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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
The Cognitive Approach Mental Health where congnitive psychologists draw conclusions about the way mental processes operate on the basis of observed behaviour. what other scans are used to study biological structures. what is it called when the mind is compaired to a computer. as we get older our schemes become more.... they are developed from experiences.
Government Types Government and Politics Use the hints to fill in the words. There are no spaces. A type of government where the people for for the laws and decisions in the government. A type of government based on religion. A type of government that is lead by a few, usually military. A type of government who's goal is to get rid of class and develop equality. A type of government the king or queen has absolute power.
How Contracts Arise Business and Work stated in words and may be either oral or written. a proposal by one party to another to enter into a contract. one-sided; contains one promise only. legally good and binding. any agreement enforceable at law.
World War I History Answer the questions and read the hints to complete the crossword. What country was Ferdinand asassinated in?. The world used to describe the war at the time.. Who's asassination was a direct cause of World War I? (Full name, not including title). The alliance that France made with Russia in 1894. The desire to conquer colonies..
World War 1 History (things that are more than one word do not have spaces) France, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Italy and the US. Term for enemy aircraft engaged in aerial combat. People who were unwilling to fight. A union formed between countries. The surname of the Austrian man who was assassinated.
Black Boy Books - Autobiography When Tony won his award, his friends busted into a ______ with whooping and hollering.. Jake created an ________ to blame Annie for the prank.. Janet's _________ got her out of running the mile and writing a three paged essay on why she shouldn't talk back to her teachers.. James was always _________ for help in school.. It was heartbreaking to witness his disabled grandfather's ________ that he was still able to walk..
Critical Thinking Concepts Society Find the missing word in the crossword puzzle. The studying of good reasoning.. The statement supported by premises occur through evidence and reasoning.. (A) statement(s) intended to tell why or how something is the case. . A statement. A statement or reason given in support of another statement..
Civil War US History refers to anti-war democrats. a political third party that didn't last very long. term used for the violence in Kansas. political doctrine where people in the region chose what they wanted for their government. first major land battle of the armies in Virginia.
Natural Nature Earth Sciences The Sahara ______ is the biggest _____ in the world.. A medium scale of an ecosystem. Something that is a non living factor that shape an ecosystem. The biggest biome in the world is the _______ biome.. A very cold peace of land that is very far away from the equator. And has very short warm seosons. This biome is called _______..
Ecologist Biology Organism that makes its own food for energy.. A series of steps by which energy moves from one type of living thing to another.. All living and nonliving things in an area and their interactions. A consumer that hunts and eats another animal.. Any animal that is hunted by others for food..
Water on Earth Earth Sciences Match words to hints 97% of water on Earth is found in this. The place in which an organism lives and obtains the things it needs to survive. The process by which water falls to Earth as rain, snow, hail, or sleet . Process which water vapors in air cools and becomes droplets. Process of which water absorbs enough energy to change to a gas called water vapor.
Diana, Princess of Wales European History help poor people, help sick people. mother's new husband. a school for young children. move and live in different places. be very good at.
Marvelous Maples Earth Sciences Find the meaning a tall tree with leaves that have five points and turn bright red or yellow in the autumn/fall. Maples grow in northern countries.. of a room, building, etc.) made warmer using a heater. ontaining, or tasting as if it contains, a lot of sugar. of or connected with any of the races of people who were the original people living in America. a sweet liquid made from sugar and water, often used in cans of fruit.
Hazards and Disasters Other Measures that are required in search and rescue of survivors survivors, as well to meet the basic needs for shelter shelter, water, food and health care.. The instrument used to measure seismic waves is a ___________.. Small earthquakes that follow the first earthquake.. Permanent measures to repair or replace damaged dwellings and infrastructure and to set the economy back on course. The final of the three safety actions you should take when an earthquake occurs..
Biosphere Earth Sciences Extremely hot and dry. . A biome that takes up 75% of the Earth's surface and everything that lives in it.. Any non living factor in an environment. . The permanent destruction of forests to make room for land.. The conversion from an animal habitat to a human habitat..
