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Children Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 8 to 12. They are made up of words that are often found in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to older kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for children click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Natural Structure Earth Sciences A place with little or no rainfall that could be cold or hot.. All of the non-living things in an ecosystem.. There are two different types there is Fresh Water and Salt Water.. This place is cold and have two different type of Biomes The Artic and The Alpine.. A natural environment of an organism or place that is natural for the life and growth of an organism..
Pres. Donald Trump US History Trump. Trump's first wife's name. Trump's second wife's name. Trump's political party affiliation. Trump's third wife's name.
Queen Victoria European History She was brought up by her mother and a .................. Which king did Victoria reign after?. What country did Victoria's mother come from . William Ewart ................... was a prime minister during Victoria's reign. What colour did Victoria dress in after her husband died.
Othello Literature and Writing Write the appropriate words in the puzzle beautiful. a country. desire to harm other people. to bring under control. go away in different direction.
The Twelve Apostles Bible Represented by a saw, since it is said that his body was sawn asunder after a horrible martyrdom.. Chosen to take the place of Judas, he is symbolized by an open Bible and doucle-bladed battle ax. He is said to have been beheaded after his missionary work.. This Apostle is said to have been flayed alive, since he is usually represented by three flaying knifes.. Tradition says that while this Apostle was preaching in Greece he was put to death on a cross of this type.. The scallop shell is the symbol of pilgrimage and stands for this Apostle's zeal and missionary spirit..
Scientific Revolution Science Discovered that planets rotate around the sun in an oliptical motion. A device used to look at the stars and or planets. Was the first to study the stars using a telescope . 3D representation of earth. An invention used to look at microscopic things.
Battle of Fredericksburg US History Lengthy road. Confed. Army (abbrev.). Confederate on a horse. Third grade essay writer. Floating bridge.
Atoms and Matter Physics Complete Crossword what a system or apparatus does. smallest unit of an element that still has all the properties of the element. the way something is put together, the arrangement of parts. pure substance that is made of two or more types of atoms chemically bonded together in a fixed ratio. anything that takes up space and has mass.
Magnet Physics a power source that transforms electrical energy into movement or mechanical energy. a device that stops too much current from flowing. creates AC by spinning an electrical coil between the poles of a powerful magnet. the end of a magnet N or S where the pull is the strongest. a temporary magnet where electricity is used with magnetism.
French Revolution European History Assembly of representatives from all three estates. French congress established by representatives of the Third Estate. Wave of panic. System of feudalism. Promise made by Third Estate representatives to draw up a new constitution.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Books - Childrens Literature Tom breaks this and gets hit by Aunt Polly. he is in jail for the killing of Dr. Robinson. Huck's pirate name. has a hard time punishing Tom. escapes the courthouse through the window when he is the one found guilty.
Cutting and Mixing Terms Food rub a food back and forth against a grater to get very small pieces.. Cut into very small pieces with a sharp knife or kitchen shears.. Mix two or more ingredients together using a spoon.. Remove the center, or core, of a food using a sharp knife or coring tool.. Mix in a circular motion using a spoon..
Physical Science Physics solid to be hammered without shattering. table salt & sugar. burn in the presence of oxygen. resistance to flowing. intermediate insize.
Light Breed Horses Animals This horse is long and lean and is a race horse. This horse has two branches the show and utility. This horse was made for a better show horse in 1981. This horse came from the Untied Kingdom. This horse is the purest and most ancient.
Solar System Bible A large round hole in the ground made by the explosion of a bomb or by something falling from the sky.. Any one of the objects in space that are made of burning gas and that look like points of light in the night sky.. It is too small to be a planet and is the farthest from the sun.. The planet that is second in order from the sun.. A planet surrounded by large rings..
Wolves Animals Animals that hunt other animals for food.. A wild land where few people live.. Possible danger or harm.. To introduce again.. The way that someone makes money to support himself or herself..
