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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Australia the language spoken in Australia. the worldīs biggest monolith. the typical climate in Australia. a typical australian animal (lays eggs). The Great Barrier .... Older Children
Australia a nickname for Australia. an original Australian instrument. Australia is the smallest -- in the world. a large rock formation in Australia. a marsupial with powerful hind legs. Moderately Challenging
Australia A colourful Australian parrot.. Princess Mary comes from Tasmania but now lives in which country?. What it the capital city of South Australia?. Australia's floral eblem.. Australia's most famous horse race is the Melbourne . Older Children
Australia Use the words below to figure out this crossword puzzle. This place is a multi-venue performing arts centre in Sydney.. The worlds largest sand Island . One of Australias most well known and photographed land marks.. This locatio is situated near the township of Coles Bay . This place is very popular and the me of the surrounding surburb, Sydney.. Big
Australia and Oceania How does El Nino affect Australia. How were the islands of Polynesia and Micronesia formed. Countries are interested in Antarctica for the _____________. What is the arid interior of Australia called. Which Europeans settled in New Zealand and Australia first. Big
Australia's Land & Regions A dry area with less than 250mm of rain a year.. The area where the land meets the sea or ocean. . Uluru is the most famous example of this landform. . The natural process by which the surface of an object is gradually destroyed by rain, wind, currents etc.. A chain of hills &/or mountains.. Big
Australia's Landforms Where water falls from a high area to a low area. A flat area. An area with very little rainfall. The area between the land & the ocean or sea. A flat area, next to a river that sometimes floods. Older Children
Australia's Unique Character Plants and animals . Being equal and having the sane rights and opportunities . Measurement of temperament . The ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular society . Any of the worlds main expanses of land. Big
Australia-Pacific the New World. peninsula composed of Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. type of cloth which were sought by Europeans. last German attack to defeat the Allied powers in Britain. where Pearl Harbour is. Hard
Australian Economy Australia uses this to make their companies run more efficiently. island continent and country. economy used by Aborigines. Australia is the leading producer of this mineral used to make aluminum. those who buy or use goods and services. Hard
Australian Explorer A circle that shows you North, East, South and West.. Overcoming fears or something you are scared of.. Food and clothing.. Big pieces of material used to make the boat go.. A big lot of land found by Captain Cook.. Older Children
Australian History Complete the puzzle after captain cook discovered parts of Australia, he named that country.... (3, 5, 5 ). Where does Captain Cook place the union flag? (10, 6). What year did Captain Cook land in Botany Bay? (9, 7). What is the name of Captain James Cook ship? (9). Where was Captain cook going to observe the transit of Venus ( 6). Hard
Australian World Australian nickname. Baby kangaroo. Egg-laying mammal. Marsupial symbol of Australia. Native people. Older Children
Bangladesh What is the currency of Bangladesh?. Which Bengali poet was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913? . What was Bangladesh called before it became independent?. What is the national flower of Bangladesh?. The production of which crop is still a main staple of the country and an important part of its economy?. Hard
Barcelona try and find these in your fun facts, or just see what you know about Barcelona how many seconds between each traffic accident in Barcelona. how many languages spoken. national Spanish dance, not well known in Barcelona . sea where Barcelona is. one of the rumoured founders. Older Children
Belgium Crossword language spoken in Brussels. 100m high site where there is a panoramic view over the Battlefield. one of Europe's most perfectly preserved Gothic-Baroque squares found in Brussels. a statue/ fountain of a boy cherubically relieving himself; found in Brussels. circular, naturalistic painting of the battle on a canvas with a 110m circumference. Hard
Benelux Countries Drained lands that have rich farming soil. The center of the worlds diamond industry. About 25% of which Benelux country is under sea level. The capital and headquarter of the European Union. Name for the Netherlands citizens . Older Children
Biomes Limestone ridge found in tropical climates and composed of coral fragments that are depositied around organic remains. Area of land that is periodically underwater or whose soil contains a great deal of moisture. A forest that is characterized by trees that shed their leaves in the fall. A species that colonizes an uninhabited area and that starts an ecological cycle. The organisms that live at the bottom of a pond, lake, or ocean. Big
Biomes temperate zone forest whose trees drop their braod, flat leaves each fall. areas that receive less than 25cm of precipitation a year and have little or no vegetation. considered the primary layer of the rain forest. referes to the weather conditions, such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, and winds, in an area over a long period of time. permanently frozen soil. Older Children
Boston Ugly building in Government Center. Top place to go shopping. Famous for its golden dome. The Citgo sign resides here. Been around since 1901. Hard
Brazil Largest city . One of five of Brazil's inmates are ? . 2nd largest city. About 1/3 of Brazilians work in ? . Biggest rain forest in the world . Hard
Brazil a Portuguese emperor who made Brazil an independent empire. one of the two rare african religion practiced in Brazil. the president and head of government in Brazil. the longest river in South America. one of the two large mountains ranges. Hard
Brazil and Belgium Most Urbanized Region in Brazil. A primary industry -oranges, wheat etc.. Unscramble-vegndleopi. Capital of belguim. Main Language in Belgium. Moderately Challenging
