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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Famous Black Americans Use your notes to complete the puzzle. Staple your notes to this worksheet. baseball player that was excellent for batting and stealing bases. Carter G. _______________________ had the idea to celebrate Black History Week. 1st black astronaut. jazz piano player and bandleader. fastest man that won 4 gold medals. Big
African Americans Named the National League's rookie of the year. First af woman to win a grand slam. Winner of 4 Olympic gold medals. Many of her essays are collected in Living by the Word. Best known as an acclaimed photographer. Hard
Economic Challenges American Indians and Alaska Natives were more likely to ___ needed medical care. . This group has a greater number of chronic conditions, higher rate of disease comorbidity and higher disability rates than non-Hispanic Whites.. What type of minority worker has the least likelihood of retirement benefits?. There has been a ____in the proportion of older adults living in povery over the years.. What is the most prevalent housing problem for all household types and has increased over the years.. Big
Bullying Complete the grid. not afraid. to irritate. be careful. to make fun of. to cry/weep intensively. Older Children
Words That Matter Complete the crossword below The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought.. To form a mental picture or image of. The capacity, quality, or fact of being patient.. To begin or introduce (something new) for or as if for the first time.. To make new or as if new again; restore: renewed the antique chair. . Big
Human Geography Use the clue provided to complete the puzzle. one who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.. the uncontrolled expansion of urban areas.. when people migrate from place to place within their own countries. the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. belonging to a group that share the same race, culture, language or religion. Hard
Personal Care Items relating to personal hygiene Comes in a tube, to clean the teeth. Sprayed on the body to give a nice scent.. Used to set the hair.. Used to clean my teeth. A thin item used to brush hair. . Big
Personal Qualities able to control fear; brave. honest,sincere and telling the truth, even when it might make other people uncomfortable. doing what you are told to do. unkind or unpleasant. aware of and able to understand other people and their feelings. Big
Ruby Bridges Find the Word that matches the Hint. 'Seperate but equal' Louisiana Law of 1890. The Age that Ruby Bridges made history. A law that ended legal segregation in public schools . Where Ruby Bridges lived . The process of ending the seperation of two groups of races. Big
Divorce The hint will give you either the word/ words you may need or maybe a statisic What caused the divorce rate to sky rocket in the 1980s?. What percent of the ones divorced were remarried?. The duration between the marriage and divorce was?. The US census bureau done research, with the chart from 1920-2012 the marriage rates decreased as divorce rates increased?. What is the median for the second marriage and divorce?. Big
Scout Trivia Arrow of ________________ (highest award a Cub Scout can recieve).. The celebration of the birthday of Scouting (3 words).. What you wear to a den meeting.. Scout rank for older Cub Scouts (stand for 'we'll be loyal scouts').. A first grade Scout.. Older Children
Famous Women The first Indian woman to receive a medal in the Olympics for Badminton; also the first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championships and was also the first Indian to win a Super Series tournament!. First woman to lead the Guard of Honour for a major visiting dignitary at the Presidential residence (visiting dignitary being President Obama). Polish physicist and chemist. First person to win the Nobel Prize in both Chemistry and Physics. Third Prime Minister of India. 5-time World Amateur Boxing Champion; also one of the only women boxing champion to have gotten a medal for each of the six championships she's participated in!. Big
Anthroplology Fill in the words accross or down based on your clues The invention and development of tools. Norm established/enforced by government. Custom of politeness . WAY OF LIFE!. Serious moral judgment against offenders. Hard
Evolution Write the correct term for the given definition in the appropriate boxes. Do not put spaces between words. The formation of two or more species from one existing species (if isolation has occurred).. Adaptations involving structure/anatomy. Ex. woodpecker's beak.. Geographical change that isolates segments of a population, leads to reproductive isolation.. The observable gradual change within a single species.. Lyell's theory; geologic processes have constant rates through time.. Hard
Erik Erikson Based off of their past experiences, teens should be able to develop some sort of _____. The final stage of psychosocial development begins at age ______. Initiative vs. _____. Success during the first stage of psychosocial development leads to the virtue of _____. First child analyst in the city of ______. Big
Dos & Don’ts Around The World In Germany, it’s more important than in any other country to be .......................... The most common greeting gesture in most countries is the .............................. In Taiwan, it is believed that the way a girl hold the …………………………………… will determine how far away she will settle after married.. Be careful about admiring you Arab business host’s possession, you may end up owning something you cannot refuse because Arab businessman can be very ................................. Presenting a .......................... to a Japanese is symbolically suggesting suicide.. Big
On the Farm Buildings, animals, animal sounds and farm words The farmer and his family lives in this. One can eat this in its natural state as well as produce meal for porridge. Where the farmer keeps his dogs. The sound a pig makes. A male hen. Big
