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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Greenland find the words related with the country of Greenland the largest animal and it lives in the ocean. where Greenland is found. what the country gets for food. the country we are discussing this week. these are seen in the ocean- don't hit one you may sink. Adult
Griffith Park Observatory Words tendency for an object to keep its current state of motion. atoms smashed together with heat and pressure & release more energy. orbits sun, massive, 8. Where pluto is. wet & fluid state of matter. Hard
Guatemala The capital of Guatemala . Guatemala's national beer . Those of Mayan descent often feast on this vegetable, beef, and cabbage stew. The most popular meat; some remote places serve it with the feet still attached. The official language. Hard
Guatemala Complete the crossword below The Spanish word for 'festival'. Guatemala is the ______ largest city in Central America. The capital city of Guatemala. The Spanish word for 'currency' . The Spanish word for 'population' . Older Children
Guyana The unit of currency in Guyana. Guyana is the only country that has this official language in South America. Most of the citizens of Guyana are of this origin. Third smallest country in South America. In 1978, this cult leader caused 900 of his supporters to commit suicide. Hard
Hawaii This word means both hello and goodbye in Hawaii. 1/3 of the worlds supply of this fruit comes from Hawaii. This water activity was invented here. The rainest place on earth. Name the most popular destination among tourists. Big
Hinduism, Buddhism, and Ancient India Indian impire founded by Chandragupta, beginning with his kingdom in northeast India and spreading to most of the northern and central India. to change one's beliefs; in particular to change from one religion to another . an Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama, Buddhism developed from his teachings, 'Enlightened One'. social classes. books that Buddha's followers brought toether consisting of his key teachings . Hard
Hong Kong Historical Facts 1990: The [10] was approved to be the symbol of Hong Kong.. 1500s: European ships began arriving along China's southern coast. Driven by trade, the [2] were among the first to hit the scene in Hong Kong.. 1950s: Hong Kong enjoyed economic rivival based on [5] industries, such as textiles.. 1941: After attacking Pearl Harbour, the Japanese army invaded Hong Kong. Western citizens were interned in [4], while Chinese citizens were massared in large numbers.. 1841: When Hong Kong became part of Queen Victoria's dominions, foreign secretary [3] famously called Hong Kong a 'barren island with barely a house on it'.. Teenage
How Well Do You Know Your State California The location of the motion picture industry. land of zoos and seaworld. The state to the southeast. The state tree. Skiing place. Big
How Well Do You Know......Arabia? believed to be prophet, visited by an angel while on a hill, created Islam. the beliefs of most Arabs at the time. fifth pillar of Islam. People who stayed in one town. second pillar of Islam. Very Difficult
Hyderabad Monument perfect match. make a place or monument look ugly. a noise which sounds like a complain. built to celebrate the end of plague. make a noise likea mouse. Teenage
Idaho Enjoy this crossword, have fun Idaho's state motto. Idaho's state gemstone. Idaho's state bird. Idaho's state horse. Idaho's state fruit. Big
Illinois Capital City. Largest City. Main Import. Famous President. Number of Statehood. Older Children
Imperial Russia What is the name of Russia's largest river?. What is the name of Russia's capital city at the turn of the century?. What is the name given to those who worked in the Civil Service?. What was the name given to the emperor of imperial Russia? . What was the family name of Russi's last ruling family?. Hard
Imperialism in India A crop grown to be sold for profit. The change from a traditional culture to one more similar to western nations. The belief that is the obligation of white people to provide for and enlighten native people. The establishment of colonies in foreign lands that have been taken under control by a nation. The collapsing empire that ruled India prior to British control. Big
In and Around Seattle A path where you can go hiking.. The best place for hungry visitors.. This animal has five pairs of legs and you can eat it.. The underground part of a tree.. Watch out - they trow huge fishes around.. Older Children
Independence in Africa Depended on oil export. Political system was dominated by whites. First former British colony to gain independence. The unity of all blacks. ANC leader. Older Children
India Do you know your facts about India? Hint: all words are somewhere in this magizine! India has the ...... largest population in the world.. The Indian ..... is the offical currency of India. Also known as the 'Festival of Lights'. The smallest state in India. A long coat worn by men. Hard
India river in India. mountain rainge north of India and the tallest range in the world. river in India. river in India. natural boder to the northwest of India. Hard
India A type of Indian ice-cream. India's flag's colours. A type of Indian rice. India's national animal. Something that Indians cook with. Hard
India A journey to a holy place. In Hindu belief, a person's essential self. In Hinduism, the belief that how a person lives will affect their next life. A man originally named Siddhartha Gautama who lived in India from about 563-483 BCE and began the religion of Buddhism. An aspect of the land, such as mountains, rivers, and plateaus. Big
India Member of the third-highest Indian caste grouping, made up of landowners, bankers, and merchants. The effect of a personís actions in this and in a previous life. Member of the second-highest Indian caste grouping, made up of rulers . Member of the fourth-highest caste grouping, made up of farmers, servants and people who did manual labor . Avoiding doing harm to any living thing. Hard
India Buddhists believe is a way of life that can help them find relief from their suffering.. The enlightened one was meditating here when he realized that he never lost what he was looking for.. An example of one is, 'Suffering is a part of life for all people.'. 'The Enightened One'. A way of clearing the mind.. Hard
