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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
SW Asia and N Africa desert located in North Africa. religion that revolves around study and the observance of God's law written in the Torah and expounded in the Talmud. place where culture began and started. arabic word meaning 'struggle for reform'. a leader chosen by God. Hard
Europe Today In this Castilian, Catalonian and Basque are spoken. Breadbasket of Europe. Netherlands use this to 'reclaim' the sea. A country allowing a region within its borders a certain amount of self-rule is known as. In , the southern part of country is poorer and less industrialized than than northern part. Big
Environments of Utah forest animal that eats quaking aspen and can climb trees. forest animal that is Utah's state mammal. desert mammal that burrows underground and barks. most of Utah's natural state. common desert plant of Utah. Big
Texas Revolution Controlled Texas for hundreds of years. Spanish word for 'cottonwood'. Offered cheap land to the settlers. Ben Milam forced him and his soldiers to surrender. Location of the Alamo. Hard
The Plains After water, these were the Plains' most important natural resource.. Meaning 'in short supply.'. One of three important crops grown by Central Plains people, along with beans and corn.. A carrier made of wooden poles and pulled by dogs.. Any man who was a good warrior and a good leader could become this.. Older Children
Europe Today In this country Castilian, Catalonian and bosque are spoken. Plants that have partly decayed in water. Netherlands use this to 'reclaim' the sea. A term means 'low swampy lands'. Type of spring of spring that shoots hot water and steam into the air. Older Children
Europe Today In this country castilian, Catalonian and Basque are spoken. The joining together of East and west Germany under one government. Netherlands use this to reclaim the sea. Another word for self rule. Low swampy lands. Older Children
Yuan Dynasty Grandfather of Kublai Khan. Founded Yuan Dynasty. Wrote book of being server of the mongols. Took over china but were not Chinese. Mailing to others. Hard
Nicaragua Country that borders Nicaragua to the south. Capital city of Nicaragua. Country the borders Nicaragua to the north. Government system of Nicaragua. Name of the currency in Nicaragua. Hard
Geography Somewhat Salty. The prevailing conditions of the temperature and precipitation. The type of rock formed by the erosion of other rocks, after this loose material has hardened. The shape of the land. An area of soil or silt deposits built up at the mouth of a river. Big
Boston colonist staged mock . when the colonist dumped tea . women where members of this. the colonist shared. women gathered in this . Big
Rome this Roman emperor divided the empire in half to make it easier to control. a series of wars (3) fought between Carthage and Rome. Rome wins and Carthage is destroyed. Fought over the trade routes of the Mediterranean Sea. The famous generals are Hannibal (Carthage) and Scipio Africanus (Rome). the Roman Peace. This was a period of time when Roman order brought peace to the Mediterranean world.. order of Constantine made Christianity legal in the Roman Empire . aristocrats, or wealthy citizens, of Rome (the upper class). Very Difficult
Ballina to fill with water and sink. An amount - not a lot. to grow or develop. anything presented to sight or view. strong desire. Big
The French Revolution Try to figure out! A 'Stroke of State'. Had no extreme views . French for 'Emigrants' became a source of trouble for France. Reformed France's administrative structure by dividing it into 83 equal districts . Wanted more drastic changes than those proposed by the National Assembly. Big
Geography of the Fertile Crescent A river in Mesopotamia. The mountains where the two river originate.. A main crop grown in Mesopotamia.. This is what a majority of the geography in Mesopotamia was like.. Technology created by farmers to keep their fields moist and productive.. Hard
Russian History Tsar-Lenin The capital of russia during the revolutions. The colour of the Bolshevik party during the Civil War. Opposing party during the Civil War. The name of the parliament that the Tsar put together. Prime minister of Russia 1906-1911. Hard
The Expansion of Europe belief in free trade and competition based on Adam Smith’s argument that the invisible hand of free competition would benefit all individuals.. organization of artisanal production into trade-based associations, or guilds, each of which received a monopoly over its trade and the right to train apprentices and hire workers.. period in Europe from the mid-seventeenth through the mid-nineteenth centuries during which great agricultural progress was made and the fallow, or idling of a field to replenish nutrients, was gradually eliminated.. 1723-1790. One of the best known critics of government regulations of trade and industry; a leading figure of the Scottish enlightenment. . peasants using hand made tools to make supplies to sell.. Older Children
