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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Friends When you can't do something alone she/he .............you.. When you have a problem your friend......................to you.. ...............you to parties.. Your friends ................you the way you are.. Never forgets your ......................... Easy
Friendship The opposite of 'right in' or how you might feel if a friend snubs you (two words). 'Birds of a feather flock ____________'. Legend has it that this negative emotion can make you turn green. An ice-cream sundae with bananas, or a break-up with a friend. . A roadside trench used for drainage, or what you do when you leave a friend behind. Big
Gang Violence An individual belonging to a group.. An illegal substance.. Opposite of passive.. Someone using a gun.. Hunted down.. Teenage
Gay and Lesbian Marriage Use the clues below to solve the crossword. The state or quality of being equal (8). Everyone has their own ... (60. A proposed or enacted law or group of laws (11). Wrinkly and elderly (3). If it not allowed by the law, what is it? (7). Hard
Gender & Age Men use language to communicate ? . . ? tends to remain stable throughout life.. Men use non-support, silence and interruptions, to ? conversations. . When young people use a new form more and old people use it less, the form is ? popularity. ? usually does not lead to language change. Hard
Getting Along With The Social World the common finding that individuals will fail to help others during an emergency.. the tendency for people's performance to improve when other people are present. . The part of the personality that juggles the demands of the id, the superego, and the real world consequences of our actions. . racial stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination that can be hidden behind some other motive or belief. . the key neurotransmitter involved in reinforcement and motivated behavior. . Big
Ghost Towns to write a name, date, etc on a paper. to reach a destination. 'Your GPS might tell you the time of your _____'. the greater quantity. of or relating to government. Big
Gloom and Doom Use the clues to fill in the blanks a person that wishes evil or harm will come upon another person. poor health caused by lack of nutrients. a dead body. a person that is bad at doing something because they are awkward or clumsy. where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation. Hard
Greetings Hello Thank you. Im so sorry. goodnight. when you wake up you say. goodbye. Big
Grooming Aids and It's Uses Complete the puzzle below it is used to maintain fresh breath and protect the teeth from decay. it is a rectangular piece of absorbent cloth that is used to dry the bodyafter bath. it is gargled to clean and to freshen breath. it is used to remove dust and dirt and to stimulate the oil in the scalp. it is used to brush nails after cleaning. Big
Groups In Context the degree to which individuals feel that they are in the presence of another person density the number of individuals per unit of space crowding a psychological reaction that occurs when individuals feel that the amount of space available to them is. the tendency for individuals and groups to gain an advantage over others when interacting in their home territory. a temporary spatial boundary that forms around interacting groups and serves as a barrier to unwanted intrusion by nonmembers. the quality of the fit between the human occupants and the physical situation. environmental settings that discourage or prevent interaction among group members. Hard
Guide to Bottle Feeding Making up a feed with too much powder to water can cause ............................ All equipment used to feed a baby must be......................... Loosely fill the scoop with infant .............................. Test the temperature of the infant formula on the inside of your................... Level the formula off using the flat edge of a knife or the ......................provided. Hard
Hand Tools You can mark different angles with this tool. Hack through metal with this. Measures short dimensions. Used to hold your work. Used to cut short lengths of timber on bench. Big
Heart of a Champion 360-degree turns. Showing skill and good taste. Mental pictures, ideas. United States Figure Skating Association. Someone who engages in an athletic activity for fun. Hard
Helen Keller The system of reding for the blind. The first name of Helen's first trainer. The last name of Helen's last trainer. The college Helen really wanted to attend, and made it into. The name of Helen's mom. Older Children
Heroes and Villans Never thinks of himselfe.. A man or a boy whos admired for doing something very brave or great.. Your prepared to do something good.. The features that makes everyone unique. A wicked personor a criminal.. Older Children
