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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Inventions and Discoveries Technology Someone who invents things.. This person invented the rain gauge.. This invention by Jang Yeongsil tells us the time by using the sun.. One of the boys in BE1A. To do or choose something without a specific reason or method..
Biology Science the scientific study of heredity. the process when cells shrink because of lack of water. this is made up of a nitrogen base molecule, suger molecule, and a phosphate molecule. proposed scientific explanation for a set of observations. logical interpretation based on prior knowledge or expierience.
The water planet Science water that contains disolved salts and other minerals.. water falls from clouds.. water that is not salty and has little or no taste, color, or smell.. continuous movement of water through the evironment of earth.. which the water flows to the surface naturally because it is under pressure..
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Books the act of engaging in organized breakout against an organized government or authority. to lack. to wander away from the main topic. to deprive of something, such as property, rights, or clothing. having intense feeling, especially of desire or devotion.
Surgical Procedures Health hand. gynae. plastic. urology. general.
Justin Bieber Entertainment Justin's first book. Justin's christmas CD. The girl who is considered Mrs. Bieber. Justin's first CD. The Victoria's Secret model that Justin hung out at the fashion show.
Greek Mythology Literature and Writing deals with fire daily. bad driver. breaks promises. jealous, yet very pretty. bad move on her part; .
Food Food things you find in the kitchen 2 percent. -bread. blue. coffee. steak.
Weather Science When a warm, less dense air mass overtakes a cold, dense air mass. Bands of easterly moving air at the top of the troposphere . A rapidly rotating, extremely low pressure funnel that hangs down from thunderstorm clouds towards Earth’s surface. Any form of moisture that falls from a cloud to the ground. For example, rain, snow, sleet or hail. Comes from the Latin word for “heap”. These clouds are often puffy in appearance.
Psychology Mental Health The outcome of a behaviour that generally leads an individual to repeat the behaviour.. The process in which the behaviour of a person or animal is modified.. A group of symptoms in schizophrenia which include flat emotion, interrupted thought processes, and lack of speech or social skills.. A pathological false belief.. A developmental disorder characterised by impaired social skills and communication, along with repetitive behaviour..
Ocean Earth Sciences the form and shape of the surface of the crust under the ocean water. deep cut in the ocean floor formed at a subduction zone. bending or curving of ocean currents due to earth's rotation. extinct underwater volcano. ocean floor.
Beauty Care Health Assistance,relief . Bundle. Liquid make-up. Put into use. Realistic, useful.
Metals Earth Sciences is an alloy of iron, nickel and chromium. most common metal used in school. is almost 100% iron. loses its shape under pressure and is soft & heavy. is a tough metal and it can be hardened.
Roman History Brutus loved this more than anything. Violent acts caused by Romans. Caesars first name. It is a Roman leader and a type of salad. The best High School ever.
Florida World Geography State marine mammal. Florida Football team. Nickname of Florida. Where is the Magic Kingdom located. Florida Hockey team.
Disney Entertainment arrogant suitor to Belle. turtle who can't blow out the candles in the temple. legendary kung fu warrior who slithers. evil animal who makes a weapon that can destroy kung fu. the female Macaw Blu is supposed to mate with to save his species.
India World Geography A journey to a holy place. In Hindu belief, a person's essential self. In Hinduism, the belief that how a person lives will affect their next life. A man originally named Siddhartha Gautama who lived in India from about 563-483 BCE and began the religion of Buddhism. An aspect of the land, such as mountains, rivers, and plateaus.
French Revolution History Place where people were beheaded. Owned 10% of the land. 98% of the population. Leader of France after Louis XVI. Place where the king lived.
Robert E. Lee History During what battle did lee loose Stonewall Jackson?. Who did General Lee meet with to surrender what was left of his army?. Where did General Lee surrender his army?. In 864 Lee wanted to arm and train whom? . On what day did General Lee sign his Amnesty Oath?.
Heat Meteorology freezing precipitation. has a bimetallic strip. _2_. _________Heating. The motian of pollen grains.
THE 80's History The manager that showed Madonna the ropes. The person that wrote 'everybody'. How many years did Ronald sign with the Warner Brothers. The oldest person apointed to be president. What state was ronald reagan born in.
Ancient Egypt History god of craftsmen. solar god, Most famous god in egypt. re’s boat in which he used to travel through the sky into the night. god of wisdom. a scribe or astronomer of Amun.
Texas Revolution History The last battle of the Texas Revolution.. Author of the Texas Declaration of Independence.. Fought in the legendary 'Sandbar Fight' in 1827.. What month did the Texas Revolution end.. Heavy artillery used in the Battle of San Jacinto and the Battle of Galveston..
'au' and 'war' Spelling Lists All the answers to the clues are words with the spelling pattern 'au' or 'war' that make the vowel sound 'aw' Neil Armstrong, for example.. To stop someone from doing something. A distressing or disturbing experience. The process of washing clothes. One of Snow White's seven.
Volcanoes Earth Sciences bowl-shaped depression that forms around the central vent.. rock fragments and particles ejected by a volcanic eruption.. long cracks in earth. the resistance of a substance to flow.. unusually hot are in earth's mantle where high-temperature plumes of mantle material rise toward the surface..
At The Races Entertainment Bigfoot is one. Helps turn the car. Formula ____. Off-road motorcycle race. Start your ____.
Playoff Football Players Sports He is the MLB for the Broncos. He is the LB for the Colts. He is a LB for the Ravens. He is the DE on the 49ers. He is on the Vikings and ran over 2000 yards.
