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Recreation Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
American Recreation Las Vegas Boulevard is otherwise known as The _____. Whose 'Palace' do the Boys stay inThe Hangover?. Las Vegas Casino recognised for its fountains.. Islands of Adventure is part of which Theme park?. New Jersey Airport where we leave for Vegas. Big
at a hotel a sea view. shower. facilities. credit cards. animals. Hard
Baking Is used in many products! . They were found in Central Europe. a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank shee. What is convection and conduction used for. are in common use in nutritional contexts as units of food energy. Hard
Campus Martius What was the name of the courtyard in the theatre of Pompey?. What was the name of the horse races held in the Circus Flaminius every 5 years?. Where was the Tabulae Censoriae prepared?. The Campus Martius was located just North of which Hill?. What type of processions were held at the Circus Flaminius?. Hard
Ceramic Terms Finished leather hard or bone dry clay pieces not yet fired. To make scratches or creases in pieces of clay be joined together. A thin coating of minerals which produces a glassy transparent or colored coating on bisque ware. A rounded tube/snake like length of clay. Can be easily manipulated - modeled, molded or pressed into a desired shape; malleable. Older Children
Common Sailing Terms the right side of a ship. the left side of a ship. Translation: pantoque. Translation: quilla. central part of the boat. Older Children
Cooking lb. or #. 140 Degrees F. Special equipment needed for cooking, such as, saucepans and skillets.. Amounts that are equal to other amounts. . Used for baking foods in the oven.. Teenage
Cooking Terms Complete the puzzle below to separate solid from liquid materials. to reduce a food into small bits by rubbing it on the sharp teeth of a utensil . to cut or chop into very fine pieces. to change from a solid to a liquid through the application of heat. to mix or blend two or more ingredients. Very Difficult
Cowboy Fill out this crossword puzzle about cowboys lived in this region. worked on ranches. held their guns. invented barbed wire in 1874. they rode on these. Easy
Cowboys Ranchers laid off most of their cowboys during this month. They Snared livestock. Protect them from the dust kicked up by cattle. Cowboys of the Old West had an unwritten code that they lived by. What their ropes were made of. Big
Dance changing of the feet. front, side, back, side. turning the foot up. step of the horse. to bring the tip of the toe to the niche of the knee. Very Difficult
Dance Terminology to rise. Ad lib dance movements with no fixed structure. Danced to a variety of music styles including Rock 'n Roll, and discotheque beats.. to stretch. a pose in which one leg is raised in back or in front with knee bent, usually with one arm raised. . a series of rhythmic and patterned bodily movements usually performed to music.. Hard
Dance through the eyes of the camera scanning across a scene with a camera. used to enhance special effects into a video. A shot where the camera is above the dancers. when the camera remains still. A space where dances are performed live. Teenage
Expansion of the Olympic National Park why will it be more difficult for hikers to enter trail heads after expansion? (also a political-social impact). Solution #1 offered in our presentation. Male Representative who proposed expansion. female Senator who proposed expansion. a view some citizens see park expansion as. Big
Food and Cooking a hard dry Italian cheese used especially in cooking and for scattering on particular types of Italian food, such as pasta. a small square piece of cloth or paper used while you are eating for protecting your clothes or to clean your mouth or fingers. an electric machine used in the kitchen for breaking down foods or making smooth liquid substances from soft foods and liquids. a thick liquid eaten with food to add flavour. the eggs of various large fish, especially the sturgeon, which are eaten as food and are usually very expensive. Teenage
FOOTBALL person who throws the ball. your school. when the defending team catches the ball. NFL team in Charlotte. guy's wearing zebra stripes. Teenage
Fraser Valley Highlights Hosts many different community events. takes place at Sardis and Chilliwack libraries on alternate Wednesdays in summer. flies high across the canyon. They soar high all over the valley. go here for the ultramax experience. Hard
Gardening Me and ____ plant a garden together. . Easy to plant and quietly take over your fence. . The weather on sunday. . Mom and ____ plant flowers all around the yard. . Wednesday's weather . Older Children
Getting Started in the Kitchen To boil in liquid until partially cooked.. To coat a food by sprinkling it with or sipping it in a dry ingredient such as flour.. To cause a solid food to turn into or become part of a liquid.. To cut or chop into very fine pieces.. To cook in an oven with dry heat.. Big
Heroes and Villains Big green crecher of minecraft. _______ has the force. Delivers presants on the 25 December. Batmans enemy. darts player.was on hashtag im a celeb. Older Children
Hunter's Safety Device that blocks the action to prevent firearm from shooting. Ammunition used for a rifle. Handle of firearm. Moving part that loads, fires, and ejects ammunition. Ammunition used for a shotgun. Older Children
Knitting Use one hooked needle to?. The best places for friendly knitters. Scottish islands and a style of knitting. A pair of knitting _________. To make more stitches. Adult
Minecraft This is the spawner of hostile mobs.. The very FIRST achievment in Minecraft.. The player who won the Minecraft Hunger Games.. The rarest item in Minecraft.. Iron Golems Protect the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.. Older Children
Mini Nation a steep fall or flow of water. a deep valley with steep sides. the land bordering a large body of water. a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or the like.. the line on a mountain that trees cannot grow above. Very Difficult
Oregon Trail The end of the trail. The half way point of trail at Continental Divide in WY. Gold discovered here resulted in a spin off trail. Ended the wagons but really opened the West. Biggest Indian tribe in OR. Big
