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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Aztec History Capital City, ____________ was one of the first planned cities with streets, government buildings, and an economic district.. One of their special workers were forced to work they are called _____(s). Another one of their special workers work in the military they are called _______(s). They followed 2 calendars; one agricultural, and the other ______ (religious). They built elaborate ________(s) to honor gods..
Earth Earth Sciences to move or swing to and fro, as something fixed at one end or resting on a support.. involuntary shaking of the body or limbs, as from disease, fear, weakness, or excitement; a fit of trembling.. sun-dried brick made of clay and straw, in common use in countries having little rainfall.. on or into the ground; in a stranded condition or state:. to make a deep, heavy, somewhat muffled, continuous sound, as thunder..
A Separate Peace Books - Classics Source of terror or dead. Lack of knowledge. Amazingly impressive. Angered at something. Frighten.
Maybe One Day Books what was olivias nickname?. what color wig did olivia first wear?. what did jake give olivia?. what clolors did ollivia tell zoe to not wear?. jakes bestfriends name.
The Beatles Music Which member got bullied a lot when he was young?. What was another name for the Beatles bec/ of their style?. What was the name for peoples obsession over the Bealtes?. Where was their first ever performance? (Europe). British Rock Band..
Music Music a six-string instrument with a long neck played with your fingers. a musial wher the most part is sung on a high octave.. a set of round, hollow boxes wich you hit with sticks to make the beat for a song. to show your single for the first time to the world. to enter the list of the most populair songs.
Conservation of Momentum Physics The total energy of the system does not change and colliding objects bounce after collision . An encounter between two objects resulting in exchange of impulse and momentum. The total kinetic energy of the system changes. Objects that stick together after collision. When no momentum is gained or lost the momentum is _______.
Corn Production Business and Work The 'female' part of the corn plant. In 2007, the U.S. accounted for ____ percent of the world's corn production. Something that tastes good. The top corn-producing state is _______. Elongated styles that grow from the ear.
Moby Dick Books - Classics Contemporary and neighbor. Name of ship. Native American harpooner. What type of whale is Moby Dick?. Captain.
Human Eye and the Colorful World Body __________ is also known as near - sightedness. the twinkling of stars is due to atmospheric __________ of starlight. the light sensitive membrane in the eye. a __________ is a natural spectrum appearing in the sky after a rain shower. ____________ arises due to gradual weakening of ciliary muscles.
Goblet of Fire Books - Fantasy A follower of Voldemort. The contest of three magic schools. A magic sport with flying brooms. Merpeople. A person who is copying an other.
Aftermath of WWI War History ________ broadcasts brought sporting events to national audiences. developer of the first mass-produced automobile and the assembly line. the government and media used fear to convince the people communism was on the rise. fear of communism created the ________ __________; anti-immigrant, anti-Jewish, etc.,. combined with western music instruments and techniques.
Human Body Systems Body The variable that stays the same in an experiment to compare the variables. This system moves nutrients and oxygen through your body. This organ brings oxygen into your body. The variable that is changed in a science experiment. The main part of the skeletal system.
Dinosaurs Planet Other The word comes from two Greek words: 'deinos', which means 'terrible', and 'sauros', which means 'lizard'. Therefore 'dinosaur' means 'terrible lizard'. They had the large sail on its back formed by elongated spines extending from the vertebrae. . They had long whip-like tails that counter balanced their long necks.Also, was a plant eating dinosaur.. They weren't a tall dinosaur and probably browsed the ground selectively to find food. Also, they weren't a fast runner like other dinosaurs. . They had the strongest bite of any land animal that ever lived.Their teeth were wide and somewhat dull, allowing the teeth to withstand the forces exerted by struggling prey, the study found.. They were the large, plant-eating dinosaur.They were about the size of a bus and carried around two rows of bony plates along its back..
Artwork Art system using diagonal parallel lines to communicate depth. area of lightest value in a work. overlapping parallel lines to convey darkness or lightness. continuous, uninterrupted line. ine not actually drawn but suggested by elements.
Weather Meteorology Complete the crossword puzzle by filing in the word that fits each clue. rain that freezes as it falls. a powerful storm with rotating winds that forms over land. water that falls to the ground through the atmosphere. a blanket of gases and tiny bits of dust that surround the Earth. a collection of tiny water drops or ice crystals in the air.
Women in the 1930's History By Sejal, Hannah, and Kevin Women who fought for women's rights and to end racial segregation. Many black women got _____ in order to open spaces up for white women.. One third of the women that worked were ______.. Common job for black women. Because of the ____ _____ women started to get jobs..
