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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Indians where do wampanoags live today. made of moose skin, long tongue and high collar. last name of captin who killed two chiefs. song originally for Thanksgiving . head of tribe. Big
Self Esteem and Goals Fill in the puzzle with the correct word from the clues Ability to accept others as they are.. A person whose success or behavior serves as a good example for others. Treating everyone with understanding. Are the beliefs and principles that guide the way a person lives.. A personal feeling or belief. Hard
American Culture If something is funny, people will ______.. When people are happy, they ______.. Throw rubbish / trash on the ground.. If you bump into a person, you should say I'm ____.. Hi, how are you? I'm ____.. Older Children
Socio-Cultural Factors Social groups construct rules for members of their group to follow. Psychotic disorder characterised by thought disturbances. A life experience that involves a change from a steady state. Chemical substance found in the brain which transmits nerve impulses across a synapse. Close relations. Hard
Migrations someone who had to leave his or her homeland and has no place to go to.. is when people migrate within the same country or region.. when someone leaves a country.. The name given to the reasons why people leave an area.. when someone enters a country.. Big
Personality Adjectives Complete the crossword with adjectives we use to describe people. I hadn't had enough ​sleep and was ​feeling ​kind of ... all day.. To be ​perfectly ... with you, I don't ​think she's the ​person for the ​job.. She is ... about her ​chances of ​winning a ​gold ​medal.. She knew she good get that job, so she was very ... before the interview.. Zoe is very ... and is going abroad on her own.. Big
Celebrities With Disabilities Ronnie Milsap . Terry Bradshaw . Jim Abbott . Walt Disney . Hale Berry . Hard
Spanish Speaking Countries Complete the Crosswrod below What is the capital of Salvador?. Santiago is the capital of?. What is the capital of Cuba? . What is the capital of Venezuela?. San José is from? . Hard
High-School a formal song of loyalty, patriotism, or happiness. the art or activity of performing a role in a play, show, etc. principal domains of knowledge that are studied in school. group of young women who shout out special songs or chants to encourage their team. an organized company of singers . Big
Mass Media large paper printed with the news and sold every day . a game in which you answer questions. shows, films, television or activities that help people relax. the programmes that you listen to. a view about something or someone. Big
Outstanding Customer Service Go the extra mile to find solutions and leave customer happy.. Strive to do the best you can. Always aim for excellence.. Give your full attention to customers.. Be patient even when dealing with though customers. Take a deep breath if needed. . Greet customer cheerfully and stay upbeat throughout each interaction.. Big
Mexican Culture currency used. Language predominantly spoken. Food often served with ground beef . Complete name . Body of water to the right. Big
North Carolina Beach Lingo Can you identify all of these words associated with coastal North Carolina? Coppertone or Hawaiian Tropic?. Tallest natural sand dune on the east coast. body of water . Dance associated with roots in both North & South Carolina. Large ocean inhabitant that created much fear and publicity during the summer of 2015. Hard
Discovering Who You Are? way of life in society in which you live. psychological and behavioral characteristics that make you unique. family traits. time free from everyday responsibilites. everything that happens to you. Big
Personalities not hopeful; not confident about the future. mean and not nice to others. not serious; causing laughter or amusement. work with energy and commitment; not lazy. not hard-working; doesn't do much work. Big
Salutations Greetings Thank you. Good Morning!. Good luck. Pleased to meet you!. Good-Bye. Hard
Communication Puzzle Language used by hearing impaired. A device used whilst on the move. Useful to maintain this in an interview. Online social network. A method of communication. Big
Behaviour Court finds you have committed an offence . How we behave ......................... other people . When one has to pay money because of bad behaviour it is called a .... Opposite to wrong. We must be good ................................to our children to show them right.. Big
Greetings Hello Thank you. Im so sorry. goodnight. when you wake up you say. goodbye. Big
Personal Traits Extremely angry or annoyed. Lose their temper quickly. Very uncomfortable or unhappy. Do dangerous things without thinking. Refuse to give up. Big
My Generation FILL IN THE BLANK Pictures of people. Practice in school that nobody likes. Type and use websites. Like a skateboard. Call and Text. Older Children
Emergency Plan Emergency light on hand. In case of flooding. What to have on hand in case of an emergency.. Who to contact in case of a power outage.. Medical Bag.. Big
Trustworthiness Words to describe trustworthiness. If something is your property it's your _______.. When you have faith and trust in something it's your _______.. Taking care of others is being _______.. When you care about other people more than yourself you are _______.. Dogs are usually _______ to their owners.. Big
Values and Goals Things that are most important to you.. ___ term goals can be reaches in the near future.. The things we want to maintain and achieve in life.. Values ___ throughout your life.. Your personal ____ will also influence what you value. Older Children
Adjectives Describing Character Put in the adjectives describing these people. He never believes he will win, and always worries about the future.. He does nothing but lie in front of the TV.. She always says 'Please' and 'Thank you'.. Everything in his room is always in the right place.. She always makes up stories to tell her children and can always think of new ideas.. Big
Guide to Bottle Feeding Making up a feed with too much powder to water can cause ............................ All equipment used to feed a baby must be......................... Loosely fill the scoop with infant .............................. Test the temperature of the infant formula on the inside of your................... Level the formula off using the flat edge of a knife or the ......................provided. Hard
