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Children Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 8 to 12. They are made up of words that are often found in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to older kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for children click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Animal Names Animals female sheep. baby pig. castrated male horse. young female pig. female goat.
Horse Breeds Animals no specific height or color. known for incredible speed, first 3 sires never raced. most ancient horses, founder of most breeds . thomas justin morgan had first horse. show horses or utility horses.
Franklin D Roosevelt US History freedom from being controlled by someone else. having a condition that makes it difficult to do something. time before an election when people running for office try to convince voters to vote for them. a country in which the ruler has complete power and sometimes rules cruelly. person who runs against someone in an election.
Locations and Regions (Egypt) World Geography Find the words for the ACROSS boxes and the DOWN boxes Important city by the Nile in Lower Egypt. Longest river in the world. In Asia/Africa. Body of water that connects to the Nile River. Famous Desert in Egypt.
Major Rivers and Mountain Ranges Earth Sciences Fill in the blanks with the correct word or words to complete the puzzle. a chain of mountains located in the eastern United States. this river begins in Pennsylvania and ends at the Mississippi River. this is the longest river in the United States. these are part of the Appalachian Mountain Range. this river begins in Minnesota and flows to the Gulf of Mexico.
Rocks Geology produced by fire, volcanic. an opening in the earth's crust where melted rock, lava, gases and ash are thrust onto the land. changed in form. the solid matter that settle to the bottom in a liquid. a person who studies the structure of the earth.
The New Republic and Expansion US History President Washington's adviors . This political party wanted an economy based off farming. Created the National bank. Washington did not want to look like this after serving for two terms. Staying out of foreign affairs.
Soil Layers Earth Sciences soil made up of about equal parts of clay, sand, and silt; ideal for most plants. the loose layer of dead plant leaves and stems on the surface of the soil. solid layer of rock beneath the soil, soil is always being formed whenever it is exposed. decayed matter in soil. It adds nutrients to soil it is located in the topsoil. clay and other particles washed down from the A horizon, little humus; the B horizon.
Civil Rights 1954-1963 US History The organisation created to ensure the bus boycott was successful.. 1954 case regarding the integration of the educational system.. The youth wing of the Civil Rights Movement.. Those who tested the implementation of the integration on interstate travel.. This organisation was founded in the North (Chicago)..
Capitals Government and Politics Complete the crossword puzzle of the capitals of North America The capital of Arizona. The capital of Mississippi. The capital . The capital of Georgia. The capital of Massachusetts.
Lewis and Clark Expedition US History something everyone should know. rich in something. bravery. when you take in all the surroundings. work hard.
Harriet Tubman 2 US History Harriet said, 'I had a right to __________ or death.'. One of the jobs Harriet worked.. The escape route people traveled on was called the 'Underground ___________'. The color of the first woman who helped Harriet on her escape.. Harriet traveled during this time of day..
Da Vinci Art Da Vinci was an artist, architect, scienctist, but what else is he famous for?. His most mysterious painting?. Who was he apprentice?. His most famous art work?. First big area he was famous in?.
Jackson's First Inaugural Address US History Who was Secretary of State?. What was Jackson's Strongest Act?. The first speech given by a president . The person who created The First Inaugural Address. What did the inauguration mark?.
Stepping on the Cracks Books - Historical What was handing in Mrs. Baker's window. One of Gordy's friends. Margaret's 6th grade teacher. Where did Gordy and his family move to. What can happen to men of a certain age during war time, like Jimmy and Jow.
Mains Electricity Physics The energy the Van De Graff generator gives off. The blue wire in a plug. ____ are important safety devices in electrical appliances . A negative subatomic particle. The switch in a cricut should be in the ______.
The English Colonies US History Chapter Review He helped improve conditions in Jamestown. (2 words). Put on trial for her religious ideas and forced out of the colony.. A Protestant group who wanted to reform the Anglican Church.. People from many nations settled here. (2 words).. People who have left the country of their birth to live in another country..
The History Of Life Science the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.. no longer in existence. types of rock that are formed by the deposition and subsequent cementation. matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid. an object or structure with four feet, legs, or supports..