India do the following crossword puzzle composed of slim triangular or wedge-shaped elements, as the characters used in writing by the ancient Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and others.. a Jewish house of worship, often having facilities for religious instruction.. the doctrine of or belief in more than one god or in many gods. to accustom to household life or affairs.. the doctrine or belief that there is only one God. Hard
India and China Dynasty known for thier work with bronze. Chinese Dynasty that lasted for more than 800 years. . Chinese Dynasty that built the great wall. What you need to be careful of if you want to move up a caste level. China's first great thinker and teacher. Hard
Indian Drainage System Other for River Brahmaputra in China.. This river rises in the amarkantak hills.. The headwaters of the River Ganga.. Worlds largest and fastest growing delta.. A river along with its tributaries is called so.. Hard
Indian Drainage System Other for River Brahmaputra in China.. This river rises in the amarkantak hills.. The headwaters of the River Ganga.. The place where Indus River rises.. Most of the fresh water lakes are in this region in India.. Hard
Indian river The name by which Brahmaputra is known in Tibet. Rivers having water throughout the year. The district in which river Indus enters India. The place where river Indus originates. The name by which the jointation of the Ganga and the Brahmaputra is known as. Hard
Indian Society A empire that united most of indian subcontinent. After Asokas death this dynasty dominated the region for hundreds of years.. A division of a society based on social and economic status. Another popular religion during that time. . Chandragupta's grandson, took throne in 301 BCE, ruled for 32 years and brought Mauryan Empire to great heights. . Big
Indiana Indiana`s top publicly traded company. Pop artist that grew up in Indiana. Biggest car race in Indiana. Iniana`s governor. Indian`s NFL team. Older Children
Indonesia Item that is scarce in Indonesia. The type of economic system. The economy is considered. The name of the currency. Abundance of this item. Teenage
Information of the Arab Nations The religion practiced in Israel. . The cause of the Nile to overflow in the spring.. This is walked around 7 times by Muslims who go to Mecca.. The cause of the rise in the Muslim population in Lebanon.. The language spoken in Turkey.. Hard
Introduction to Japan ainu gods of nature. most important male god in Japanese mythology . similar, alike. Japan is located in this ocean. Japan's nickname. Hard
Iowa Name of ISU fight song. ISU's First Bowl Game . Iowa State Stadium name. Team that won the first Hawkeye/Cyclone meeting in 1894. Iowa's starting Quarterback, last name. Hard
Iowa vs Iowa Name of ISU fight song. ISU's First Bowl Game name. Iowa State Stadium name. Team that won the first Hawkeye/Cyclone meeting in 1894. Iowa State's head football coach. Hard
Iran none Who is the leader of Iran?. What type of government does iran have?. What mountain range is in north Iran?. What mountain range covers the entire west Iran?. What body of water is north of Iran?. Hard
Ireland having independent authority over a geographic area. major political development in the Northern Ireland peace process. act passed by the parliment of the UK intended to provide self-government for ireland. common religion in Northern Ireland. Capital of the Republic of Ireland. Hard
Islam and Ancient China the Muslims who overthrew the Umayyads. a central authority that controls the running of the entire state or nation. family that overthrew the first Caliphs. name the first dynasty in China. Muslims who rejected worldly possessions and focused on direct contact with God through mystical means. Hard
Italian Words A circular building,especially one with a dome. A fluttering sound made by certain birds. The secret meeting was defended by (a) ________(s). A four-stringed instrument, part of the violin family. Suitable for a picture. Hard
Italy What is Italy shaped like?. About how many religions are there?. What country am I teaching about?. What stage in Demographic Transition is Italy in?. What part of Europe is Italy in?. Older Children
Italy Italy has three of these which are active. Italy's most popular sport. This color in Italy's flag represents hope. The number of regions Italy is divided into. In the north this mountain range separates Italy from other countries. Hard
Italy Attractions world renowned opera house. spa near lake Garda. artistic experience named after a puppet who became human. most popular beaches in Italy with lots of stretches of sand. home of winter olympics 2006. Hard
Italy crossword puzzle A socialist that was the leader of a movement called facism in the early 1900's. A famous painter and sculptor from a small Tuscan town near Arezzo, Italy. The ancient people of Sicily. An American actor from Italy. A popular dessert in from Italy. Hard
Jamaica _____ Botanical Gardens. Popular Jamaican sport. Was a precursor to Reggae. Largest export known as Cannabis or. Largest labor force. Older Children
Japan Exciting and colorful dramas that dealt with themes such as love and revenge. Puppet theater. American general who guided Japan to democracy. One out of every three Japanese working women is an OL or ___ . Special Cram schools . Hard
Japan name of second plane to drop an atomic bomb. last Japanese soldier to surrender. Japanese supreme military commander. US army general in charge of the Pacific area. Japanese attacked here Dec.7,1941. Very Difficult
Japan Samurai valued _______ more than their lives.. what is a military leader of Japan called?. Amida buddhists believed all people could reach ________.. Mastering the skills of the samurai required extensive ____________.. what is the first city that is truly japanese?. Hard
Japan How are the eggs packaged in Japan? . Why couldn't they leave?. What is the name of the cat? . The leased populated location in the region is? . How many major islands does Japan consist of?. Hard
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