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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Rosa Parks 'Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement' commend, praise, congratulate, salute. traveler, commuter. courageous. decline, turn down, say no. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Older Children
Safety Contain information on hazardous ingredients used in shop . Should be placed under vehicle when the vehicle is raised. Refers to anything that prevents normal breathing. Used to prevent inhaling paint in your nose or throat and lungs. Equipped with fresh water and nozzles for washing out your eyes. Older Children
Salutations Greetings Thank you. Good Morning!. Good luck. Pleased to meet you!. Good-Bye. Hard
Satire a literal comparison between on thing and another. Generally to something that it is not literally applicable - e.g. heart broken. an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.. a person, object, or place selected as the aim of an attack.. using humour to highlight a political issue in society or to highlight people's mistakes. . the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.. Adult
School Bus Safety Never attempt to open the emergency ____ unless there is a true emergency.. Hold onto the _____ when boarding or exiting the bus.. Face _____ when the bus is in motion.. Keep your feet, hands, and bookbag out of the ______. Do not do any _____ to the seats. Moderately Challenging
School Violence In response to school violence, many schools have adopted ___-____ policies (two words). Though school violence is a big issue, schools are still very ___. Bullies and potential bullies often exhibit overly ___ behaviors. Common place where school violence can take place. Who can be a victim?. Older Children
School Violence In response to school violence, many schools have adopted ___-____ policies (two words). Bullies and potential bullies often exhibit overly ___ behaviors. Common place where school violence can take place. Who can be a victim?. A common way to counter mental bullying. Older Children
Self Esteem and Goals Fill in the puzzle with the correct word from the clues Ability to accept others as they are.. A person whose success or behavior serves as a good example for others. Treating everyone with understanding. Are the beliefs and principles that guide the way a person lives.. A personal feeling or belief. Hard
Sensation & Perception Vocabulary words remains after stimulation of the retina has ended. Cones not used fire to bring the visual system back in balance. sense of hearing. of the eye, which contains millions of receptors for light. a colored circular muscle that opens and closes, forming larger and smaller circles to control the amount of light getting into the eye. process of receiving information from the environment. Hard
Sensation & Perception difference between the images provided by the two retinas. ability to keep objects in the environment steady by perceiving either ourselves or outside objects as moving. an organized whole, shape, or form. ability to retain the size of an object regardless of where it is located. inaccurate perceptions. Big
Social Engineering Sifting through trash to find important information. An email warning of a malware threat. Listening in on conversations to glean information. Beware of probing, pushy, or threatening ________. Creating an invented scenario to convince someone to take an action. Hard
Social Networks Biggest social network. All over the globe. What is negatively affected by social networks?. Type of social group. Network of animals (herrings). Older Children
Social Pressure Object use to display messages during a riot. The common knowledge of a population. Group of people. People who are equal, teammates. Person that goes to a mob in the intent of vendalizing stuff. Older Children
Social Pressure manner of behaving or acting. . an organized civil force for maintaining order, preventing and detecting crime, and enforcing the laws. . Sociology. a consequence of a social practice or behavior pattern that undermines the stability of a social system.. Antonym of order (5 letters). the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others:. Older Children
Social Science The social science that analyzes behaviour by comparing it to groups with similar behavoiur and traits. The experiment using monkeys to determine how a parent affects development is the _____ Monkey Experiment. Famous psychologist, made Id, Ego and Superego. Used to suppress harmful information, often takes physical form. A family with multiple wives/husbands. Hard
Social Skills eye contact, handshake, body posture, hand gesture and tone of voice. should vary depending on the number of listeners and intentions of a speaker.. a set of skills people use to interact and communicate with one another. social skills are important because they allow us to _______ with each other in a predictabile way. . greetings, conversations, participating in class. Older Children
Social Studies A company that operates in more than one country. how stuff is spread throughout the world. Giving jobs away. a restriction given by a government to stop trade . Deals with money and how much money is worth in other countries.. Adult
Social Studies The science or practice of managing the soil, producing crops and raising livestock. The movement from one country or region to settle in another . Services performed by workers for wages or profits. A group of people with similiar incomes, ways of living and backgrounds. The time before writing was invented. Older Children
Social Welfare Relatively few number of people benefit, but almost everyone pays.. Pays medical expenses of persons receiving TANF or SSI payments.. A self-financing govt. program based on contributions that provide benefits to unemployed or retired persons.. Nearly everyone benefits, and nearly everyone pays. Vouchers, given to people whose income is below a certain level, that can be used to buy food at grocery stores.. Teenage
Socializing the Individual The sum total of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and values that are characteristic of an individual.. The unsocialized, spontaneous, self-interested component of our personality and self-identity.. The transmission of genetic characteristics from parents to children.. The interactive process by which we develop an image of ourselves based upon how we imagine we appear to others.. The part of our identity that is aware of the expectations and attitudes of society--our socialized self.. Big
Society and Culture use hand tools to raise crops. . In a truly pluralistic society, no one group is officially considered more influential than another. . large, impersonal society that values individual achievement over kinship ties.. the language, values, beliefs, behavior, and material objects that constitute a peopleís way of life. . use machinery to replace human labor . Big