Life Cycle of Stars Astronomy Fusion gives out ____ and heat energy. This type of star is very dense, formed after a supernova. ______ Fusion is the energy source for a star. A white ______ star is formed by the collapse of the core of a red giant. When the Sun turns into a red giant it will swallow up Mercury and _____.
Landforms and Bodies of Water Earth Sciences Fast, flowing water over a vertical drop; usually found in the course of a river or stream. A deep valley with very steep sides. It is often 'carved' from the Earth by a river. A frozen 'river' of ice that moves slowly down a mountain. A flat area of land that has a very small change in elevation . A large body of water surrounded by land on all sides.
Constitution US History The Supreme Court Case that established the principle of judicial review. 'Father of the Constitution'. English document that limited the power of King John. 'the first ten amendments that guarantees individual rights. one of the authors of the Federalists Papers.
The Central Nervous System Body Sense of smell.. Estraocular eye movements , eye lid elevation, pupil contraction lens shape.. Makes alll facial expressions , lip alteration, taste on anterior of tounge, controls tears and saliva.. Sense of sight.. eye movement downward and upward..
Persuasive Language Devices Other A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge,. Exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.. Indicates the greatest degree of something (e.g. most). Little stories to illustrate a point.. Things known or proven to be true..
French Revolution European History The first estate. The second estate. The execution of 40 000 perceived enemies of the republic, from 1793-1794. A French soldier born in Corsica who participated in the French Revolution. Middle-class people who had accumulated economic wealth through trade and commerce.
The Witch of Black Bird Pond Books The full first name of the main character. The state kit sailed to. The name of the boat . What town Kit lives in. Nat was what from Wetherfield.
The land of Canaan Bible spiritual nourishment . hard time in the Christian life. first grain to come up in Canaan. love relationship between Christ and us. what Christ is in relation to us.
Region and Land Form Earth Sciences Complete the puzzle below. Called the 'Driftless Area' because glaciers never covered here and there are no real lakes here. Horicon _____; which is located in Eastern Ridges and Lowlands. Region where cities can port in Lake Michigan. There are many lakes and many forests in this region and the soil is rocky. A large body of water surrounded by land.
The Revolutionary War US History Document drafter by the 1st Continental Congress. “Declaration of ___.. She urged her husband to “remember the ladies”. (2 words). Colonist who agreed with the British were called ______.. State where George Washington was born. . A key city in the early days of the war..
The Hobbit Books What color was the dragon that took over the Dwarf Kingdom?. What amount of treasure does the hobbit get?. The hobbit that was traveling with the dwarfs.. What was the name of the place where the treasure was stored?. What did the hobbit take from Golem?.
Ocean Geology Geology Can you guess all these ocean geology terms correctly? Good luck! A collective term for the bast landmasses and their submerged margins.. The study of Earth's physical structure and substance.. Ancient volcano who's summit has been cut off by erosion and then submerged.. Isolated mountain of volcanic origin featuring a pointed summit. . Volcano whose summit rises above sea level..
Pokemon- Night in the Haunted Tower Books The main character whose dream is to be a Pokemon master.. The spirit of a dead person that comes back to Earth to haunt the living. . A gym leader that has psychic powers that likes to catch ghostly type Pokemon. . A ghost type Pokemon who evolves into Gengar.. It is a Pokemon that can mega evolve, very hard to catch, also the final stage of Ghastly..
George Washington US History a legal decision or form of proceeding serving as an authoritative rule or pattern in future similar or analogous cases.. the financial obligations of a national government resulting from deficit spending.. Alexander, 1757–1804, American statesman and writer on government: the first Secretary of the Treasury 1789–97; mortally wounded by Aaron Burr in a duel.. an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.:. a statement that President George Washington published in a Philadelphia newspaper in 1796 to announce that he would not run for a third term and to give his views on foreign and domestic policy..
The Fellowship of the Ring Movies Bilbo's nephew. the elf friend of Gimli. Bilbo's gardener. Pipin's good friend. the dwarf friend of Legolas.
Winter Holidays and Seasons a very light snow fall. a long winter sleep. very breezy. frozen 'dew' on the grass. kind of cold.
