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Music Crosswords

To view or print a Music crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Music Moving from one note to the next nearest note. Describes harmony that blends or sounds nice. Describes textures that consists of just one line of music. A texture that has several layers that overlap. Describes harmony that clashes. Big
Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig was hired to be an ____.. Person who writes music.. Country where Ludwig was born.. Johann made Ludwig practice until ____.. Ludwig played this instrument.. Big
Harry Styles - 'She's got a book for every situation Gets into parties without invitations'. 'Maybe, we can Find a place to feel good'. 'I hope you can see the shape that I'm in While he's touching your skin'. 'She, she lives in daydreams with me'. 'I'm having your baby, it's none of your business'. Hard
Music Technology low-frequency sound energy that you usually hear whilst driving past a night club . a piece of equipment generally used for vocals. a peripheral piece of equipment that connects external devices . cylindrical shaped drum that you use with wooden sticks . the opposite of digital . Big
Music Music history and random facts Violins, Cellos, and Violas are from this instrument family.. Lowest singing voice. A separate singing part above the melody/chorus part added to make a song more interesting.. When the same part is sung by two or more groups entering at different times.. How many beats does a quarter note get?. Hard
Romantic Era Music Find the words that describe the Romantic Era of Wester Classical music Visual art in Romantic era. A story set to music only sung by solos, ensembles, and chorus with sets and constumes. Made instruments easier to manufacture and more available. The Romantic era composer who wrote Clair de Lune. Devotion and patriotism and love for a person's country. Big
The Flight of Icarus kept within limit . move or fall with a light irregular or trembling motion.. someone who has strength and courage . for all future time; for always.. worried uneasy feeling . Big
James Bond Theme Songs James Bond Theme Songs Tina ___, sang the main title song for GoldenEye. Hans ___, composer for No Time To Die. Paul McCartney & ___, sang the main title song for Live And Let Die. Sheryl ___, sang the main title song for Tomorrow Never Dies. ___, sang the main title song for Skyfall. Hard
Music History Name one Baroque composer: ________________. Bach played the violin, organ and the ________________.. The era of music from 1600-1750: ________________. Mozart's first compositions were published in Paris, _____________.. Handel became a virtuoso on the _________________.. Big
Music terms, etc music after the romantic period. a musical title, hint: they're independent. 4 of these make a quarter note. very loud, ff. whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half. Very Difficult
Novelty Songs Who sang the song Fast Food Song. Grandad. Donald Where's Your Troosers. Star Trekkin’. Monster Mash. Big
Pop Culture Back to the __. Sonny and __. National sport of Canada . The Dukes of __. Actor who voiced both Darth Vader and The Lion King's Mufasa (3 wds). Hard
Music and Literature A prize for something that somebody has done. The series of events that form the story of a novel, play, film, etc.. The words of a popular song. Poems as a genre of literature. A musical instrument made of a hollow round frame with plastic or skin stretched tightly across one or both ends.. Big
The Piano Guys type of music they play. they didn't think they were this if they played orchestra instruments. where they like to film their videos. where they tour. type of band these instruments are usually played in . Older Children
Ed Sheeran What is his favorite toy to play with?. What Country was he born in?. What word does he have tattooed on his arm?. What are Ed's fans are called. Who is his favorite rapper?. Teenage
Popular Music Religious lyrics, choir singing in harmony. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus. With a mute . A guitar technique commonly used in Rock music.. A repeating pattern in the bass. Big
Flamenco Music The percussive downward action to create chords on a guitar.. Finger tapping on the body of the guitar results in a p - - - - - - - - - style suited to dancing.. How many strings on an acoustic guitar?. The part of the guitar that tightens or loosens the strings. Known as machine heads or ?. using fingers to pluck melodies is known as what kind of device?. Big