Photography You must do this to get a sharp image. A type of camera. You must wash your final print in........... The machine used in the darkroom to expose the paper to light. How many minutes do you leave the paper in the developer. Older Children
Playground woof woof. clear. pests. strict. people who travel but have no homes. Young Kids
Pottery & Crafts To polish clay while it is in the greenware stage until it develops a semi-gloss shine. Unfired pottery that is bone-dry, a state in which clay forms are most fragile. a mixture of ceramic materials including clay, glass, fluxes, and colorants. A building technique utilizing long “ropes” of clay stacked in layers upon one another to create a vessel or form. The first firing for the clay, removes all the water and carbon. The fusing of particles has begun, yet the clay is still porous to allow for glaze absorption.. Hard
Quilters' Delight Outer edge of the quilt. A fabric dessert?. Broderie _____________, or Persian embroidery, has become a form of applique. A quilting fabric brand. Protects the finger tip. Big
Quilting Terms Define the quilting definitions. Two letter words do not have a space in between. A fabric strip used to enclose the raw edges of the quilted quilt . It is a rolling razor blade mounted on a plastic handle. Item is made to be used with a rotary cutter and cutting mat. Measures the distance when cutting fabric.. Grain of woven fabric that is at a 45 degree angle to the selvage. A sewing machine attachment that acts as a top set of feed dogs. . Teenage
Repentance fact of having committed a specified or implied offence or crime. matthew 11:28. feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. opinion or conclusion. compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one's power to punish/harm. Hard
Sculpture Terms Complete the following crossword below on sculpture terms. Figure projecting from a background.. An object cut using a chisel. . A group of elements needing an environment.. Another word for dynamics.. Three demensional art incorporating more than one material.. Big
Sewing Complete the crossword puzzle. A ____________ is a safe place to hold pins and needles. _________ are used got trimming, clipping, and cutting threads.. A _______ protects your finger while uou are hand sewing.. Pass ________ objects handle first.. You will use a ____ ________ to remove stitches.. Older Children
Sports Complete the puzzle game for boys. drink. energy source. hungry. game for girls. Easy
Square Dance Terminology Couple walks side by side, right hand joined to right hand and left to left in a crossed-arm position. They walk around the square once and return to home position. Left arm turn with partner until facing corner, right arm turn with corner until facing partner again. Dancers step forward and place appropriate hand into the middle of the circle and walk around the circle. Number of couples in a perfect square. Face partner and join right hands, pull through and grab the next persons left hand and so on until you reach your partner again. Big
Swimming done off a diving board. where swimmers swim. most popular used stroke. how many you can swim at a meet. lifeguard. Older Children
Swimming where swimmers swim. most popular stroke. how many you can swim in a meet. has a gliding phase. method used when treading water. Older Children
Swimming another name for front crawl.. very important fundamental skill and should be mastered.. making little or no progress and trying to swim to side.. another name for freestyle.. simply breathing in series. . Older Children
Swimming session of a swim meet in which the qualification heats are conducted. the command to take your starting position. entering the water head first. continuous floating markers attached to a cable stretched from the starting end to the turning end for the purpose of separating each lane. a portion of an event, shorter than the total distance that is timed. Hard
The Freedom Trail You can find this printer at Old City Hall. Faneuil Hall is also called The Cradle of _________________. This wealthy Beacon Hill resident signed the Declaration of Independence. The critter's eyes on top of Faneuil Hall are made from these . The King of England had one of these on Tremont Street. Older Children
The Outdoors The outdoors is a puzzle about the outdoors We like to annoy you. Twinkle twinkle little ....... How I wonder what you are. I am cold and white. Look up and I am always there. I float around in the sky. Older Children
The Outdoors We like to annoy you. Twinkle twinkle little ....... How I wonder what you are. I am cold and white. Look up and I am always there. I float around in the sky. Older Children
Tourism Undeveloped and isolated enviroment. Naturally occurring in a particular place . A flight over a long distance . Meeting the demands of the population without damaging the enviroment . Way of measuring the wealth of a country . Adult
TRAVELING noun/ the amount of money available. noun/ when someone expresses or feels opposition to or dislike of something or someone. noun / the end of a journey, the place where someone travels to. verb/ to sit or lie in the sun. noun/ the land next to or close to the sea. Big
Travelling a travel by ship. a place where planes land. a place where trains stop. another word for bus. a person that shows you a foreign town and tells you abou its history. Older Children
Types of Tourism space travel. form of popular entertainment. experiencing the food of the country or area. sightseeing tour made on foot. death and tragedy. Big
Ways of Walking walk with showy, exaggerated movements. walk with difficulty or in an awkward way. walk with one leg injured. walk by dragging the feet. walk with long, decisive steps. Older Children
Woodshop II Tree type: can be black, red, or white. . Delicious pig meat!. A tree with needles instead of leaves. One big looping blade. The only projects you destroyed in class.. Big
Woodwork a machine that makes holes. a Western Australian hardwood. a machine with a blade that they also use at the butchers. worn to protect eyes. if waiting to use a machine, the safe distance behind the person operating the machine is how many metres?. Hard
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