Scientific Method Science having to do with descriptions. an if then statement. what you perceive with your senses. step two, uses primary sources and other people's scientific work. group that receives that variable being tested.
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Books - Childrens Literature Has Poisonous Claws. 48 sections. The Story of the Paper of ______________. The Broken Heart of Jade Dragon. Goes to Old Man in the Moon.
Introduction to Matter Physics this is pure and has specific properties. the force of gravity on an object. how much mass is in a given volume. all elements are made of this. pure, 2 or more elements, chemically combined.
The Industrial Revolution History wanted to kill Whites'. a policy of favoring native inhabitants as opposed to immigrants. remove seeds from the cotton. a religious song usually of a deeply emotional character that was developed especially by slavery. controlled every aspect of their lives.
Theodore Roosevelt US History He named the famous house in Washington. He lived to be _____ years old. How many kids does he have. This is another name for the Progessive party . What was his favorite subject.
May Bird and the Ever After Books - Fantasy Who is May's enemy in the Ever After?. What character trait does May use when describing Somber Kitty?. What does May tie to herself when she thinks she can fly off her mom's car?. When May pretends to be a Warrior Princess what does she collect that would be worthless to anyone else?. What was Lucious squirted with that sent him to the south?.
WWI facts History find the word in the crossword to fill in the blank Frech were first to use ________ warfare. Wilson asked for a declaration of war in ____ of 1917.. The _____ of Arch Duke Franz Fedkinard by a Serb Nationalist started the war.. Soldiers sent around 2 million ____ home to family each day.. 'a promise to work with another nation for a common purpose.'.
Natural Resources Earth Sciences is a safe place for plants and animals. are natural resources that can have many shapes, sizes and colors . is a big rock. Rocks are made from minerals . is a natural resource that plants, animals and people need to live. happens when rocks or soil are moved by water or wind. Plants can help prevent this..
Escape to Egypt Bible Matthew 2: 13-23 Where they finally settled after Egypt.. The next person reigning in Judah after Herod, his son. . How soon did Joseph get Mary and Jesus out of town.. Came to Joseph in dreams.. The first dream destination that came to Joseph.
Balto, The Dog Who Saved Nome Books path. serious disease. command for dogs to start pulling sled. 49th state of the United States. being brave.
History Of Earth Earth Sciences Magma cools and hardens into a mass of igneous rock.. Lava that hardens on the surface.. Thickness of material.. the time taken for the radioactivity of a specified isotope to fall to half its original value.. A gap in the geologic record..
Magnets Physics A natural magnet. What magnetic tool can help you if you are lost?. If something is not attracted by a magnet we say that it is _________.. What is the push or pull on an object?. Iron or steel that attracts other objects of iron or steel..
The Solar System Astronomy an object that moves around another in space. a burning sphere of gases. a large object that moves around a star. the motion of a planet or other object as it turns on its axis. a device people use to observe distant objects.
Animal Names Animals female sheep. baby pig. castrated male horse. young female pig. female goat.
Horse Breeds Animals no specific height or color. known for incredible speed, first 3 sires never raced. most ancient horses, founder of most breeds . thomas justin morgan had first horse. show horses or utility horses.
Franklin D Roosevelt US History freedom from being controlled by someone else. having a condition that makes it difficult to do something. time before an election when people running for office try to convince voters to vote for them. a country in which the ruler has complete power and sometimes rules cruelly. person who runs against someone in an election.
Locations and Regions (Egypt) World Geography Find the words for the ACROSS boxes and the DOWN boxes Important city by the Nile in Lower Egypt. Longest river in the world. In Asia/Africa. Body of water that connects to the Nile River. Famous Desert in Egypt.
Major Rivers and Mountain Ranges Earth Sciences Fill in the blanks with the correct word or words to complete the puzzle. a chain of mountains located in the eastern United States. this river begins in Pennsylvania and ends at the Mississippi River. this is the longest river in the United States. these are part of the Appalachian Mountain Range. this river begins in Minnesota and flows to the Gulf of Mexico.
