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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Social Work Services and Mental Health Mental Health mainly involves females and eating habits. psychological,emotional or cognitive disorders. commonly found in returning veterans. employed in a wide range of mental health facilities. most common form of psychosis.
Old tunes are the best Music an attempt to do something new or difficult. amateur (adj/). gloomy; that makes you feel sad, bored, or uncomfortable. very happy and excited. about interesting or valuable discoveries that are made by accident .
Vocabulary Spelling Lists to perform a specific action. writing something to assess it later. the way you act. very clear. required.
Types of Engineers Business and Work what type of engineer makes stuff out of raw materials?. what type of engineer makes technology that helps people?. what type of engineer makes computer software?. what type of engineer makes bombs?. what type of engineer makes storage device?.
Engineers Business and Work design landscaping . roads, airports, and bridges are made by this type of engineer . creates machinery that we use to solve problems. design and develop medical instruments. protects water suply.
Engineers Business and Work roads and building. crops and livestock(raise animals). protects water supply. a mechanical. work or research about insects.
Types of engineers Business and Work Uses professional tools, machines, and other equipment to execute different welding tasks. Works with computer technology, Electrical or mechanical engineering. Utilities the principles of science to design function, attractive and structurally sound . Makes mechanical devices to make life comforrtable. Solves medical and health related problems.
The Hobbit Books The skin shifter that the crew meet. The dwarf that falls in the enchanted river. Who saves the crew from the Wargs. The creatures that kidnapped the crew in the cave. The name of Bilbo's home.
Insurance Business and Work Complete the crossword puzzle. Insurance that covers direct loss due to fire, lighting strike, or removal from premises due to fire.. Indemnified by own insurance company regardless of who is at fault.. Exceptions to coverage.. Intended to indemnify for harm of insured person/real property brought about by perils.. Attached to policies for special and individual need..
Letters Home from Yosemite Books Large, reddish deer that have thin antlers. A great mass of ice that moves very slowly down a mountain, along a valley, or over a land area. Hot, melted rock that flows out of a volcano. This is the same as protecting something, or keeping it safe from harm or change. This includes plants and animals that live and grow in nature.
The Mandan Tribe History In 1804, among the Mandan tribe, Lewis and Clark spent their first?. Mandan tribe hunted for deer,elk,antelope and?. The Mandan tribe is small,friendly and?. Both Mandan men and women wore?. Mandan Indians cut their hair if they were?.
Spelling Spelling Lists to not understand. To quote incorrectly. something that cant be measured. dampness in a towel. not needed.
Tissue Types Body Transports substances, helps maintain stable internal movement. Located throughout the body within heart chambers.. Form the substance of bone. Contains a blood vessel.(haversian system). heart movements. Located in the heart muscle.. Contains a dense network of elastic fiber. It is more flexible than hyalie cartilage. Provides framework for external ears and for parts of the larynx.. Rigid connective tissue. Provides support, frameworks and attachements. Protects underlying tissues. Forms structural models for developing bones..
Vocabulary Words Spelling Lists connection. to fall. agricultural. understood in many ways. hear, listen.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists The soft layer of the mantle on which te lithosphere floats. A break inEarth's crust where massesof rock slip past each other. A deep vally alng the ocean floor beneath which oceanic crust slowly sinks toward the mantle. The hypothesis hat the cntinents slowly move acrss Earth's surface. A dark, dense, igneous rock with fin texture, found in oceanic crust.
The Hunger Games Books Peeta used to design _____. Katniss's _______ all had to do with fire. Where the Hunger Games are played in. These were fired at Katniss in the arena. What Katniss was told to find in the arena.
Housing and Interior Design Business and Work a tool for understanding and using color. guidelines for working with the elements of design, the princples are proportion, scale, balance, emphasis, and rhythm. a lighter value of a color, created by adding white to the color. needs related to the mind, and emotional needs related to feelings that must be met in order to live a satisfying life. a darker value of a color, created by adding black to the color.
Spelling Spelling Lists the act of dismissing. the act of allowingsomething to happen. to hand something forward. to pass along. confessing.
Animals Animals Pink and Goes 'Oink, oink'. Has a shell protecting its body. Has spikes protecting its body. A pink bird, has long legs. Baby dogs.
Water Cycle Science boundary where a warm air massmoves over a cold air mass. rain falls throught freezing air and turns into ice. breeze that moves from the water to the land. water vapor turns directly into ice and forms ice. weather instrument used to measure air pressure.
Socializing the Individual Society The sum total of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and values that are characteristic of an individual.. The unsocialized, spontaneous, self-interested component of our personality and self-identity.. The transmission of genetic characteristics from parents to children.. The interactive process by which we develop an image of ourselves based upon how we imagine we appear to others.. The part of our identity that is aware of the expectations and attitudes of society--our socialized self..
Vocabulary Spelling Lists citizens choose a smaller group to make laws and governmental decisions on their behalf. an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers . in most Greek city-states, only free native-born men who owned land could be this. people gather at mass meetings to decide on government matters. primarily a free citizen who was individually responsible for taking care of his own weapons and armor.
Research Paper Literature and Writing use of material without the required documentation. any online resource from which you gather information for your research. A formal statement of facts about a subject. a belief held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof. a preliminary sketch of what the research paper will look like.
