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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Lance Armstrong Armstrong’s mother has a very positive influence on him. He is _______ by his mother. . Armstrong’s _______ were very successful, he was cancer-free afterwards.. She is very gentle, she loves animals. She is ________.. The part of your body that is below stomach.. Another word for sportsman.. Big
Personal Attributes Positive characteristics,strengths and talents Ability to find things amusing and make people laugh. Capable of doing useful things. Taking great care in your appearance. Being on time and promptly doing things exactly at the time arranged. Cheerful, confident and hopeful. Big
Helen Keller The system of reding for the blind. The first name of Helen's first trainer. The last name of Helen's last trainer. The college Helen really wanted to attend, and made it into. The name of Helen's mom. Older Children
Death Penalty What state executed more people then any other state?. What was the number one occupation of Americans executed? . What state was the latest state to outlaw capital punishment?. What state performed the first execution with one-drug intravenous lethal injection?. What state allows the use of firing squad if lethal injections and electrocutions are found unconstitutional? . Teenage
Renting vs. Buying While apartments tend to be low maintenance because the landlord is there to fix things, a home that you buy tends to be more _______________. ______ a home: Building a home of your own, purchasing a home from a builder, or buying a home from previous owners. Includes rights to the land and everything on the land. The opposite of renting. Most people will rent because they can use _________ such as parks, swimming pools, and gyms.. Buying a home gives you the ability to receive tax __________. Easter Sunday and _________ Day tend to be the best days out of the year to buy. . Big
Social Engineering Sifting through trash to find important information. An email warning of a malware threat. Listening in on conversations to glean information. Beware of probing, pushy, or threatening ________. Creating an invented scenario to convince someone to take an action. Hard
Wedding Fun She is married. Some including the bride do this during the wedding ceremony. The DJ plays them at the reception. A quick wedding spot. Flowers at a wedding. Teenage
Trustworthiness presenting the facts to the best of your ability. a strong belief that an idea is right. guidelines about right and wrong. speaking without an intention to mislead. sticking with something. Older Children
Hand Tools You can mark different angles with this tool. Hack through metal with this. Measures short dimensions. Used to hold your work. Used to cut short lengths of timber on bench. Big
Baby Shower baby will do a lot of this, especially when he is hungry. if you are not going to breastfeed, you will be buying this. helps keep baby clean when he eats. this lasts for 9 months. baby will enjoy going up and down in this. Very Difficult
Record Holders no spaces and all peoples's names person who won the most times in a row; 4 times. first person to win from overseas. first woman to finish the Iditarod. fastest to win the Iditarod. first woman to win. Hard
Personality the egos protective methods of reducing anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality. Maslow; need that arises after basic physical and psychological neeeds that are met and self esteem is achieved. the ego unconsciously switches unacceptab;e impulses into their opposites. overestimating others noticing and evaluating our appearance, performace, and blunders. an individuals characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling and acting. Hard
Oklahoma City Bombing What was the name of the building that was bombed?. How many children under the age of six were killed in the bombing?. What was the name of the state trooper that stopped McVeigh upon his escape?. How many blocks was the radius of the damage from the bombing?. In what month did the Oklahoma City bombing occur?. Hard
Consumerism when someone keep on buying without having money to spent. feeling which addicted people feel after buying something. money which people ask to a financial institution . person who are really addicted to shopping. social and economic order that encourages people to buy things. Older Children
Behavior taking of food or water into digestive tract. sensory inspection of the environment. result of seeing affection or protection. giving and care and attention . all acts associated with the ultimate fertilization process. Hard
Populations a type of population growth that occurs when individuals reproduce at a constant rate. (j-shaped). a type of population growth that occurs when growth slows or stops. (s-shaped). the movement of individuals out of an area. . density limiting factor that includes natural disasters, unusual weather, and human activity. . another name for geographic distribution. . Big
