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Children Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 8 to 12. They are made up of words that are often found in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to older kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for children click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Blood Ravens Entertainment The Blood Raven's 3rd Company Librarian?. Color of the Blood Raven's armor?. Imperial Guard Colonel tasked with overseeing the 32th Tartarus Planet Defense Force?. Who detected the chaotic taint from Isador?. Captain of the Blood Raven's 3rd Company?.
Parts of an Atom Physics located inside the nucleus, this subatomic particle as no electric charge. the smallest unit of an element that still has the properties of that element. situated on the outskirts of the nucleus, this subatomic particle has a negative charge. comprised of protons and neutrons, this is the core, or center, of an atom. the number of protons in an atom .
Waldo at the Beach Entertainment Puzzle #2 There are four____________________ on the ocean,. Waldo saw a real knight in _______________.. One man is _______________ behind a speed boat on the ocean,. There are three _______________ on the ocean,. Along the water on the beach are six _______________,.
Astronomy - Space Weather Astronomy If the aurora appears over the south pole, it's called the _____.. If the aurora appears over the north pole, it's called the _____.. _____ are upper atmosphere disturbances caused by solar activity.. The glow produced by the interaction between Earth's atmosphere and solar wind is called the _____.. An _____ flare is the largest and most intense type of outburst..
Astronomy - What's a Planet? Astronomy In the current definition, a _____ is defined as a celestrial body with its primary orbit around the Sun, sufficient mass for its own gravity to mold it into a round shape, and is the only body of its size in its orbit.. Early Greek sky gazers used the word _____ (wanderer) to refer to starlike objects that wandered through the sky.. _____, where icy material erupts from beneath the surface, occurs mostly on the frozen moons of the outer solar system.. In 2005, planetary scientists found _____, which is larger than Pluto.. _____ warps the surface layers on a planet or moon, driven by heat from below..
Astronomy - The Solar System Astronomy Planets in the _____ solar system are giant and orbit the Sun at larger/farther distances.. Planets in the _____ solar system are smaller and orbit the Sun at closer distances.. The _____ is a region beyond the gas giants; it extends from the orbit of Neptune out to a distance of well beyond 50AU from the Sun.. The entire solar system is surrounded by a shell of frozen bits of ice and rock called the _____.. The term _____ means 'slightly flattened circles'..
Book Categories Books The following puzzle contains words relating to the different library categories you may find in the library. Both audiobooks and musical cd's are in this category. Popular section for young chapter book readers.. Spine label will list this when the author is from here. Section ofhte library geared for 13-18 year olds. True life stories, cookbooks.
Gaming NONE complete crosword A racing game starting with S. The old version of the Wii U. It's a simulator for jobs. The opposite to a playstation 3. A game beginning with s.
Science Science Seismic wave that moves through the interior of the earth. An extended break in a body of rock, marked by the relative displacement and discontinuity of strata on either side of a particular surface. The boundary between the earth's crust and the underlying mantle. A wave vibrating in the direction of propagation. The Earth's point on earth's surface vertically above the focus of an earthquake.
1830-1850 History Th first letter in each words in the answers are captial. A machine that is used for separating cotton. Who made the first artificial Christmas Tree made out of dyed goose feathers.. Someone who wanted to end slavery and they fought for black freedom.. The peak of the indusrtial age. A series of houses, paths, and barns that helped slaves escape the south..
George Washington History Crossword puzzle Biggest struggle during the Revolutionary War. What was George's last name. As child he had.... Tax on molasses. Tax on the colonists for glass, lean, paint, paper, and tea imported.
Bat Myths Animals Bats Are . Bats are in the order. Bats don't get in peoples . Chiroptera means. None of the 1300 plus bats in the world are.
The Spirit of Independence Government and Politics a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.. a person who remains loyal to the established ruler or government, especially in the face of a revolt. a member of a class of American militiamen who volunteered to be ready for service at a minute's notice. the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter. written order issued by a court instructing a law enforcement official.
Middle Ages History social system that put nobles above merchants and peasants who paid tribute . name for the Bubonic Plague, spread from flees on rats to kill half of Europe . artistic movement that saw artwork take on a more realistic form. Naval-Warrior Society, from Scandinavia . period of time characterized by church reform, the Protestant and Catholic church both underwent change.