African American Inventors He improved elevator safety by making automatic doors.. Her hair growing lotion and beauty product line for African American women made her very wealthy.. He made really small microphones that we still use today.. He brought innovations in agriculture in the south.. He improved the pacemaker and made electronic control devices.. Hard
Daylight Savings Time If your not early your.... Not moving backwards. What you use to see at night. Not spending all your money. Has hands and a face, but not human. Big
Our environment Transfer of energy from one trophic level to other. Pyramids of energy is always. Interaction between biotic and abiotic factors. Any discarded material on soil. Kulhads are made up of. Older Children
Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration deliberate, systematic annihilation of an entire nation or people. Shared cultural heritage, nationality, or lineage.. hate crime committed 'just for fun'. Trail of Tears is an exmple of?. exaggerations or generalizations about the characteristics and behavior of a particular group.. Big
Boys and Girls Club History WHAT HAPPENED IN 1860. THIS HAPPENED IN 1990 WHEN CONGRESS AMENDED AND RENEWED CHARTER . In 1906 Clubs did this marking the start of a Nationwide movement. A regional director for west coast in 1950, who wrote the Club Code. Elizabeth Hammersley, Alice Goodwin, and Mary Goodwin started in circa 1900. Hard
Early Childhood Short sessions, praise & rewards are examples of ______ to consider. Examples of this development parenting styles, divorce, caregivers. Parenting Style- high demands and low responsiveness. Continued refinement of fine & gross motor skills. Explores through play. Hard
Early Childhood This stage is when children have a fear of pain.. This refers to child care outside the home.. This has been shown to influence visible skills, such as hand-eye coordination, as well as skills that are harder to detect, such as a child's ability to focus attention.. This is how children attempt to learn the responsibilities of family members and others in society.. Children's attribution of the cause of illness to the consequences of their own transgressions.. Hard
Psychology a reinforcer that adds something desirable. reinforcer is given after an unknown number or tasks. anything that strengthens a behavior. when we apply the same response to similar stimuli or when we assume the same reinforcer will be given. anything that weakens a behavior. Hard
Early Childhood Education An informal social gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group. Two to six years old. model is a broad view that attributes disease outcome to the intricate, variable interaction of biological factors (genetic, biochemical, etc), psychological factors (mood, personality, behavior, etc.), and social factors (cultural, familial, socioec. The process of being developing or being developed. Relating to the mental processes of perception, memory, judgement and reasoning. Big
Black Heritage Wife of Civil Rights Leader. Performed open heart surgery. Supreme Court Justice. First black millionaire. Invented Peanut Products. Big
Listening In Human Communication Evaluates everything you say . Gives advice at the first mention of a problem or decision . Nonverbal behaviors that satisfy some personal need or usually occur without awareness. Gives feedback as appropriate, smile, nod, and otherwise appropriately respond to the content and feeling of the message. The rightness or wrongness of actions. Big
Hunger in the World _____ are often the first people in a community to go without food.. Proper nutrition is particularly important for _____ because they are growing and developing. . Most people in the world who don't have enough to eat work in _____. . When not enough food is consumed, the body becomes _____. . _____ policies must be changed to make it easier for people to have resources to feed themselves. . Hard
Globalisation Something that has allowed travel between countries easier . The worlds largest MNC. Something that is being lost from countries due to globalisation. The process of the world becoming more connected. Dangerous hazard causing death/injury in many factories in poor countries. Big
Types of Childcare This program is offered to children ages 3-5. This program can either be half day or full day and is scheduled throughout the week and follow the school calendar year. . This type of childcare is located at the home of the caregiver. There is normally a small amount of children who attend this program. . This program helps a child transition from preschool to kindergarten. It teaches children the skills needed for kindergarten. . This program is available for low income families, they offer half and full days. The pay rate varies and is sometimes free for families who qualify; exclusively for ages 3-4. The family is provided with other services such as health and social servi. This type of childcare does not have a set schedule and can be paid either hourly or daily. The child is watched at their own home. . Big
Human Need A unconscious acts that helps a person deal with an unpleasant situation or socially unacceptable behavior, are the main indirect methods.. action are opposite to how you feels. creasing to communicate or physically removing oneself from a conflict or painful situation. dreamlike thought process that occur when a person is awake. use of academic-type explanation to separate personal feeling from painful event. Big
Inspirational People Blessed are the ______________, for they shall inherit the earth. . Blessed are the ______________, for they shall be called children of God. . Blessed are the ______________, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. . He tells us love is something that must be 'alive and active'. Where St Damien De Veuster went to school. . Hard
