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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
American Government Government and Politics Answers with more than one word will not have a space between the words. The building where the President lives and works. The level of government responsible for issuing driver's licenses. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution. Is elected every two years. The building where Congress meets.
Reformation Religion Catholic mob violence against the Huguenots that lasted several months. Work assigned by the priest after confession to help atone sins. People who left the Catholic Church to follow Scripture. Important Reformed leader who wrote about how God is sovereign. Important leader of the Reformation, but fought with Luther.
The Rise of Rome: Law, Laungages, and Legions History Roman law was influenced by this philosiphy . Had to be maintained throughout the Roman Empire. 3,000 - 5,000 men. Baithed, fed, and trained . French, Spanish, and Italian influence .
Textiles Other all about textiles you use them to do a tiedye. you use this when you do a batik. it is how something feels. you use it to get creases out of fabric. you use hot wax to shield the dye.
Small Engines Other burned gases removed by the motion of the piston. seal between the head and the cylinder block. completes the seal between the piston and the cylinder wall. the movement of a piston from top to bottom or from bottom to top. movement of a piston which expels burned gases from a cylinder.
Homophones Spelling Lists I ...... animals. I have barbecue ......... in my burger. I ..... dimondes in minecraft. I ......... my own buisness. Today I will give my .......... to the new rules.
Homophones Spelling Lists I don't know ........... coloured paint to use for my art progect.. I paid in my ............... at the bank.. I was .................... today because I did not have any work to do.. The .............forecast was ment to be snowing today.. Kings and Queens .......................... over us..
Goodnight Mr Tom Books Told something in secret. Raining lightly. Graceful. Run down or in a state of disrepair. Not continuously or stop-start.
All About The Brain Body controls the body's vital functions. responsible for balance and coordination of muscles and the body. processes sensory information that had to do with taste, temperature, and touch. control basic emotions and drives. archivist and architect of the cell.
Gender in Islam Religion The problem with many western criticisms of female power in Islam is that it leads to ______ statements that may or may not be appropriate based on the cultural and socio-political context.. “It includes a critical awareness of the structural marginalization of women in society and engaging in activities directed at transforming gender power relations.” . In 1979, Muslim women in Iran wore the hijab as a demonstration of resistance against western cultural encroachment made possible by whom?. Muslim women wear the ____ for a multitude of reasons, such as a demonstration of resistance, empowerment, or religion.. The hijab has been worn to show resistance to perceived western ________..
If I Stay Movies The instrument that Teddy plays. The composer whose music was playing the car accident. Mia's brother. The instrument that Mia plays. The city in whithe concert that Mia was supposed to go to was in .
Flowers for Algernon Books A thing that is helpful or beneficial. To end or to be finished. A person who claims or is believed to have magic powers. Of or in an immobile or unresponsive stupor. Designated for a particular purpose.
O'Henry Literature and Writing a very bright and radiant light. done constantly or as a habit. slang term for friend. a close friend. a large amount of money.
The Light in The Forest Books a long thick pillow that is placed under other pillows for support. meat from a deer. a raised platform or lectern in a church or chapel from which the preacher delivers a sermon. an American Indian woman or wife. a burden or impediment.
Nory Ryan's Song Books Awful, terrible. An official who assists a British sheriff. A rattling sound. Confused, stunned, bewildered. Tied to, restraint for holding an animal or child in place.
A More Perfect Union Government and Politics A system that allows each branch of a government to amend or veto acts of another branch so as to prevent any one branch from exerting too much power. Corresponding in size or amount to something else.. A long and severe recession in an economy or market.. A body of electors chosen or appointed by a larger group.. Implementing, supporting, and enforcing the laws made by the legislative branch.
Air Travel Transportation a situation in which something happens later or more slowly than you expected. the place to which someone or something is going or being sent. one of a row of small cupboards above the seats in a plane where passengers can store things during a flight. – an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting tariffs and for controlling the flow of goods, including animals, transports, personal effects, and hazardous items, into or out of a country. cards you have to fill in when you enter certain countries.
