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Children Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 8 to 12. They are made up of words that are often found in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to older kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for children click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
The Phantom Tollbooth Books a woman employed to teach children in a private household. . a square of cotton or other finely woven material. feeling or showing gratitude or pleasure. irritate intensely, infuriate. wild and noisy disorder or confusion.
Magnet Physics Another name for magnetite. Magnetic _______ use the Earth's magnetic field to navigate the directions.. The two magnetic 'poles' are north and _________.. The magnetic metals are nickel, cobalt, and _______.. Two common kinds of magnets are bar and _______ magnets..
Black Power Movement History political slogan and a name for various ideologies aimed as achieved self-determination for African Americans.. Peaceful student committee which took a radical turn in 1966. His enraged speech kick-started the movement Black Power. His ideas lay the foundation for Black Power. 1968, saw the African American protest reach a world wide stage.
Adam and Eve Bible Adam and Eve did not obey God, so they would have to deal with ______ and thistles.. Who convinced Eve to take the fruit and eat it?. God took a ___ from Adam, and made a woman.. Adam named every creature or __________.. The Lord God formed man of the _____ of the ground..
Checkouts and The Girl Who Can Books Narrator is not a character; knows everything; uses pronouns he, she, him, her, they, them. different from what is considered right or reasonable. Narrator is not a character; reports things through one character's eyes; uses pronouns he, she, him, her, they them. a daydream; the condition of being lost in thought. thate state of being disorderly, messy, unclean.
Land Forms World Geography Smaller stream that runs into a river. Formed when soil is deposited at the mouth of river, usually triangle shaped. Where the river begins. A body of water surrounded by land. Sometimes part of a sea or ocean that cuts into a mass of land.
Narnia Books correct thinking/reasoning. to proceed, especially in the face of danger or risk. mysterious or frightening, creepy. brilliant red color. intense distaste or disgust.
Solar System Astronomy Saturn's largest moon. the sun is a . how many planets are larger than earth. 2nd planet. the sun orbits the earth.
Australia's Landforms World Geography Where water falls from a high area to a low area. A flat area. An area with very little rainfall. The area between the land & the ocean or sea. A flat area, next to a river that sometimes floods.
European Exploration and Settlement World Geography The country that sponsored Christopher Columbus' voyage. . This man led the settlers in Jamestown. . The first country to claim lands we now call New York. . Spain claimed land on the East Coast of the modern-day US, in the state we now call ____________.. This crop was very profitable for people living in Virginia. .
Constitution Convention Government and Politics The first government of the United States was the Articles of ______________. James _______ is the father of the Constitution. The Constitutional Convention created a government with a stronger _______ government. George __________ was presiding officer of the convention. Congress will make no law until 1808 regarding the slave trade.
Matter and Changes Physics ability to decay, flammability. total mass is not change, total mass before reaction equals the total mass after the reaction. making tea-stirring the sugar in. frying an egg. has mass and occupies space.
School Supplies Other A cutting instrument for paper, cloth, etc., consisting of two blades, each having a ring-shaped handle. A set of printed sheets of paper that are held together inside a cover . A book about a particular subject that is used in the study of that subject especially in a school. A long, thin object used for writing or drawing with ink. A machine for fastening together sheets of paper or the like, with wire staples.
Exercise Health Need a bike for this.. Need only comfortable shoes for this.. Need a racquet and ball for this. Usually palayed on a special court.. Need long sticks, a small ball.and a large outdoor area.. Need a table, small bats and balls..
Earth Layers Earth Sciences The Earth's ocean is mostly made up of _____.. This includes the Earth's crust and the solid outer structure.. Part of the Earth's upper mantle.. Earth's land is mostly made up of _______.. The Earth's most outer layer.
From Seed to Pumpkin Holidays and Seasons Leaves change _____________ in autumn.. A yummy dessert made from pumpkins. The color of pumpkins before they ripen and turn orange. Bees carry this from flower to flower. Plants need light, water, and ____________ to make food..
Holes Books what you use to dig things up. They'll cure anything!. It makes foot odor disappear!. Moms actual name. A feared outlaw.
Legislative Branch Government and Politics What term refers to people who are represented by a particular member of Congress?. Who serves as the assistant to the Speaker of the House?. Who presides over the House of Representatives?. Who serves as judge in an impeachment trial of the president? (2 words). Who has final authority to ratify any amendments?.
Call of The Wild Botany Solve the puzzle by putting the correct words in the right places. That pig is so __________ when it comes to eating.. The girl was so ___________ when she presented her presentation.. The neighborhood watch dogs were ___________ so they could make sure no criminals came in the neighborhood. . Holly is known for her _________ towards others when they need help.. The 12 year old was acting so _________ that he was running around the classroom..
All Things October Holidays and Seasons artwork, projects, make, supplies. rides, junk food, games, entertainment. trees, fruit, crisp, bake. get together, food, games, friends. acorn, summer, spaghetti, butternut.
American Revoultion History Endowed at birth that may not be taken away or violated by the government. People who volunteered to be ready for service at a minute's notice. A formal written request . The quality of not being depend on someone or something . The action of taxing revolution.
Native Americans History Complete the Crossword Puzzle using the hints provided. Continent of Native American settlements. The other name for Lakota. This tribe had Adobe house. Which tribe lived in the Coatal Range Region. The house the Inuit lived in.
Real Numbers Math includes natural numbers,whole numbers, andthier opposites. numbers with patterns or repetition. unpredictable numbers with no repetition or end. the counting numbers. include natural numbers and zero.
Capital Cities World Geography Capital city of USA. Capital city of England. Capital city of Ireland. Capital city of New Zealand. Capital city of Belguim.
