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European History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Europe Smallest Europe republic. Serbia claims it but independent. Home to Istanbul. Bratislava's country. Yugoslav republic by Italy. Big
Words of Italian Origin A rank of officer in the army. A device consisting of a folding metal frame with cloth cover, used as protection against the rain. A place or building that is visually attractive.. A variety of cabbage with creamy white flower buds, eaten as a vegetable. The management of large amounts of money, especially by governments or large companies.. Big
Jacques Cartier There Will Be 12 Hints and Each Of Those Hints Will Relate To A Word That Describes That Word. The King Of France Wanted To Find Another _____ To Asia . One Of The Three G's That The King Of France was After For . A Flat Ground That Is Big And Wide . A Voyage Through The Ocean . The First People Who Lived On Canada . Big
Richard III Fill in the blanks with the names of characters from Shakespeare's play Richard III. Two names include Roman Numerals. a.k.a. The King of England, aiming to fix the political divisions under his reign. Is the subject of most of the Duke of Gloucester's schemes at the beginning of the play.. the rebel leader of the Lancaster family, who gathers an army to overthrow the Duke of Gloucester and reclaim the throne.. the wife of the King of England, and the mother to two young princes and a daughter; after her husband's death, she opposes the attempt of the Duke of Gloucester to claim the throne.. the daughter of the Queen of England, who becomes part of an arranged marriage to the rebel leader to unite the houses of Lancaster and York.. the Duke of Gloucester's right hand man; almost as evil and dastardly as the Duke of Gloucester himself. . Big
Bastille Day fill in this puzzle please The country Marie Antoinette was originally from. French holiday on the 14th of July (two words). The first military group that marches in military parades. The event the storming of the Bastille led to. The end of the phrase - 'let them eat _____'. Big
Things to do in Isolation... Flour, eggs, sugar and milk is used in.... The welfare officer you can have a chat with at Storthes . tidy your room, hoover and disinfect/ sanatise. If you don't want to cook, you could always order a.... Putting pieces together to form a picture. Big
French Revolution The middle class in France. Wife of the King. The woman that killed a radical leader in his bath tub. The _________ Estate was comprised mostly by the peasants. Another name for the October March. Hard
Francis Drake A big ship. . His nickname, that the Spanish gave him. . A continent near Europe.. A city in panama. . A dry disgusting food for long voyages.. Big
European Capitals All the answers are capital cities of the listed countries Finland. Norway. Sweden. Ireland. Belgium. Hard
Rivers and Mountains of Munster Mountain range in Co. Waterford. River in Cork that enters the sea at Kinsale. Mountains located in parts of Cork, Limerick and Tipperary. Longest river in Ireland. Mountain range in Co. Kerry. Hard
Queen Victoria Her uncle's name that she inherited the throne from.. What is the term we use for the Victoria's reign? . The name of Victoria's husband . What sort of childhood did Victoria have? . Who was the Prime Minister in the early years of Victoria's marriage? . Big
Arundel Museum Chapel raised in 1380. Newest national park. Occasionally a Red Flag flew on the top . Was St Mary's Hall. One Man's Legacy to Arundel. Big
King Henry VIII Crossword What was his favourite warship called?. What did the King have translated into English?. Which wife outlived Henry?. Which Church did he leave?. What was the surname of his favourite jester?. Older Children
Italy The Pope lives here . Mountain range stretching down along Italy . He painted the Sistine Chapel . Currency of Italy. Language spoken in Italy . Big
British Sport Stars Look at the clues below to help you work out which British sport stars are in the puzzle. A golfer from Northern Ireland who has won 3 out of the 4 majors.. The greatest breaststroke swimmer of all time. He has broken the World Record 11 times.. A F1 driver who some believe is the greatest ever.. Britain's fastest woman.. A Cyclist who is Britain's most decorated Olympian with 8 medals.. Big
French Revolution this finance minister was fired three twice by the king. the Bastille was stormed on the ______ of June. this estate was royalty. this is where the king and queen lived. the queen was from . Hard
Tudor look at the clue and find the answers to the clue How many wives. Queen in the Tudors. Last wive off Henry the 8th. Tow Tudor kings. Who made Tudor time. Big
Germany Thin breaded meat. German currency. National dish (sour roasted meat). Thanks in German. Please in German. Big