Atoms Christmas these are neutral and found in the nucleus. this 1 or 2 letter word combo tells you what the element is. this is the unit we use to describe mass in atoms. made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. different atoms belong to different ____________.
Physical Processes Earth Sciences Crossword on Physical Processess acting on coasts. Material is laid down when waves do not have enough energy to carry it anymore.. Acidic rainwater causes rocks to gradually weaken. Repeated freezing and thawing of water in cracks.. Plants grow in cracks and weaken the rocks. Water soaks into permeable rocks and that weaker rock slides off impermeable rock.
The Sign Of Four Books Where Sherlock and Watson find the body of Bartholomew. The dog who helps Sherlock and Watson in chapter 7. Thaddeus and Bartholomew dad. The man who had the jewels at the start.. The setting of the story..
State of West Virginia World Geography State Fish. First Capital. Basketball Player. State Flower. State Animal.
Christian Beliefs Religion A state of eternal happiness in the presence of God. . The act by which God made the universe in 7 days.. The act of rising from the dead.. The 3rd person of the Trinity.. A religion that believes in one God..
Famous Writers Literature and Writing One of these character's topics. The perishing of a beautiful ______. A famous writer in the Romanticism time period. Changed his name. The religion of early America. Often cast in a bad light. a religious movement in America in which the human was glorified. The famous work attacking Puritans.
Wild Animals Animals I have big horns and lions love to eat me.. I love to hang around in the Amazon Rain forest.. I have a large ring of fur around my neck and it is called a mane.. I have big ears and a long trunk.. I love attention and flipping above the water and showing off..
Track and Field Competition Sports The circuit where there is running and jumping competition. Jumping over a high bar. A referee (arbitre). A race over obstacles. A stick that is handed from one runner to another in a relay race.
On the Road Again Transportation the place toward which one is traveling. to cart or transport. elevated road,often one that runs over water or mashland. the amount carried by a freight car. the part of an engine in which fuel is mixed with air so it will burn.
Macbeth Literature and Writing character meant for comic relief. wife of Macduff. Banquos son. wife of Macbeth. has very good memory.
Climate Change Earth Sciences a gas produced in landfills and rice fields. a food produced near . a group of people who travel together in a car. something that causesdamage to the environment. a gas produced by burning fossil fuels.
How Well Do You Know Your Concert? Music Die Meistersinger composer. Selection from the Messiah in eight letters.. Die Meistersinger was composed in which musical form?. French city mentioned in program. Composer born in Germany but who lived and composed in England.
Measuring Variability Other States that the distribution of all sample means is normal.. What organization tracks how people spend their money every year?. Samples are taken so one does not have to take a ________.. A listing of all the values that a sample mean can take on . When high values are offset by low values..
Princess Academy Books Miri's older sister. The prince. An orphan at the academy. The capital. The mountain that Miri lives.
Legacy of Rome History If a solider lost his equipment what would happen? . In the Roman military who was well-bathed, well-fed, and well-trained?. What consisted of 3,000 to 5,000 troops?. Where were legionnaires recruited?. What language is no longer spoken?.
Classical Conditioning Other A stimuli that has no current associations. The psychologist responsible for Classical Conditioning. The stimulus that gives a reflex response . Learning through association. If the time lapse between the presentation of two stimuli is too long, no association will occur .
Types of Engineering Business and Work come up with solutions to technical problems such as fertilizers, fuel and other chemical issues. concerned with manufacturing development and how things work or run. deals with computer software. deals with complex processes or systems, help elimate waste of time, money or energy. deals with farm power and machinery.
Tourism Entertainment covered in a particular thing. the inside surface of your hand. willing to allow somebody to do or have. to eat something eagerly. a short stop .
The Great Gatsby Books Where did gatsby study after the war. Writer of The Great Gatsby. Jordan Baker's occupation. Whats Gatsby's real name. Gatsby's childhood friend.