Values and Character Traits passionate interest in or eagerness to do something. What is right or wrong; thoughts or codes by which to live.. showing an ability to make decisions quickly, firmly, and clearly. the ability to form sound opinions and make sensible decisions or reliable guesses. putting the general good or the needs or interests of others first. Hard
Boy Scout Law Courage to stand up for what is right, even if others laugh at him. Follows rules of family, school, community, troop. True to Family, Friends, Scout Leaders, school and Nation. Tells the truth. Body and Mind. Older Children
How to Make a Strong First Impression connected with art, music, or literature. a person you do not know. to enjoy or to understand the value of someone or something. to show or explain how to do something. to continue to have something; to keep something at the same level. Older Children
Grooming Aids and It's Uses Complete the puzzle below it is used to maintain fresh breath and protect the teeth from decay. it is a rectangular piece of absorbent cloth that is used to dry the bodyafter bath. it is gargled to clean and to freshen breath. it is used to remove dust and dirt and to stimulate the oil in the scalp. it is used to brush nails after cleaning. Big
Rosa Parks 'Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement' commend, praise, congratulate, salute. traveler, commuter. courageous. decline, turn down, say no. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Older Children
Emotions and Feelings Read each clue and answer with the emotion or feeling Fearful; frightened.. Ashamed and sorry because you have done something wrong.. Slightly angry; irritated.. Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.. Very enthusiastic and eager.. Easy
Thank You Across the World Thank you in FRENCH. Thank you in ARABIC. Thank you in KOYUKON (Alaska). Thank you in HINDI (phonetical transcription). Thank you in THAI (woman speaking). Big
Bicycle Safety Has two wheels and is a fun way to pedal around town.. A white ______ is needed on the front of your bike at night or in low light conditions.. A red rear __________ or light is important.. When ridding your bike inthe street it is best to act like a ____ and follow all traffic laws.. Remember to always wear your _____ to protect your head if you fall.. Older Children
Asylum Seekers and Refugees Government approval for people to enter, stay, work or study in a country. A person who has fled their homeland because of persecution. A time when a difficult or important decision must be made. Over 80% of the world's refugees are women and ____. Asylum seekers who arrive without papers are often placed in ____. Big
Joy Of Sharing Doing something nice for someone. Synonymous with joy. It means sensitivity towards others. Synonymous with gift. To give something for a good cause. Similar to charity. Easy
Organizational Behavior Clayton Alderfer’s ERG theory extends and refines Maslow’s need hierarchy. to a person’s rigidity of beliefs and range of interests. adequate wages, restrooms, ventilation, and comfortable temperatures.. Part of managing the psychological contract is making sure that the contributions made by the individual fit with the inducements offered by the organization. It refers to the extent to which a person has self-awareness (the basis for all the other components); . Big
Satire a literal comparison between on thing and another. Generally to something that it is not literally applicable - e.g. heart broken. an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.. a person, object, or place selected as the aim of an attack.. using humour to highlight a political issue in society or to highlight people's mistakes. . the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.. Adult
Civics the study of the rights and duties of citizenship. is the will of the people as a whole. loyalty or commitment to a person or group or cause. a powerful ruler. a member of the of the highest class there is in that area. Older Children
Poverty and Hunger The act of giving something to someone or families in need. Lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat or not eating enough of the right things.. ____ is the condition of having stable income or other resources to support a standard of living.. Money owed to someone.. When __ are higher than income, poverty is normally the result.. Big
Manners A man with good manners. Look at someone for a long time. If we talk ............we might disturb. To use manners is being ......... Ways of a country over a long period. Big
Childhood Children's secret weapon. The baby stage. The place where a baby is kept in the house. The young stage. The child's fantasy story. Big
The Amish Shoo-fly is a kind of this. non-Amish people. Amish calligraphy. a game involving a small ball and other small objects. an Amish word for students who can't sit still. Hard
The Ameridians Made important decisions in the Kalinago society.. Village headmen in the Maya society.. The cacique's houses/village.. Where Kalinago men lived.. Gods worshiped by the Taino.. Older Children
Population and Migration the global spread of population might be described as this. conflict which forces people to migrate as refugees. factor which encourages people to migrate. lack of food which can cause migration. number of people per square kilometre. Older Children
Types of Babies go on walks . two wings and swims in lakes . just came into this world . very fluffy . eats and runs around on two legs . Easy
Backwards Day ____________ upside down cake is the cake of this day.. On this day you may want to eat your _____________ before your dinner.. This artist must have had dyslexia; he wrote from right to left and wrote his letters backwards.. Celebrated on the 31 day of this month.. On this day you try to do everything _______________.. Older Children
Black Panthers Match each word with their definition and complete the crossword puzzle. was the early leader of the BPP. the tool and management competency. a leader of the Communist Party USA. series of covert. ran for the Green Party presidential nomination. Adult
Economy A country that is in a relatively early stage of the process of economic development.. Television, movies, cell phones etc.. A country that is technologically advanced and wealthy.. The part of the country that is dominated by the heartland and that typically supplies its raw materials.. In economics, the region or population in which goods and services are sold.. Big
The Welsh He ruled Gwynedd in 1194.. The Saxon king who built a wall of earth.. Name of a kingdom in Wales. Name of the wall king Offa built.. The emblem of Wales.. Hard
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