Name That Tune Can you guess the Song Title Told Michelle it's hard to die. Put A Ring On It. Death Cab for Cutie covered famous Smiths track. The warden threw a party in the county jail. Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner. Big
African Music Read the clues and fill in the answers. When a soloist sings a passage and a larger group responds. Name of the West african drum commonly used in drum circles. Another word for seed pod - often used to make musical instruments. many different rhythms played at the same time. a combination of long and short note values that create a pattern.. Big
Dixieland Jazz Place where Dixieland jazz originated. Dixieland was similar to marching military bands with driving rhythms and powerful _________.. The __________ section kept the harmony going. front line instrument. Popularity died off in 1930's with the start of this type of jazz. Big
Classic Songs and Classic Bands Name the band or artist by using the song clue stairway to heaven. born in the usa. yesterday. I cant get no satisfaction. Bohemian Rhapsody. Big
Musical Grid Sounds my bureau has changed its end with a small busy creature behind it playing the top part.. A piece of writing especially at the end with a male in front and you in the middle.. The carthorse goes about for the whole thing.. It could be a male singer or an old bank note, or even be knocked if you play it.. Three movements made up of a card for your phone ending as if it is fake.. Big
Music the group of instruments that are played with a bow or with the fingers. a musical instrument that often seen with a kilt. a type of popular music with a strong, loud beat . the action of entertaining other people. a performance of music or poetry, usually given by one person or a small group. Hard
Music Theory A note which has 2 counts.. A line which divides the music into each bar.. A note which has 4 counts.. A note which has 1 count.. A group of 5 lines and 4 spaces where the notes are written.. Big
Benefits of Music After reading the provided worksheet, go over these questions. Music has been proven to help with the following sleep disorder. Music may help us in releasing muscle ______.. Music may help individuals in recovery who have experienced _________.. Music may help your learning and _______.. Research proves that listening to music helps release this 'feel good' neurotransmitter. Big
Music Theory F Clef. Interval that is major, minor, perfect.. Scale that sounds sad.. Lines of the treble clef.. Lower a sharp one semitone, you use a ___________.. Very Difficult
Indian Music You use your notes to complete this but nothing else. This word means rhythm or clap. One of the topics of Rajasthan music that includes gathering music. These songs are about leaving British rule and fighting for independence. This type of music comes from the North.. This chordophone is used to play the raga in Carnatic music. Hard
Disney Song Write down the Disney movie that contains the song lyrics. The second star to the right.... Some day my prince will come.... Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test!. Mother knows best. Listen to your mother, it's a scary world out there.... You've got a friend in me.... Hard
J is for Jazz another way to say wow. the instrument made popular by Lionel Hampton, 'The King of the Vibes' led to rock and roll. When a musician plays by himself. Many people heard jazz for the first time on the ____. a small group of jazz musicians. Hard
The Orchestra A woodwind instruments that typically plays music written in the bass and tenor clefs. A half-size flute. A woodwind instrument, with a single-reed mouthpiece, a straight cylindrical tube with an almost cylindrical bore, and a flared bell.. The largest and lowest-pitched musical instrument in the brass family.. Leads the orchestra in its tuning prior to the concert, and customarily plays all of the violin solos within pieces.. Big
Pitch Read the clues and fill in the answers a melody heard at the same time as the main, primary melody. clearly tuned sounds (e.g. human singing voice). the pitch arrangement chosen by a composer, usually based on a scale or mode.. the relative highness and lowness of sounds. If a pitch sounds untuned (e.g. human speaking voice), it is known as ___________ pitch.. Hard
Music Mozart Solve the puzzle with the clues about Mozart A person who plays music . The age that Mozart first composed. The composer of the Symphony No. 40 in g minor. Country that boarders Germany. A string instrument. Big
Marian Anderson What was the name of the famous hall she performed at on Dec. 30 1928?. Where was the first place Marian sang?. Which President gave her the National Medal of Arts?. What Philadelphia citizen award did she win?. What type of singer was Marian?. Big
