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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Saarland What are the two laungauges of Saarland? . Where is Saarland located in Germany?. Where is the Kalsberg Brewery? . What is the population of Saarland? . What is a product of Saarbrücken?. Hard
Australian June through August are Australia's _______ months. A sacred site of the local Aboriginal people. A body of water that lies along Australia's northeast coastline. Indigenous Australians inhabit this dry,flat area. The flattest continent in the world. Big
Louisiana Treasures The best home cook. Oldest town in state. Fragrant white summer flower. Captain Shreve made it navigable. Famed state university. Hard
The West Name given to men who made their livinng by Ranching. Farmers who broke up Sod. Cattle named after a State. When cowboys herded a large amount of cattle to go to Market or to graze. Miners would mine for days for this. Older Children
Hawaii Political transition of land; appropriation. A tax on an import. President of Hawaii prior of annexation by the U.S.. Alaska's purchase. An inanimate object that is derived from a tall leafy stalk. Big
Russian Geography Complete the crossword below A mountain range that runs approximately from north to south through western Russia.. Lake Baikal is an ancient, massive lake in the mountainous Russian region of Siberia.. A vast Russian province encompassing most of Northern Asia.. The Volga is the longest river in Europe. It is also Europe's largest river in terms of discharge and watershed.. The extreme east parts of Russia, between Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia and the Pacific Ocean.. Hard
Empires in East Asia means 'supreme general if the emperor's army.'. The period from mid-1200s to the mid 1300s during which the Mongols brought stability and law and order to much of Eurasia is called?. What rulers built extensive city-and-temple complexes in what is now Cambodia?. The Mongol leader who built a huge empire in Central Asia in the early 1200s was?. A person who herds domesticated animals is called a?. Hard
What I Like About Mt Vernon We have a former NBA player from our town named Nate __________. Because of Good ________ Hospital. The large stone building on the Square is the Jefferson County _________. Because our high school athletic teams are nicknamed the _______. Because Mt Vernon is in this great state. Older Children
Egypt No separation between religion and government . Enslaved Hebrew people including famous figure, Moses. An example of a specialized workers service. ______ were called pharaohs honored as gods. Most service performed by _____. Big
British Empire An independent nation that keeps authority on all the local levels but has to fulfill certain obligations given to them by the mother country, in return the mother country takes care of any international or defense needs. . It was the only thing the British did not have a monopoly in however it improved the nation the most. . A group of overseas territories that are under the control of the British government or by a British company if the Monarch granted them a charter. Usually ran locally by a Governor who was selected by the Monarch.. A national policy of increasing authority and dominion in foreign countries. The British Empires method of taking foreign lands, then uniting them to the mother country, then take the raw material found in the territory. . After this event in 1805, the British achieved domination of the seas. . Big
Dartmoor a spiked wild fern plant. myths of grandeur. guarded area. how animals in a place interact with the countryside. the indigenous animals. Hard
Ireland Another name for Ireland. old language. Irish national day. Game the Irish like to play. Capital city of Ireland. Older Children
Muslim Empires persain (Iranian) ruler. ottaman official who collected taxes and amintained law and order. ottaman religious advisors who ran schools and administered laws. ottaman ruler in Constantinople. member of an elite guard. Hard
Ancient China Ceral grain. New version of Confucianism based on the teachings of Laozi.. High ruler in Ancient China. Collection od ideas and sayings by Confucious. Ideas and philosophy of Confucious. Hard
All about Rhode Island Painting of a person - the Rhode Island State House has many!. Founder of Providence, the first colonial settlement in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island State House has the 4th largest of these in the world!. Rhode Island's state motto. Head of the Executive Branch of State Government. Very Difficult
Around the World Do you know the famous cities and countries in this puzzle? Picasso's country. Winter Olympic city of Canada. Parlez-vous francais? Country. Example: Sahara, Gobi, Arabian. Home of Mt. Fuji . Hard
Europe Made up of many things that are the same.. Strong winds that blow from the west to the east.. A journey to a sacred place.. Water that is somewhat salty.. The mass murder of people from a particular ethnic group.. Hard