Geneva History September 29, 1964, he stopped by during his campaign for US Senator. This company built the sesquicentennial time capsule. 1982 acquired Libby plant on Gambee Road. For the Sampson Naval Training Station, Geneva was this port. Female college students attended. Very Difficult
Spain What's the most common sport played in Spain?. What City in spain was the olympics held in 1992?. What's the official language of Spain?. What Continent is Spain located in?. What city in Spain has the 4th largest population?. Older Children
SW Asia and North Africa This city is important to all three main religions for various reasons. This regions holds ____ of the worlds petroleum and oil. The cultural hearth of _________ is their language, jobs and social customs. Bigest income. Iraq's capital. Hard
California ! This crossword, ----- is difficult, is giving me a headache.. Baseball team of San Francisco. There were 7,293 in the past 365 days. Fancy street in L.A.. English for 'réserver'. Hard
All About Rhode Island Founder of Providence, the first colonial settlement in Rhode Island. Rhode Island's state motto. A letter signed by many people in support of, or in opposition to, a proposed law. Someone who represents you in Congress or the General Assembly. Rhode Island state shell. Hard
African Environment this African featrue has taken over nearly half of the continent due to desertification.. Because of this, the available water is even stretched even further to meet African growing numbers. . This feature covered most of Africa 100 years ago. Deforestation has reduced it by 90%. . human waste, pesticides, fertilizers, and factory biproducts all . climate change, pollution, and increasing populations cause this to occur in Africa. . Hard
Latin America Choice Activity Rumba, Samba, Steel Drums, and Calypso. Grew crops on ''floating gardens'. Africans brought this religion to Latin America. What the Indigenous people started to die out from. Europeans brought these to work on plantations when the Indigenous people started to die out. Hard
Dartmoor Partly decomposed vegetable matter found on Dartmoor.(4). The ……………….. on Dartmoor is different throughout the year.(7). Dartmoor has plenty of ………. which is made up of different fauna and flora. (8). A place where people dig for materials from the ground. (4). Area of wet, muddy ground.(3). Hard
Africa This ethnic group makes up 80% of the population in Rwanda and Burundi.. The capital of Cote d'Ivoire. . The Central African Republic's official language.. Nigeria's capital city.. Self-government.. Hard
London Legend of the Tower of London is about?. How many bronze lions guard Nelson`s monument?. The queen lives in ... Palace.. Main river is London?. Capital of Great Britain?. Older Children
Tropical Rainforests of South America In 1970 this highway was built . Large apartment like houses with a sleepy slanting roof . This fish is also found in the rivers of the rainforests. These birds are also found here. The staple food is called as. Big
Seville Country Seville is located in. The religion most the population is. Sleeveless coat. Very popular dance. Continent Seville is located in. Big
Scotland Tallest mountain in Scotland. Patron saint of Scotland. AKA the stone of destiny and the Coronation stone. 3000 of them in Scotland. Military show at the Edinburgh festival. Big
California water vapor falling in light white flakes. hot, dry area. land near the sea. 31st state of the United States of America. a wall built to hold back water. Older Children
African Biomes - Rainforest Evergreen tree that has pods which are used to make choclate.. Forest made up of tall broad-leaves trees that receives lots of annual rainfall. . Largest beetle in the world. . Known for going anything in their path killing spiders, snakes, insects, and lizards to gather food. . Spans six countries and provides fresh water, food, and shelter to more than 75 million people. . Big
Mongolia What is the name of an animal from Mongolia? . What is their money unit?. What is a famous statue in Mongolia? . What is another name an animal from Mongolia? . What is their language? . Hard
Mexico Farm crops grown for sale and profit.. Huge commercial farms owned by individuals or by farming companies.. Growing only enough crops to meet their family's need.. The artificial watering of farmland by storing and distributing water drawn from reservoirs or rivers.. Buying out landowners and breaking up their large haciendas.. Big
