was chief among the Sons of Mosiah (Alma 17:18). King Lamoni does this after he repents. (Alma 18:42). Ammon tells King Lamoni about this plan. (Alma 18:39). Lamanites did this to the creatures Ammon was watching. (Alma 17:27).
Math Terms Math Fill in the crossword according to the hints distance around a circle. a part of a number. the interior of a shape. greater than 90 degrees. vertical.
Coaster Science stored energy, not in motion. the energy that is being used, energy in motion, also known as mechanical energy. what we measured our kinetic and potential energy. when two things rub together to create a resistance. the amount of seconds in a timeperiod.
Dinosaurs Before Dark Books Mary Pope Osborne to shake from fear. four-legged creature having a long horn above each eye . a group of plants or animals living or growing together. to make a short, deep, hoarse sound. a cone shaped mountain through which molten rock comes out.
Minecraft Recreation This is the spawner of hostile mobs.. The very FIRST achievment in Minecraft.. The player who won the Minecraft Hunger Games.. The rarest item in Minecraft.. Iron Golems Protect the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _..
Missouri World Geography what is one of the flags colors. type of court they use in Missouri. one of the capitals. state flower of Missouri. state governor.
Louisiana World Geography Famous Festival in Louisiana. Slow Moving River (French). Industry. Governor. Biggest City.
Shapes and Angles Math Angle directions as used in shipping. A triangle with all angles and sides the same. A shape with equal sides and equal inside angles. A shape like a diamond. An angle greater than 180 degrees.
Manners Home and Family When receiving something or somebody doing something for you, you should say ***** ***. When you ask for something you should say ******. You should ***** your mouth when you cough or sneeze in public.. Do not ********* grown-ups or others who are speaking.. Don't reach for things at the table, instead *** to have them passed to you..
LeBron James Sports the team he used to play for them anymore. Lebron lived a ....life as a kid. sport he plays. what wade,bosh and james are called. possistion he played in football.
Harry Houdini Entertainment tied around Houdini. magic word. worn on crazy people. greatest magician of all time. name of theatre Houdini maed Jenny disappear .
Reptiles Animals The gallbladder secretes bile to this part of the digestive system when needed. . __ sense heat from warm bodied prey. . They are covered with __ to keep from drying out.. No shell around the egg.. What season are the offspring usually born in?.
Literature Literature and Writing Lady Macbeth convinced Macbeth to do a lot of things by using this tactic.. Northanger Abbey is a parody of the typical ________ story.. They invaded earth in War of the Worlds.. Emotion that played a huge role in causing the death of Lady of Shallot.. The ____ ____ and the Sea.
HUNGAR GAMES Books deadly wasps. country . friend of katniss. head of ditricts. Katniss sisters name.
Jamaica World Geography _____ Botanical Gardens. Popular Jamaican sport. Was a precursor to Reggae. Largest export known as Cannabis or. Largest labor force.
The Statehood of California World Geography the first 100,000 Californians were called this when they arrived in 1849 . is a kind of economy in which people can own and run their own business. is a low, wet area, usually covered by shallow water. . is a person who sets up a new business. is a narrow piece of land that connects two larger land areas.
Outside Animals Entertainment they can be deadly . they start as an animal that doesn't have wings. people aren't scared of them even though they are deadly to animals. they stink but you love to eat it. people say they have 9 lives.
Factors & Multiples Math two numbers. a diagram used to break up a number. used to determine whether a number is divisible by other numbers. separate and divide. highest number that divides into two or more numbers.
The Renaissance Lute Music the lower strings of the lute.. the wood that lutes were made of.. the place in which the player pushs on the strings to change the pitch.. the main part of the lute that produces the sound.. A composition technique that used multiple layers of harmony..
The Book of Matthew Bible Matthew Chapter 5 begins what is known as the '______ on the Mount'. The number of women mentioned by name in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Matthew Ch. 1 is the _____ of Jesus. Matthew wrote to this group of people. Solomon's mother had been the wife of ____________.
Math Math How many quarts are in a gallon?. How many years are in a decade?. Figures with the same size and shape.. The number occuring most often in a set of data.. A triangle with 3 egual sides..
Catching Fire Entertainment The name of the nation that includes a capitol and 13 districts.. The 75th hunger games.. The narrator and main character of the book.. Escort of district 12 tributes.. Katniss's best friend from district 12..
Gentleness Home and Family Definitions of gentleness. Soft, not hard or tough;. Not wild or ferocious.. Showing patience and a gentle disposition; yielding; strength under control.. To make comfortable; to calm; to flatter.. Calm; serenity; the state of harmony between people..
Theater Terms Entertainment Setting.. Ending credits to sum up the play or piece of literature. Long, spoken word of a character. A characters action that provides foresight into their future.. A group that supports a character..
