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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Black Arts Movement 1965-1975 Type of music. Modern-day spoken word. Father of the Black Arts Movement (last name). Was assassinated in 1965. Female writer (last name). Older Children
Communication freely express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings respectfully and allow others to do the same. the ability to identify with and share another person's feelings.. unwilling to say what they feel, think, or desire and want to avoid all conflict.. the person who accepts a message from the messenger. the person who transmits the message. Hard
God's Gifts they protect our eyes. we see with these. it keeps our head warm. we open it to talk. we walk with these. Easy
Success High grade; superiority; excellence.. The action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others.. A flat piece of metal, often a disk but sometimes a cross, star, or other form, usually bearing an inscription or design, issued to commemorate a person, action, or event, or given as a reward for bravery, merit.. High respect, as for worth, merit, or rank.. Relation or reference.. Big
Success A person considered to be noble, and in the high social rank.. A certificate awarded by an educational establishment to show that someone has successfully completed a course of study.. Power to have an important effect on someone or something. A small metal disc which is given as an award for bravery or as a prize in a sporting event.. The receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma.. Big
Comedians anna. sherlock holmes. short guy the move jumanji. liar liar. black woman comedian. Easy
Geriatrics A elderly women develops pathological fractures even with minor trauma. What's the diagnosis . Most common fracture in elderly due to fall on outstretched hands is?. A gray,white or blur ring or arc seen around the cornea is known as. Senile dementia is also called . Opacification in the lens Or lens capsule is known as. Big
Independent Living Skills What do you use to travel if you can't drive?. What object do you use to wash your clothes?. How many fruit and vegetables should you have per day?. What do you use to brush your teeth?. What do you have to pay, to keep your house?. Big
Leadership Styles shows transparency, loyalty and modesty to build trust with people. places a high degree of importance on values and makes decisions that support these values. has big ideas and exciting but challenging goals that attract people. uses extrinsic motivation by giving people rewards and punishment for certain behaviours. seeks input and listens to opinions while trying to build a consensus among team members. Big
The Human Lifespan youth are devalued, victimised or neglected. focusing on one aspect while ignoring others. table manners, being considerate . experiencing the full range of emotions, increasing complexity in expression of emotions, the development of self-concept and resilience. writing, cutting with scissors, tying shoelaces. Very Difficult
Culture and Demographics The expansion of economic, political, and culture to the point they become global in impact.. The average number of people living on a square mile.. The spread of culture traits, material and non-material, from one culture to another.. A center where cultures developed and from which ideas spread outward.. Setting up businesses overseas to produce parts and products for sale.. Easy
Places in a Town I watch a film here. I stayed here on holiday. I can get on a bus here. I can borrow a book here. I went to the shops here. Simple
Places in a Town I watch a film here. I stayed here on holiday. I can get on a bus here. i borrowed a book here. I went to the shops here. Big
The Human Lifespan Developing a deep interest in a career or hobby increases the ......... span of an individual. Occurs as individuals experience the full range of emotions and learn ways to appropriately express emotions. Widening of the hips is a ......... sex characteristic. The name of the stage starting at fertilisation and ending at birth . Youth lack the ........ of past generations. Hard
The Human Lifespan the perception that youth are ambitious, hardworking and happy. . the development that relates to the increase in complexity of processes in the brain.. the first stage of the human lifespan.. a type of thinking that involves the ability to think about concepts and ideas. . a characteristic of intellectual development that includes having the ability to retain and recall information.. Hard
Perspectives Unit 1 opposite of nervous or loud. someone who tells the truth is .... another word for 'get'. the opposite of insecure. when you feel fear about something. Big
Celebrating Women First Indian woman to win a booker prize. First woman in the world to cross the seven seas . First Indian woman to score a T20I Century. First Indian to win an Oscar in 1983 . First woman chairperson of a listed Indian IT company. Hard
Poverty and Living Standards A measure of gender inequalities in terms of empowerment and labour market participation.. A measure of living standards which includes a variety of indicators such as income, leisure time, distribution of income and environmental standards.. A condition when people are poor in comparison to others in the same country.. This measures the complexities of poor people's lives, individually and collectively, each year.. A measure of living standards used to measure the collective happiness and well-being of a population.. Hard
Conversation Rules another way to start a conversation. when you look at the other person. one way to start a conversation. rather than interrupting, you wait for a .... smiling and saying hi. Big
Nature Vs Nurture the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character, which would be more of cause of nurture than genes. The actions and mannerisms made by an individual. Something that only nurture can affect. The influence of external factors after conception, e.g., the product of exposure, life experiences and learning on an individual. What some psychologists believe that children are, from birth. It refers to what they are when it comes to world around them. (of twins) derived from a single ovum, and so identical. Twins that are this, essentially share the same DNA. Big
Celebrations of Life Never give up, always keep . Always keep this on your face, it costs nothing. This is a celebration. In life treat everyday as a ?. Always plan this every year with family. Big
Culture you usually do this at a party. something you have each day. some people dont do this . people say it different. you sometimes have this at a party. Big
Culture Around the World Outdoor space to play cricket in. A sport that you use your hands and feet. People we love. A chocolate hunt happens at this time . It cooks meat outside . Big
Culture Something people move there body’s to.. Something people believe in. . Something people say. . Something people count with. . Something people do for fun. . Big
