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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Geography Of India The delta that empties out in the Bay of Bengal.. These mountains are the highest in the world and is a natural barrier.. An island in the southern coast of India.. The river that flow in the Himalayan mountains.. A desert in India.. Hard
Rome A savior in Judism and Christianity. One of Rome's worst empires. People that lived in central Europe, conqured by Julius Ceasar. A boot shaped country in southern Europe. Structure that carries water over long distances. Older Children
Montana State nickname. Biggest Population. Rare Migratory Animal. State Motto. Cash Crop. Older Children
Ancient China Chinese Muslim admiral who expanded Chinese trade with Asia and Africa. Dynasty of Mongol rulers in China. Chinese martial art based on Taoist principles. Vast Asian desert . Dynasty that ruled during the period of 'Warring States'. Very Difficult
People of French Heritage There was a small elite, but most of the population were ___.. Most of the French were given special ___.. In Canada today, a person's religion is considered a ___ matter.. In the 1700s, there had been a lot of ___ settlement if Newfoundland.. The 'Grand Derangement' of 1755 was known in English 'the ___.'. Older Children
Physical Features of Africa the tops of trees in a rain forest. this river winds through the Congo Basin and drains most of central Africa. the range of mountains in Africa's southeastern edge. an area of dry grassland that runs east to west along the southern edge of the Sahara. supports wildlife and vegetation in the desert. Hard
Mountains A long deep low area with steep sides.. The form of somthing.. The frontier.. A gradual incline.. A group of mauntains.. Older Children
China's Vocabulary Having to do with earthquakes. Sand desert, 2nd largest in the world.. Provides Silt for good farming conditions on the North China Plain. Built on the Chang Jiang River to control the rivers flow.. Divides China and India. Hard
River sudden drop in a river. start of a river. famous river of london. stops the flow of a river. the place where most rivers start. Easy
Japan Today Word Game Colorful dramas that dealt with themes such as love and revenge. Puppet theater. Emphasized simplicity, self-discipline, and closeness to nature. One out of every three Japanese working women. The United States looked on Japan as a key ally in the ___________. Hard
European Countries Where two sports are combined. nicknamed “the land of the Midnight sun”. Deepest subway system at 105 feet. located between Serbia and the Adriatic Sea. A royal country. Very Difficult
India Member of the third-highest Indian caste grouping, made up of landowners, bankers, and merchants. The effect of a person’s actions in this and in a previous life. Member of the second-highest Indian caste grouping, made up of rulers . Member of the fourth-highest caste grouping, made up of farmers, servants and people who did manual labor . Avoiding doing harm to any living thing. Hard
Learning about Japan Seclusion from the outside world. _____ defined as the burial mounds built for the people of the ruling class during the 3rd to 7th centuries in Japan. Time in japanese prehistory from about 14,000 BC to about 300 BC. Capital of Japan. ____ of Japan (77 year long period of rapid economical growth). Older Children
India A journey to a holy place. In Hindu belief, a person's essential self. In Hinduism, the belief that how a person lives will affect their next life. A man originally named Siddhartha Gautama who lived in India from about 563-483 BCE and began the religion of Buddhism. An aspect of the land, such as mountains, rivers, and plateaus. Big
Japan Exciting and colorful dramas that dealt with themes such as love and revenge. Puppet theater. American general who guided Japan to democracy. One out of every three Japanese working women is an OL or ___ . Special Cram schools . Hard
Florida State marine mammal. Florida Football team. Nickname of Florida. Where is the Magic Kingdom located. Florida Hockey team. Big
In and Around Seattle A path where you can go hiking.. The best place for hungry visitors.. This animal has five pairs of legs and you can eat it.. The underground part of a tree.. Watch out - they trow huge fishes around.. Older Children
West Virginia west virginia university sports team. governor. state flower. region. industry. Hard
India A type of Indian ice-cream. India's flag's colours. A type of Indian rice. India's national animal. Something that Indians cook with. Hard
Colorado Most visited mountain in North America. Where the Denver Broncos play. A large rock. Ancient Anasazi dwellings. A tea company. Older Children
World Geography beliefs, customs, religious practices. northwest, southwest, northeast. climate regions vary with elevation and ________.. largest river in the world. shows the boundaries of states or countries. Very Difficult
North America and USA Big statue made of copper, placed at New- York. Current president of USA. American general who set Philippines free from the Japanese. Popular sport in USA. The explorer who discovered America (last name). Hard
Around The World The biggest state in North America.. The state where Disneyland is located.. Pretty much everything in America is made in this place.. An island off the coast of Africa. Where the Olympics were for 2012.. Older Children
Italy What is Italy shaped like?. About how many religions are there?. What country am I teaching about?. What stage in Demographic Transition is Italy in?. What part of Europe is Italy in?. Older Children
World Geography an outbreak of a disease that is only in a specific area or region. an area where a certain culture developed. a wide spread outbreak of a disease. an infected animal or human. average number of children a women will have in her life time. Big
France Crossword a country in western Europe. small, hand painted terracotta nativity scenes. a romance language; 136 people speak this as their first language.. a French song. French general who became emperor of the French(1769-1821). Older Children
