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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Developing Countries The second stage of economic development.. Not repaying borrowed money.. The taking over of foreign property without some sort of payment in return.. The average remaining lifetime in years for persons who reach a certain age.. An agreement in which two or more countries reduce trade barriers and tariffs among themselves. . Hard
Farming and Agriculture in NZ This is done to animals to kill worms and parasites. Making sure that unwanted pests don't get into NZ. The meat from a deer. Another name for chickens. A disease that affects kiwifruit vines. Hard
Latin and Greek one who loves words. relating to what we hear. to measure eyesight. device to record small sounds. study of the earth. Very Difficult
French Long and green.. White flower like vegetable.. Grows on a tree. Can be red, yellow or green.. Has no seeds and is great in soup.. Tropical fruit.. Hard
War and Australia A place in which Australians soldiers fought in during WW1. Love for thy country. A place in Libya which Australian soldiers fought in. The forms of control the government imposed during WW2 such as conscription and censorship. Constantinople was the capital of this country. Hard
North Korea Dividing line between North and South Korea. Other City. Other City. Other City. Other City. Hard
Australia A popular wind instrument in Australia. Another common marsupial that lives in gum trees. A famous rock in Australia that is made out of sandstone. A place in Australia that is home to many animals. A season in Australia. Teenage
ASIA This puzzle is on Central, South and East Asia. What is the name of the river that is the third longest river that flows entirely within India?. This desert is a cold, flat tableland of approximately 500,000 sq. miles. It can get as cold as -40° in the winter and 120°F in the summer. It is prone to high winds and icy sandstorms in the winter.. The capital, Dushanbe, means 'Monday' which reflects that the city grew on the site of a village that originally was a popular Monday marketplace.. This basin is also known as the 'Red Basin' and is famous for rice cultivation.. This country is known as the most sparsely populated independent country in the world and is the worlds 2nd largest landlocked country after Kazakhstan.. Big
India river in India. mountain rainge north of India and the tallest range in the world. river in India. river in India. natural boder to the northwest of India. Hard
Pacific Nations and Territories The problem of knowing which way you are going. Fertilized eggs. Starting from a known position and then just heading in the direction of your destination. A coral island. Tool that is useful to know direction. Hard
VIVA ITALIA puzzle on Italy Sistine Chapel master (12). Xmas Italian traditional cake (9). Elaine's favourite Italian drink (10). chocolate spread (7). Italian for love (5). Big
China vast desert. change. beautiful characters. made of fine clay and baked at high temperatures. capital city. Hard
Life in Ancient Japan people who share a family history. Japanese chief. Tribe leader. a person who is sent by one ruler to meet with another ruler. the art of shaping metal into objects. Older Children
Vocabulary World Studies French congress; representatives of the 3rd estate. A man who slowly gathered control and owned his own land. A death machine. Political figures and ordinary people were executed. A series of meetings. Big
Information of the Arab Nations The religion practiced in Israel. . The cause of the Nile to overflow in the spring.. This is walked around 7 times by Muslims who go to Mecca.. The cause of the rise in the Muslim population in Lebanon.. The language spoken in Turkey.. Hard
Biomes temperate zone forest whose trees drop their braod, flat leaves each fall. areas that receive less than 25cm of precipitation a year and have little or no vegetation. considered the primary layer of the rain forest. referes to the weather conditions, such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, and winds, in an area over a long period of time. permanently frozen soil. Older Children
New York State Abbreviation. Bordering Country. Island we live on. State's Capital. State Mammal. Older Children
How Well Do You Know......Arabia? believed to be prophet, visited by an angel while on a hill, created Islam. the beliefs of most Arabs at the time. fifth pillar of Islam. People who stayed in one town. second pillar of Islam. Very Difficult
Canadian Geography A tax placed on goods entering a country.. When molten lava cools beneath the earths surface.. This shield was formed as a large volcanic island.. Always being worn down by weathering and erosion,. Who studied plate tectonics?. Big
Arabia Muslims practiced religious ___________ with people they conquered.. The temperature in Arabia are very ________.. Trade also brought many __________ groups of people.. Muhammad taught ____________ that there is only one God to believe in.. There are lots of huge ________ ________ in deserts.. Hard
Tennessee the designer of the state capitol. tennessee got their nickname because of the large groups of volunteers from this state for the war of 1812. state flower. state bird. the state name came from a Cherokee village called-. Older Children
Mexico Favorite sport of Mexico. Mexican unit of money. Spanish explorer who defeated the Aztecs. Name of the woman who appeared to Juan Diego. The main religion of Mexico. Hard
Geography of Spain Longest river of spain. The only country that borders Spain. Language spoken in Spain. Major ocean which lies to the west of Spain. Capital of Spain. Hard
Viva New Jersey a popular vacation spot. someone who is creative; who likes to draw, paint, color, etc.. a place to buy things . hallway. to pay no attention to. Big