Virtues Doing useful things that make a difference to others. Listening with compassion, helping with kindness. Waiting peacefully. Doing what needs to be done with care, concentration and single-pointed attention. Acting wholeheartedly, with zeal and eagerness, holding nothing back. Hard
10 Qualities of A Lousy Leader Descriptions take responsibility for actions and mistakes. prideful. is not neat. not able to do what you promise. does not inspire others to follow. Big
10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader Descriptions tries to see the good in any situation. understands easily how things work and how to solve problems. believes in his or her ability to succeed. able to give part of the work to others. will keep working until the job is finished. Big
Culture and Communication A fixed sign of a group of people. Commitment to the beliefs and philosophy of your culture . Variations in language. Universal across all cultures. Values aggressiveness, material success, and strength . Hard
Psychology and Sociology Key Concepts Dogs automatically drool when they smell food and in this example the smell of food would be considered the _________ stimulus . The realization or fulfillment of one’s purpose/potential of doing something worthwhile in life, such as having benefited society in one’s lifetime, classified as a drive or need in all humans. Actions, behaviors, and attitudes that are distinct to an individual’s personality are known as these. Relationships between two or more individuals are known as _______ relationships, the importance of these relationships having been stressed by Erik Erikson. Being able to ride a bike any time after learning how to ride one for the first time is an example of this type of memory. Hard
Public Places a place where people who are ill or injured are treated and taken care of by doctors and nurses . the local office of the police in a town or part of a city . a restaurant where simple and usually quite cheap meals are served . a place, usually with a pole with a sign, where a bus stops to allow passengers to get on and off . an organization where people can save or borrow money. Big
Child Labor Find the word that fits the hint and crossword They tell everybody in the factory what to do. People who could get adopted. what is called when you don't get payed. people who work. Another job for children in the factories. Adult
Happy Birthday Female giver of the party. people whom attend a party. you play these at parties. how_____are you. ___ ____ tail on the donkey. Big
Childhood Development The process within an organism that guide that organism to develop according to its genetic code. An unpleasant stimulus that suppresses behavior. A specific statement about behavior that is tested by research. Assumptions and logically derived explantions and predictions. The period of very early childhood that involves a lack of complex speech. Hard
Inequality in the Workplace Older workers tend to enjoy being ___________________ for their younger co-workers . Organization need to ______________ in order to keep their company relevant. Older workers need to feel that they are ____________ to the company . Low-income individuals are usually stuck in a job, which they are unable to leave due to limited financial resources and limited skills training and therefore, cannot find a better job working _____________ . Older workers have higher rates of _________________ compared to other workers . Big
African Ethnic Groups legend important to the Ashanti people. has over 650 different dialects of language. live mainly in Northern Africa. this ethnic group lives in Western Africa (Ghana and Ivory Coast). a community of people sharing a common culture, ancestry, customs and language. Hard
Natural History Museum _________ became the first democratic president in 1994.. The ____________ is the largest of all the creatures without backbones. The museum is now situated in the historic Company's __________. The museum has fossils of extinct reptiles that ruled the lands of the world 50 million years before the __________. Charles Darwin was famous for his Theory of _______. Older Children
The Seven Wonders of the World The ___ is a statue that was built on the Greek island of Rhodes between 292 and 280 BC; Both the ___ and the Statue of Liberty were built as symbols to freedom. The ____ was destroyed by fire in the fifth century A.D. and there were no copies ever found; all the details of the statue today are taken from depictions on coins and ancient Greek descriptions. The ___ was built by Artemisia after her husband Mausolus died; it is a tomb.. The oldest of all wonders of the world; its former name was Khufu's Horizon.. The ___ was the first lighthouse in the world; also known as the Pharos of Alexandria.. Big
Bantu The last special worker is a ______(s). Bantu peoples ______(ed) across the entire continent, but from the Sahara back up to North Africa. One special worker works with crops. Chiefs are choose by ________. Another special worker works with fish. Hard
Good Decisions Making good decisions A prize you can give yourself for doing a good job. What you determine to be either negative or positive. Beliefs that are important to you. Taking incremental movements toward a goal begins with the first. Specific actions designed to take you from point A to point B. Hard
Digital Citizenship The study of people's efficiency in their working environment.. An icon or figure representing a particular person in computer games, internet forums, etc.. Someone image that others see them as.. Cognitive bias where decision making is affected by a lack of information.. Set of rules applied by the website restricted the ways in which the network is used.. Very Difficult
Time Management Read the clues in order to solve the puzzle. Poor time management often results in this.. Create this daily, weekly and monthly.. This will help you keep track of time.. Something to achieve.. This tool helps you keep track of your assignments.. Big
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