South America A member of a small, defensive force of irregular soldiers. The umbrella-like covering formed by the tops of trees in the rain forest.. An inland area that is remote from the urban areas of a country.. An area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn that has generally warm temperatures.. The treeless grasslands of Argentina and Uruguay. Hard
Florida History All about Florida Tampa's no 1 export. This happens every year at the Florida-Alabama border. Mike Allstot belonged to this group. Longes working wine cellar. State marine mammal. Big
Asia General Knowledge Sound of a clock, also a little bloodsucker. Something that bothers you, also something that bothers plants. Money, also the color of your thumb. How medicine is sometimes packaged, also a dry fruit that splits open. A supernatural event, also a strange growth of fungi. Hard
Geography any division of the Earth marked by having its own time. average or prevailing weather conditions of an area over time . details of a location, can be both Physical and Cultural. horizontal lines on a map, Equator. zone of gases surrounding the earth. Big
Europe Today Iceland taps the molten rock beneath its surface to make . Polands democratic leaders quickly move toward . Norway ,meanwhile,is known for its many. This creates hot springs . Frances agriculture is characterized . Big
Tropical Rainforest Biome Vocabulary & Definitions An evergreen forest with abundant rainfall and a warm, humid climate located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn . Rainfall not absorbed by soil. The layer of the forest formed by the crown of tall trees, often 65-100 feet (20- 30 meters) tall. An animal that lives in, or is adapted to living in trees. An animal without a backbone. Hard
Southwest Asian Civilizations Complete the crossword below. the religion of the Israelites of the Bible and of the Jews today. a house of worship and communal center of a Jewish congregation. the belief in many gods. the belief in one god. soldiers marching on foot. Hard
Geography any one of the world's divisions that has its own time. average or prevailing weather conditions of an area over time . Horizontal map lines, (ex.Prime Meridian). layer of gases surrounding the earth. The air and pressure that supports living things.. a location with a human element or interaction. Older Children
All about Rhode Island Founder of Providence, the first colonial settlement in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island State House has the 4th largest of these in the world!. Rhode Island's state motto. A letter signed by many people in support of, or in opposition to, a proposed law. Someone who represents you in Congress or the General Assembly. Hard
Southwest Asia/North Africa In 1900 B.C., _____ developed as a religion.. These regions are considered _____ _____ because such things as religion, use of tools and weapons, organized social structures, etc. of agriculture started and spread from these areas.. In 1948 A.D., the state of _____ was founded.. In 638 A.D., the _____ conquered Jerusalem.. The type of person who believes Jesus was a prophet.. Hard
Canada National Winter sport of Canada.. The co-existence of diverse cultures.. Winter hat.. Number of provinces and territories in Canada.. National Summer sport of Canada.. Big
The Northern Lights Which season is best to see them?. The Northern Lights are actually a result of collisions between______ particles.. One of the most common colors of Northern Lights is pale___.. Clear ________ make it easier to see them.. scientific name for Northern Lights in the north. Older Children
Arkansas History Alternate Designation of the 7th Regiment, Arkansas State Troops.. Place where the operations on ___, for the battle of Saint Charles.. Senator of Arkansas through the years 1862-1864. Last name of Johnson.. Last name of the commander who commanded “Walker’s Regiment”.. Arkansas’s first volunteer soldiers served in this unit. . Hard
Republic of Texas Key Terms Please match the key terms Legally adding land area to the U.S.. the independent nation that lasted from 1836-1846.. an official agreement.. the length of time a person serves as president.. An agreement to work together. Big
The Making of Modern Britain Revision themes First Labour Prime Minister after WW2. Churchill's original political party. Nickname of Macmillan. Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer who introduced prescription charges in 1951. Churchill's successor as Prime Minister. Hard
SW Asia and N Africa desert located in North Africa. religion that revolves around study and the observance of God's law written in the Torah and expounded in the Talmud. place where culture began and started. arabic word meaning 'struggle for reform'. a leader chosen by God. Hard