US Colonies History Find the names of the colonies in the puzzle it was a colony established for Englands debtors/poor. it was between rhode island and new york. it was the colony north of georgia. colony established for the quakers. it was the colony south of virginia.
Exercise Health Use the handout to answer the crossword puzzle. Exercise makes your heart __________.. 'with air'. Exercise strengthens _____________.. Aerobic Exercise. Simples __________, such as touching your toes,.
Outside Signs Other A situation that happens unexpectedly. Sign that tells a person where the phone is. A sign that informs a person that trains pass in the area. A sign when it is not safe to cross the street. Danger sign that tells a person to stop before they go in that direction.
Prefix and Suffix Spelling Lists If you take the suffix out of abbreviation, what is the root word.. To consider something again is _________.. Re- To do something _________.. Is ( Polytechnic ) a prefix or suffix.. If you take out the prefix in preorder , what is the root word..
European Capital Cities World Geography Capital of Russia. Capital of Italy. Capital of Spain. Capital of the Netherlands. Capital of Greece.
Harry Potter Books What spell was cast on the troll by Ron Weasley?. What number house did Harry live in at Privet Drive?. Neville Longbottom received how many house points?. Daily Prophet.. The three headed dog..
Ecosystems Science The place where an organism lives. Feed on waste material or dead organisms e.g. fungi. Organisms that depend upon producers for food, e.g. animals. All the populations of different species who live in the same place at the same time. Carnivores that eat primary consumers.
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Entertainment Whale With A Large Tusk/Horn. Underwater Animal. Large Sea Mammal. 'The Nautilus Is ______'. What The Crewmembers Of The Nautilus Eat.
Conspiracy 365 Entertainment What coloured hair does Oriana have?. Who is Winters guardian?. What colour is Cal's hair. What is Cal's last name?. Where does Sheldrake Rathbone keep his money?.
Under The Sea Animals I have a long red body and antlers . I have blow holes . I have gills to breathe . I love to pinch people . I have really long legs and I'm pink .
The Twelve Spies Bible The kind of fruit the spies brought back.. The reason God punished the people.. Jesus Christ is the way, the - - - - - and the life.. We must - - - - -and obey God.. What kind of life do we have in Jesus Christ..
Ezra and Nehemiah Bible What the people lived in while traveling in the desert.. What were the shelters called that the Israelites lived in during the festival?. He was the priest.. Moses led the children of Israel out of this place.. How often were the Israelites to celebrate the holiday?.
The Snake and the Son Bible When the Israelites were unhappy what did they do to Moses?. The metal snake was place upon this.. Those who looked on the bronze snake would what?. Jesus told Nicodemus, 'Ye must be - - - - - - - - - .'. As Moses - - - - - - up the serpent in the wilderness.........
Farms Business and Work Things on the farm. Fun to ride.. Hatched in an incubator.. Quack Quack.. Fun and helpful.. Wooly and warm..
US Constitution Government and Politics capital of the US. total amendments. interprets law. total justices in supreme court. blue grass state.
Gentleness Bible Use the scripture references and clues to complete the crossword puzzle Ephesians 4:2 We should be gentle and _________. Psalm 141:3 set this over your mouth . 1 John 3:18 We should love with actions and in ____________. Proverbs 15:1 this kind of answer turns away wrath. Phillipians 4:5 The __________is near.
Animals Animals has a long tail, hops and lives in Australia . they have a shell. lay eggs and live in the sea. they live in water . it flies and lives in nests. a big white bear that lives in snow.
School Other People who study. Things found in the library. Work to be done at home. A form of transport used by many school children. A piece of equipment used for searching the internet.
Psalms Crossword Bible Word behind the second semi-colon. (psalm 43). What order is it according to?. appoint ________ love (psalm 61). Who is with you in your house? (psalm 128). Mō'ab is my washbasin; on Ē'dom I ____ my shoe; (psalm 108).
US Constitution History what are the three words which express the idea of self government. one of the rights granted by the first amendment. advises the president. what are first ten amendments called?. economic system in the US.
Outer Space Science Meteroids are also called this. The name for a collection of million of stars. this is no longer considered a planet. the hottest planet. planet with the biggest rings.
Spelling Week 5 Spelling Lists # 1- 10 feeling sad when all by yourself. Happy and cheerful. Being elegant and polite. new or never existed before. Having lived a short period of time.
Spelling Week 5 Spelling Lists feeling sad when all by yourself. To take away. Happy and cheerful. Being elegant and polite. new or never existed before.
Week 4 Spelling Lists Fill in the sentence using your spelling words. Raspberry likes to make a...selling pencils. Mr. Reichle is always giving us...on homework. the teacher's...made the class upset. I did not like the shoes so i went back to the store for a... I was just...how nice our teacher is..
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