Music Quiz Who sang the song 'Side To Side'?. Who sang the song 'One Dance'?. Who sang the song 'Mercy'?. Who sang the song 'Say You Wont Let Go'?. Which band sang the song 'Rockabye'?. Big
Prince Most used instrument?. Most famous album?. Favorite food. Mother name?. What 90's band was he apart of?. Big
The Beatles A puzzle about The Beatles How many people are in the group. How many Times has Gorge harrison been married . How many singles did they have.. Who was the last person that signed the papers to brake up the group. How old is Gorge Harrison . Big
Metal Music The Different Metal Subgenres Subgenre of metal employing traditional instruments usually associated with pirates and lyrical themes about pirates and the life of a pirate. Subgenre of metal characterized by blindingly fast instrumentation and typical metal lyrics. Subgenre of metal that is characterized mainly by its seemingly simple nature typical instrumentation and lyrical themes about various subjects. Subgenre of metal characterized by a series of 'droning' notes that can last for over 10 minutes; also cnfused with ambient or noise. Subgenre of metal that blends core with death metal, employing growled lyrics as well as the breakdowns in metalcore, while lyrical themes are usually about various subjects fromalien invasions to the unknown, or just personal grudges. Big
Bruno Mars crossword what instrument does he play? . What is his eye color?. How many tattoos does he have?. how old is he ?. what was his new song?. Big
Types of African Diaspora Music a music genre formed in the United States in the 1970s which consists of a stylized rhythmic music. a music genre and national symbol in Haiti. Christian songs that were created by African slaves in the United States. genre of popular African-American music that originated in the 1940s.. a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London, England. Hard
Louis Armstrong True or false, Louis was arrested when he was 11 years old.. Louis' first instrument.. His second instrument.. Other than singing and being a musician, he was also an.... Improvisd jazz singing. Louis made this technique popular.. Hard
Kanye West How many music videos does Kanye have?. How many singles does Kanye have?. How many awards has Kanye won?. Where was Kanye born?. How many mixtapes does Kanye have?. Hard
Music Theory This is the first space not in treble clef. This is the first line note in bass clef. This note gets 2 beats. This sign makes a note higher by a semitone. Notes which are written on the lines are called this. Hard
Music Theory Read the clues and fill in the answers below: What is the italian word meaning 'fast and lively'?. a note worth two beats. A silence or a pause in music is shown by a symbol called a ________?. Name the note worth one beat. Translate 'Lento' into English. Big
Music Theory Hangs below the lines on treble clef. First space note in treble clef. 2nd line note in treble clef. A note which gets 2 beats. Raises a note by a semitone. Hard
Musical Heritage of the Shoals Use the clues to complete the puzzle. Oak Ridge Boys. Former member of the Civil Wars. Father of the Blues. Gomer Pyle. valuable Library of Congress resource. Big
The Flute Beginner's will use this type of flute. The Right Hand Pinky's nickname. This is the smallest member of the flute family. This type of flute is played to the side (like modern flutes). Ancient flutes were sometimes made out of this material. Older Children
Symphony Hall Concert A musical announcement - someone important is going to make an entrance.. An English composer who wrote music about his friends.. A Russian composer who described a long journey.. Small wooden instruments which make music sound Spanish in character.. You can make a huge crash with these.. Hard
Sound Waves to describe any attempt by an artist to perform old songs or previously recorded material. . a stringed musical instrument with a long neck; a flat, somewhat violinlike body; and usually six strings.. an enthusiastic follower or admirer of a team, sport, celebrity, etc.; enthusiast. a division of a written work, esp a narrative, usually titled or numbered. a person who writes music.. Hard
The Beatles The second era of the Beatles. Term that refers to the obsession of Beatles fans and their first 'era'. Band known as the 'Fab Four'. The third era of the Beatles. City in England where the Beatles grew up. Big
1960s Retro Cool Hand Luke. The Graduate's favorite lady. First African-America justice named to the Supreme Court. MLB Pitcher . Name of month that Otis Redding recorded (Sittin' On) the 'Dock of the Bay'. Very Difficult
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