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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Natural Resources Other A nonrenewable source of energy which comes from organisms that have died many years ago.. Not readily available on the Earth as it's only located in certain areas.. 50% of homes in America use this for heating.. Not expensive to use; an energy resource made from plant and animal remains.. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide combine with the water in the air and causes this..
Coney Island Entertainment a big spinning circle. you can take this F line to Coney Island. this is where Coney Island is located. you can swim there. you can walk on these wooden planks.
City of Bones Movies They kidnapped Simon. After Clary faints he brings her to the institute. Her moms best friend. He's the one who put the block on Clary's memory. At the end of the book Clary goes on a _.
Early Childhood Home and Family facilities that offer full-day children's programs. tools that are agreed upon by state boards of education with the assistance of educators in the field. refers to the full range of early childhood programs. can help parents judge program quality. covers the period from birth to nine years of age.
Managing Stress Health showing sorrow or grief. the abilit to bounce back from adversity. type of stressor like an illness or a disability. the stage of grief with closure. type of stressor that involves the way you think.
Europe Today World Geography In this Castilian, Catalonian and Basque are spoken. Breadbasket of Europe. Netherlands use this to 'reclaim' the sea. A country allowing a region within its borders a certain amount of self-rule is known as. In , the southern part of country is poorer and less industrialized than than northern part.
Environments of Utah World Geography forest animal that eats quaking aspen and can climb trees. forest animal that is Utah's state mammal. desert mammal that burrows underground and barks. most of Utah's natural state. common desert plant of Utah.
The Prophet of Yonwood Books Free Choice Astromoner. Main town that everyone is in. Trouble Maker. Nickie's mother. Crystal's daughter.
Titanic History a person stationed to look out for danger or trouble . the once thought unsinkable ship that sank . the month the titanic went down . what was the ship closest to the titanic, yet failed to save and aid. the first trio a brand new vessel takes .
Food & Cookery Food A type of orange. Where milk is kept and butter and cheese are made. Cured meat from a pig. Cornflakes for example. A type of biscuit at Christmas in the shape of a man.
Enlightenment History An eighteenth-century religious philosophy based on reason and natural law.. A scientist who discovered the universal law of gravitation.. A new artistic style which emphasized grace, charm, and gentle action.. One of the branch from England's government means the monarch.. An scientist who taught mathematics and is the first European to make regular observations of the heaven using a telescope..
The Revolution and the New Nation History the supreme political power in a state. approve. opponents of the ratification of the new Constitution. colonists who remained loyal to Britain and the king. citizen soldiers who could be ready to fight at a minutes notice.
Bag Other kind of cart or center. ______ someone in the face is a misdemeaner. kind of line or force. this kind of surgery may not be covered by insurance. green or herbal.
Winter Holidays and Seasons Blizzard. Used to gather snow. Coldest season. Winter sport. White stuff that falls from the clouds and stays on the ground.
New Year Resolutions Society put things in order. freely offering to do something. showing sympathy or concern. coating with a colour. throw out.
Trump Wins Election Government and Politics All of the votes by qualified voters in a region or country.. An irrational fear or dislike of people from other countries.. The practices of a government to put goods imported from another country at a disadvantage to products produced in the home country.. The group of people chosen, according to population by state, to vote for the President.. A period of time in the business cycle when unemployment rises and businesses suffer..
Clementine Books What did they use to color Margaret's hair?. What is the dad a manager of?. What is the principal's name?. What does Clementine want to save money for?. What is Clementine's new kittens name?.
A Christmas Carol Movies the first of the spirits foretold by Marley. scrooge's little sister and Fred's mother. a pawnshop owner. the Cratchit's second daughter. another Cratchit daughter.
Light Other A battery operated portable light. you can call and text on this . Helps you see the outer space . has google . cameras use these .
Buddhism Religion a group of people in neighborhood. its good of it and bad of it. is the leader of a class. they achieve enlightenment through one of these arts. the word for teacher.
Sinkholes Other Complete the puzzle a common geographic feature. A state that has the most sinkholes. sediments spall into a cavity. Spalling continues forming a structural arch. sinkholes can sometimes happen here.
Alice in Wonderland Books what animal does the duchesses baby turn into?. who stole the ________?. one of the characters at the tea party. what creature is the messenger of the Queen?. the emotion that Alice feels when she can't get to the garden .
Mirrors and Lenses Other This is a crossword so follow directions and figure out the puzzel Moving from one medium to the next . reflected by a mirror or refracted by a lens called a . Thicker in the middle and thinner at the edges . Ray that moves closer to the surface . Transparent object .
John the Baptist Bible John The Baptist and Jesus were. Described as the voice of one crying in the wilderness. What John's clothing was made of. Because of Zacharias's lack of faith, he was made this (until his son was born). John's diet.
The Water Cycle Earth Sciences Where water is stored in the sky. Water in gas form. Water caught by builings and vegetation before reaching the ground. The movement of water between stores. The transfer of water droplets to the land.
Civil Rights History Civil rights activists who rode on buses to test the Supreme Court's decision to ban segregated buses. When African American protesters sat at segregated counters and refused to leave until they were served. African American leader who encouraged his followers to take control of their lives. campaign to try to influence Congress to pass a voting rights act. took out 'literacy' tests that were previously needed to vote.