Organizing the Business Business and Work A _____ center is a separate company responsible for its own costs and profits.. Span of _____ is the number of people directly supervised by one manager.. _____ specialization is the process of identifying the specific jobs that need to be done and designing the people who will perform them.. Organizational _______ is defined as the specification of the jobs to be done and ways in which those job relate to eachother.. _____ is the duty to perform an assigned task.
The War Moves West and South History The hit-and-run technique that caught the British off guard. This man was a Mohawk chief. American naval officer who raided British ports. A lieutenant colonel in the Virginia militia. To cut off an area by means of troops or warships to stop supplies or people from coming in or going out .
39 clues Books - Childrens Literature lead female charator . slammed the door when amy and dan took the clue. the main place for the first book. died and started the clue hunt. amy and dan's Au Pair.
Chinese New Year 2017 Holidays and Seasons Money. Day of the week . Traditional food for Chinese New Year. Pinyan versioon of Atticus' name. Month when New Year begins on the 28th.
Short Story Elements Literature and Writing the highest point of a story. character that shows varied or contradictory traits. character that develops and changes. action that occurs after the climax. contrast between appearance or reality.
Intro To Picasso Art Fill in words going across and down to complete Different styles of art used by Picasso. Where Picasso was born . The age Picasso died in 1973. Also created ceramics . Remarkable that these people loved his work .
Maps Other It is a special instrument to find north.. This map is a special type of thematic map. It shows how people earn their living.. This map shows countries and capital cities in different colors. They may also show parts of countries, such as provinces, counties or states.. Areas of different height are shown by bands of different colors.. This is the direction along a longitude line to the North Geographic Pole..
Solar Sytem Astronomy The temperatures and pressures inside a star are so great that nuclear '......' can happen. Is a large collection of stars. Nuclear reactions release energy to keep the star '...'. The age of our sun its about five '.......' years. The name of our sun.
Sports Sports Solve the crossword the objective is to navigate downstream on river rapids using an inflated raft. a team game in which the ball is thrown, caught, and carried with a long-handled stick with a piece of shallow netting at one end.. a race consisting of three events, usually swimming, cycling, and running in consecutive order. a racquet sport played by two or four players in a four-walled court with a small hollow rubber ball. a team sport played on horseback in which the objective is to hit a ball into a goal using a long-handled mallet.
Fossil Earth Sciences Complete the crossword with the correct vocabulary words, one letter per square, both across and down, from the given definitions. an object that is made when material is shaped into a mold.. a framework of bones.. the breakdown of rock by wind, rain, or water; how the Grand Canyon was formed.. material that settles at the bottom of the oceans, lakes, or rivers.. ancient extinct elephants; they lived in the Ice Age..
Impact of World War on Britain European History The powers of the Triple Entente (Great Britain, France, Russia), with the nations allied with them (Belgium, Serbia, Japan, Italy. A person who for reasons of conscience objects to serving in the armed forces. Compulsory enlistment for state service, typically into the armed forces. Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view. The action of enlisting new people in the armed forces.
Europe European History This country has the annual Running of the Bulls.. This country means'land of the Turks.'. Prince Rainer III ruled this country from 1949-2005.. This country is famous for producing croissants.. This mountain range is located in Eurasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea..
A Pair Of Silk Stockings Books soft socks that was worn to show how rich you are. a fancy way of saying lunch . a live show or performance . a family lives in a . lots of money inherited.
The Seven Wonders of the World Society The ___ is a statue that was built on the Greek island of Rhodes between 292 and 280 BC; Both the ___ and the Statue of Liberty were built as symbols to freedom. The ____ was destroyed by fire in the fifth century A.D. and there were no copies ever found; all the details of the statue today are taken from depictions on coins and ancient Greek descriptions. The ___ was built by Artemisia after her husband Mausolus died; it is a tomb.. The oldest of all wonders of the world; its former name was Khufu's Horizon.. The ___ was the first lighthouse in the world; also known as the Pharos of Alexandria..
Chasing Lincoln's Killer Books - Historical Abraham Lincoln's killer.. Union general who took Appomattox the night it was surrendered. Guest of Lincoln's at the play where Lincoln was shot.. A conspirator who helped John Wilkes Booth the night of the murder by trying to murder a cabinet member who was ill. . Sixteenth president of the USA who was killed by John Wilkes Booth..
