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African History Crossword Puzzles

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African History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Africa Which African country is this waterfall found in? (8 letters). Which country on the African mainland is the furthest west?. What is the name of the longest river in the world?. What is the name of the largest waterfall in the world?. Africa is not a __________.. Big
Africa Tropical grasslands. Traders that were native to the region of North Africa. West African city that became a religious center in the 1500's. The process of having fertile soil dry into a desert (page of text). Special storytellers from West Africa. Big
Africa's Early History a scientist who study launguages. vast forest that contains jungles and lots of of rain. dense tangles of plants wherever the sun shines. place we are studying. stories, song,and poems passed by word of mouth from generation to an another. Older Children
African Imperialism Ethiopia is divided among a number of these rivals.. The great African rivers consist of the Nile, the Congo, and this river.. These people were not invited to the Berlin Conference.. Explorer missionary who wrote about the peoples he met, with more sympathy and less bias than most Europeans.. This person’s activities in the Congo set off a scramble by the European nations.. Hard
Ancient Egypt Titled floors, pillars and many rooms were found in this type of home. . Wives of Pharaohs, but were not as important as the Queen. . This class of people were craftsmen made beautiful pottery and furniture. . This type of house has earth floors and plaster covered walls.. This type of brick is used to build homes in ancient Egypt. . Older Children
Ancient Egypt Houses were made from this material. Most bread made from this grain. The passage from the Pyramid temple (mortuary temple) to the valley temple. Important officials that enforced the laws and wishes of the ruler. Triangular fertile area at the mouth of the river. Very Difficult
Ancient Egypt and Nubia an ancient Egyptian city;the site of the Great Pyramid. someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule . a plain at the mouth of river . a mineral or a combination of minerals mined for the production of metals. fine soil found on river bottom. Big
Botswana official language in Botswana. Botswana’s capital. Botswana became ____ in 1976. one citizen of Botswana. animal that is a national symbol. Big
Holidays in Nigeria Commemorates the Independence of Nigeria from Britain.. Christian holiday celebrating the crucifixion of Jesus.. Commemorates Women's contributions to society internationally.. Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus.. Christian holiday celebrating the Monday after Easter.. Hard
Independence in Africa The French leader. Depended on oil export. Political system was dominated by whites. First former British colony to gain independence. The unity of all blacks. Hard
Kingdoms and Empires of Africa Complete the crossword by filling in the blanks correctly. This river was a major waterway for the western kingdoms and empires.. The Western Kingdom of _________ was established in 1235 CE.. Aksum was the only kingdom with this religion.. Most of the empires and kingdoms had this religion.. This king of Mali was very rich and would throw gold to the people during his pilgrimages.. Hard
Societies and Empires of Africa Way people traveled from place to place and carried goods. area of Africa that today is the Mediterranean coast of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. People who originally belonged to small city-states in the forests on the southern edge of the Savanna . Empire that emerged by 1235 . People believing they are descendants of a common ancestor . Hard
South Africa The Act made in 1927 that made mixed marriages illegal in South Africa? The __________ Act.. Mandela used this image to describe the kind of nation he imagined after apartheid. A racial classification in S.A. during apartheid. A word for white, South Africans of Dutch descent. What does 'apartheid' actually mean?. Hard
South African Theatre Using the South African notes - complete the crossword An independent theatre that sprang up. This was an important black writer.. This significantly influences theatre.. Was influenced by Black Consciousness. An English playwright. Hard
The first Farmers in Southern Africa Complete the crossword puzzle abreviation: Before Christ: before the birth of Christ. These people lived in Southern Africa 20 000 years ago.. These people were herders and arrived 2 100 years ago.. A unit of time (100 years). Period in history when people made and used iron. Hard
West Africa What also contributed to Ghana's power?. __ was the most important trade product.. What/Who attacks caravans?. How did Ghana make so much money?. Sahara is very _ preventing villages.. Big
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