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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
European Capital Cities Capital of Russia. Capital of Italy. Capital of Spain. Capital of the Netherlands. Capital of Greece. Older Children
European Countries Where two sports are combined. nicknamed “the land of the Midnight sun”. Deepest subway system at 105 feet. located between Serbia and the Adriatic Sea. A royal country. Very Difficult
European Exploration and Settlement The country that sponsored Christopher Columbus' voyage. . This man led the settlers in Jamestown. . The first country to claim lands we now call New York. . Spain claimed land on the East Coast of the modern-day US, in the state we now call ____________.. This crop was very profitable for people living in Virginia. . Older Children
European Geography famous river in Italy. capital of Poland. Rory McIlroy's home country. major european mountains. country of the Rhine River. Older Children
European Government An economy in which customs and habits of the past decide what and how goods and services are produced,distributed.and consumed.. Limited supply of something.. An economy in which changes in prices guide what and how goods and services will be produced,distributed,and consumed.. Workers in a business or a country.. The amount of goods available.. Big
European Monarchs 2 words - Louis XIV's nickname . When a country brings in 'elements of western culture'. Treaty of _________, ended the Thirty Year's War and reduced the power of the Holy Roman Empire. 3 words- declared Catholicism the official religion of France. strict Calvinists that demanded the Church of England to be further reformed. . Hard
Exploration and colonization Locate and circle the following words land claim. technology. technology. traders. trade. Big
Explorers of Texas Eight Explorers Crossword First explorer to report the 7 cities of Cibola. His report launched the Coronado Expedition.. Discovered the West Indies because took a wrong turn looking for a shorter route to Asia.. Went to Cibola to find the City of Gold, but it was adobe shining in the sunlight.. He searched for the seven golden cities in Cibola.. Muslim Slave from Northern Africa. Early explorer of Texas.. Teenage
Extreme Environments One hump or two. Sand, sand and more sand. Not very much of this happens. A large area of trees. Lots of them grow in the forest. Older Children
Famous Mountains of the World Mountains, Their Origin, and Location A plateau mountain in South Africa that is only 3,558 feet tall. A stratovolcano, the second tallest mountain in Africa with a height of 17,057 feet . A mountain created by plate tectonics in between China and Pakistan and is the 2nd tallest mountain. At 20,310 feet, the tallest mountain in North America and is located in Alaska; also known as Mount McKInley. Located between Italy and France, rising 15,781 feet tall and is the tallest mountain in the French Alps created by plate tectonics, glaciation, and erosion.. Big
Famous Places Guernica is located in this country. US state where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. King John of England signed the Magna Carta here in 1215. Soweto is located in this country. The Japanese forced the surrender of 10,000 US & Filipino troops here during WWII. Hard
Farming and Agriculture in NZ This is done to animals to kill worms and parasites. Making sure that unwanted pests don't get into NZ. The meat from a deer. Another name for chickens. A disease that affects kiwifruit vines. Hard
Five Themes of Geography Houses, Schools, Roads. Tells what a location is like. Things from nature. Areas that have something in common.. Describes how people and goods get from place to place. . Teenage
Flags of Texas Who flew the first flag over Texas. What design is on the French flag . What is the date of Texas independence. What is the nickname for the American Flag. Who flew the second flag over Texas. Hard
Florida State marine mammal. Florida Football team. Nickname of Florida. Where is the Magic Kingdom located. Florida Hockey team. Big
France Paul who is a famous French painter. Another of France's major mountain ranges. World's largest castle or palace. The capital of France. Caves with 17,000 year old rock paintings. Big
France Crossword a country in western Europe. small, hand painted terracotta nativity scenes. a romance language; 136 people speak this as their first language.. a French song. French general who became emperor of the French(1769-1821). Older Children
Fraser Island Capt Matthew ............... - one of the first white people on Fraser Island. All plant life on the island is ....... Musical instrument not used by the Butchella people. The method used to determine that in parts of Fraser Island the depth of sand is 100 m below sea level. Largest sand island in the World. Hard
French This city has the highest population density.. This word means country.. This word means music.. This word means pilgrim.. This region borders on the Mediterranean and Italy.. Teenage
French Use your Geography Unit 1 packet to help you answer the crossword. This region is known worldwide for its bubbly wine.. The transportation system between France and England.. These areas are compared to the states of the U.S.A.. This city has the highest population density.. This region borders on eight other regions, including Auvergne.. Hard
French Long and green.. White flower like vegetable.. Grows on a tree. Can be red, yellow or green.. Has no seeds and is great in soup.. Tropical fruit.. Hard
Fun Facts About Tennessee Famous Whiskey. Shape of the driveway at President Andrew Jackson's home Hermitage. State Motto: ___________ State. After drinking a cup of coffee in Nashville, which US President coined the phrase 'Good to the last drop'. State Flower. Big
Geography Fine grained mineral rich loam, dust or silt deposited by the wind.. The world of plants, animals, and other living things that occupy the land and waters of the planet.. The process by which the actual chemical structure of the rock is changed, usually when water and carbon dioxide cause a breakdown of the rock.. The actual breaking up or physical weakening of rock by forces such as ice and roots.. The water in oceans, lakes, rivers and water under the ground.. Hard
Geography A temperate grassland characterized by a great variety of grasses.. A layer of soil just below the Earth’s surface that stays permanently frozen.. Either of the two times a year when the sun appears directly overhead at the tropics of cancer and Capricorn.. The term used for the weather patterns that an area typically experiences over a long period of time.. The boundary between two masses of air that vary in temperature and density.. Hard
Geography Gases that absorb radiation from the earth and contribute the warming of the atmosphere (two words). This process occurs when incoming radiation is scattered by particles of dust or by molecules of gas.. A deep hollow opening or basin around the vent of a volcano.. The way an object in the real world is displayed on a map, often in a simplified manner.. point on a line where the line changes or where one line is joined by another or more lines.. Big
