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School Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
UCLA much of the film Legally ________ was actually filmed at UCLA . the name of the city where UCLA's home stadium for football games is located. in 2017, UCLA had the most _________ of any four-year university in the United States (102,177 of them to be exact). the mascot of UCLA's number one rival. the nickname used to refer to students who attend UCLA. Big
The Elements of Teaching answer the following connect them with their students like a magnet.. compelling force that emerges from teachers love for children.. a teachers uncomplaining nature, self-control and persistence.. synonymous to eagerness and excitment.. forming idea concepts, reasoning out and making judgement.. Big
Black River Public School ELECTIVES rubbing food against a rough, bumpy surface. to make clean. bakes food. directions for cooking. sharp object used for cutting. Older Children
Shape, Form and Value Extreme difference often using value.. A two-dimensional area or plane. . The areas on an object that reflects the most light.. How light generally reflects on a form to show itís 3 dimensionality.. Refers to shapes or forms having irregular edges or to surfaces or objects resembling things existing in nature. . Big
School Subjects do/build projects. you divide, multiply. you study literature. you paint and draw. learn what is socially correct. Easy
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