Abolition US History the piece written by William Lloyd Garrison to inform people about the horrible things of slavery. an escaped slave who became a leader in the abolition movement and spoke to many through talking to groups. these were sisters that were leaders in the aboliton movement. where slavery commonly still took place before the movement. a strong woman leader who fought for both women’s rights and abolition.
Natural Disasters Other Strong Winds. Moving People Out . Some Things Broken. Things Gets Ruined. Lots Of Damage Everywhere.
The Gospel of John Bible What was the Gospel of John originally written in?. The week before Easter. the teaching or revelation of Christ. The word is ___.. Jesus is with us through what Sacrament?.
Conservation Enegry Science fill in the missing words in the boxes Turn off devices when not used. is the potential energy held by an object because of its high position compared to a lower position. is the sum of potential energy and kinetic energy. energy from plants, it comes from the burning of trees. any type of stored energy.
At The Movies Movies crossword puzzle money that the film is going to cost. this person provides the money of a film. chosing the actors/actresses. another word for script. he is the director of ....., he's in charge of the cameras and the lightning.
Principles of Art Art Find the word for each of the Principles of Art 2-D the outline of an object. The way something feels or the way something looks like it feels . Adding White to a color. How the parts fit together to make a whole- Size relationships.. The lightness or darkness of a color.
Earth a Lithosphere Earth Sciences Earthquake begins on this point. Boundary separating the earth's inner core from the outer core. The boundary of two sections of rock, which move relative to each other. A scientific theory, saying that earth’s lithosphere is thought to be fragmented into several different sections, which 'float' on the plastic rock of the asthenosphere. The upper part of the mantle, which is solid rock, and the crust above it.
Cooking Terms Food Cook in liquid at a low temperature.. Cook in enough liquid for ingredients to float freely.. Cook in an oven in an uncovered container. cook foods without liquids.. Cook in fat until surface of food turns brown..
Storyboard Other A conversation between two or more people.. A place where an action or event occurs. Different positions a camera can use to capture its environment. A sound or music that characters and the audience can hear e.g. dialogue. People in a film or TV programme.
Taxation Government and Politics all citizens are expected to prepare and file tax returns. examination of tax returns. stated amount that you may subtract from adjusted gross income instead of itemizing your deductions.. A person who lives with you and for whom you pay more than half his or her living expenses.. failure to pay taxes.
Europe European History System that uses dirt to enclose a body of water for the use of agriculture. . characteristics that define what a place is based on physical features. Global conflict that took place mainly in Germany against the neo Nazi regiment. the plan of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries.. Characteristics that define what a place is based on cultural features.
Around the World in 30 Days World Geography a sacred natural rock in Australia also known as Ayers rock. this little climbing bear is only found in Australia. This country has the worlds largest kangaroo population. the capital city of japan. Japanese money.
The Brain Body elevated ridges of the cerebrum that provides more surface area for thousands of neurons. an area of the diencephalon which functions as a relay station for sensory impulses (recognition of pleasant or unpleasant). auditory area of the cerebrum. mass of gray matter the extends the entire length of the brain stem that plays a role in consciousness and the awake/sleep cycles. large fiber tract that connects the cerebral hemispheres and allows the hemispheres to communicate with one another.
Geology Geology unconformity created when sedimentary rock rests on top of igneous or metamorphic rock. deposits that start on the ceiling and form an icicle-like structure hanging down. 'veins' of igneous rock that run in the same direction of the strata. rock formed from sand, silt, minerals, and other components of soil that are laid down by water or some other agent. process by which rock and soild are broken down and transported away.
Skill Related Fitness Other How quickly you can respond to a stimulus . Strength x Speed. Test of speed. Test of reaction time. Being able to keep the body stable.
David Copperfield Entertainment Who did Peggotty marry?. What was the name of his aunt?. Which animal did Betsy Trotwood not like on her lawn?. Where did Ham and Emily live?. Who owned the school?.
