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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Ancient China A famous trader in the Ming dynasty ,he brought back giraffe from Africa to China for the emperor.. The___City was a huge place.Most emperor lives there.. The first woman empress of China.. The right of an emperor to rule China was called the______of Heaven.. A person who rule China country are called_____.. Big
Canadian Government the government must be able to answer for their actions (such as how they spend our money). represented by the total votes a party gets (as opposed to seats they win). a deep rooted personal opinion. memorable quotes repeatedly used by politicians to present an idea '....he's just not ready'. branch that puts laws into action (gets the process or 'ball' rolling on them) - prime minister and their cabinet. Hard
Capital Cities Capital city of USA. Capital city of England. Capital city of Ireland. Capital city of New Zealand. Capital city of Belguim. Older Children
Classical India severe self-discipline and avoidance of all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.. political vacuum in India by destroying the existing states and withdrawing forces . the enjoyment of social, physical, and sexual pleasure. the pursuit of economic well-being and honest prosperity. Strong breeze . Very Difficult
Africa This country is Africa's biggest oil producer. The world's largest primate is found in African jungles. The largest lake in Africa. Many of this country's citizens have migrated to Africa recently. Large island off the southeast coast of Africa. Hard
Ancient India India's first empire . A characteristic of a system of society or gov controlled by men . An Indian empire of the Mauryan dynasty . A nontheistic religion or philosophy . When people allow other people to think or practice other religions and beliefs . Hard
How Well Do You Know Your State California The location of the motion picture industry. land of zoos and seaworld. The state to the southeast. The state tree. Skiing place. Big
Scotland capital. area in glasgow. glasgow river. the bruce. mountainous area. Older Children
British Cities You can find Lord Nelson's ship here.. You can find the SS Great Britain (big ship) here!. Northern town that was popular with the Vikings.. A town that is a good place to soak.. They send you here, if they don't want to talk to you.. Big
Weimar Germany Germans felt u_____________ because their armed forced had been reduced.. As well as reducing their army, Germany could have no __________ as part of the treaty.. Because the parliament was made up of lots of different parties, people thought it was ______.. Germany had to accept full ________ (blame) for starting WW1 as part of the Treaty of Versailles.. During hyperinflation, if you had ___________ in the bank you were badly affected and lost them.. Hard
Argentina The amount of citizens in Argentina.. A comedian from Argentina.. The native language in Argentina.. The amount of years a person is expected to live in Argentina.. A popular food dish in Argentina.. Big
Capital Cities of.... Poland. Paris. Japan. Enlgand. Ireland. Easy
Virginia's Natural Resource Use your notes to complete the crossword puzzle animals that can take care of themselves - fox, skunk, deer. things found in nature that are useful to people. animals that we have to take care of - dogs, cattle, cat. resources that can be replaced. resources that cannot be replaced in a reasonable amount of time. Big
Hawaii This word means both hello and goodbye in Hawaii. 1/3 of the worlds supply of this fruit comes from Hawaii. This water activity was invented here. The rainest place on earth. Name the most popular destination among tourists. Big
English Cities / Towns This city is also the other team in the boat race with Cambridge. A small market town in derbyshire on the river wye - famous for its tart. Home to the Jorvik viking centre. City in the east midlands on the river derwent - home to Lombe's mill, the first factory in the world. In somerset, famous for its Royal Crescent dating back to Roman times. Big
Ancient India and China as taught by the Buddha, the path one must follow to achieve nirvana. as taught by the Buddha, the four basic beliefs that form the foundation of Buddhism. in Hindu belief, a person's essential self. loosely organized system of government in which local lords governed their own lands but owed military service and other support to a greater lord. special regard. Very Difficult
Rocky Mountain Thing to do when visitng rocky mountaian. Place to sleep in aspengle. Animal with big antler. location that provides tourist imformation. Any warm-blooded vertedrate of the class Mammalia. Sitting back on an animal and going on a trail. Big
Texas Regions: Mountains and Basins Region is an area in which all the clocks are set to the same time. an area that gets less than 10 inches of rain per year. all the trees and plants growing in an area, even farmers crops. is a boundary line. is an object, such as a mountain, that stands out from the area around it. Older Children