Galaxies Astronomy Hundreds of thousands of galaxies that are bound together by gravity.. A group of stars forming a pattern named after a mythological figure or after it's apparent form.. An extremely large group of stars and planets.. A galaxy in which the stars and gas clouds are concentrated mainly in one or more spiral arms.. Space where a gravitational field is so string nothing can escape..
Constitution Government and Politics Read the hint carefully. Then put the word or phrase in the correct place. There are no spaces when you write the words. This is the length of a term for the Supreme Court. . This is the power for the Supreme Court to review the laws and decide if they are constitutional. . This is the length of a term for president. . This is how many years a term is for the House of Representatives. . This branch of government has the power to carry out the laws. .
Winston Churchill, Painter History As Churchill aged, he started to paint with a more professional __________.. Churchill oftentimes painted locations, such as _________, when he first saw them and their beauty.. _______ Sickert provided mentoring and great advice to Churchill on painting, in the early 1920s. . Painting was Churchill's ___________ from the day he started.. ________________ was not only a famous British politician, but also a painter. .
Poetry Literature and Writing first name of author of 'Where the Sidewalk Ends'. '____ of Myself' by Walt Whitman. comical five-line poem following rhyme scheme AABBA. 'The Road Not ____' by Robert Frost. Japanese poetry style consisting of three lines following the syllable pattern 5-7-5.
Transition Words Spelling Lists Used as a transition words in sentences or paragraphs. Used as a transition words in sentences or paragraphs. Used as a transition words in sentences or paragraphs. Used as a transition words in sentences or paragraphs. Used as a transition words in sentences or paragraphs.
The Star Fisher Books find the word get the word right Another word for victory. Relating to a book. A special subject usually in high school and college. An event that is horrific . When you get very mad or angry.
Studying English Other Read the hints to discover the words and fill out the puzzle. the different ways people can speak the same language. the correct way to say something. to speak using a voice people can hear. to listen to speech and then write it down exactly as it was spoken. the placing of letters, one-by-one, to form a word.
Music Music The symbol that indicates moving one half step higher.. The lower singing voice of adult females.. The symbol that means to lower the pitch one half step.. The highest sounding adult female singing voice.. A song that tells a story..
American Imperialism History news stories that are sensationalized and exaggerated. an addition to the Monroe Doctrine that warned of 'wrong doing' by Latin American countries. policy announced by Secretary of State, John Hay, stating all nations have equal trade access in China. any area in which one nation has power of another; i.e - this happened to China when it was defeated by Japan. an attachment to a resolution stating that the US did not want control over Cuba.
The Great Depression History when the bank takes houses from people who cant pay them back. when people move out of an area; resuly of the dust bowl. when a bank closes for a priod of time so it can collect money and organize . where people can buy and sell stocks to make money. FDR's plan to help end the depression.
Geography World Geography any one of the world's divisions that has its own time. average or prevailing weather conditions of an area over time . Horizontal map lines, (ex.Prime Meridian). layer of gases surrounding the earth. The air and pressure that supports living things.. a location with a human element or interaction.
Dairy Food A spread made from vegetable oil that has no cholesterol . the process of breaking down the fat molecules in milk so that they stay integrated rather than separating as cream. How milk should be cooked . Use the ____ setting when microwaving milk. This part makes up a milk skin.
Parts of the Eye Body Vitreous . Back part of the eye. Contains light-receptors called robs and cones. It also converts light waves into electrical signals. . Colored part of the eye. It is a circular shaped muscle that controls the size of the pupil.. Black hole in the iris. Light enters the eye through the opening. . Located behind the pupil. Allows you to see objects that are near and far. .
Where's Waldo #1 Entertainment A big red__________is coming out of the fire department garage.. The window cleaner dropped a bucket of__________on a man's head.. Five men with_________hair are coming out of the barbershop.. What is in the center of the picture? (Hint: It has water in it,). An old man is feeding _________on the roof of an office building..
Gentiles and the Early Church Bible Use the hints and the word box provided to complete Crossword Puzzle!! Only God's Chosen people should be ______________. . was also known as Galilee of the Gentiles . Jesus's ____________ were the very first members of the Early Church.. Gentiles believed in many __________.. Jewish people did not ________ the Gentiles..
First Inaugural Address of George Washington History to pass on from one thing to another. calm . pleasing. a feeling or emotion. showing dignity.
French Revolution History Last roman catholic monarch. Supported the king. Person who goes through political reform. National Convention worked to suppress all opposition. System of french law under Napoleon.