Geography a loss in the number of people living in an area. . place where earthquakes starts. . melted rock material that has reached the earths surface. . a crack in the earths crust caused bt stress. . the frozen deposition of water vapour from saturated air.. Very Difficult
geography Its mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea. has a population of about 11 million people. about 6million people live their. one of the major political and economic powers of the European continent. has the world's fifth largest nominal military budge. Older Children
Geography The point underground where rocks first begin to move. A fracture, or break, in Earth's lithosphere, along which blocks of rock move past eachother. The second seismic wave to arrive at any particular location after an earthquake. Earth's crust and the very top of the mantle. A layer of hotter, softer rock in the upper mantle. Older Children
Geography Feature of a youthful river. Calcite formation that hangs from the roof.. A stream or river which joins a larger river.. A volcano that has not erupted in recorded history.. Breaking down of rocks and transportation of this material.. Teenage
Geography this group of nations is made up of the poorest nations ____ world nations. study of data involving the characteristics of peopl. ability of a state to govern itself. ______ nations have many industries and advanced technologies. the average weathr conditins in an area over a long period of time. Hard
Geography Province where you find Sun City. Country we live in. City where you woul;d find Table Mountain. City where Jaden lives. Continent we live on. Hard
Geography An enclosed piece of water. . The source or beginning of a river. . A river or stream that flows into a larger river or stream. . A long ridge made up of materials deposited by a glasier.. Tributary systems subdivides headway like the limbs of a tree. Big
Geography and Map Skills lines of latitude. change lifestyle for the environmnet. divides the earth into eastern and western hemispheres. maps that show country borders. shows cardinal directions on a map. Teenage
Geography and Map Skills Read the clue and fill in the blanks with the correct answer to the clue imaginary line dividing the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. map showing boundaries between states or countries. shows the relationship between distance on earth and distance on the earth . one of the cardinal directions. one of the cardinal directions. Hard
Geography of Africa a forest in africa with lot's of rain. the boundary zone between the sahara to the north and rain forest to the south.. loss or scarcity of food. where farmers grow enough food for them and their family. a person who does not stay long in one place. Hard
GEOGRAPHY OF CANADA Banff National Park is located in this province. This maritime province is one of the four original provinces of Confederation.. The capital of Alberta is home to the largest mall in North America; the fifth largest mall in the world. The name of the last province to join Confederation, it is also a dog breed. The capital of Canada is in this province. Hard
Geography of Mexico damp. sources of energy. mountain range on the west coast of Mexico. largest lowland in Mexico. suitable for growing crops. Hard
Geography Of Panama What major port is on the pacific coastline?. What is one of the coastlines of panama?. Nearly 500____ laces panama's rugged landscape.. What is the capital of panama?. The highest point in panama is____?. Older Children
Geography of Spain Longest river of spain. The only country that borders Spain. Language spoken in Spain. Major ocean which lies to the west of Spain. Capital of Spain. Hard
Geography of the United States Lake that forms part of the border between New York and Vermont. This New England state borders on Long Island Sound. This river empties into Delaware Bay. one tributary of the Mississippi River. Otsego Lake is the source of this river. Hard
Geography of Virginia Region that has the Great Valley of Virginia. The Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers flow into this river. . Prevents further travel by large ship on the rivers of Virginia. Region whose only industry is coal mining. Rivers empty into this body of water. Hard
Georgia Complete the crossword puzzle. A mountain that stretches from Georgia to Maine.. There are 6 major ones in Georgia.. Contains the southern point of the Appalachian Mountains.. Contains narrow mountains and valleys.. The weather pattern of an area over a long period of time.. Very Difficult
Georgia Land and Economic Growth Tthe chief of the Cherokee who refuse to sign the treaty for the upper creeks. He was the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court . a invention that was made from separating cotton seed from its fiber . A set of over eighty written symbols that represented the syllables of the Cherokee language . He was the chief of the Cherokee nation who lead them through the trail of teArs. Hard
Georgia Regions In the north of Georgia. Is land next to an sea or ocean. We build vacation homes here. The Chattahoochee River ends in this region. An area that has some shared feature. Big
Germany Region Food Example: Bulletten. Germany is the Largest National Economy in Europe. Second Largest City in Germany. the conservative european order was made after _________ defeat. examined the tri-colors (Red,Black,and Gold) as the national colors for germany. Hard
Great Britain She was an extremely famous queen.. The forest where Robin Hood lived.. Where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married.. Huge cliffs of the coast of England.. Where the Royal Family lives.. Hard
Great Lakes Pollution that does not come from a single location, but rather from many sources such as runoff from farms. Large mass of ice found near Earth’s poles or in a high, cold mountain valley. Water from rainfall that is not absorbed into the soil and instead flows into streams or lakes. A series of plants and animals, each of which depends on the one below it for food. A community of all the living things in an area and the environment in which they live. Big
Great Wall of China ___ wall of china. what did the watchtowers do to signalan attack. which centuries was the great wall mostly built in. the watch tower was protected by what. why was the wall built. Older Children
Greece A type of government where the people can vote. A Greek philosopher and teacher whose ideas spread. A type of government for mass meetings to decide government matters. A Greek philosopher who invented the teaching method. A great military leader who helped spread Greek art. Hard
Greece rational thinking. in ancient Greece, play that mocked people or social customs. group of people who sworn to make a decision in a legal case. art of skillful speaking. city-state in ancient Greece. Big
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