Biology Systems Biology What system is made up of the autonomic nervous system, spinal nerves and cranial nerves?. A chemical messenger that is secreted from glands and diffused throughout the body in the blood to stimulate changes within the body.. One or more bundles of axons creating part of the system where impulses are sent between the brain, spinal cord and other parts of the body. . The internal environment of an animal's body has many factors that have to be kept at a steady set level (e.g. temperature and blood glucose level). The maintenance of these steady set state conditions in the body is called?. What is the word given to the system that is going on in the body but an animal is not conscious of it?.
Water Cycle Meteorology fill in the blocks combined force of attraction among water. Continuous process of which water on earth moves to atmosphere.. substance being disolved in a givensubstance. Water pulling across surface.. water given off through leafs of a plant .
Banking Services Business and Work An itemized slip showing the amount of cash and/or checks being deposited to a particular account.. An amount of money taken out of an account.. A bookkeeping term for a sum of money owed by an individual or institution; a charge deducted from an account.. A check that a bank has refused to cash because there are no funds to cover it in an account.. Money deposited with a financial institution for investment or safekeeping..
Attributes of God Religion As the Creator, God sustains and provides for all He has made. God has no beginning and no end.. God has unlimited power, authority and influence. God always uses His knowledge to do exactly what is right. God reaches down and rescues sinners from the penalty of death and hell.
Jimi Hendrix Music the month Jimi died. what Jimi played. The state Jimi was born in. Where Jimi moved in 1966. what Jimi joined in 1961.
Shape, Form and Value School Extreme difference often using value.. A two-dimensional area or plane. . The areas on an object that reflects the most light.. How light generally reflects on a form to show itís 3 dimensionality.. Refers to shapes or forms having irregular edges or to surfaces or objects resembling things existing in nature. .
Bacterial Meningitis Health For a definitive diagnosis of meningitis, you'll need a _____ to collect cerebrospinal fluid. The ____is a delicate organ, to protect it the blood-brain barrier is used to limit the diffusion of substances from the bloodstream into brain tissue.. Skipping vaccinations, age and pregnancy are ______.. An inflammation of the membranes (meninges) surrounding your brain and spinal cord. Most cases of meningitis in the U.S. are caused by a ______ infection..
The Digestive System Body works with the small intestine . the stomach kills a lot of ___ _______ . provides bile. the core of your health . ______ will help push down the food .
The Golden Calf Bible what God wanted to do to the people because of their sin. someone in the middle who speaks for someone else. the number of days and nights Moses was up the mountain. Something we worship in place of God. area where the Israelites were living.
James Clerk Maxwell Science How well do you know James Clerk Maxwell? These are considered to be Maxwell's greatest accomplishment.. The University of Edinburgh's highest mathematical honor.. The country in which Maxwell was born.. Maxwell proved the existence of these.. This man said, 'No, I stand on Maxwell's shoulders.'.
New Girl Television Marketing executive and modern day cassanova . How many rooms are in the loft?. Former professional athlete. What female character left the show with Coach when he deceided to move away?. What college did Schmidt and Nick meet at?.
The Lost Boy Books - Autobiography Answer some questions about the book Which police officer helps David get out of the situation he's in?. What was the name of Davids protective service agent. What is the title of this book?. What teacher did David not get a chance to say goodbye to?. What did David say Mrs.Gold looked like?.
Glaciation Earth Sciences Name of the process where a glacier drops the material it is carrying. Area of the UK that used to be covered in glaciers. Moving river of ice. In this zone the glacier is melting. Water getting into cracksof rocks, expanding and eventually splitting the rock .
Color Art Using neutral color in large areas of room and small areas of a bright color used for accent. Most common device used to show the relationship between colors; provides basis for basic color schemes. Using a color with the two colors on each side of its complement to make color scheme. Using two or more colors that are side by side to create color scheme. Colors made by combining two primary colors in equal amounts.
The Midwest US History The lands beyond settlement. A line of workers who put a product together as it moves along a line. A funnel-shaped, spinning windstorm. An area of flat or rolling land covered mostly by grasses. A place where cattle are kept before going to market.
Digestion Body It plays an essential role in converting the food we eat into fuel for the body's cells. used for tearing food. act of chewing. mass of food. bacteria may also cause severe anemia or kidney failure.
Musical Music Use the definitions to fill in the puzzle A musical group of two. short horizontal lines used to extend the pitches above or below the staff. medium fast. The lowest singing female voice. Fat Albert can eat.
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