Malaysia Malaysia Day is held every 16 _____________ every year to mark the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia. Tun ___________ was the fourth prime minister of Malaysia. This tree was introduced as commercial agriculture by the British during their colonization in Malaya. This island was founded by Captain Francis Light of the British East India Company in 1786. It was named Price of Wales Island. It is now a state within Malaysia. What is its modern name?. The flag of Malaysia also known as Jalur ____________. Big
New Orleans long's aversion. resident md. malone's new addition. walter's map contribution. stewart's pigskin passion. Older Children
Texas History Texas Cattle. Famous Mission. Lone Star State. Colliding Climate result. Highest Elevation in Texas. Moderately Challenging
The Middle East Fill in the crossword using the clues. movement: thoughts. religions, traditions, holidays, customs, clothing, etc.. area with minimal rainfall. most populated city: Istanbul. the shape of the land. Moderately Challenging
Earth's Human Geography a form of government in which all adults take part in decisions. a system in which people make, exchange, and use things that have value. a region that belongs to another state. nations with many industries and advanced technology. people who move into one country from another. Big
acient greece woman had to be this to have strong kids. the type of government system where all people vote direct on issue . cheif of state of ancient athens . athenian statesman encoureged the spread of democracy in athens and growth of city and states power. young boys sent here in groups with no tools or food . Hard
Countries of eastern europe Capital of 10 countires Kiev. Riva. Vilnius. Moscow. Prague. Hard
Countries of eastern europe Capital of 10 countires Kiev. Riva. Vilnius. Moscow. Prague. Teenage
Ancient Greece process of making inferences. calculated the size of the earth. beliefs and rituals. all peopole vote directly on an issue. King of Mecidonia. Hard
GEOGRAPHY OF CANADA Banff National Park is located in this province. This maritime province is one of the four original provinces of Confederation.. The capital of Alberta is home to the largest mall in North America; the fifth largest mall in the world. The name of the last province to join Confederation, it is also a dog breed. The capital of Canada is in this province. Hard
Five Themes of Geography Houses, Schools, Roads. Tells what a location is like. Things from nature. Areas that have something in common.. Describes how people and goods get from place to place. . Teenage
The Greek City city founded by Greeks, later called Constatinople. the city-state became the central focus of Greek Life. rule by the few. hoplites went into battle as unit,marching shoulder to shoulder in a rectagular formation. open area were people could assemble and market. Very Difficult
Southern Counties Pinnacle Rock State Park. second longest river; named for county. youngest county; named for Indian tribe. most southern and largest coal producing county. named for hunter and explorer. Teenage
Explorers of Texas Eight Explorers Crossword First explorer to report the 7 cities of Cibola. His report launched the Coronado Expedition.. Discovered the West Indies because took a wrong turn looking for a shorter route to Asia.. Went to Cibola to find the City of Gold, but it was adobe shining in the sunlight.. He searched for the seven golden cities in Cibola.. Muslim Slave from Northern Africa. Early explorer of Texas.. Teenage
What's in Thailand something easy to ride around on.. we have dollars, they have.... represents their country.. sculptures.. he receives lots of kindness from his country.. Adult
Thailand The currency in Thailand.. A climate in Thailand.. A country in Asia.. The priminister of Thailand. A food they eat with there fingers.. Adult
American West mountain chain that extends from the arctic circle to the bottom of South America. deepest canyon in US. most dangerous animal in north america. largest desert in the united states. most famous in yellowstone erupts about every 80 minutes or so. Teenage
Proper Adjectives A person who is from America. A person who is from Asia. Language spoken in America. A person who is from Canada. Believer that God is the almighty father and Jesus is his son. Teenage
Geography and Map Skills lines of latitude. change lifestyle for the environmnet. divides the earth into eastern and western hemispheres. maps that show country borders. shows cardinal directions on a map. Teenage
Exploration and colonization Locate and circle the following words land claim. technology. technology. traders. trade. Big
Ancient Sumer and Egypt a system of writing which used wedge shaped marks as complete words. a political unit that includes a city and its surrounding land and villiages. the person who supervised the business of government in Egypt. a system of supplying water from flooded areas to dry areas for the purpose of cultivating crops . a temple used to worship gods. Hard
Italy crossword puzzle A socialist that was the leader of a movement called facism in the early 1900's. A famous painter and sculptor from a small Tuscan town near Arezzo, Italy. The ancient people of Sicily. An American actor from Italy. A popular dessert in from Italy. Hard
Sydney Town name of famous beach. type of park also a popular amusement centre. type of house which has popularized Sydney city. well known native animal often visited at Castle Hill tourist spot. well known city gardens. Hard
World History a city and its surrounding area. seasonal storms that dominate India’s climate. developed by the Hebrews-means one God. many gods. early Sumerian achievement . Big
water works near banks penintula. near puysegur point. near wanganui. a river near hokianga harbour. south island. Hard
rivers, lakes, islands. down by south cape. by the cape foulwind. near the secretary island. near the kaioura ranges. by ophir. Hard
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