Energy Transformations Physics Energy possessed by the moving molecules of steam or any other substance.. Form of energy in food and dynamite.. A bike has movement witch is a example of ____ energy.. Form of energy produced by musical instruments.. Energy of radiant objects such as fire..
Indian Society World Geography A empire that united most of indian subcontinent. After Asokas death this dynasty dominated the region for hundreds of years.. A division of a society based on social and economic status. Another popular religion during that time. . Chandragupta's grandson, took throne in 301 BCE, ruled for 32 years and brought Mauryan Empire to great heights. .
Classical Civilizations Science The fundamental political unit of ancient Greece around 750 B.C.; fewer than 20,000 residents.. The elite citizens in ancient Roman society.. A government under the control of a Church or state-sponsored religion or a religious figure. A word for city-state in ancient Greece.. A form of government in which the ruler has absolute control..
Among The Impostors Books By Margret Peterson Haddix the name of the school. Jason took Luke to the ___ to get a bandage . Luke hit his with this item to knock out Jason. The real name of Jackal boy . When Luke found Jason he was using a ___.
Georgia Regions World Geography In the north of Georgia. Is land next to an sea or ocean. We build vacation homes here. The Chattahoochee River ends in this region. An area that has some shared feature.
Tempest Rising Books an ornamental chain or string of beads, jewels, or links worn round the neck.. a small area on a surface having a different colour from its surroundings. a state of the US, on the Pacific coast. a colourless, transparent, odourless, liquid which forms the seas. the sport or pastime of riding a wave towards the shore while standing or lying on a surfboard..
Boys in the Boat Books the capacity to gain and use knowledge . water that falls to the earth in the form of frozen . to build. confused or puzzled. having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm.
Unwind Books A camp no one wants to attend. Lady at the anique shop. Someone who was born and their soul purpose was to be unwound. Connors nickname after escaping. The teacher who helped them.
The Vietnam War History Complete the crossword puzzle below. You do not need to worry about spaces and dashes. Good luck! Sharpened spear hidden in ground, designed to impale unwary U.S. and South Vietnamese troops.. Guerrilla group formed by Ho Chi Minh after World War II to force the French colonial rulers out of Vietnam.. A defoliant the U.S. sprayed on jungle areas to remove enemy hiding places. Many U.S. troops claim it gave them cancer and produced birth defects in their children.. Vietnamese village where, in 1968, U.S. troops murdered 567 civilian men, women, and children.. Major Vietnamese holiday. In January 1968, Communist troops staged fierce attacks all over South Vietnam on the holiday. Though the Communists were forced back, the attack shattered U.S. assurance that the war was going well..
The Senses Body smells. body parts for special jobs. harm. carry message to brain. protects from harm.
Principles of Design Art The area of the artwork that immediately catches the viewers attention. The elements and principles that are very obvious and directly relate to the message, meaning or concept of an artwork. Organized repetition of an object, symbol or art element. Repeated use of an object, symbol or art element. Equal distribution of elements in the space of an artwork.
Light and Heat Science gas made from hot water. form. forms when light is blocked. light goes in. helps us see.
Branches of US Government Government and Politics Idea that allows different branches of government to limit the power of other branches of government. Idea that prevents one person or group from having too much control over the government. *Enforces/carries out laws, Article II of the Constitution, power to veto a bill sent to it by congress, power to appoint federal judges, power to lead the Armed Forces during a war, represents our nation in the world. Interprets laws, power to declare laws or actions by the government unconstitutional, Article III of the Constitution, power to sentence or decide the punishment for lawbreakers, power to settle disputes between states. The highest federal court in the US, consisting of nine justices, serve for live.
Excel Terminology Business and Work A horizontal group of cells. Is a file containing related worksheets.. A rectangular grouping of two or more cells.. Located directly below the ribbon and is used to enter or edit cell contents.. Tell the user what sheets of workbook are available..
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