Culture something you dress up in. a type of movement. a group of people that are related . something often played in teams. a specific type of food. Big
Eco cities Find these words in the vocabulary list. A project. Rare. An increase. Intelligent. A person who doesn't live in the countryside.. Big
Places in Town Use the clues to find the places in town! A place you go to watch a movie. A place you stay when you are on holiday . A place you go to take a bus . A place you go to find a book . A place you go to shop . Big
Equality and Diversity An area covered by The Mentoring Agreement. To keep someone safe from a person or situation. The document used to protect both mentor and mentee. The prejudicial treatment of people. A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.. Hard
Social Justice A reflection of social justice _____ Rights, what everyone should have.. Dignity of the human person is an example of a ________. An act that is 'a wrong', violating another persons right.. The ______, It is a place of love, peace and justice.. The state of not owning or renting a home . Big
Indigenous Sacred Sites Complete the crossword below easily broken. land that is ruled by a particular tribe. land almost completely surrounded by water. believing in and holding spiritual beliefs. connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose. Hard
Feelings It is raining. My friends are not here. I am .... I need something to drink. I am .... There is a big dog with red eyes. I feel .... I love this song. It makes me .... The fish was old. My face is green. I feel .... Easy
Surprising Facts About Sir Ernest Shackleton Rescued 22 of his crewmen on this Island. Military branch that disqualified Shackleton due to health issues after expedition. Authored this well-read book. Birth place in Ireland. Valued trait of crew members. Hard
Quarantine Distillery companies have changed to producing what scarce item during the pandemic?. During this time, we should remain how many feet apart?. What item was the first item that was scarce at the start of the pandemic?. What sport was the first effected by the pandemic?. What state was the first confirmed case of COVID-19 found?. Big
Everday Things An extra layer commonly made of wool. Something you drink in the morning. Used for storage. Used to transport. What is black and white and red all over. Big
Clothes Fill the gaps with words on the topic 'clothes'. I wear a ... on a T-shirt because it's so cold.. Some people wear ... when they ski.. I play tennis in ... and a T-shirt.. These are big ... ! They nearly touch your shoulder.. A ... can help to keep your neck warm.. Big
Polynesian Migration Read the hint and fill in the answer in the blank boxes. South Americans were not good _________. The animal the Polynesians took to South America. The best sailors & navigators in the world. The plant the Polynesians brought back from South America. Like a river in the ocean. Big
Airliners India airlines. Americas other big airlines (not United). Australia's biggest airlines. Americas biggest international airlines. Thailand's biggest airline . Hard
Personality Adjectives you know what you want and you really want it. you show affection and concern to other people. you're not going to cheat on a test or to steal money. you always look at the positive aspect of things. you can be trusted. Hard
Clothes starting with the letter 'f' these are mostly worn in summer, also called thongs. these have short legs and are worn mostly in summer with tops. a type of shoe mostly worn for sport. this is worn around your neck and keeps you warm in winter. this is worn on your top with pants, shorts or skirts. Big
Human Rights relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns, as distinct from military or ecclesiastical matters. morally correct, just, or honourable. freedom from disturbance; tranquility. the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Older Children
Bullying 2 up down across diagonally People standing up for someone being hurt. An equal partner. Don't pay any attention to. A friend and enemy. Brave. Big
Clothes and Appearance To be inclined toward a particular quality, state or degree. Worthy of respect or honor. Showy. Not change. Having the skills or experience to do a job well. Hard
Human Rights Flip over for crossword answer. Freedom from disturbance or war. To talk in front of an audience. To learn. A fair vote or opinion. A song by Aretha Franklin in 1967. Big
Community Ecology Relationship in which one animal kills and devours another animal. Element of the environment that controls the population growth or population distribution . Study of how different species inhabiting the same geographic region interact. Sequence of gradual changes in a plant community over time. Animals that only eat animals for food. Hard
Morality the desire to promote the welfare of others. accept something reluctantly but without protest.. make legitimate.. preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.. the ability to understand feelings of another.. Big
Refugee A psychological disorder characterized by excessive worrying and distrust without concrete evidence. People who don't believe in a particular religion. Sentencing to a severe punishment, usually death. Not moving or affected by a current. The Jewish Sabbath, or day of rest. Hard
Adulthood & Old Age What is the third stage in the five stages of dying?. A collective term that describes conditions characterized by memory loss, forgetfulness, disorientation of time and place, etc.. Women typically experience psychological and biological changes between the ages of 45 to 50.. Intelligence that refers to the ability to use accumulated knowledge and learning in appropriate situations.. Intelligence that refers to the ability to solve abstract relational problems and to generate new questions.. Hard
Relationships the ability to accept others' differences . exaggerated or oversimplified belief about people who belong to a certain group. a part you play in your relationships. overly forceful, pushy, or hostile. expressing your views clearly and respectfully. Big
Population complete the puzzle by using the hints provided to define terms associated with population growth the number of life births per thousand women within the age group 15-45.. when the crude birth rate is higher than the crude death rate. This is the number of deaths per thousand person in a country's population for a particular year.. when the birth rate is greater than the death rate.. the number of live births per thousand persons in a population of a country for a particular year. . Big
Honoring Your Heritage Fill in the crossword puzzle from the clues below. a form of theater in which the dialog is sung. the passing down of culture from one generation to the next. a musical part that adds to the performance of a singer or musician. having a strong beat with a pettern to it. a process through which someone shows and explains to others how something works. Big
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