Gang Violence An individual belonging to a group.. An illegal substance.. Opposite of passive.. Someone using a gun.. Hunted down.. Teenage
Behaviorism _______ reinforcement is a positive stimulus to reinforce a behavior. occurs after a behavior and reduces the likelihood of that behavior occurring again in the future. range of actions made by organisms in response to their environment. Genetics that, according to Skinner, don't influence behavior. Theory that human and animal behavior can be explained by conditioning without regard to thought. Hard
Mid Life Well being defined as pure pleasure. The age-related process occurring around age 50 for women. Adult children care for their disabled elderly parents. A basic role of grandparents which involves monitoring the younger family members well-being. A dramatic decline in older persons scores of vocabulary tests. Big
Migration Read the clue and write in the appropriate term. This type of migration occurs when an individual decides to move somewhere for a long period of time. . Someone who is exiting or leaving a country for a new area. . This type of migration occurs when an individual has no choice and must leave their location.. Factors that attract people to move to a new location. . The movement of people from one location to another. . Older Children
Wedding Event She is married. Eat, drink, and be ---------. Some including the bride to this during the wedding ceremony. The DJ plays them at the reception. A quick wedding spot. Hard
Feelings To sicken or cause extreme dislike. Being free of tension. Dull or tiresome. Disturbed or bothered by someone or something. To cause shame or make self-conscious. Teenage
Fashion in the 1930s Hair styles were short, wavy and, __________. These were no longer affordable to Americans, so many American designers created cheaper, simpler copies.. 'True legend of cinema'.. Chicago-based magazine that covered men's fashion.. 'Wallis Blue' was made popular by this man.. Hard
Places in the Town It's a place where doctors and nurses work.. It's a place where you play sports.. It's a place where you park your car.. It's a place where you can meet your friends, have a drink and eat.. It's a building you go to when you want some money.. Older Children
Lying Uprightness, sincerity, or candor human action or speech.. Deliberately making a statement contrary to the truth or withholding the truth under oath.. A false statement that harms the reputation of others. Wrongful, untrue defamation of a person in writing or printing.. Excessive, untrue, or insincere praise.. Big
Wedding Floral Arrangements duty is to throw flower petals on the floor in front of the bride. many wedding traditions in the USA have origins back to what royalty. consists of a few flowers and foliage that matches the bridal bouquet. what queen married her cousin Albert and had the longest impact on American weddings. the tradition of the flowers and foliage of the boutonniere matching the bridal bouquet dates back to what times. Teenage
Gender & Age Men use language to communicate ? . . ? tends to remain stable throughout life.. Men use non-support, silence and interruptions, to ? conversations. . When young people use a new form more and old people use it less, the form is ? popularity. ? usually does not lead to language change. Hard
Friends When you can't do something alone she/he .............you.. When you have a problem your friend......................to you.. ...............you to parties.. Your friends ................you the way you are.. Never forgets your ......................... Easy
Margaret Mead Children all over the world learn about their cultures and gradually absorb its _____ and values. Margaret live with an ____ family while in Samoa. Does you race and _____ mold you into the person you become?. She found that in Samoa, adolescence was one of the happiest and ____ _____ times in life. Her first destination. Hard
French Clothing Something you wear on your legs.. Something you wear when it's kind of chilly out.. Something you use that allows you to jump into the puddles without getting your feet wet.. Something you wear around your neck. It usually sparkles.. Something a married woman/man always wears.. Hard
Preparedness It is important to establish a disaster ______ plan . ________ Command System. _______ will help you survive. Important for emergency communication . Where supplies 'To Go' are stored . Hard
Preventing Accidents keep gun on_______ when not in use. you should never_________. always where _________ protection. keep finger away from this on a bow. _________ make perfect. Big
Ethics truthfulness. agreement to respect and support another's right of independent decision making. loyalty, fairness, truthfulness, advocacy and dedication to patients. theory that requires examination of content of the situation in order to come to a moral conclusion. compassion; desire to do good. Hard
