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Children Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 8 to 12. They are made up of words that are often found in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to older kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for children click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
The Tempest Literature and Writing overthrown Duke of Milan. the wizards daughter. the wizards slave. a name for a storm. the slaves mother .
Abraham Bible Genesis 12, 13 13:4 and where he had first built an ______. . 12:10 Now there was a ________ in the land,. 12:1 The LORD had said to Abram, '_______ your country, your people and your father's household . 12:17 But the LORD inflicted serious __________ on Pharaoh and his household because of Abram's wife Sarai. . 12:10 and Abram went down to _______ to live there for a while because the famine was severe. .
The Hunger Games Literature and Writing The main character.. Katniss little sister, first to be chosen at the tribute. . What all 12 districts are competing in.. Peeta and Katniss are from this district.. Katniss partner in the tributes. .
Vocabulary Spelling Lists Find the words! Ship that transports oil. A substance such as grease that reduces friction. A type of fuel . A document established between seller and buyer. It gives stability to the ship.
Verbs in Past Participle Spelling Lists Fill the crossword by writing the verbs below in past participle. spin. forbid. think. swear. steal.
Vocab Spelling Lists The ______ed workers striked for union rights.. The students ______d Mr. Morgan.. The ______ female gave birth to ten kittens.. The judge provided ______ for the theif.. There was an ______ of sympathy to the boy who lost his parents..
The Apache Indians History The Apache God was Ysun which meant giver of____. . Arrows were ____ feet long.This was also their lucky number.. ______ were made of flint. . A headdress was very important to a_______. . Apache women wore their hair in one long thick _____. .
Synonyms Spelling Lists (v) flinch, shudder, recoil. humiliate, embarrass, abash. drenched, waterlogged, saturated. useless, vain, unproductive, futile. lively, animated, gallant.
Spelling (Long i, Long o) Spelling Lists to prepare or plan something. making no noise or not talking. characterized by or uttered in a (specified) kind of voice. socially acceptable behavior. to stir up emotions, action or strong reactions.
Waves Science number of waves that pass a fixed point in a given amount of time.. distrubance that travels through matter as a longitudinal wave . measure of the distance from the crest or trough to the rest position.. first seismic waves to strike; may be heard but not felt; travel fast and travel as longitudinal waves. type of wave in which the disturbance moves parallel to the direction in which the wave travels.
Spelling Spelling Lists The top part of a power. Divide. A kind of fraction where the top number is bigger than the bottom number. A mathematical statement with an equal sign. Add.
Words Spelling Lists to give a small and often mean or sly laugh. an act or expression showing disrespect or scorn. to draw back from or as if from physical pain. to murmur complainingly or angrily. of or resembling a legend.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists please complete the crossword puzzle below swell like a wave. someone who attacks. unfavorable. having no interest. meet face to face.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists On the weekend I learnt to _________ a horse. . I am not _________ to go shopping tomorrow.. A tractor used to break up soil.. Pants for men.. I get paid _________..
Anglo Boer War History The type of tactics adopted by the Boer soldiers.. Where Boer women and children were held prisoner.. The British Monarch who wanted Britain to rule South Africa,. A disease that spread amongst the women and children.. Animals killed by the British and the crops were burned..
hydration Health These remove water not required by the body. A sign of early dehydration. When we sweat we lose water and ......... One factor that affects the rate of sweating. If not hydrated before class you may experience this.
Government Government and Politics the head of the Department of Justice. a detail financial document containing estimates of federal income and spending during the coming fiscal year. the practice of giving jobs to supporters and friends. an official in charge of a department of government. nonmilitary.
Greeks History ruler of ancient greece. had a well. world wide event made in greece. place high up on a cliff. god of the sky and weather.
Character Development Society How many roots of conflict are there?. Troyce pushes down the 1st graders during recess.. Tim hit Jenny because she said he was ugly.. The person that causes the harm.. Roots of_____________.
Plant Vocabulary Spelling Lists An organism that makes its own food; an organism that does not consume other plants or animals.. a yellow powder produced by the stamen of a flower; pollen fertilizes the pistil of another flower. a compound tissue in vascular plants that helps provide support and that conducts water and nutrients upward from the roots.. The part of a plant that grows away from the roots; supports leaves and flowers.. A plant organ that absorbs energy from the sun and processes water, oxygen and carbon dioxide; the organ where photosynthesis happens in plants..
Body System Vocabulary Body A place where bones meet and are attached to each other and to muscle.. Connective tissue that produces red and white blood cells.. The tiny air sacs located at the ends of bronchi in the lungs.. Nerve cells that detect conditions in the body's environment.. The projections sticking into the small intestine..