Chemistry Chemistry Phase of matter with no fixed shape and can be poured. When particles are pressed together. Substance. Phase of matter with no fixed shape and particles spread out. A characteristic that describes something.
Homonyms Spelling Lists Spelling Words to be with with: TROUBLE; to be unwell.. a garden plant with edible leaves and a thick sweet root used as a vegetable, as a source of sugar, or as forage.. a passage between sections of seats.. any of a genus of deciduous hardwood trees with smooth gray bark and small sweet triangular nuts.. I shall; I will..
Dragon Ball Super Television Gohan's daughters name. can she fly. The universal emperor . what are the 2 gods of destruction in universe 6 and 7. goku's most powerful form.
Nutrition Health YAY Fruit used to make raisins . Contains calcium and Vitamin D. Mineral that is present in the largest amount in the human body. Taste preference that all humans are born with (aka infants can taste this). Natural sugar found in milk/dairy products.
Lyndon B. Johnson US History respect for others' values and beliefs. the act of hard work and attention given to a subject. the basic rights that all citizens in a country have. time before an election when people runninf for office try to convince voters to vote for them. a member of a state or national legislature.
Science Science magma that reaches Earth's surface. a property of minerals that tells the color of powder left behind when the mineral is scratched along a white or black tile. the way a mineral splits or breaks along flat surfaces. a type of rock that forms when sediments are pressed together in layers. rock whose form has been changed by heat or pressure.
The West World Geography Name given to men who made their livinng by Ranching. Farmers who broke up Sod. Cattle named after a State. When cowboys herded a large amount of cattle to go to Market or to graze. Miners would mine for days for this.
Journey Into Space Astronomy This person travels in space.. TV stations use these.. This is a place in space. People can work here.. Your English teacher with other words. :). The Earth goes round this..
Volleyball Rules Sports ________ may be performed by any player in the front row.. It is a fault to step over the ______ line.. If a team commits this or fails to return the ball, they lose the rally.. When serving, you can either do an overhand serve or an _________ serve. . How many service attempts are allowed?.
Inventions and Discoveries Science Someone who invents things.. Used in wars . A tiny flash. A room or building used for scientific work.. It replaced letters .
Art Elements/ Principles Art Gives light or darkness to the art piece. . Shapes are flat, enclosed areas that are two dimensional (length and height). Artists use both geometric and organic shapes.. Texture describes the surface and quality of an object. Artists use both actual texture (how things feel) and implied texture (how things look).. Brings units together.. Value describes the lightness of darkness in a surface. .
What I Like About Mt Vernon World Geography We have a former NBA player from our town named Nate __________. Because of Good ________ Hospital. The large stone building on the Square is the Jefferson County _________. Because our high school athletic teams are nicknamed the _______. Because Mt Vernon is in this great state.
The Revolution Begins US History complete the crossword one of early battles that actually took place at Breed's Hill. this army included soldiers from all colonies to fight the war. a group of delegates. people who were ready to fight at a minutes notice. colonists choose to fight for independence from Great Britain .
Enders Game Books Who taught Ender how to shoot?. What was Enders first army?. Who was the commander of dragon army?. What was Enders friends name?. What were they training to fight?.
The Era of Thomas Jefferson US History Chief Justice stated that the Court. governments should not interfere in the economy. Vice President 1801-1804. President of the U.S. 1801-1809. electors would vote separately for President and Vice President.
Teacher Roles in the Classroom Society Diagnosing and evaluating learners’ needs and difficulties.. Managing the learners, the lessons and procedures in the classroom, e.g. controlling the group dynamic, deciding on interaction patterns, demonstrating tasks and activities, building rapport, encouraging learners, giving instructions, motivating lear. Assessing learners’ performance, behaviour, effort and contribution. Evaluating learners’ performance, behaviour and contribution. Testing learners’ progress and level. Providing feedback on work, progress, behaviour and contribution.. Developing learner autonomy. Helping learners to access resources. Providing opportunities for individual learning.. Giving learners advice on difficulties they may have outside of their language class. Showing understanding of issues learners bring to the classroom from outside. .
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