Traveling Around World Geography Country starting with 'A'.. It travels on tracks.. Country starting with 'C'.. You claim your seat on the plane.. A long walk to see something..
Principles of Business Business and Work contributes to development. qualitative change. is the expansion of the output of an economy. goods sold to other countries. income is calculated by substracting tax and other deduction from salary.
Shang Dynasty Asian History First Dynasty to invent recorded history. defeated king Jie of Xia. wear the shang were located north,east,south,or west . king who ruled for 58 years. used to make Wepons,Armor,and Technology .
The Lymphatic System Body a lymphatic organ that is filled with maturing T cells. . the small, oval structures occurring along lymphatic vessels that cleanse lymph care called _____. . the lymphatic organ that filters blood is the _____.. the _____ returns lymph from upper body and right side of the body to the right subclavian vein. . the fluid that is inside lymphatic vessels is called _____. .
Arnold Gesell Society What did Arnold use for his study?. ______ is influenced by factors. the name of his invention. He was the _____ of Child Developement. He decided to become a _____.
Foods in America Food Stereotypical American food. A sandwich made with toasted bread and cheddar cheese. 23/9% of _____ adults are obese. Served with pancakes. Like a crępe, served with syrup.
Leadership Business and Work a person whose success sets an example for others. someone who entrusts a task or responsibility to another person . a fair and permissive attitude towards those with different opinions . to engage in a difficult task or situation that tests one's abilities . involves working with others to achieve a goal.
Barack Obama, the early years Government and Politics Use the Barack Obama timeline to find the right words the country where Barack Obama's father was born. Barack Obama's grandmother. the last name of the president elected in 1980. the country Barack Obama, his mother, and his step-father moved to in 1967. the state where Barack Obama was born .
Body Systems Body The Skeleton Skull. Ribs. Heel Bone. Lower Jaw. Thigh Bone.
Slavery: Fighting Back US History A person who is treated as property forced to work in unfair conditions.. The most common way of punishment for a slave.. This man was a former slave who started to rebell against slavery.. This part of America supported slavery.. The 16th president of the United States who brought an end to slavery. .
Plants Botany Name: Growth of a plant in response to light. The part of the plant above the ground. Where does the carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis come from?. An example of food storage in a leaf. Product of photosynthesis.
Babies... Babies... Babies... Home and Family babies eating apparrel. 'pap-boats' is another name for. to wrap baby tightly. babies are born without these. which month the largest sized babies are born.
Southern Baptist Missions Religion In May we emphasis the AZ Baptist Children's offering called . The program Send North America focuses on ___ cities to reach the people for Jesus . In September we focus on mission effort within our state for what is called the . The most important thing to do for missions, missionaries, and the people they reach is. Emphasis for missions across Easter is named after.
The Temple was Completed Bible Another prophet who encouraged the people to build. King of Persia at this time. Governor who was in charge of the land of Judah. One of the prophets who encouraged the people to build. royal papers.
Flight: Gliders to Jets Technology to turn around and around. to move through the air. again. to move something up and down. at or near the beginning.
Thayer Publishing Business and Work special service that offers a one-time signing opportunity to be imprinted on items. division specifically for Restaurant and Salon/Spa services. art & proofing department; currently consisting of 3 personnel: Erin, Sue & Joe. special discount or key . the industry term for stapled; refers to a specific type of binding on a wall calendar.
Tracfone Technology Simple Mbile and Telcel love this network. Data runs out so you must put an add-on. You can purchase this portable network for wi-fi on the go. App to locate networks to save on your data . You won't have to worry about monthly bills.
Diabetes Health Please complete the following wordsearch is the speed of the heartbeat measured by the number of contractions of the heart per minute . the pressure of the blood in the circulatory system. another phrase for type 2 diabetes. another phrase for type 2 diabetes. medical care given to a patient for an illness or injury.
Theatre Terms Entertainment Crickets chirping. Away from Center. Makes thing go up and down. Playing area. Second level of audience seating.
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