Math Math To join to or more numbers to create one. Drawing or diagram to record information. Number that divides two numbers exactly. A Part to Whole Comparison. Having the same amount or value.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists to move or walk with a rolling gait. an effort (physical or mental). disgraceful; dishonorable; shameful. awkward; clumsy. strictness; inflexible; difficulty.
Spelling Spelling Lists The act of dismissing. The act of allowing something to happen. To had in. To send. Confessing.
Science Vocabulary Science ways of acting. the passing of traits from parents to offspring. series of major changes in an animals body during its life cycle. Three Stage Lifecycle (Egg, Nymph, Adult). traits that are learned or gained throughout life.
Earthquake Science A city in this country moved 10 feet in a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Scientists can't predict these. These wave moves up and down and side to side. These waves expand and compress. This is the first wave you feel .
Forces Science a push or pull to move stop or change direction. a force that opposes motion. a wheel with a rod or axle in the center. the combination of all the forces acting on an objects. forces that act on an object and dont cancel out each other unbalanced forces cause a change in motion.
Chemistry Science atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons. attraction formed between atoms when they share electrons.. neutral particle , composed of quarks inside the nucleus of an atom.. the particles that are never settle.. solid , liquid ar gas that contains two or more substances blend evenly throughtout..
madagascar animals Movies see if you can find and connet all these animals! there is only 258 of us left. I am related to a hedgehog. I jump sideways on the ground. females have redish brown fur. I am the top preditor in madagascar.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists needed food that is not there. a place that babies have a wide variety of things to do. shot with a small amount of dead or weakened disease. a skin condition that has yelowish, crusty patches on the scalp. trying to get the baby from bottle to a cup.
Historic Williamsburg History the largest colony in America. the war between England and the colonists. the men who wrote the US Constitution in 1787. the ruler of a colony. settlement.
Astronomy Religion all stars begin there lives a ____________. The Milky Way (not the candy bar). Earth's twin.. very large stars. color of mars.
Harry Potter Books Harry's favorite spell.. The one who seeks a sock.. The number of DADA teachers at Hogwarts throughout the series.. The surname of Harry's nasty guardians.. A fun sport played with a broom and three balls..
Engine Vocabulary Technology Transfers heat.. One of the three torque converter components. A step up transformer. An essential suspension part.. Solid or vented..
Scientific Science Types of Energy Also called radiant energy. Energy in magnets and electromagnets. Energy in moving or static electric charges. Energy released by vibrating objects. Also called thermal energy.
Water for Elephants Books Definitions, words, and names form Water for Elephants collection of wild or unusual animals, especially for exhibitaion . belt of girth that passes around the belly of a horse and is bucked on the horses back. The ringmaster of The Benzini Brothers. in horses, when the bone in the foot becomes detached. Used as an alcohol subsitute during Prohibition .
Vocabulary Spelling Lists name of person, place, thing, or idea. gives command. verb that does not show action. Action words. used before nouns.
Words Of The Week Spelling Lists Solve The Following Crossword lots of animals. telling something. gold coin. consideration. stating.
Literary Terms Literature and Writing Complete by answering questions that have something to do with the literary terms. A word that is none from the characters.. A suggested idea that was brought up in the text.. The category the book or work it be under.. The general idea of the story in what happened.. The reason of this making (to make you think)..
Planning Meals Food A plan for managing income and expenses. . Food product that has had some amount of service added to it. . A regularly recurring cost that varies in amount. . Convenience food that is ready for eating either immediately or after heating or thawing. . On average families in the U.S. spend about _______ percent of their income on food..
World War I History Group of armed and unarmed ships deployed to protect merchant shipping from attack. 1917 note by a German diplomat proposing an alliance with Mexico. In world war I, Russia, France, Great Britain, and later the United States. Pledge by the German government in 1916 that its submarines would warn shipps before attacking. Turkish repression in 1915-1916 against the nationalist movement among Christian Armenians.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists opportune, favorable, fortunate, or prosperous . to set free, admit, or grant . a threadlike body in an organism's cells that carry genetic information. to destroy or weaken. detrimental to health; causes injury.
Cold War Crossword History First Soviet satellite in space.. Gary Powers was the pilot of this plane.. All Soviet nations.. Separates North and South Korea.. Ethel and Julius..
Science Metals Science Cu, Ag, Au; all three stable and malleable; once were used to make coins. The electrons on the outer level of an element . Fe, Co, Ni; all three used in the procces to create steel and other metal mixtures. Horizontal columns of elements. Vertical rows of elements.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists To surrender; to submit. High-sounding; pompous; pretentious. To twist or to squirm, as in pain. To inspect minutely; to dissect. To make young or fresh again; to revive.
Financial Accounting Math Reconciling Cash Book to bank statement. Obligation of the entity due to past transactions. Normally calculated at time and a half. IAS 38 allows ____to be capitalised. A collection of related accounts.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists science or study of the origin. of the same kind of nature. inflamation of th heart and its valves. able to live in both land and in water. external supportive covering of an animal.
Issues of the Gilded Age History A pre-condition for the ability to vote. Most famous black leader during the late nineteenth century. 1883 the act that created a civil service system for the federal government in an attempt to hire employees on a merit system rather than on a spoils system.. The practice of the political party in power giving jobs and appointments to its supporters, rather than to people based on their qualifications.. A man with a Ph.D. from Harvard who criticized Washington's willingness to accommodate southern whites..
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