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Recreation Crosswords

To view or print a Recreation crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Gardening Part of a plant that is underground. Flowers that bloom only once. Move a plant to a new location. What we have experienced for several years. Flowers that bloom every year. Big
Hobbies & Recreation 'Wow folks he hit it out of the field! The crowd is going wild!' . 'And he made the 15 yards, that's a first and 10!' . 'Waltz, Tango, Macarena' . 'Using color to show a picture on paper' . 'Scoring, breaking, and grinding to make a shape' . Big
Travel A particular place or position. A medium-sized vehicle with a boxy shape and high roof, used for transporting goods or passengers.. A mechanical device that inhibits motion by absorbing energy from a moving system. Make the vehicle goes slower or stop.. An intersection of two or more roads. The complex of runways and buildings for the takeoff, landing, and maintenance of civil aircraft, with facilities for passengers.. Hard
Tourism Leisure travel taken largely or solely for the purpose of enjoying natural attractions and engaging in a variety of outdoor activities. Any product that is marketed by a country to visitors so as to attract them to visit said country as tourists. A person who stays in a country for less than 24 hours. Where one economic sector provides goods or services needed by another economic sector. One who spends at least one night away from his normal place of residence, but is still within the borders of the state or country in which he lives. Big
At the Zoo Use the hints to fill in the puzzle This animal has a very large mouth. This animal climbs trees. This animal likes cheese. The baby mouse does this all day. This animal can talk. Young Kids
State Parks and Activities Located along the New River Gorge. Resort opened for skiing in 1971, on the original site of Weiss Knob Ski area. The second largest park in West Virginia with a total of 8,294 acres. Underneath the flyway of the fall eastern hawk migration. Located in both Cabell County and Wayne County. Very Difficult
Train Journey You can eat these on your journey. You catch the train from here. You need one of these to travel on the train. The person who checks your ticket on the train. You might go up or down in this. Easy
Gardening Red vegetable. . Easy thing to grow that only dies with over fertilization.. An herb or other small vegetable growth, in contrast with a tree or a shrub.. Any place or condition providing the opportunity for growth or development.. To break up, turn over, or remove earth, sand, etc., as with a shovel, spade, bulldozer, or claw; make an excavation.. Easy
Wood Buffalo National Park The ___ covers 10% of the province.. Wood buffalo is located in ____. The Wood Buffalo region has the ___ largest reserves of oil in the world. This park contain one of the biggest fresh water ____. Wood buffalo is very popular for there___. Hard
Elements of Dance Refers to how strong or light the movements are when energy is released.. The element of choreography which creates visual representation and relationship to other dancers.. This element relates to the rhythmic patterns of dance.. A term which is associated with energy where a dance may be sharp or loose.. _____________ become dance when the elements of dance are incorporated.. Easy
At the Park when you sit and have sandwiches, and biscuits and drinks on a blanket. these animals are walked in the park. this sport is played in a court and has a racket and a ball. you might find these swimming in a pond. a sport where the players kick a ball into a goal. Easy
A Day on the Beach protect the skin from burns.. a height you can jump into the water from.. dries your body after swimming.. a boat you use your legs in to get forward.. you use this to look under the water.. Big
Smoky Mountain Train Excursion Highest point along Appalachian Trail. Location of Bombing by Eric Rudolph. Hazard of Hiking. Mode of transportation. Lunch Stop. Big
Blue Lagoon Cruises Movie that was filmed on Mamanuca Islands. Name of Blue Lagoon's private island beach. Name of the exclusive transfer vessel that connects passengers. Name of the vessel operated by Blue Lagoon. Which area of Fiji has the more stable climate. Adult
Travelling Travel, transport, vacation A ​person whose ​job is to ​carry things, ​especially ​travellers' ​bags at ​railway ​stations, ​airports, ​hotels. Way of travelling connected with sacred spots. Where the pilots sit. The ​metal ​cover over the ​part of a ​car where the ​engine. When you visit a city in order to see all the notable places (museums, monuments, etc.). Big
