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Geology Crosswords

To view or print a Geology crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Fold Mountains mountains in europe. what types of rocks fold. mountains in north america . an example of a sedimentary rock. a type of fold . Big
The Rock Cycle Material is laid down. Mineral grains are not arranged in panes or bands. The quality of a rock. Grains of sand are eroded from hills and mountains. Sediment moves from one location to another. Older Children
Geographical Features the solid surface of the earth that lies under the ocean.. a large mass of ice that moves slowly.. a large area of land covered with trees and plants, usually larger than a wood, or the trees and plants themselves.. a small area of the sea or other water in which there is a powerful, circular current of water that can pull objects down into its centre.. a wall built across a river that stops the river's flow and collects the water, especially to make a reservoir that provides water for an area.. Hard
Soil soil that is a mixture of humus, sand, silt, and clay. the movement of weathered rocks and soil. soil with very, very tiny grains of rock. solid rock below soil . the measure of how difficult it is for a mineral to be scratched. Big
Shaping the Land Process by which sediment comes to rest.. Large mass of moving ice.. Hardness scale for minerals. Process that move sediment from one place to another.. Fan shaped deposit of sediment at the mouth of a river.. Big
Volcanoes Complete the crossword below name given to volcanic areas believed to be formed by mantle plumes. A steep-sided, usually circular depression formed by either explosion or collapse at a volcanic vent. This is what you call a volcano that erupts regularly. The process by which solid, liquid, and gaseous materials are ejected into the earth's atmosphere and onto the earth's surface by volcanic activity.. A volcano that is not presently erupting and is not likely to do so for a very long time in the future. Big
Rock and Mineral Properties The process by which sediment settles out of wind or water. The color of a mineral's powder. The property of splitting evenly along flat surfaces. Sedimentary rock that forms from the remains of plants and animals. Igneous rock formed from lava that erupted onto Earth's surface. Hard
Properties of Minerals It's not formed from living things or the remains of living things.. A minerals ability to split easily along flat surfaces.. The color of a mineral's powder. The look and feel of a rock so that it becomes thinner in the middle.. A dark, dense igneous rock with a fine texture that is found in oceanic crust.. Big
Crystals Complete the crossword and show what you know about crystals. Crystalline solids cannot be __________ into smaller shapes.. Crystalline solids have _____ faces when cleaved or sheared.. Has particles that are randomly organized.. Has a regular repeating pattern.. The smallest repeating structure of a solid is called a __________ cell.. Big
Rocks What are two types of igneous rocks?. What is the most common metamorphic rock?. How are metamorphic rocks formed?. What is formed by the deposition and subsequent cementation of that mineral at the Earth's surface and within bodies of water?. What is the most common igneous rock?. Big
Rock Cycle cools on the exterior of the volcano. this kind of igneous rock cools slowly and forms large crystals with coarse grains. sedimentary rocks found in layers and formed from organic material. rocks made by the layering and compacting. a specific type of igneous rock. Older Children
Rocks and Mineral The minerals that ___ to form our planet are made of one or more elements.. ___ organize rocks based on how they were formed.. The history of rocks and minerals is the history of our ___.. The rock ___ is driven mainly by heat.. On the earth's ___, rocks take a beating.. Big
Minerals ___________ is a mineral that splits easily into thin, clear cheets.. ___________ has a grey streak.. Minerals can be identified by their ___________________.. ___________ is the color of the powder left behind when you rub a mineral against a white tile called a streak plate.. ___________ hardness scale lists minerals that have a hardness from 1 to 10.. Big
Military They have more than 5,600 planes.. To Protect . Boats that go underwater. . A person in the Military who is in charge. . They fight on and under the water. . Big
Carbohydrates Use the clues provided to solve the following puzzle ESSENTIAL FOR JAM MAKING. ESSENTIAL FOR WEIGHT LOSS. SINGLE SUGARS. DEFICIENCY DISEASE. DOUBLE SUGARS. Hard
Rocks and Minerals This rock is found in granite, and is used in electrical insulators. A soft rock formed from mud and clay. This rock is the most abundant mineral and has very pale crystals. A dark, fine-grained rock that forms in volcanoes. These rocks form through accumulating sediments in the ground. Big
Geography Use the hints to figure out the crossword puzzles These are made in subduction zones.. These happen when stress in the Earth's lithosphere become to great, causing the plates to crack ad move along the faults.. Where an earthquake starts.. This kind of Eruption is the opposite of a quiet eruption.(two words). Waves that can travel through solids and liquids.(two words). Hard
