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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Human Life Cycle Read the clues below and complete the Cross Word Puzzle when the sperm fertilises the egg. The stage of growing old. the stage where the child is just learning to walk. explains the stages that a living thing goes through from conception to death. starts from age 18 to 65. Big
Emotions of a hateful and spiteful temperament, malevolent, perniscious. the nature of a calm person, who is serene and tranquil. bothered by something, worried, disturbed, anxious, concerned, . to react with this - showing disbelief, doubt and skepticism. to act in a foolhardy way, to be brash and careless. Big
The Meaning of Culture Vocabulary All the things that make up a people's entire way of life.. Worship of more than one god.. Worship of one god.. When men exercise more authority than women.. When people produce most of what they need to survive.. Hard
Critical Thinking Concepts Find the missing word in the crossword puzzle. The studying of good reasoning.. The statement supported by premises occur through evidence and reasoning.. (A) statement(s) intended to tell why or how something is the case. . A statement. A statement or reason given in support of another statement.. Big
Teenage Years Crossword Puzzle The ability to keep trying even though something may be very difficult. Extra Curricular Activities. A strong belief in the value of work. This is another word for your teenage years.. A person between the ages of 13 and 19. Teenage
My Clothes! I wear these under my shoes. This has short-sleeves. I wear these on my legs. Girl´s wear this . I wear this on my head. Easy
Arnold Gesell What did Arnold use for his study?. ______ is influenced by factors. the name of his invention. He was the _____ of Child Developement. He decided to become a _____. Big
Mobile Home Parks and History Mobile homes/manufactured housing have been around for over this many years.. In 19__ aviation pioneer Glen Curtiss designed and built a custom trailer to be pulled behind his automobile for autocamping.. Elmer ______ coined the term 'mobile home'.. Trailer camps were particularly concentrated in California, Florida and the ___________.. A unique housing type created as a result of the evolution of America's transportation system.. Big
Immigration Worker joined Labor ______ who bargain for improved working conditions.. Carnegie, JP Morgan, Rockefeller. Most important president of the Gilden era?. 75% of all immigrants entered the USA in NY through _______ Island.. Americans accused immigrants of taking jobs from 'real' who?. Big
Chapter 1: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Complete the crossword puzzle below. Study of psychology that believes that human behavior can be understood based on how people think. Probability of some result from a statistical test occurring by chance. Method that involves observing subjects unaltered behavior in his normal environment . Specific, testable prediction about what you expect to happen in your study. School of Psychology that is concerned with understanding the elements of the mind through its components. Hard
Current Events Current Events West African disease that mutated recently. Current Pope. First African american president. Author; Wrote a book called 'Murder of Stephen King'. Social media site that created fake eulogies. Hard
Civics a shop employing workers at low wages, for long hours, and under poor conditions.. 26th president of the United States.. the large-scale introduction of manufacturing, advanced technical enterprises, and other productive economic activity into an area, society, country, etc.. people who search for and expose real or alleged corruption, scandal, or the like, especially in politics.. the policy of protecting the interests of native inhabitants against those of immigrants.. Hard
Evolution change over time in populations of related organisms. study of similarities and differences between the structures of living species. an inherited trait that increases an organism's chance of surviving. body parts that have lost their original function through evolution. all the fossils ever discovered on Earth. Big
Humanism He discovered many jupiter's moons. a way of thinking about the world. people who work with logic and thinking. someone who practices humanism. planet we currently live on. Big
Cyberbullying Fill in the blanks. An example of a crime that is punishable under the Harassment Act.. Cyberbullying may lead to __.. Cyberbullying has been made __ in Singapore since 2014.. An example of cyberbullying.. The most common reason why people resort to cyberbullies is because they are motivated by __.. Hard
Child Psychology ________________ positive regard means that parents except their children for who the are.. ________________ Psychology is the study of how people grow and change throughout life.. Parents believe in obedience for its own sake.. The opposite of unconditional positive regard.. __________ anxiety is the fear of strangers.. Big
Ancient Civilizations The way in which people apply knowledge, tools, and inventions to meet their needs. To do without doing. A city and its surrounding land functioning as an independent country. Period of Roman peace. Belief in MANY gods. Very Difficult