Heroes of Communities first Hispanic female astronaut. invented pasteurization, killing germs through extreme heat. designed our nation's capital city, Washington D.C.. founder of the Red Cross. African American who was the surveyor for Washington D.C.. Big
High-School a formal song of loyalty, patriotism, or happiness. the art or activity of performing a role in a play, show, etc. principal domains of knowledge that are studied in school. group of young women who shout out special songs or chants to encourage their team. an organized company of singers . Big
How to Make a Strong First Impression connected with art, music, or literature. a person you do not know. to enjoy or to understand the value of someone or something. to show or explain how to do something. to continue to have something; to keep something at the same level. Older Children
Human Geography Terms Government policies designed to favor one racial sector over others.. Maps where one dot represents a certain number of phenomenons, such as population. Local or regional characteristics of a language.. Pertaining to space on the earth's surface; sometimes used as a synonym for geographic. . The degree of ease with which it is possible to reach a certain location from other locations.. Hard
Human Perception and Tendencies second attribution bias. in group out group communicate. innocent remarks biased jokes. cues from cutural landscape. guides us to aspects of enviroment. Big
Human Rights The state or quality of being equal (8). Everyone has there own what? (6). A proposed or enacted law or group of laws (11). Wrinkly and Elderly (3). When it is not allowed by law, what is it (7). Hard
Human-Environment Interaction The practice of using small pipes that slowly drip water just above the ground to conserve water to use for crops. A narrow passage of water connecting two seas. What is the removal of salt from ocean water?. What is a landlocked salt lake between Israel and Jordan?. An underground layer of rock that stores water. Hard
Immigration A method of journalism that depended on sensationalism and shock.. This person is credited with inventing basketball.. A protestant organization that provided food, shelter and religious education to the poor.. Laws that set standards for how buildings were built.. The East Coast immigration processing center.. Big
Immigration Vocabulary Acting within the rules or in an exact way. To stay hanging in the air, often by quick flapping or spinning. A condition where a person's body has an unusual reaction to certain things. Able to be spread from one person to another. Continually treating others in a cruel way because of race, religion, politics, or some other difference. Teenage
Jealousy meaning an act or instance. what is Dru last name. being evil means. meaning foorlish or stupid. how old is Dru. Teenage
Joy Of Sharing Doing something nice for someone. Synonymous with joy. It means sensitivity towards others. Synonymous with gift. To give something for a good cause. Similar to charity. Easy
KBG Blue and Gold. Involves self-sacrifice and a willingness to help each other. An active sister within the sorority that is assigned to a new member, the sister will be completely anonymous, can remain secret forever or revealed upon crossover. 'Character, Culture, Courage'. National Officer Secretary. Hard
Lance Armstrong Armstrong’s mother has a very positive influence on him. He is _______ by his mother. . Armstrong’s _______ were very successful, he was cancer-free afterwards.. She is very gentle, she loves animals. She is ________.. The part of your body that is below stomach.. Another word for sportsman.. Big
Lingo Of The 1920's. A snobish person that dresses spiffy.(high hat). If you have a cruch on somebody you would say they are the ----- -----.(Cats meow). Al Capone the big cheese did this to alot of people.(bump off). Al Capone was the --- -------- of a gang.(big cheese). A beautiful flapper.(Sheba). Older Children
Living Green something that is produced or given out. a mixture of decayed plants and other organic matter. to use something again. the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an entity. adapt or convert something to a new use. Older Children
Living in the Environment a possible and testable explanation of what they observe in nature or in the results of their experiments. new discoveries and new ideas that overthrow a well-accepted scientific theory or law. A sequence of organisms, each of which serves as a source of food or energy for the next. exist in a fixed quantity, or stock, in the earth’s crust.. a set of organisms interacting with one another and with their environment of nonliving matter and energy within a defined area or volume. . Hard