French Revolution Middle-class people who had accumulated economic wealth through trade and commerce.. A legislative body having two branches or chambers.. A system where the monarch is given the power to rule the land and the people by the divine right of kings.. A small organized group within a larger one.. A social system that existed where people worked and fought for nobles who gave them protection and use of land in return.. Hard
drama the large act. an intory section of a play often contains a narrator or chorus . side of the stage not seen by audiece. humorous action or words put in a serious play to break tension. a funny or amusing play. Big
Cromwell and the English Civil War Tried Charles I for high treason. Required that English goods be transported on English ships. Name that describes rebelling Scottish presbyterians. Parliament military forces. Essentially, Cromwell's form of government. Hard
The Life of George Arthur Roberts Look up the hints and find the words George was born here in 1891. The Road in London that has George's blue plaque . George was a big presence in the black community. The wounded used these in the battle of 1920. The Medal that George was awarded in 1944. Hard
Countries of Europe Countries of Europe It's capital is Brussels, has most castles. Famous for wine and cheese; Paris is it's capital. Known for Vampires and paprika. It's capital is Vienna. Famous for bread, beer, sausage and castles. Hard
Scotland Read and find the words One of the official languages. Scottish word for lake. name of the clan's clothes. name of the native Scots. Sir Conan Doyle wrote this famous novel. Older Children
The Tudors he was the first king to pass his crown to his son in 100 years.. The battle of Yorkshire against Lancashire.. he was Henry 7ths first son.. Henry 7th is born in England but half ............ Henry’s stepfather.. Big
Parliament and Elections This crossword will help you to understand some of the words we use at Parliament.Read the clues and write the word that matches the meaning of the clue. Organised political group with similar aims and values.. the choice made for a political party or local MP . Voters must be a minimum of ____ years old.. Geographical area represented by an MP.. There are two types of electorates- Māori and _______________.. Big
Crawley Down Lanes Be careful spellings may not be what you think. Go by phonetics. The American plane tree. Misspelling of a person who tends floral areas. Can be baked in a kiln + Thirty six inches. A small place of worship. A piece cut off a plant + an alkali solution. Big
Medieval Kingdoms in Europe middle class. iron plow . the grant of land that a lord made to a vassal . an agricultural estate that a lord ran and peasants worked. set of unwritten rules . Big
30 Great Brits Fill in the grid with the surnames of these famous British people Microbiologist who in 1928 noticed that a certain mould destroyed certain bacteria.. Author of Emma, Persuasion, Mansfield Park etc in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries.. Queen of England 1533-36 and mother of Queen Elizabeth I. She was beheaded.. Pioneering nurse during the Crimean War,1853-56, and founder of two Schools of Nursing. . Victorian writer of Silas Marner, Middlemarch, etc whose real name was Mary Ann Evans. . Hard
Geography of Europe Political and Physical Features of Europe 2nd largest peninsula in Europe and located on the countries of Portugal and Spain . 2nd largest river in Europe and important for trade. Important route for trade and cultural exchange. Country located north of the English Channel. Country located east of Spain and west of Germany. Big
Pompeii the mountain that erupted in Pompeii.. A city near Pompeii.. A female child of her parents.. A trembling of the ground.. A town covered in ash from the mountain.. Big
British Democracy An 'Act' of 1832 which broadened the number of men who could vote to include small landowners and shopkeepers. . The number of demands made in 1838 by the Chartist Movement in 'The People's Charter'.. A key word meaning 'to be granted the vote or the state of having the vote'. . A key term meaning 'the right to vote in political elections'.. A very small area able to elect an MP based on a few (sometimes just one) voters.. Big
Roman Goddesses Goddess of Love, Desire, Sex, and Prosperity. Goddess of Flowers and Spring. Goddess of the Harvest, Agriculture and Motherly Relationships,daughter of Saturn and Ops. . Mother of Zeus / Wife of Cronus. Goddess of the Dawn. Hard
British Football Record Premier league goalscorer. DB7. UEFA defender of the year 3 times. Most capped England player. Host of match of the day. Big