Parts of Circle Math words are in cross slanting and sleeping. is the centre point of a circle.. is the line which is not passing through the centre point.. arc is the curve a circle.. is a line passing through centre point .. is the outer border of a circle..
Skin & Pain Body What is responsible to give you the sense of touch or pain?. Second Layer of Skin below Epidermis is called. What allows your skin to tan?. What is easier to see, the older you get?. Outter layer of skin.
Inside the Earth Earth Sciences Use the hints to help solve the crossword puzzle the central part of Earth. the strong lower part of the mantle. the solid outer layer of earth that consists of the crust. the soft layer of the mantle. the thin and solid outermost layer of Earth.
Landforms Earth Sciences A deep, narrow valley with steep sides and a river or stream usually running through it.. A land mass with great height and steep sides that is higher than a hill.. A mountain with an opening where molten lava, hot ash, and gases from below the Earth’s crust escape into the air.. An area of low land between hills or mountains.. A body of land surrounded by water on three sides..
Along the Shore & Trails Animals Quite a hunter. Angler's quest. Watch out for its rising tail. Red and walks our trails. On the fram (and ona diet).
Blood on the River Books A man that is high ranked and belongs to a noble class.. an orphan that is rev.hunt servant and now samuel best friend.. An Indian boy that learned there english ways and went o england and learned abou jesus christ.. A company that helped pay for the settlement of Jamesown.. His mother died and left a locket but now he is a servant of captain smith..
Music Crossword Music A 2 beat rhythm. Makes a note half a tone higher. Makes a note half a tone lower. 8 notes apart eg: high C to low C. 5 lines music is written on.
Bugs and Earlier Insects Animals sweet liquid from aphids. wingless hexapod that is a good jumper. Hemimetabolous have this kind of metamorphosis. help aphids in exchange for sweets. Bed bugs are ectoparasites of these.
Pieces of a story Literature and Writing A struggle between the charcter and person or force outside of their body. A struggle in a characters mind. The sequence of events that make up a story. The reason or reasons a character acts or behaves a certain way. The time, place that a story takes place.
GUESS THE ENERGY Physics Results from molecule constantly vibrating in highly temperatured matter.. Is stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules and often produces heat as aby product.. The movement of energy through substances in longitudinal waves.. Electromagnetic energy that travels in waves.. Is situated in the core of and atom and holds the nucleus together..
The Brain Body the pineal gland makes it to help you feel sleepy. part that controls balance and movement. brain part that keeps you breathing. gland that controls your growth. the biggest part of the brain.
The Age of Discovery History a period of time from the 15th to the 17th century in which Europeans explored and mapped the world. people conquered by Hernan Cortes. a group of people who settle far from home and maintain ties with their home country. to defeat in combat. mapmaker.
Of Mice and Men Books a sleeping mat. isolated from society. laborer who moves heavy objects. currency used for buying items. a person who drives a team of animals.
Wetlands Earth Sciences a wetland where grasses and reeds grow. water that has a large amount of salt such as in oceans and seas. to take in or soak up water. a wetland where moss grows. water that has a small amount of salt such as in ponds, lakes, and rivers.
Elements of Music Music Write the correct vocabulary word in the crossword for each definition. The syllables of a scale that we sing, often using hand signs.. A form of music with the pattern in which the first and last sections are the same and the middle section is different.. how loud or soft the music is sung or played.. High or low musical tones based upon vibrations.. The tone color of an instrument's sound, or how bright or rich the sound is..
Baseball Banter Sports (2 words) A hard hit ground burner.. Team's best pitcher.. Taking a base on balls. A walk.. A pitcher's arm. A wing. His soupbone.. A throw over another player's head that is too high to catch. No postage necessary..
Homophones Spelling Lists Something a bird did . Something you wear on your wrist. Something you put on your fingers. Used in mechanical pencils. Color.
Here Comes Halloween Halloween Casper is a friendly one. Wear this on Halloween (pretend to be someone else). Halloween is in this month. good color for a witch's cat. the holiday after Halloween.
Euclid's Axioms and Postulates Math has neither length nor breadth. ends of a line. whole is greater than _____. edges of surface. has length and breadth only.
Early Humans History In this age, people started farming, building communities, producing goods, and trading. Pottery and wood carvings. Painting cave walls. In this age, people invented many tools to help them survive. Early humans spent most of their time looking for food.
Real Numbers Math cannot be represented as the quotient of two integers . whole numbers and their opposites. the counting numbers . the nonnegative integers . is any number that you can write in a form.
Scotland World Geography capital. area in glasgow. glasgow river. the bruce. mountainous area.
Biographies Literature and Writing a true story about someone's life. a listing of family members in the form of tree branches. listing of events in the orde that they happened. events that have already happened. an event that really happened in the past.
Magnets Other magnetism is a kind of....... unlike forces ....... the south face of a magnet. a magnetic material is made from tiny regions called...... the first magnets were found from a naturally occurring mineral called ......
The Sign of the Beaver Books following or observing a person persistently. showing arrogant superiority to; lordly. a series of small waterfalls over steep rocks. on guard or watchful. prodded or urged as if with a long, pointed stick.
Astronomy Belt Loop Astronomy Use the hints to find the astronomical terms The leftover material when a star is at the end of its life cycle. Very dense but also very small. Glows white but is not very bright... A glowing sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity.. Orbits a star and is large enough to form a spherical shape under its own gravity. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are examples.. A group of billions of stars. Andromeda is an example.. The galaxy in which we live. Contains 100-400 Billion stars..
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