Europe Today In this Castilian, Catalonian and Basque are spoken. Breadbasket of Europe. Netherlands use this to 'reclaim' the sea. A country allowing a region within its borders a certain amount of self-rule is known as. In , the southern part of country is poorer and less industrialized than than northern part. Big
Environments of Utah forest animal that eats quaking aspen and can climb trees. forest animal that is Utah's state mammal. desert mammal that burrows underground and barks. most of Utah's natural state. common desert plant of Utah. Big
Texas Revolution Controlled Texas for hundreds of years. Spanish word for 'cottonwood'. Offered cheap land to the settlers. Ben Milam forced him and his soldiers to surrender. Location of the Alamo. Hard
The Plains After water, these were the Plains' most important natural resource.. Meaning 'in short supply.'. One of three important crops grown by Central Plains people, along with beans and corn.. A carrier made of wooden poles and pulled by dogs.. Any man who was a good warrior and a good leader could become this.. Older Children
Europe Today In this country Castilian, Catalonian and bosque are spoken. Plants that have partly decayed in water. Netherlands use this to 'reclaim' the sea. A term means 'low swampy lands'. Type of spring of spring that shoots hot water and steam into the air. Older Children
Europe Today In this country castilian, Catalonian and Basque are spoken. The joining together of East and west Germany under one government. Netherlands use this to reclaim the sea. Another word for self rule. Low swampy lands. Older Children
Yuan Dynasty Grandfather of Kublai Khan. Founded Yuan Dynasty. Wrote book of being server of the mongols. Took over china but were not Chinese. Mailing to others. Hard
Nicaragua Country that borders Nicaragua to the south. Capital city of Nicaragua. Country the borders Nicaragua to the north. Government system of Nicaragua. Name of the currency in Nicaragua. Hard
Geography Somewhat Salty. The prevailing conditions of the temperature and precipitation. The type of rock formed by the erosion of other rocks, after this loose material has hardened. The shape of the land. An area of soil or silt deposits built up at the mouth of a river. Big
Boston colonist staged mock . when the colonist dumped tea . women where members of this. the colonist shared. women gathered in this . Big
Rome this Roman emperor divided the empire in half to make it easier to control. a series of wars (3) fought between Carthage and Rome. Rome wins and Carthage is destroyed. Fought over the trade routes of the Mediterranean Sea. The famous generals are Hannibal (Carthage) and Scipio Africanus (Rome). the Roman Peace. This was a period of time when Roman order brought peace to the Mediterranean world.. order of Constantine made Christianity legal in the Roman Empire . aristocrats, or wealthy citizens, of Rome (the upper class). Very Difficult
Ballina to fill with water and sink. An amount - not a lot. to grow or develop. anything presented to sight or view. strong desire. Big
The French Revolution Try to figure out! A 'Stroke of State'. Had no extreme views . French for 'Emigrants' became a source of trouble for France. Reformed France's administrative structure by dividing it into 83 equal districts . Wanted more drastic changes than those proposed by the National Assembly. Big
Geography of the Fertile Crescent A river in Mesopotamia. The mountains where the two river originate.. A main crop grown in Mesopotamia.. This is what a majority of the geography in Mesopotamia was like.. Technology created by farmers to keep their fields moist and productive.. Hard
Russian History Tsar-Lenin The capital of russia during the revolutions. The colour of the Bolshevik party during the Civil War. Opposing party during the Civil War. The name of the parliament that the Tsar put together. Prime minister of Russia 1906-1911. Hard
The Expansion of Europe belief in free trade and competition based on Adam Smith’s argument that the invisible hand of free competition would benefit all individuals.. organization of artisanal production into trade-based associations, or guilds, each of which received a monopoly over its trade and the right to train apprentices and hire workers.. period in Europe from the mid-seventeenth through the mid-nineteenth centuries during which great agricultural progress was made and the fallow, or idling of a field to replenish nutrients, was gradually eliminated.. 1723-1790. One of the best known critics of government regulations of trade and industry; a leading figure of the Scottish enlightenment. . peasants using hand made tools to make supplies to sell.. Older Children
Geneva History September 29, 1964, he stopped by during his campaign for US Senator. This company built the sesquicentennial time capsule. 1982 acquired Libby plant on Gambee Road. For the Sampson Naval Training Station, Geneva was this port. Female college students attended. Very Difficult
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