Victory In Europe To celebrate/ show great joy or delight (8).. The name of the British King on the 8th May 1945 (6).. An Eastern Asian country that still needed to be defeated by 8th May 1945 (5). . The action that Germany took to help stop WW2.. The first European country to be invaded by Germany during WW2 (6).. Older Children
England in Trouble The King of England after Godwinson, left no heir when he died. people with bows. What country did William live in?. The one chosen by the Witan. what country did Edward live in?. Big
Vikings silence. a large container used for drinking. a young unmarried woman. an idea or story that many people believe but is not true. to take something by force . Older Children
Henry Lawson Implementing biblical what?. Lawson characterises the Australian identity as citizens who lack what? . Anonymous individual identifying the priest as the what?. “The union buries its dead”, Lawson challenges the what? notions. Where Lawson was born. Big
Middle Age Europe Group of Craftsmen. Land given to a vassal. District over which a lord had control. Where monks live. First Holy Roman Emperor. Hard
The English Civil War They believed Christians should not do anything that was not taught in the Bible. the king possessed unlimited power;. Parliament established in replacement of the Rump parliament . He was known as 'the Great Elector'. government officials. Hard
The French Revolution as a military conflict between the First French Empire and the allied powers of the Spanish Empire.. The wealthiest members of the Third Estate.. First and second estates could operate as this to stop the third estate from getting its way.. Traditional lists of grievances written by the people.. Paris-July 14, 1789, the storming of this medieval fortress and prison. The warden was killed by the mob and his head paraded around on a pike.. Hard
French Revolution middle class including merchant’s industrialist and people part of the 3rd estate . the very violent period of time during the French revolution under the rule of Robespierre . 2% of the population . a combination of the absolute monarchy and feudalism in France Suffrage, the right to vote . The country Marie Antoinette was from. Hard
Germany What is there leading export?. Light meal eaten between 8-9pm. Full of full grain breads, rolls, cheese, meats. A breakfast food. Two fat white sausages are served in a little pot of warm water, typically with a soft pretzel and sweet Senf (mustard). Tradition holds that the sausage must be consumed before noon.. German currency. Fruit bread with nuts, spices, dried or candied food, coated with powdered sugar or icing. Big
London Monument london the queen's crown is in that castle. house of the queen. clock. it is pointy at the top. sometimes it opens to let boats through. Older Children
Renaissance the priest rules in the name of God or a god. an English playwrite. attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis. a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, or activity. the drawing of a solid object on a two-dimensional surface. Hard
Italy Do You Know Where to go in Italy? Volcano that destroyed Popeii. Largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. A crooked tower. Medieval Cathedral. Italy's Capital. Big
Northern Ireland Second main political party. Boy's name turned county. Northeast county in NI. One of the main political parties in NI. Laws passed against Roman Catholics. Big
European Middle Ages system of promises that governed the relationship between lords and vassals. to cast out from the church. document listing rights that the king could not ignore. a knight who promised to support a lord in exchange for land. plague that spread across Europe from 1348-1351. Hard
Rome the period of peace and prosperity. supreme ruler. roman general and member of the first triumvirate. wealthy landowners. Italian ecclesiastic (pope). Hard
British Imperialism two wars in the mid-19th century involving British and Chinese/Manchu disputes over British trade in China and China's sovereignty.. second war, when the British and the Boers fought each other; led to the British control of South Africa and a mass genocide of the Boers in “refugee camps” where they were starved until the surrendered or died.. foreign affairs initially used to refer to the United States policy established in the late 19th century and the early 20th century; spearheaded by Secretary of State John Hay.. task, believed by white European colonizers, that they were to impose “superior” Western civilization on the “savage, heathen, inferior” black and Asian inhabitants of European colonies.. South African Dutch Afrikaner republic that discovered gold in the region in 1886 sparking the interest of the British in South Africa, which resulted in a gold rush and later the Boer Wars from 1899 - 1902.. Hard
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