Rocks Geology produced by fire, volcanic. an opening in the earth's crust where melted rock, lava, gases and ash are thrust onto the land. changed in form. the solid matter that settle to the bottom in a liquid. a person who studies the structure of the earth.
The New Republic and Expansion US History President Washington's adviors . This political party wanted an economy based off farming. Created the National bank. Washington did not want to look like this after serving for two terms. Staying out of foreign affairs.
Soil Layers Earth Sciences soil made up of about equal parts of clay, sand, and silt; ideal for most plants. the loose layer of dead plant leaves and stems on the surface of the soil. solid layer of rock beneath the soil, soil is always being formed whenever it is exposed. decayed matter in soil. It adds nutrients to soil it is located in the topsoil. clay and other particles washed down from the A horizon, little humus; the B horizon.
Civil Rights 1954-1963 US History The organisation created to ensure the bus boycott was successful.. 1954 case regarding the integration of the educational system.. The youth wing of the Civil Rights Movement.. Those who tested the implementation of the integration on interstate travel.. This organisation was founded in the North (Chicago)..
Capitals Government and Politics Complete the crossword puzzle of the capitals of North America The capital of Arizona. The capital of Mississippi. The capital . The capital of Georgia. The capital of Massachusetts.
Lewis and Clark Expedition US History something everyone should know. rich in something. bravery. when you take in all the surroundings. work hard.
Harriet Tubman 2 US History Harriet said, 'I had a right to __________ or death.'. One of the jobs Harriet worked.. The escape route people traveled on was called the 'Underground ___________'. The color of the first woman who helped Harriet on her escape.. Harriet traveled during this time of day..
Da Vinci European History Da Vinci was an artist, architect, scienctist, but what else is he famous for?. His most mysterious painting?. Who was he apprentice?. His most famous art work?. First big area he was famous in?.
Jackson's First Inaugural Address US History Who was Secretary of State?. What was Jackson's Strongest Act?. The first speech given by a president . The person who created The First Inaugural Address. What did the inauguration mark?.
Stepping on the Cracks Books - Historical What was handing in Mrs. Baker's window. One of Gordy's friends. Margaret's 6th grade teacher. Where did Gordy and his family move to. What can happen to men of a certain age during war time, like Jimmy and Jow.
Mains Electricity Physics The energy the Van De Graff generator gives off. The blue wire in a plug. ____ are important safety devices in electrical appliances . A negative subatomic particle. The switch in a cricut should be in the ______.
The English Colonies US History Chapter Review He helped improve conditions in Jamestown. (2 words). Put on trial for her religious ideas and forced out of the colony.. A Protestant group who wanted to reform the Anglican Church.. People from many nations settled here. (2 words).. People who have left the country of their birth to live in another country..
The History Of Life Science the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.. no longer in existence. types of rock that are formed by the deposition and subsequent cementation. matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid. an object or structure with four feet, legs, or supports..
Life Cycle of Stars Astronomy Fusion gives out ____ and heat energy. This type of star is very dense, formed after a supernova. ______ Fusion is the energy source for a star. A white ______ star is formed by the collapse of the core of a red giant. When the Sun turns into a red giant it will swallow up Mercury and _____.
Landforms and Bodies of Water Earth Sciences Fast, flowing water over a vertical drop; usually found in the course of a river or stream. A deep valley with very steep sides. It is often 'carved' from the Earth by a river. A frozen 'river' of ice that moves slowly down a mountain. A flat area of land that has a very small change in elevation . A large body of water surrounded by land on all sides.
Constitution US History The Supreme Court Case that established the principle of judicial review. 'Father of the Constitution'. English document that limited the power of King John. 'the first ten amendments that guarantees individual rights. one of the authors of the Federalists Papers.
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