Big Business Terms Business and Work gaining control of the many different businesses that make up all phases of a products development . a joining of two companies that occurs when one company buys more than half of the stock in the other company, resulting in the companies coming to act as one . a claim on the assets of a corporation that gives the purchaser a share of the ownership of the corporation . a business that is owned by two or more co-workers. corporations that hold the stocks and bonds of numerous companies.
Catching Fire Books Haymitch and katniss' moms friend were . They went on the rooftop for a.... Peeta showed the gamemakers what he could do . Peeta lied about the getting________. Volunteered for the guys.
Circulatory Body the human body has four of theese. one drop of blood contains how many red blood cells. what causes high cholestreol and calcium. high blood preasure is also known as. the beating sound in your heart comes from______ closing.
Lewis and Clark History This person found plant and animal life in the Louisiana Territory.. What month did the expedition start?. How many people died on the expedition?. When the expedition returned people thought they were ________.. Lewis and Clark were promised _________ when they returned..
Silent 'w' Words Spelling Lists of, relating to, or belonging to whom or which. to what or which person. a circle of leaves or flowers bound together to be hung on doors, etc.. the joint between the hand and arm. a small fold or crease.
Child Development Health An unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development.. dead when born.. providing food for the child with the use of milk producing glands in the breast. A baby born earlier than its expected date. a conveyance similar to an infant's crib set on four wheels and meant to be pushed.
Pancreatic Cancer Health An organ that lies behind the stomach and in front of the spine. There are 4 stages of pancreatic cancer. Occurs when this uncontrolled cell growth begins in the pancreas. Affected with pain. Moving or capable of moving at high speed.
Under the Never Sky Books The Pod that Aria lived in before being thrown out.. The place that perry to Aria to get help in finding her mother. What Aria collected on her journey through the Death Shop.. The type of storms that are destroying their home land.. What Roar taught Aria to fight with..
Partnership Business and Work Excess of Actual Profit over Normal Profit. The document containing the written agreement among partners. Nature of Realisation Account. _____ Capital Account always shows a credit balance. Account to which the amount due to retiring partner is transferred.
Rocks and Minerals Earth Sciences Naturally found copper.. Often used for landscaping.. Referred to as white turquoise, because of distinctive veining. . Most precious stone in the Beryl group.. Indians used them as their main jewelry source..
Foundations of Democracy History The United States form of government is a ________ ________.. Political Independence. The people have the most say in a governmental system that utilizes ________ ________.. Barack Obama resigned his senate seat when he was elected president otherwise it would have violated the principle of ________ ___ _______.. An agreement among the governed and the government defining and limiting the rights and duties of each is called ________ ________..
Partnership Business and Work Agreement between the partners. Closing of a firm. A manner in which partners receive. What a partner removes from the firm. Sharing profits in a manner after admission.
Water and Earth Processes Earth Sciences Water in the form of a gas. Changes that occur at or near the Earth's surface and include weathering, deposition, and erosion.. The falling to Earth of any form of water(rain,snow,hail,sleet,mist). A scientist that studies water.. The continuous process by which water moves from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back..
Health and Recreation Health People in a neighborhood coming together. cheap medical care. Medicine only available through doctor. practices to keep body in healthy condition. injections used to prevent diseases.
Joints Body Joint where the rounded end of one bone fits into a ring that is formed by another bone plus an encircling ligament. Movement occurs around two axes. Where the rigid elements of the skeleton meet. Allows movement around one axis only. Moving an elevated part inferiorly.
The Case of Pablo's Nose Books Use your spelling words to complete the puzzle He was __________________ about which color to paint his room.. Do not say ___________________ things.. My pencils always seem to __________________ whenever I need them.. The car became ________________ when the engine suddenly quit.. The teacher was __________________ to come to school because she was sick..
The Skeletal System Body bones that protect internal organs. points of contact between bones. found in your neck and forearm. acts as a cushion at a joint. a knoblike projectionn.
Travel Transportation moving stairs. it keeps you in your chair. where the pilots sit. where you show your passport. to see if you have weapons.
Safety and Sanitation Health Never thaw food on the counter, instead place it in the ______.. Cut _____ from yourself while using a knife.. Food kept between 40-140 degrees has a higher rate of bacteria growth. (two words). Clean up spills _______________.. Always use _____ water and soap to wash dishes. .
Greece World Geography rational thinking. in ancient Greece, play that mocked people or social customs. group of people who sworn to make a decision in a legal case. art of skillful speaking. city-state in ancient Greece.
Geometry Terms Math two rays that share a common endpoint. has no dimension, an exact location (a dot). two rays that share a starting point but GO in opposite directions. an angle that measures exactly 90 degrees. a point a line segment that divides in into two equal parts.
Johnny Depp Entertainment One of his occupations. Depp's first movie he played in. Month that he was born on. The movie he played back in 1990. The magazine that named him the sexiest man alive twice.
Minnesota State Symbols World Geography In 2004, ________________ was designated as Minnesota's State Drink.. The rare ________________________ is Minnesota's State Flower.. The world-renowned photograph ______________, depicting an elderly man bowing his head and giving thanks, taken in Bovey, Minnesota, in 1918, by Eric Enstrom, is designated as the State Photograph. The unusually beautiful quartz ________________________ is Minnesota's State Gemstone.. The ____________________, commonly known as the Norway Pine is Minnesota's State Tree..
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