School Violence In response to school violence, many schools have adopted ___-____ policies (two words). Bullies and potential bullies often exhibit overly ___ behaviors. Common place where school violence can take place. Who can be a victim?. A common way to counter mental bullying. Older Children
Email To send copy of incoming mail to someone. Internet Service Provider. Delete a message. Electronic Mail. Confidential. Older Children
Fire & Arson black particles carbon produced in a flame. agent used to speed or spread fire. to cease burning. reaction in which the velocity of the reaction front through . wide range of natural or synthetic organic materials . Big
Southern Sayins' Are you going to do that? I ______ so.. What you say meaning 'Be kind to her, she's just too stupid to know any better.'. 'I'm _____ to do that in a minute.'. Ask your grandchild for a kiss. What fried food got named this because it was thrown to hound dogs to eat so they'd quit howling.. Hard
Words for Renters You have to pay extra if the rent is ____. Written legal agreement between tenant and landlord. A type of federal housing assistance for low income, disabled or elderly clients, is called _______8. No late fee during the _____ period. A form listing your references, where you work, your social security number, etc. that you fill out when applying for an apartment, job or college. Adult
Emotions, People & Clothing To be the correct size. To have on your body. Sheep's hair. Over confident. Too small; fitting too close to the body. Big
Cowboy Words Used for protection by the cowboys. . What the cowboys used as a seat on the horse. . Worn on the cowboys' heel. . A long rope used for horse roping. . A socket to hold a weapon. . Big
School Bus Safety Never attempt to open the emergency ____ unless there is a true emergency.. Hold onto the _____ when boarding or exiting the bus.. Face _____ when the bus is in motion.. Keep your feet, hands, and bookbag out of the ______. Do not do any _____ to the seats. Moderately Challenging
Robbery and Security Complete the Crossword Puzzle using Security and Robbery phrases and names What is the #1 priority in the event of a robbery?. ______ _____ ink is located on the numerical value of the bill. . The opener will place two ____ _______ signals to indicate it is safe to enter the building. . If anything is in safety's way, contact the __________ department. . ______ alarms. Hard
Cub Scout Core Values Being cheerful and setting our minds to look for and find the best in all situations. (2 words). Using human and other resources to their fullest.. Contributing service and showing responsibility to local, state, and national communities.. _______ is 'values in action'.. Sticking with something and not giving up, even if it is difficult. Big
Archetype Find the words by matching the definitions. searches for answers, truth, adventure, a better life. is the object of discrimination, cruelty, or other situation. one that bears the blame for others. one who resists or defies authority. fights for rights or beliefs. Older Children
Behavioural therapy One way behaviour is learnt [12]. What may reinforce problematic behaviours? [8,11]. Who was the experimentor who conditoned dogs to salivate to the sound of a bell? [6]. One method of investigation [11]. Another method of investigation [6,7]. Big
Black Contributions to America Web Search Invented System Of Hair Straightening. Peanut Butter. Developed A System That Allowed Computers To Communicate With Printers And Other Devices. Refined Process of Evaporating Milk. Installed Wires On Telegraph,Worked With Samuel Morse. Big
Bullying bullying on the internet is called _________. __________is a form of bulling. Bullys are often only looking for__________. it is best to______the bullying behaviour. Bullys often engage in ________. Older Children
Famous Women First lady who became a delegate to the United Nations after her husband died. Marine biologist who wrote about how pesticides on plants destroy sea life. Founder of the Girl Scouts of America. First woman pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. First African-American woman to be Secretary of State for the US. Big
Heart of a Champion 360-degree turns. Showing skill and good taste. Mental pictures, ideas. United States Figure Skating Association. Someone who engages in an athletic activity for fun. Hard
Wedding The bride and groom will take lots of these to remember the special day by.. What two people may get when they love each other very much.. The woman who is getting married.. What the bride or groom will wear on their finger.. A special meal that all of the bride and grooms family and friends attend.. Older Children
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