Geology unconformity created when sedimentary rock rests on top of igneous or metamorphic rock. deposits that start on the ceiling and form an icicle-like structure hanging down. 'veins' of igneous rock that run in the same direction of the strata. rock formed from sand, silt, minerals, and other components of soil that are laid down by water or some other agent. process by which rock and soild are broken down and transported away. Big
Rocks produced by fire, volcanic. an opening in the earth's crust where melted rock, lava, gases and ash are thrust onto the land. changed in form. the solid matter that settle to the bottom in a liquid. a person who studies the structure of the earth. Older Children
Coffee Comes from a cow. Put things on it. One lump or two?. Boston party . Used to stir. Easy
Ocean Geology Can you guess all these ocean geology terms correctly? Good luck! A collective term for the bast landmasses and their submerged margins.. The study of Earth's physical structure and substance.. Ancient volcano who's summit has been cut off by erosion and then submerged.. Isolated mountain of volcanic origin featuring a pointed summit. . Volcano whose summit rises above sea level.. Older Children
Rock a common, coarse-grained, light-colored, hard igneous rock. magma on top of Earth's surface. a type of igneous rock formed inside of Earth's crust. rock formed when broken down rocks compact and cement. when sediment is moved to a new location by natural forces. Big
Minerals Complete the puzzle using the clues below. refers to compounds that do not contain carbon, and not consisting of or deriving from living matter.. the tendency of a mineral to break along flat planar surfaces as determined by the structure of its crystal lattice. true color of the mineral in powdered form. refers to the arrangement, type, and ratio of atoms in molecules of chemical substances.. characteristic of a mineral that gives a distinctive scent if moistened, heated, breathed upon or rubbed.. Hard
Geology growing roots widen fractures . hot molten or semifluid rock erupted from a volcano or fissure, or solid rock resulting from cooling of this.. when a block of dedrock breaks free and fall or bounces down a diff . that remove soil, rock, or dissolved material from one location on the Earth's crust, then transport it away to another location.. any of a group of minerals that occur as minute sheetlike or fibrous crystals in clay. They are all hydrated aluminosilicates having layered crystal structures.. Hard
Layers of the Earth a type of fault in which rocks on either side move past each other sideways with little up or downward motion. the theory that pieces of earth's of earth's lithosphere are in constant motion,driven by convention currents in the mantle . the hypothesis that the continents slowly move across earth's surface. stress that squeezes until it folds or breaks. the name of the single landmass that began to break apart 200 years ago and gave rise to todays continents. Big
Layers of the Earth begins beneath the crust and the lower mantle . one of the five layers of the atmosphere surrounding the planet earth . the crust and the uppermost mantle. the layer of the earth lie below the lithosphere . thin layer of the earth . Older Children
Rocks melted rock outside the earth. the color of the line a rock makes. can be a mold or cast in a rock. particles of rocks. clastic and chemical. Big
Rocks and Minerals a type of rock that forms when melted rock materials from inside the Earth cools and on Earth too. scraping a mineral across an unglazed, white tile, called a streak plate, produces a color that is not necessarily the same color as the mineral itself. describes how a mineral breaks into flat surfaces (usually one, two, three or four surfaces) smooth regular planes that reflect light on a mineral. pieces of broken rock, shells, mineral grains and other materials make up what is called sediment, sediments collect together to form this type of rock. how a mineral breaks into forms or shapes other than flat surfaces. Jagged or rough edges that a mineral has. Big
Sedimentary Rock the process of sediments coming to rest . when dissolved matierials . clastic rock composed of silt and clay . the process of sediments being moved from one place to another. chemical rock composed of mineral calcite . Big
Volcanic Eruptions use the hints at the bottom of the page to fill in the crossword The substance that cakes the sky after a volcanic explosion. A type of scientist that studies volcanoes. A type of volcano that is made up of layers of lava and ash. A tool used by scientists to monitor volcanoes. The scale used to measure volcanic explosivity. Hard
Minerals One mineral component of metalloenzymes . A major deficiency symptom cause by a deficiency of selenium . Minerals required in larger amounts. Caused by an iodine deficiency . Any protein that includes a selenocysetin residue . Big
The Rock Cycle the process to drop off . comes out of volcanoes. when igneous rocks break down it makes_______.. the process to carry away. compaction and cementation . Big