Oceania lacked the availability of this until the 16th century. took charge of public affairs. just like the MesoAmericans. an abundant food source for Oceanic cultures. traditional Tongan war dance. Hard
Japanese Cities This city has a beautiful waterfront and a very exciting China town.. This city is very famous for its Edo style buildings.. This was the capital city in the past. It has many famous temples and shrines.. The capital city of Japan.. This city has a very famous volcano that regularly erupts!. Hard
Tropical Rainforests Countries are relieved are some of their debt in return for protecting their rainforest.. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora – a treaty to protect endangered plants and animals.. A logging practice where most/all trees in area are cut down (unselectively).. Responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment, sustain local people and often involves education. It is small scale and involves small groups of visitors.. The cutting down of trees which are mature/inferior, to encourage the growth of remaining trees in a woodland.. Hard
Somalia History warlord personnel US tried to capture in the early 1990's (under Clinton's presidency). This country borders Somalia to the west. last name of general who took control of Somalia in 1969. President during Operation Restore Hope. Two _____________ were shot down in our attempt to find Aidid. Hard
West African Empires Complete the crossword puzzle by using the clues to fill in the blanks. the river all three empires where centered around. what Cathay is now named. empire existing from 1200 - 1400 AD, it doubled the size of the original. the river flowing to the Atlantic. the place where the islamic religion originated. Hard
UK's Most Famous Tourist Destinations national park in Cumbria in northwest England. popular attraction in Cornwall, England . stones standing in a circle. dedicated to human history, art and culture. river that flows through southern England. Big
Irish Locations The last stop the Titanic made before heading off across the Atlantic Ocean (once was called Queenstown). The best place for whale watching. Amazing place to watch the sunset nest to Sherkin Island. The name of the castle hotel. Is famous for the residential dolphin, and leads to a stone age fort. Big
Switzerland Enjoy this Crossword Puzzle! What do the Swiss burn to determine how much longer winter will be?. Swiss horn blown in the traditional Calling of the Cows. Switzerland is the birthplace of Jean Henri Dunant, founder of the ________________. Mountain range in Switzerland.. Number of national languages in Switzerland. Hard
World Geography people who have been forced to leave their home and can't return. The belief in more than one god. where people leave a country to live elsewhere. Ethnic character, background, or affiliation.. Something that attracts a person to a certain place. Big
Latin America Where are th driest areas of Mexico?. What type of shrubs grow in Mexico and Central America?. What do places in the interior highlands of Central America receive less of?. What types of forests are NOT located in the Caribbean?. What kind of forest has a tropical climate?. Big
Paris The Experience Before becoming a museum it was a royal palace. The ultra-modern building. The Big white church. Another name for subway. The Eiffel tower was built to celebrate. Older Children
African Kingdoms A small state that broke away from Ghana. Responsible for conquering the city of Timbuktu. Grew and developed based on their available natural resources. City in Mali. The transfer of the ownership of goods or services. Hard
Off to Italy a brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread manufactured by the Italian company, Ferrero. in ancient Rome, a man trained to fight with other men or animals in an arena for a crowd's entertainment. largest Mediterranean island, just off the “toe” of Italy's “boot”. “thank you” in Italian. “hello” and “goodbye” in Italian. Big
European Government An economy in which customs and habits of the past decide what and how goods and services are produced,distributed.and consumed.. Limited supply of something.. An economy in which changes in prices guide what and how goods and services will be produced,distributed,and consumed.. Workers in a business or a country.. The amount of goods available.. Big
North America To give variety to; vary: diversify a menu. . The southern and southwest United States.. urban areas in New England and Midwest characterized by concentrations of declining industries (steel or textiles). The relatively flat region of North American grasslands east of the Rocky Mountains, from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in the north, to Texas in the south.. Dampness, especially of the air.. Older Children
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