Woodworking hardwood used commonly for baseball bats. used to make bowls and spindles. hand tool that preceded the jointer. machine used to straighten faces and edges of stock. machine used to make stock a uniform thickness. Hard
Conquering Niagara Falls move about vigorously. a reckless person who enjoys doing dangerous things. rapidly rotating mass of water in a river or sea. to congregate in a mass or large group. a crazy or silly person. Adult
Travel Money in USA. City for picture 6. Rich area in Tokyo. Country for picture 7. Beautiful old city in Japan. Big
Woodwork a machine that makes holes. a Western Australian hardwood. a machine with a blade that they also use at the butchers. worn to protect eyes. if waiting to use a machine, the safe distance behind the person operating the machine is how many metres?. Hard
Campus Martius What was the name of the courtyard in the theatre of Pompey?. What was the name of the horse races held in the Circus Flaminius every 5 years?. Where was the Tabulae Censoriae prepared?. The Campus Martius was located just North of which Hill?. What type of processions were held at the Circus Flaminius?. Hard
Oregon Trail The end of the trail. The half way point of trail at Continental Divide in WY. Gold discovered here resulted in a spin off trail. Ended the wagons but really opened the West. Biggest Indian tribe in OR. Big
The Freedom Trail You can find this printer at Old City Hall. Faneuil Hall is also called The Cradle of _________________. This wealthy Beacon Hill resident signed the Declaration of Independence. The critter's eyes on top of Faneuil Hall are made from these . The King of England had one of these on Tremont Street. Older Children
Travel someone who travels in a car ,on a bus.. an instance when someone attack you in a public place in order to steal your money.. the work being done to repair or build a road.. the place where officials check your luggage and vehicle for illegal goods when you enter a country.. a piece of paper that shows you have you paid to do something.. Older Children
Fraser Valley Highlights Hosts many different community events. takes place at Sardis and Chilliwack libraries on alternate Wednesdays in summer. flies high across the canyon. They soar high all over the valley. go here for the ultramax experience. Hard
Cowboys Ranchers laid off most of their cowboys during this month. They Snared livestock. Protect them from the dust kicked up by cattle. Cowboys of the Old West had an unwritten code that they lived by. What their ropes were made of. Big
Cowboy Fill out this crossword puzzle about cowboys lived in this region. worked on ranches. held their guns. invented barbed wire in 1874. they rode on these. Easy
Travel Other people's way of life.. We might ask for a room with a nice one of these.. If we go by rail we are travelling in one of these.. A break from work or study.. You can only do this in a snowy country.. Older Children
Dance Terminology to rise. Ad lib dance movements with no fixed structure. Danced to a variety of music styles including Rock 'n Roll, and discotheque beats.. to stretch. a pose in which one leg is raised in back or in front with knee bent, usually with one arm raised. . a series of rhythmic and patterned bodily movements usually performed to music.. Hard
Square Dance Terminology Couple walks side by side, right hand joined to right hand and left to left in a crossed-arm position. They walk around the square once and return to home position. Left arm turn with partner until facing corner, right arm turn with corner until facing partner again. Dancers step forward and place appropriate hand into the middle of the circle and walk around the circle. Number of couples in a perfect square. Face partner and join right hands, pull through and grab the next persons left hand and so on until you reach your partner again. Big
Sewing Complete the crossword puzzle. A ____________ is a safe place to hold pins and needles. _________ are used got trimming, clipping, and cutting threads.. A _______ protects your finger while uou are hand sewing.. Pass ________ objects handle first.. You will use a ____ ________ to remove stitches.. Older Children
Types of Tourism space travel. form of popular entertainment. experiencing the food of the country or area. sightseeing tour made on foot. death and tragedy. Big
Expansion of the Olympic National Park why will it be more difficult for hikers to enter trail heads after expansion? (also a political-social impact). Solution #1 offered in our presentation. Male Representative who proposed expansion. female Senator who proposed expansion. a view some citizens see park expansion as. Big