Teacher Roles in the Classroom Diagnosing and evaluating learners’ needs and difficulties.. Managing the learners, the lessons and procedures in the classroom, e.g. controlling the group dynamic, deciding on interaction patterns, demonstrating tasks and activities, building rapport, encouraging learners, giving instructions, motivating lear. Assessing learners’ performance, behaviour, effort and contribution. Evaluating learners’ performance, behaviour and contribution. Testing learners’ progress and level. Providing feedback on work, progress, behaviour and contribution.. Developing learner autonomy. Helping learners to access resources. Providing opportunities for individual learning.. Giving learners advice on difficulties they may have outside of their language class. Showing understanding of issues learners bring to the classroom from outside. . Older Children
Girl Scout Cookies Which cookie is peanut butter inside and chocolate outside?. What is the name of the peanut butter sandwich cookie?. How many years have Girl Scouts been selling cookies?. Which cookie looks like the Girl Scout logo?. Which cookie is named after a camp fire favorite?. Older Children
Population and Migration distinctive causes of death in each stage of the demographic transition . limits establishes by the gov. on the number of immigrants who can enter a country each year. the number of males per 100 females in a population. people who are forced to migrate from their home country and cannot return for fear of persecution because of their race, religion, membership in a social group, or their political opinion . the number of people under the age of 15 and over the age of 64 compared to the number of people active in the labor force. Hard
Florence Nightengale What civil war from 1861-1865 did Florence Nightingale?. The soliders use to call Nightingale 'Lady With The_____ '.. In 1859, Nightingal write the _____ ' Notes on Nursing'.. In 1854 the Crimean warn started between the turks and who eles?. Was Florence Nightingale married?. Big
Civilizations Sparta's government was a . The famous poet in Greece was known as. Greece traded in the __________ Sea. One similarity between the geography of Greece and Japan was they both had. The code of behavior for the Japanese samurai was known as. Hard
Feeling Words Filled with fear; apprehension or regret over an unwanted situation.. Protecting oneself from emotional pain.. Culpability especially for imagined offenses or from a sense of inadequacy.. Expecting the best in this best of all possible worlds.. Painful or resentful emotion. . Big
Places In The City there are seriously ill people. when you want to cross a river, you go over a .... you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables there, usually in the street or in a hall. a big shopping centre. you can buy there all kind of food and household products. Big
Pop Culture ballet, opera, and Shakespeare . baseball game or movie theater. the demand for aesthetic beauty in products. common identities and backgrounds. the internet or netflix. Big
New Year Resolutions put things in order. freely offering to do something. showing sympathy or concern. coating with a colour. throw out. Big
Contemporary Affairs There are no spaces between words What business is opening 12,000 new locations in the next 5 years?. Where was a radioactive leak reported?. Islamic State used fake what to confuse airstrikes?. Who was elected president in 2016?. What was the FBI investigating that involved Hillary Clinton?. Hard
Populations Dynamics the act of leaving one's resident country with the intent to settle elsewhere. the relative number of individuals of each age in a population. growth whose rate becomes ever more rapid in proportion to the growing total number or size. environmental conditions that limit the growth, abundance, or distribution of an organism or a population of organisms in an ecosystem. the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Big
Let's Roll what month did the flight crash happen?. Where did Todd and Lisa go to college?. how many hijackers were on the plane?. Who was the president during 9-11?. Todd and Lisa's daughter?. Hard
Abolitionism Cross- Word Having equal rights regardless of race or gender.. Somebody practically owned by another person, however they are payed.. One bound in servitude to a person or family.. Region of the U.S. that is pro-slavery.. Famous person to oppose slavery, whom went on to become president.. Older Children
Places in Town The place where you go when you are seriously ill.. The place where you can buy medicine. The place where fire men work.. The place where you can buy meat.. The place where you can have a picnic.. Hard
Gay Rights Movement 1960-80 Known as The Briggs Initiative, Proposition 6 would have banned gays and lesbians from working in California's public schools. the name of a number of gay rights groups,. the Southern area of America, whose religious fundamentalist values means that they in no way accept homosexuality.. one of the most prominent groups against homosexuals. a violent event against gay people which sparked the gay rights movement. Big
Culture Terms a concept of unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation. a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society. An archaeologist studies?. the principle of regarding the beliefs, values, and practices of a culture.. the spread of cultural beliefs and social activities from one group to another. . Hard