Nervous System Body Actions that your brain controls. All parts of your system except the brain and spinal cord. The second largest part of the brain. The main control center of the nervous system. Detect changes inside and outside the body.
People of the Texas Revolution History Known as 'Angel of Goliad'.. Skilled sharpshooter and died in the Alamo.. Was the President of the ad interim government.. Was the leader of the overall army.. President of Mexico throughout the Texas Revolution..
Casseroles Food Fill in the words with the hints provided An ingredient that had a distinct smell; ex.onions. The ingredient that is showcased in the casserole; ex.proteins. A sauce that is used to thicken dishes; uses flour and butter as base. To mix ingredients into an already cooking mixture . When you have all ingredients ready, and start putting them in the dish .
Populations Dynamics Society the act of leaving one's resident country with the intent to settle elsewhere. the relative number of individuals of each age in a population. growth whose rate becomes ever more rapid in proportion to the growing total number or size. environmental conditions that limit the growth, abundance, or distribution of an organism or a population of organisms in an ecosystem. the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.
Foreign Defense Policy Government and Politics A relationship between two or more people, regions, nations or other entities in which each is dependent on the other for necessary goods or services.. a government's strategy in dealing with other nations. a group tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence. international organization formed in 1945 to increase political and economic cooperation among member countries.. a union of oil producing countries that regulate the amount of oil each country is able to produce..
Geography World Geography Somewhat Salty. The prevailing conditions of the temperature and precipitation. The type of rock formed by the erosion of other rocks, after this loose material has hardened. The shape of the land. An area of soil or silt deposits built up at the mouth of a river.
Boston World Geography colonist staged mock . when the colonist dumped tea . women where members of this. the colonist shared. women gathered in this .
The Hiding Place Books German police. The centuries old house where the Ten Booms lived. She was the oldest sister. The buildings that housed the prisoners. Williem's wife.
Wizarding World Entertainment Spell used to disarm an opponent. Rich drink found at the Three Broomsticks. Item used to detect an unworthy individual. A non-magic person. Spell used to move bodies that can't walk.
Educational Psychology Science What was Gardner describing when he said 'the bio-psychological potential to process specific forms of information in a particular way?'. When you start your career, how are you truly there for? Who do you want to see succeed and become the person they've always wanted to be? . Sigmund Frued developed a complex theory of personality, as well as the revolutionary method of therapy, this is known as:. What method of thinking is concerned with changing concepts and perceptions. . Who believes that people are a blank slate, and that information has to be pulled in..
Ballina World Geography to fill with water and sink. An amount - not a lot. to grow or develop. anything presented to sight or view. strong desire.
Islam Religion Please complete the puzzle below Moslems month of fasting is ________.. Holy struggle. Angels have been created from divine _______.. Gabriel is the name of an _______.. The Moslems of Madinah were known as ________..
The French Revolution World Geography Try to figure out! A 'Stroke of State'. Had no extreme views . French for 'Emigrants' became a source of trouble for France. Reformed France's administrative structure by dividing it into 83 equal districts . Wanted more drastic changes than those proposed by the National Assembly.
Tuck Everlasting Movies Read the meanings and use the words from the word bank to fill in the puzzle. effort put into something. someone who helps a another to break the law. a crude person. having no regret about a wrong deed. to make hot or dry.
Lenses and Mirrors Technology The change of direction in a wave as it changes speed by moving from one medium to another.. The point where light rays parallel to the optical axis converge after being reflected by a mirror or refracted by a lens.. One of the many cells in the retina of the eye that responds to colors. A lens that is thicker in the edges than in the middle. A transparent object with at least one curved side that causes light to change direction.
Animal Adaptions Animals when an animal lives off its body fat and uses very little energy. the transfer of the suns energry. traits or behaviors that help living things survive. nonliving things. meat eater.
Judges Government and Politics Key Terminology The main aim of the judiciary. Magistrates and jurors. The outcome of a case. To be a high court judge. Chartered legal executive.
'Death of a Salesman' by Arthur Miller Books Complete crossword puzzle Where Biff was for three months on a ranch. Time setting in the play. Main character's younger son. Where Willy's older brother found his fortune. Willy wants to plant these to represent the worth of his labor.
Fish and Shellfish Animals it has got eight arms . a kind of mussel; very expensive and luxurious . a fish with a long sharp nose . a fish that looks like a plate . you can buy this salt water fish mostly smoked .
Westward Expansion History Signed the New York treaty . He was against the trail of tears. When the Indians were removed . West of the Oconee river. Train transportation.
Anatomical Terminology Body Toward the back. Toward the side. To face foward; The front of the body. Toward the head. Achieved when the body internal eviroment is realitivly constant.
The Great Gatsby Books up to this time; until now; to here. an inn, usually with a large courtyard, for the overnight accommodation of caravans. a male lover or sweetheart. subject to or in a state of ecstasy; full of joy; rapturous. intended to cause delay, gain time, or defer decision.
Nervous System Body the neurons that stimulate skeletal muscles under conscious control in this system. type of neuron that gathers what’s happening and allows you to feel around your body. All the parts of the nervous system except the brain and spinal cord. second largest part of the brain. largest organ in the nervous system.
A Wrinkle Time Books One who enjoys hurting others. Extremely upset or behavior showing tremendous fear. Threatening, showing signs of danger. To totally destroy. The early stage of development .
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