Cooking Terms Complete the puzzle below to separate solid from liquid materials. to reduce a food into small bits by rubbing it on the sharp teeth of a utensil . to cut or chop into very fine pieces. to change from a solid to a liquid through the application of heat. to mix or blend two or more ingredients. Very Difficult
Woodshop II Tree type: can be black, red, or white. . Delicious pig meat!. A tree with needles instead of leaves. One big looping blade. The only projects you destroyed in class.. Big
Pottery & Crafts To polish clay while it is in the greenware stage until it develops a semi-gloss shine. Unfired pottery that is bone-dry, a state in which clay forms are most fragile. a mixture of ceramic materials including clay, glass, fluxes, and colorants. A building technique utilizing long “ropes” of clay stacked in layers upon one another to create a vessel or form. The first firing for the clay, removes all the water and carbon. The fusing of particles has begun, yet the clay is still porous to allow for glaze absorption.. Hard
Gardening Me and ____ plant a garden together. . Easy to plant and quietly take over your fence. . The weather on sunday. . Mom and ____ plant flowers all around the yard. . Wednesday's weather . Older Children
Woodworking Basics A type of finish used to paint wood. A type of joint that is secured with an adhesive and a small piece of wood. A piece of machinery that can cut large pieces of timber. Type of timber made from small layers of solid timber.. The most basic and simple type of joint. Hard
Swimming session of a swim meet in which the qualification heats are conducted. the command to take your starting position. entering the water head first. continuous floating markers attached to a cable stretched from the starting end to the turning end for the purpose of separating each lane. a portion of an event, shorter than the total distance that is timed. Hard
Ceramic Terms Finished leather hard or bone dry clay pieces not yet fired. To make scratches or creases in pieces of clay be joined together. A thin coating of minerals which produces a glassy transparent or colored coating on bisque ware. A rounded tube/snake like length of clay. Can be easily manipulated - modeled, molded or pressed into a desired shape; malleable. Older Children
Ways of Walking walk with showy, exaggerated movements. walk with difficulty or in an awkward way. walk with one leg injured. walk by dragging the feet. walk with long, decisive steps. Older Children
Common Sailing Terms the right side of a ship. the left side of a ship. Translation: pantoque. Translation: quilla. central part of the boat. Older Children
Photography You must do this to get a sharp image. A type of camera. You must wash your final print in........... The machine used in the darkroom to expose the paper to light. How many minutes do you leave the paper in the developer. Older Children
Playground woof woof. clear. pests. strict. people who travel but have no homes. Young Kids
Cooking lb. or #. 140 Degrees F. Special equipment needed for cooking, such as, saucepans and skillets.. Amounts that are equal to other amounts. . Used for baking foods in the oven.. Teenage
Travelling a travel by ship. a place where planes land. a place where trains stop. another word for bus. a person that shows you a foreign town and tells you abou its history. Older Children
Quilters' Delight Outer edge of the quilt. A fabric dessert?. Broderie _____________, or Persian embroidery, has become a form of applique. A quilting fabric brand. Protects the finger tip. Big
Baking Is used in many products! . They were found in Central Europe. a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank shee. What is convection and conduction used for. are in common use in nutritional contexts as units of food energy. Hard
World Famous Festivals This festival is an Islamic religious festival to honour the time when the Qu’ran was revealed to the prophet Mohammed and fast for entire Month. One of the most beautiful festivals in the world, people wear masks and elaborate costumes to hide differences among classes, and there are contests for the best costumes celebrated in Italy. A fun custom of this day is the making and sharing of dough balls with different fillings in Tibet and is the most important festival in Tibet. celebrations start on the 29th day of the 12th month of the Tibetan calendar. Which festival of Tibet. Which Month is called International Friendship Month?. Widely-observed holiday celebrated generally in the month of December by billions of people all over the world. Teenage
Mini Nation a steep fall or flow of water. a deep valley with steep sides. the land bordering a large body of water. a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or the like.. the line on a mountain that trees cannot grow above. Very Difficult
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