The Media Newspapers and magazines exaggeration . Newspapers and magazines. the tendency to focus news coverage on only on aspect of an event or issue, avoiding coverage of over aspects. A published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation. the ownership and control of the media by a few large corporations. Hard
Types of Bias Decision makers who are quick to take credit for their successes and to blame failure on outside factors. . Decision makers forget that current choices can't correct the past.. The actions of decision makers who try to create meaning out of random events.. Decision makers selectively organize and interpret events based on their biased perceptions. . When decision makers tend to think they know more than they do or hold unrealistically positive views of themselves and their performance. . Hard
Our Generation book about a man in search of a dream. a now popular toy that was invented many years ago. extremely popular sport many people enjoy watching; involves a pitcher. popular car model. a group of disillusioned writers . Big
25 Famous Nurses in History Complete the puzzle below. AKA Soujourner Truth; served as nurse in the Union Party in the Civil War (1797 to 1883). World War I Combat Nursing (1885 to 1918). International Council of Nurses’ First Full Time Executive Secretary (1887 to 1979). An Egalitarian, it was the Civil War that brought him from being a journalist, teacher and poet into the nursing profession (1819 to 1892). Belgium’s Nursing Pioneer & Nurse Hero (1865 to 1915). Hard
Imperialism Spread Christianity, civilize and educate, and end the slave trade. the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country. Controlled by a foreign power. A policy or practice by which a country increases its power by gaining control over other areas of the world. A system of government of one nation by another in which the governed people retain certain administrative, legal, and other powers.. Big
Subway Superman causing death or made to cause death. to move with great speed; to rush violently. 1. to warn against something 2. to scold someone. honor or respect shown publicity. a person killed or injured in a war or accident. Big
Language and Life done by two or more people working together. to have or to own. doing and saying things suddenly without thinking about it carefully. something that you say (fact or opinion). to change. Big
College Lingo Words that will help you survive on a college campus, looking cool, and 'in the know'. a class not specifically required for your major or minor. a building with living quarters for students. cost to participate in the classes at a college or univerity. clubs and activities outside of the academic work. a field on which the buildings of the university are built. Hard
Chinese Societies Teachings of confusious. A political system in which the nobles owe loyalty to the king. Chinese philosopher. A Chinese dynasty that followed the Shang dynasty and preceded the Qin dynasty.. Means respect for their parents and ancestors. Hard
Benefits Of City Living _________ included plays and sports such as baseball and basketball , the opera house , and such as the arts (paintings / sculptures).. One who watches an event . A horse drawn or electric carriage that rides on rails and is used is for transportation. Workers would travel several miles using public ______ to get to their job.. A carriage to the rides on rail and is used for transportation. Older Children
Native American the customs, arts, and conveniences of a nation or people at a given time. weather conditions in an area. people working to produce goods and services; also brain resources. a change to fit different conditions. resources that come from nature, raw materials. Big
Bullying The person who is bullied. When you put pressure on someone to do sth.. Bullying has negative on victims' lives. Someone who watches bullying happen. If you exclude someone from a group on purpose. Older Children
Personalities they are not very organised and their things are in a mess . they never do anything. they do not mind working. they like doing things on their own, without help. they are happy one minute and sad the next. Big
Models Of Disability How can the social model make individuals feel. D........ A policy that effects organisations structure.. Additional method of communication for Visual Impairment people. . Name another model.. What shapes an organisation structure. . Big
Emotional Intelligence Taking responsibility for personal performance. Recognizing emotions, moods & drivers, and their effects . Knowing strengths and weaknesses. Being able to take the ‘emotional temperature’ of others and respond in ways that build connection and common ground. Being able to adapt and work with different people in different situations. Hard
English Slang A noise British people make when they disapprove of what a person is doing.. Very informal words and phrases, often used in speech.. Slang phrase meaning 'do not misunderstand me'.. Meaning confused by something strange.. Used in slang to stress a point, even when it's not really true.. Adult
Indigenous Populations making sure practitioners have the proper skills, knowledge, and attitude to provide culturally safe care. indigenous population near Peterborough . many descendants of residential school survivors share the same burdens as their ancestors. an individual who has the ability to make a positive impression through the delivery of downstream healthcare approaches. education, early life, Aboriginal status, to name a few. Hard
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