Medieval Art Terms Art Match the term with the hint and write it in the box Made by tying animal hairto wooden sticks or the quill of a feather. There were rarely any __________ in the Middle Ages. . Pigments are mixed into resin, water, egg yolk or rarely, oil to make ________.. Made from plants & minerals. In the Middle Ages, artists hardly ever painted ___________. .
Tenses Galore! Spelling Lists present tense of chose. participle of choose. present tense of was. participle of draw. participle of be.
The Northern Lights World Geography Which season is best to see them?. The Northern Lights are actually a result of collisions between______ particles.. One of the most common colors of Northern Lights is pale___.. Clear ________ make it easier to see them.. scientific name for Northern Lights in the north.
Jesus' Teachings Bible Jesus' message was rejected in this town.. This Pharisee visited Jesus at night.. Jesus said we should do this in private, and not publicly.. Jesus said his followers should be a _?_ to people in this sinful world.. The _?_ were a part of the 'Sermon on the Mount' ,and described people the Lord called 'blessed.'.
The Water Cycle Earth Sciences Water Cycle water in the form of a gas. water that flows over the surface of the land but does not evaporate or soak into the ground. water in the atmosphere that falls to Earth as rain, snow, hail or sleet. the constant movement of water between Earth's surface and the atmosphere. when a liquid changes slowly into a gas .
Star Fisher Books Read the hints first and look back in the book to find the answer. To look at someone quickly.. You wash your clothes in this machine.. People that eat a lot of candy have this.. Another word for saying dinner.. Someone who works for someone else..
Muhammad Ali Entertainment Crossword Puzzle was his sport. his mother's first name. he started training to box at this age. this was his weight class. his brother's first name.
The American Revolution History turning point of the war. a long war between the British and the Americans. formed by the Second Continental Congress. one of the colonies where Jamestown is located. came to the colonists aid after the Battle of Saratoga.
The Space Race History First human on the moon. America's president during the space race. The area that makes up our universe. The winner of the space race. America's competitor during the space race .
Taking Care of Your Teeth Health Brush your tongue to remove ______. cuspid is another word for these teeth. Place the __________ at a 45-degree angle to the gums. The part of the tooth below the gum surface and not visible is the _____. The alveolar bone is also called the _______.
Microbiology Biology Also known as a 'germ' . Viruses are the smallest of all _____ . Fungi cannot move or eat on their own they rely on a ___ to do this. Viruses are not ____ nor are they cellular. Fungi is most beneficial uses of fungi came with the discovery of _____ penicillin.
Light Science the change in direction of a wave as it changes speed in moving from one medium to another.. electromagnetic radiation that you can see.. a material through which light does not pass.. an optical device that produces a narrow beam of coherent light.. a mirror that curves inward..
Heat Transfer Science An object that reduces transfer the transfer of heat. A blalnced Temperuture. Molecules are cooled. Heat by direct contact. Energy in a substance.
Where the Red Fern Grows Books Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Having a strong pleasant scent. Rejoicing in others misfortune. Wasp that builds it's nest with mud. Something that brings bad fortune. Planned movement.
Stars and Galaxies Astronomy distance light travels in one year. small, hot, dim star that is the leftover center of an old star. large celestial body that is composed of gas and emits light. Any of the large bodies that travel around the sun and shine by reflecting its light. object so massive and dense that even light cannot escape its gravity.
Civil War History The last name of the unions most famous generals. these were when people were injured or dead. The first part to a strategy that the union used to defeat the confederates. 11 states used this and formed the Confederate States of America . The first name of a famous abolitionist who wrote a news paper with Frederick Douglass.
Math Math Any number from the set where.........means continue without end. . A number that is greater than zero. . A bar placed over digits that repeat. . When the repeating digit is zero it is called this. . The point of intersection of the x axis and y axis on a coordinate plane. .
Roosevelt in Office Government and Politics _____ Inspection Act required the United States Department of Agriculture to insure that meat sold in the U.S.A. was clean and healthy. name given to Theodore Roosevelt reforms. the Teddy Bear was named after this president. head of the United States Forest Service. Pure _____ and Drug Act prohibited the sale, manufacture and shipment of impure or falsely labeled food and drugs.
The Plains World Geography After water, these were the Plains' most important natural resource.. Meaning 'in short supply.'. One of three important crops grown by Central Plains people, along with beans and corn.. A carrier made of wooden poles and pulled by dogs.. Any man who was a good warrior and a good leader could become this..
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