Illinois Capital City. Largest City. Main Import. Famous President. Number of Statehood. Older Children
Geography of the United States Lake that forms part of the border between New York and Vermont. This New England state borders on Long Island Sound. This river empties into Delaware Bay. one tributary of the Mississippi River. Otsego Lake is the source of this river. Hard
Geography and Map Skills Read the clue and fill in the blanks with the correct answer to the clue imaginary line dividing the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. map showing boundaries between states or countries. shows the relationship between distance on earth and distance on the earth . one of the cardinal directions. one of the cardinal directions. Hard
Italy Italy has three of these which are active. Italy's most popular sport. This color in Italy's flag represents hope. The number of regions Italy is divided into. In the north this mountain range separates Italy from other countries. Hard
Ancient Civilization: Africa and Asia Oldest form of writing in which symbols are used to represent ideas. Hebrew Sacred Text. Worship of many gods. The New Stone Age. Sumerian Temple. Hard
St Paul's Cathedral St Paul’s Cathedral is an exceptionally ______ (5) building; clear windows and reflective walls create a noticeably bright interior.. It was built between 1675 and 1710, after its predecessor was destroyed in the ________(5, 4, 2, 6). Is one of the Cathedral's greatest artefacts, and once formed a screen keeping the quire separate from the nave and dome areas. (5). Cracks had appeared in some parts of the _________(9) as a result of settlement even before the Cathedral was topped-off in 1710 and concern over the structural stability of the Cathedral persisted in to the early years of the twentieth-century.. St Paul’s Cathedral has been painted by such famous artists as Pissaro, Canaletto and Turner. It has also been shown in several films, including Mary ______(7), Sherlock Holmes and one of the Harry Potter films.. Older Children
The Ashanti Kingdom The political, economic and social structure of the Ashanti Kingdom What do they call the “big man” (almost like a mayor)?. What is the Akan and Asante dialect called?. What is the cloth called that is made of a very strong material that cannot tear? . The Ashanti had this valuable resource in abundance and the British wanted control over this product.. Gold, slaves and the variety of p_______________ used for farming made the Ashanti’s economy very strong.. Hard
The Geography of Texas describes the patterns of weather for climates to change. describes the air at one time and place. is anything found in nature that is useful to people. is an area with common features, people, and ways of living that set it apart from other areas. includes all the trees and plants growing in an area, even farmers' crops. Older Children
Locations in Africa Fill in the correct words based on the hints provided Covers most of northern Africa and is the largest desert in the world.. These mountains are found in the country of South Africa.. The second longest river in Africa. Its source is in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and it forms part of the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean.. The longest river in the world. It flows north from Lake Victoria through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea.. An arid region made up of grassland and savanna and is located at the southern edge of the Sahara Desert.. Hard
Australia Use the words below to figure out this crossword puzzle. This place is a multi-venue performing arts centre in Sydney.. The worlds largest sand Island . One of Australias most well known and photographed land marks.. This locatio is situated near the township of Coles Bay . This place is very popular and the me of the surrounding surburb, Sydney.. Big
Fraser Island Capt Matthew ............... - one of the first white people on Fraser Island. All plant life on the island is ....... Musical instrument not used by the Butchella people. The method used to determine that in parts of Fraser Island the depth of sand is 100 m below sea level. Largest sand island in the World. Hard
Middle East Geography Watering the land to make ready to grow crops. Representation of countries, territories, boundaries, and capitals. River that flows beside the Euphrates River. Longest river in Western Asia. Sea located in the northern part of Indian Ocean. Big
Canada What is the name of the Canadian police force?. What is the symbol of Canada?. What month is Canada Day celebrated?. What is the highest mountain called? (5.5). ......, Falls. Big
Do You Know Minnesota MN is said to be under 4 flags, 1 being ________. First man to cross North America. Largest and westernmost of the great inland seas. First European settlers in MN. MN is said to be under 4 flags, 1 being ________. Big
Ohio Borders forms the southern border of Ohio. the state we live in. state that is southeast of Ohio. state that is east of Ohio. body of water north of Ohio. Older Children