British Cities You can find Lord Nelson's ship here.. You can find the SS Great Britain (big ship) here!. Northern town that was popular with the Vikings.. A town that is a good place to soak.. They send you here, if they don't want to talk to you.. Big
British Columbia the act of adding another territory to one's own. the group of persons entitled to vote. a person of Hawaiian descent who immigrated to BC to work; many were contracted to work with the HBC. Informal Group to try and stop immigration from Asia. A route into the interior that eased travel and provided an effective government presence. Put the Colonial government into great debt. Hard
British Columbia There would be ______________ for public works.. British Columbia entered _____________ much more easily.. ____________ were successful and, in 1871, British Columbia became a Province of Canada.. The residents were worried that the_____________ might be annexed by the United States.. ____________ would assume British Columbia's debt.. Hard
British Columbia's Economy and Technology Canada's second transcontinental railway line. . The driving the last spike ceremony took place at this location at Eagle Pass in British Columbia on November 7th, 1885. The main contractor for construction who hired over 15,000 workers from China due to the shortage of labour in the province.. The most famous of the bus pilots who started Yukon Southern Air Transport in 1930.. This person promoted the railway and committed government money to complete its construction to Fort George. . Hard
California Beautiful Californian island about 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles. The airport code for California's largest airport. Other US state that is larger in size than California. The first of these fast food restaurants opened in California in 1940.. Name of the place that is the hottest and driest in all of the United States. Hard
Cambridge the go-to train station. the best university to study abroad at. There's no college like ______ college. best brand of chocolate in England. An awesome Cambridge teacher. Hard
Canada The home of the Calgary stampede. Home of the Canucks hockey team. One of three maritime provinces. Canadian Prime Minister. Capital of Alberta. Hard
Canada to move or speak like somebody else does. If parents donīt allow many things, they are .... something people do when they are sad. a place where people go to move to the music. text of a song. Older Children
Canada What is the name of the Canadian police force?. What is the symbol of Canada?. What month is Canada Day celebrated?. What is the highest mountain called? (5.5). ......, Falls. Big
Canada's Changing Population Inuit language. the province or territory in Canada that has the widest base (youngest population) in its population pyramid. this category is the only way for young children to enter Canada as immigrants. this is an indicator of how quickly a population will grow. number of children born in a year, for every 1000 habitants . Hard
Canada's First Peoples different. natives who live in the Great Lakes and St Lawrence River region. they believe they were created by the Creator and have always lived in North America. everyone agrees. old ways and customs. Hard
Canadas Mineral Wealth used to mine oilsands, coal and other minerals that are located un horizontal layers near the surface. naturally occuring, pure, non-living substance found in rocks. any mineral that can be burned to produce energy (coal, natural gas, oil etc.). non-metallic minerals such as salt or asbestos, used in industry and manufacturing. rock that contains enough valuable minerals to make mining profitable. Moderately Challenging
Canadian name of Canadian currency. Canadas national winter sport. Gravy and cheese curd covered fries. every _____ years federal elections are held. the name of Canadas national anthem. Older Children
Canadian Geography A tax placed on goods entering a country.. When molten lava cools beneath the earths surface.. This shield was formed as a large volcanic island.. Always being worn down by weathering and erosion,. Who studied plate tectonics?. Big
Canadian Government Supreme authority/power. Being confined in prison. The exclusion of employees by their employer. Where you are proven innocent or guilty. The committee of senior ministers. Hard
Canadian Government the government must be able to answer for their actions (such as how they spend our money). represented by the total votes a party gets (as opposed to seats they win). a deep rooted personal opinion. memorable quotes repeatedly used by politicians to present an idea '....he's just not ready'. branch that puts laws into action (gets the process or 'ball' rolling on them) - prime minister and their cabinet. Hard
Capital cities Saniago is the capital. The capital of Venezuela. San Jose is its capital city. Cuba's capital. Capital of Jamaica. Teenage
Capital Cities Capital city of USA. Capital city of England. Capital city of Ireland. Capital city of New Zealand. Capital city of Belguim. Older Children
Capital Cities of.... Poland. Paris. Japan. Enlgand. Ireland. Easy
Capitals Write down the capital of each country listed New Zealand . Russia. Aphganistan. Italy. Spain. Very Difficult
Capitals Belize. Senegal. Fiji. Norway. Samoa. Hard
Capitals of South America Uruguay. Paraguay. French Guiana. Columbia. Ecuador. Hard
Capitals of Spanish speaking countries Write the capital for the country given Colombia. Cuba. Chile. Costa Rica. Mexico. Teenage
Capitals of Spanish speaking countries Write the capital for the country given Uruguay. El Salvador. Venezuela. Honduras. Guatemala. Teenage
Capitals of Spanish speaking countries Write the capital for the country given Uruguay. El Salvador. Venezuela. Honduras. Guatemala. Teenage
Caribbean Islands Half of an island split with Haiti.. Classified as an American Territory. Eastern-most Spanish-speaking isand.. Capital of Cuba.. Country ruled by Raul Castro.. Capital of Puerto Rico.. Older Children
Central and Southern Africa Mandela and de Klerk won this prize for ending apartheid.. One of the largest black ethnic groups in South Africa.. An area of the Congo covered in savanna.. South Africans were banned from these athletic events during apartheid.. At a ____ plant, electricity is generated by flowing water.. Hard
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