Lost Words from the Lost Generation. Mary thought she looked swell in her spiffy new______ dogs.. The party last night was a dud after a______ showed up splifficated and upchucked everywhere.. Lucy was a really hep and crazy girl. Her friends said she had a lot of________.. Jules flat tire parents thought she was a dump dora for going for a ride with a_________ in his struggle buggy.. After having a lot of giggle water, John made a big mistake in calling a hoofer the________. Older Children
lottery win alcohol . to be found guilty . female . group who help others. say a little about . Teenage
Lying Uprightness, sincerity, or candor human action or speech.. Deliberately making a statement contrary to the truth or withholding the truth under oath.. A false statement that harms the reputation of others. Wrongful, untrue defamation of a person in writing or printing.. Excessive, untrue, or insincere praise.. Big
Manners A man with good manners. Look at someone for a long time. If we talk ............we might disturb. To use manners is being ......... Ways of a country over a long period. Big
Margaret Mead Children all over the world learn about their cultures and gradually absorb its _____ and values. Margaret live with an ____ family while in Samoa. Does you race and _____ mold you into the person you become?. She found that in Samoa, adolescence was one of the happiest and ____ _____ times in life. Her first destination. Hard
Marilyn Monroe What Month Was She Born In. How Many Siblings Did She Have. True or False; Marilyn Was A Model/American Actress. Marilyn's Original First Name (birth name). Where Did She Die. Older Children
Mass Media large paper printed with the news and sold every day . a game in which you answer questions. shows, films, television or activities that help people relax. the programmes that you listen to. a view about something or someone. Big
Mercy Day Crossword Puzzle Find out how much you know about MERCY 1897 common name that the Hospital on 22nd and R Streets was known as. Business that now occupies site at 22nd and R Streets. Sister Manager Med Acute Unit. Opened in 1925 along with Mercy General Hospital. Foundress of Sisters of Mercy. Hard
Mexican Culture currency used. Language predominantly spoken. Food often served with ground beef . Complete name . Body of water to the right. Big
Mid Life Well being defined as pure pleasure. The age-related process occurring around age 50 for women. Adult children care for their disabled elderly parents. A basic role of grandparents which involves monitoring the younger family members well-being. A dramatic decline in older persons scores of vocabulary tests. Big
Migration Read the clue and write in the appropriate term. This type of migration occurs when an individual decides to move somewhere for a long period of time. . Someone who is exiting or leaving a country for a new area. . This type of migration occurs when an individual has no choice and must leave their location.. Factors that attract people to move to a new location. . The movement of people from one location to another. . Older Children
Migration reduced number of people in place because of emigration. someone who flees a country in fear of their lives often because of political persecution . money sent through the mail by migrants both nationally and internationally. reverse flow of migrants at a lower volume. the place where a migrant ends up. Hard
Migrations someone who had to leave his or her homeland and has no place to go to.. is when people migrate within the same country or region.. when someone leaves a country.. The name given to the reasons why people leave an area.. when someone enters a country.. Big
Morgan Freeman Freeman worked here and didn't like it. Freeman played Red a convicted murderer in this film. Freeman's western with Clint Eastwood. Freeman's first starring role. One of Freeman's favorite actor. Big
My Generation FILL IN THE BLANK Pictures of people. Practice in school that nobody likes. Type and use websites. Like a skateboard. Call and Text. Older Children
Neil Armstrong People who go into space.. The state Armstrong was born.. The war Armstrong fought in.. Armstrong's hobb as a child.. Armstrong's first name.. Older Children
Nonverbal Communication a signal (as a word, phrase, or action). the aspect of language that is associated with stereotypes, insluts, derogatory, and disrespect. communication with four to seven people that requires leadership. the five 'laws' of the study and practice of shetoric. nervousness or stage fright pertaining to the communication process. Hard
North Carolina Beach Lingo Can you identify all of these words associated with coastal North Carolina? Coppertone or Hawaiian Tropic?. Tallest natural sand dune on the east coast. body of water . Dance associated with roots in both North & South Carolina. Large ocean inhabitant that created much fear and publicity during the summer of 2015. Hard
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