Rocks and Minerals property that causes a mineral to break in a smooth flat plane. Color of a mineral in powdered form. Igneous rock that forms when magma cools over time. Rock formed from compaction or cementation. property that causes a mineral to break with jagged edges. Big
Volcanoes Complete the puzzle Lava with smooth, ropelike surfaces. A plateau formed from basaltic lava pouring from a crack or fissure in Earth's surface. Magma that reaches Earth's surface. Resistance to flow. Areas of volcanic activity taht result from plumes of hot solid material that have risen from deep within Earth's mantls. Hard
Minerals To be a mineral it must be formed where?. nonliving. The splitting of a mineral along smooth, flat surfaces.. Number of questions you must ask to determine if it is a mineral.. These types of minerals are used in building roads.. Hard
Minerals and Their Properties Streak is white, hardness is a 4, color is typically purple,green,yellow sometimes colorless. used in plaster, and drywall, hardness is a 2, streak is white,and colors vary. the streak is colorless, hardness is an 8, uses:in gemstone, and the color is white, yellow, amber,pink,green.and sometimes colorless. The hardness is a 1-2, the color varies from silver to gray, and the streak is black. Hardness is varies from 5.5 to 6.5, colors are black and silver,magnetic,and has a black streak. Big
Limestone What does carbonates react with to form a salt, water and carbon dioxide?. Where is limestone widely used?. What is limestone mainly made of?. What is the reaction called when calcium carbonate breaks down and we heat it to make calcium oxide and carbon dioxide?. If water is added to calcium oxide what should it produce?. Big
Igneous Rocks light-colored rock. common igneous. flow from volcanoes. form from magma below the surface. intrusive magma. Big
Rocks Rock Rocktastic The process by which sediments are laid down. Molten material near or at the surface of the earth. Rock formation that is a result of cooled and solidified magma beneath the earths surface. Rocks formed from the remains of once-living plants and animals. Rocks formed from the process WEDCC. Hard
Geographic Using the clues below, find the correct term. Walking through your house without any distraction. Comparing worldwide poverty and neighborhood poverty . Plate's of earth's land breaking apart. Egypt's ancient tombs, monuments, and shrines located underneath modern buildings. Location, Human Invironment interactions, Region, place, and Mobility. Hard
Year 10 Geography Where and earthquake starts. largest ocean on earth. build up of sediment either side of river, can help slow down flooding. Natural but can be man made.. type of volcano which is cone shaped and layered. largest country on the earth.. Big
Freshwater Lakes organisms that create their own food . system of interlocking and interdependent food chains. a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system.. organisms that could live on land and water . small streams or rivers that flow into larger ones. Older Children
President This large president would often get stuck in the white house bathtub and need to get pulled out. Shortest of all the presidents, he was 54.. First black president.. This president used to by slaves from Washington D.C. and set them free in Pennsylvania. . Only president to serve in both WW1 and WW2. . Older Children
Rocks and Weathering Complete the crossword using the clues Once magma is out of the ground it becomes.... These cool underground. The outer layer of Earth. It forms quickly in the air. The type od rock formed by lava. Moderately Challenging
Canyons A deep valley with steep sides, often with a stream flowing through it.. A canyon in the U.S., well known for it's hoodoos.. A underwater canyon.. A type of canyon that is formed by flash floods - usually has a very skinny opining, but can be hundreds of feet deep.. A canyon in southern Peru.. Big
Volcanoes powdery residue left after the burning of a substance . the form of silicon, occuring especially as quartz sand, flint and agate: used usually in the form of its prepared white powder. an aispersion in air of molecules of water especially as produced by evaporation at ambient temperature than by boiling.. convergent plate boundary where the oceanic lithosphere is subducting . generates on convergent plates where the oceanic lithosphere is subducting . Hard
Rocks a type of rock usually showing layers. a process of carrying weathered rock from one place to another. a material from earth useful to people. an igneous rock that has visible crystals of minerals. rock that contains metal or other minerals. Older Children
Volcanoes Powdery residue left after the burning of a substance . The form of silicon, occuring especially escorts sand Flint and I p. A aispersion in air of molecules of water especially as produced by evaporation at ambient temp rather than by boiling . Convergent plate boundary where the oceanic lithosphere is suducting. Generates on convergent plates where the oceanic lithosphere is subducting. Hard
Fossils Formed when dissolved minerals filled a mold and hardened. Helps determine the age of a rock layer. No longer exists. Age in millions of years of the dinosaur on page 10. This is the only type of rock to have fossils. Older Children
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