Georgia Land and Economic Growth Tthe chief of the Cherokee who refuse to sign the treaty for the upper creeks. He was the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court . a invention that was made from separating cotton seed from its fiber . A set of over eighty written symbols that represented the syllables of the Cherokee language . He was the chief of the Cherokee nation who lead them through the trail of teArs. Hard
Japan's Legal System First level of ancient punishment. Litigation Inns. Criminal Code of Ritsuryo. Appeals limited to issues on the law. Used to determine guilt in 8th century.. Hard
Middle East One of the most important rivers starting with an E. . The practice of using small pipes that slowly drip water to conserve. . The land locked salt lake . The war when Syria and Israel fought for control of the __? . An area in the desert where vegetation is found because water is available . Older Children
Southwest Asia a territory along the Mediterranean Sea just northeast of the Sinai Peninsula.. Without significant investment in infrastructure what would never have happened to the Saudi economy?. a resource so important nations will go to war to ensure a steady supply.. About 34 percent of the world's _________ is found in this region.. How do oil prices rise and fall that makes it hard for countries to plan how much revenue oil will bring in?. Big
Mighty Mountains Highest mountain in UK. Alan Arnette climbed the _______ summits for charity. A mountain range. Another type of mountain. First climber to reach the top of Everest. Teenage
Geography Feature of a youthful river. Calcite formation that hangs from the roof.. A stream or river which joins a larger river.. A volcano that has not erupted in recorded history.. Breaking down of rocks and transportation of this material.. Teenage
Geography The point underground where rocks first begin to move. A fracture, or break, in Earth's lithosphere, along which blocks of rock move past eachother. The second seismic wave to arrive at any particular location after an earthquake. Earth's crust and the very top of the mantle. A layer of hotter, softer rock in the upper mantle. Older Children
Niagara Falls People who went over the falls. Wearing away of the rocks under Niagara Falls. A fish that can grow up to 7 feet and weigh more than 300 pounds. Name of the Canadian Falls. A fish that lives in the Niagara region; rainbow and lake. Older Children
European Geography famous river in Italy. capital of Poland. Rory McIlroy's home country. major european mountains. country of the Rhine River. Older Children
World Capitals Guatemala. Venezuela. Poland. Monaco. Nicaragua. Very Difficult
Deserts Some deserts are this form of a desert.. This cactus can be used for food, crops, etc.. The driest biome in the world.. This very large animal is usually found in deserts.. This reptile is usually found in deserts.. Older Children
Capitals Belize. Senegal. Fiji. Norway. Samoa. Hard
Developing Countries The second stage of economic development.. Not repaying borrowed money.. The taking over of foreign property without some sort of payment in return.. The average remaining lifetime in years for persons who reach a certain age.. An agreement in which two or more countries reduce trade barriers and tariffs among themselves. . Hard
Farming and Agriculture in NZ This is done to animals to kill worms and parasites. Making sure that unwanted pests don't get into NZ. The meat from a deer. Another name for chickens. A disease that affects kiwifruit vines. Hard
Latin and Greek one who loves words. relating to what we hear. to measure eyesight. device to record small sounds. study of the earth. Very Difficult
French Long and green.. White flower like vegetable.. Grows on a tree. Can be red, yellow or green.. Has no seeds and is great in soup.. Tropical fruit.. Hard
War and Australia A place in which Australians soldiers fought in during WW1. Love for thy country. A place in Libya which Australian soldiers fought in. The forms of control the government imposed during WW2 such as conscription and censorship. Constantinople was the capital of this country. Hard
North Korea Dividing line between North and South Korea. Other City. Other City. Other City. Other City. Hard
Australia A popular wind instrument in Australia. Another common marsupial that lives in gum trees. A famous rock in Australia that is made out of sandstone. A place in Australia that is home to many animals. A season in Australia. Teenage
ASIA This puzzle is on Central, South and East Asia. What is the name of the river that is the third longest river that flows entirely within India?. This desert is a cold, flat tableland of approximately 500,000 sq. miles. It can get as cold as -40° in the winter and 120°F in the summer. It is prone to high winds and icy sandstorms in the winter.. The capital, Dushanbe, means 'Monday' which reflects that the city grew on the site of a village that originally was a popular Monday marketplace.. This basin is also known as the 'Red Basin' and is famous for rice cultivation.. This country is known as the most sparsely populated independent country in the world and is the worlds 2nd largest landlocked country after Kazakhstan.. Big
India river in India. mountain rainge north of India and the tallest range in the world. river in India. river in India. natural boder to the northwest of India. Hard
Pacific Nations and Territories The problem of knowing which way you are going. Fertilized eggs. Starting from a known position and then just heading in the direction of your destination. A coral island. Tool that is useful to know direction. Hard
VIVA ITALIA puzzle on Italy Sistine Chapel master (12). Xmas Italian traditional cake (9). Elaine's favourite Italian drink (10). chocolate spread (7). Italian for love (5). Big
China vast desert. change. beautiful characters. made of fine clay and baked at high temperatures. capital city. Hard
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