Canada's First Peoples different. natives who live in the Great Lakes and St Lawrence River region. they believe they were created by the Creator and have always lived in North America. everyone agrees. old ways and customs. Hard
Cambridge the go-to train station. the best university to study abroad at. There's no college like ______ college. best brand of chocolate in England. An awesome Cambridge teacher. Hard
The Coldest Place on Earth a thickness of some material laid on or spread over a surface.. A continent that is around the South Pole.. to cast off the feathers, skin, or the like, that will be replaced by a new growth.. the fine, soft, thick, hairy coat of the skin of a mammal.. to walk with short steps,rocking from side to side, as a duck.. Older Children
Antarctica Some words are joined together as there can be no spaces A layer of floating ice attached to its main land. The greek word for Antarctica. The weather conditions. An extremely large area that hardly has anything. A layer of gases around a planet. Hard
Thailand Fill in the spaces below with the answers. What is the capital of Thailand?. What river forms part of Thailand's eastern border?. What is Thailand the worlds largest exporter of?. What type of cat is native to Thailand?. What is the currency in Thailand?. Hard
United States of America Location of the first battle of the Civil War. One of two states to never ratify the 18th Amendment. The only state in history to turn down the Olympics. The only state to enter the United States by treaty instead of territorial annexation. Home to the only US state capital without a McDonald's. Big
Georgia Complete the crossword puzzle. A mountain that stretches from Georgia to Maine.. There are 6 major ones in Georgia.. Contains the southern point of the Appalachian Mountains.. Contains narrow mountains and valleys.. The weather pattern of an area over a long period of time.. Very Difficult
What Do You Know About Memphis Where can you watch a live Tigers Basketball game. Memphis NBA team is the . Where on the main campus can you see Egyptian Antiquities and African Art for free?. What studio is the birthplace of Rock n Roll (Elvis Presely recorded here). What is the name of the museum where you can watch a blacksmith work AND see the best view of the Mississippi River?. Older Children
Winter in Australia What season comes after autumn ?. temperature is measured in d____________. balls of ice falling from the sky. white substance that falls from the sky in winter. object carried above your head, to keep you dry in winter. Big
Great Wall of China ___ wall of china. what did the watchtowers do to signalan attack. which centuries was the great wall mostly built in. the watch tower was protected by what. why was the wall built. Older Children
Costa Rica Costa Rica has over 100 of these and 7 of them are active. Most popular Costa Rican snack. One of the two Central American countries that is two words. Four common species of this animal include the Howler, Spider, White-face, and Squirrel. This country is south of Costa Rica. Hard
World Tourism Destination Country sits between France and Portugal. Is one of the gateway cities to South Africa. Country where you will find Great Wall attraction. This is the country or region which people travel to. Iraq's gateway city. Big
Whistable Complete the crossword using the definitions provided. a type of shellfish that has a rough shell and is eaten as food, often raw. Some types of oyster contain pearls.. an object that was made a long time ago and is historically important, for example a tool or weapon.. an area of water near the land where it is safe for boats to stay. . a place full of noise and activity and is usually pleasant and interesting.. a famous building or object that you can see and recognize easily.. Big
Tropical Forest An anteater's claws can get up to this many inches and is used mainly for protection.. The males of this species develop silver hair on their backs between the ages of 8 and 10.. This nocturnal primate with large round eyes can be found by Slither Inn.. Ring-tailed lemurs are from this country.. A group of hyenas is called a ____.. Big
Geography Province where you find Sun City. Country we live in. City where you woul;d find Table Mountain. City where Jaden lives. Continent we live on. Hard
Geography of Virginia Region that has the Great Valley of Virginia. The Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers flow into this river. . Prevents further travel by large ship on the rivers of Virginia. Region whose only industry is coal mining. Rivers empty into this body of water. Hard
Well known places in Brussels Where the Belgian royal family actually resides at. Official residence of the Belgian royal family; but they do not reside here. Official headquarters of the Belgian parliament. An international military alliance that is headquartered in Brussels. The most famous attraction in Brussels: a little boy peeing. Hard
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