Spelling Spelling Lists ____ the gun. my skin is ____. the sheep has ____. i hid in the ____. i swam in the ____.
Jesus' Religion Crossword Puzzle Bible Silent or verbal talking to God. Jewish Bible. A case that holds the copy of a Jewish prayer . The Lord's day, a day of strict rest. Jewish morning and evening prayer.
N crossword puzzle Spelling Lists try to solve this crossword puzzle you have not yet made up your mind and you will ______ it.. sometimes a day is eventful sometimes its ________.. another name for a builder.. you ____ someone for their bravery.. a girl with curly hair will usually ______it..
N Words Spelling Lists you ____the game. day after tuesday. the joint in your leg. something sharp in the kitchen. the start of a footy match.
'N' Words Spelling Lists Complete this crossword The _ tournament was about to begin. The shrapnel was a _ of the plane crash. The date is _ 17th October 2012. The day was very _. The _ had to read and sign a contract .
Religion Religion All things God made. What God created on the 1st day. What God did on the 7th day. What Jesus told us to call God. The third person in the Holy Trinity.
Waiting for normal Books Dating Rick. Divorced mother of addie. Getting chemo surgery. Hamster. Addie's grand father.
Halloween Candy Favorites Food 'The fruitiest and the chewiest!'. fluffy clouds. nrocydnac spelled backwards. snap it and it'll crunch. sticky and chewy.
Words Spelling Lists Opposite of rough. Hunter's do this in the forest.. Butterflies birthplace. Yard's have these.. The lawyers will ___ you innocent..
6 + 1 Plus You Literature and Writing it makes them want to read the rest of your paper . presentation of information is compelling . auditory trait. Usually the first paragraph. Two things make ideas work well: clarity and details.
Spelling Spelling Lists Different. Not nice. Place in position. Not very good looking. No confidence.
Solving Equations and Inequalities Math number, a variable, or a product of numbers or variables in a number sentence . A mathematical sentence that contains , , not equal to or other symbols.... Terms that have the same variable and the same corresponding exponents. mathematical sentence stating that two quantities are equal. An algebraic expression that has no like terms and no parenthesis.
Outliers Vocabulary Spelling Lists to put in peril, endanger. relating to or composed of right angles. to prepare and improve(land);to foster the growth of; to nurture. in low spirits, disheartened. the act or process of marking; the set of associations suggested by a word in addition to it's literal meaning.
Sports Sports You dodge a ball to avoid getting out. How many positions are there in a netball match?. You use a pingpong ball. You use a net to catch and throw a ball. You have to try and touch the ball on the ground.
Parts of Speech Literature and Writing Please finish the crossword. A word that connects words, phrases, and clauses. A word that takes the place of a noun. A person, place, or thing. An action word. A word that shows strong feeling.
The Giver Books the old receiver. people who no longer live with their family. people that can no longer work. Jonas' best friend. the person Asher spends his community service hours with.
October Holidays and Seasons a talk given in front of an audience. Please be quiet ______ the teacher is talking.. a shift; change. luck; fortune. A game or competition..
adverbs Literature and Writing adverb of hungry. is what you add -ly to. most and best are . adverbs that do not have -ly added to an adjective to make a superlative adverb. adverbs that do have -ly added to an adjective to make the superlative adverb.
French Revolution Crossword History Queen of France during revolution.. revolutionary leader. style. style. King of France during revolution.
The Roman Crossword History traded for other resources . casual dinner in Rome. gathered fish for the people. not idealist but........ family is all in the fathers hands.
Industrial Revolution History An association of workers formed to bargain for better working conditions and higher wages. A system of thought and belief . The movement away from hand crafting towards using machines in factories . The science of government and governing . The amount of goods produced per hour.
US Constitution Government and Politics reviews or explains laws. advises rhw president. first ten amendments. enforces law. makes laws.
Literary Non Fiction Literature and Writing a story about a real person's life. what someone in a story says; a conversation. a story about a significant event written by the person involved in the event. the final presentation of a piece of writing. changing the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of a draft.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists a noisy quarrel. a passage taken from a book. to complete for. to work with, work together. to float or hang suspended over.
Sign of the Beaver Books showing or expressing sorrow. happens quite often. small amount. able to do things well. evergreen coniferous tree with needle-shaped leaves.
Crow & Weasel Literature and Writing people or countries that support each other. scolding. flapping quickly. flat, open grassland. pouches or bags from animal hides.
Tennessee World Geography the designer of the state capitol. tennessee got their nickname because of the large groups of volunteers from this state for the war of 1812. state flower. state bird. the state name came from a Cherokee village called-.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists very deep;very serious. to help explain the meaning. based on stories handed down from to generation to generation. trustworthy. a traditional story used to explain the world or human behaviors.
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