Society and Culture no group is more influential than another. crops, animals, plows. language, values, beliefs, way of life. behavior guidelines. norm based on morality. Big
Socio-Cultural Factors Social groups construct rules for members of their group to follow. Psychotic disorder characterised by thought disturbances. A life experience that involves a change from a steady state. Chemical substance found in the brain which transmits nerve impulses across a synapse. Close relations. Hard
Sociology _______ is a common part of society?. Menachem Amir & Yitzchak Berman suggest their was a link between criminal behavior & ______?. a theory saying deviant behavior is not the result of biological or psychlogical,but the result of social control?. What is a deviant behavior pattern that the deviant accept society's goals but find alternate ways of reaching them?. who said that children through parents acquire a conscience, that forvids deviant behavior?. Hard
Sociology Concepts person under age of legal majority. denying a person contact with family or friends. bodily injury caused by a person who cares or has custody of a child. psychological, sexual, physical, spiritual abuse of unwilling victim by one or more people to satisfy percieved needs of a deity. conscious conduct on behalf of parents in which parental duties are rejected. Hard
Southern Sayins' Are you going to do that? I ______ so.. What you say meaning 'Be kind to her, she's just too stupid to know any better.'. 'I'm _____ to do that in a minute.'. Ask your grandchild for a kiss. What fried food got named this because it was thrown to hound dogs to eat so they'd quit howling.. Hard
Spanish Speaking Countries Complete the Crosswrod below What is the capital of Salvador?. Santiago is the capital of?. What is the capital of Cuba? . What is the capital of Venezuela?. San Josť is from? . Hard
Spelling clean. animal flesh. a grip to stop slipping. to make hot. braid. Simple
Standardized Testing a type of aptitude test that measures aptitude for school learning. specific subject tests that can be bought and administered by a school district. tests that focus on a specific content area and emphasize the skills that are thought to be important for mastery of that subject matter. used to measure individual or group achievement in a variety of subject areas. tests designed to assess studentís abilities, meant to predict the ability of students to learn or perform rather than measure what they have already learned. Teenage
Stereotypes in the Media A group that is often linked by the media with arranged marriage, runaway girls, gangs and terrorism.. Women more likely to be judged on this than men. A group that is often portrayed in the media as singers, dancers, musicians or athletes.. Pushed to the edge. An over simplified image or idea about a group. Adult
Steve Jobs What was the first film produced by Pixar Animation Company?. How many children did Steve have?. What month did Steve die in?. What was Steve's good friend that helped him create Apple products last name?. Why was Steve's grave stone unmarked?. Big
Student Success Special session designed to empower students with tools for success. Cost of classes. My average grades. Go to another university. A four year college degree. Hard
Teamwork and Leadership Skills A person who asks questions. Someone who assigns tasks to other team members. Involves working with others to achive a common gole. A agreement by the entire group. This is a democratic process in which decisions are made. Hard
Texting and Driving The age of teens that have the highest crash rates of any other age. A good place to put your phone while driving so you won't be tempted to text. Texting and driving is not _____. Texting at a red light is ______. Texting and driving is a ______ that takes the drivers attention away from the road. Big
Thank You Across the World Thank you in FRENCH. Thank you in ARABIC. Thank you in KOYUKON (Alaska). Thank you in HINDI (phonetical transcription). Thank you in THAI (woman speaking). Big
The Ameridians Made important decisions in the Kalinago society.. Village headmen in the Maya society.. The cacique's houses/village.. Where Kalinago men lived.. Gods worshiped by the Taino.. Older Children
The Amish Shoo-fly is a kind of this. non-Amish people. Amish calligraphy. a game involving a small ball and other small objects. an Amish word for students who can't sit still. Hard
The Key to Listening A polite word or phrase used to subsitute for some taboo or otherwise offensive term.. The reasoned judgment of some work, and can involve both positive or negative evaluations.. Focusing attention on both the verbal and the nonverbal messages, in which communicate meaning.. Message that comments on the relationship between the speakers and listeners rather than on matters external to them.. Listener responses to a speaker that do not ask for the speaking role.. Big
The Welsh He ruled Gwynedd in 1194.. The Saxon king who built a wall of earth.. Name of a kingdom in Wales. Name of the wall king Offa built.. The emblem of Wales.. Hard
Theories of Personality A program of shared rules that governs the behavior of members of a community or society and a set of values, beliefs, and attitudes shared by most members of that community.. A distinctive and relatively stable pattern of behavior, thoughts, motives, and emotions that characterizes and individual.. A characteristic of an individual, describing a habitual way of behaving, thinking, or feeling.. Standardized questionnaires requiring written responses.. The idea that sexual energy takes different forms as the child matures.. Big
Theories of Personality A program of shared rules that governs the behavior of members of a community or society and a set of values, beliefs, and attitudes shared by most members of that community.. A distinctive and relatively stable pattern of behavior, thoughts, motives, and emotions that characterizes and individual.. A characteristic of an individual, describing a habitual way of behaving, thinking, or feeling.. Standardized questionnaires requiring written responses.. The idea that sexual energy takes different forms as the child matures.. Big
Theory of Ego Development Young adults are at a _________ self-aware level. Young adults are between the _________ stage and the conscientious stage. The pace of development of mental processes that determines the meaning that individuals make of their own lives. The ego __________ between the two. ______ stages in the formation of the Ego. Hard
Towards Independence Affordable accommodation (houses and apartments) owned by the government and rented to people on low incomes.. Legal Responsibility of an adult for a child under 18. When young people feel they are ready and able to take care of themselves.. Some young couples maybe committed to each other and want to live together away from their parents.. Families with very low incomes maybe simply unable to keep supporting their children. Teenage
Trustworthiness presenting the facts to the best of your ability. a strong belief that an idea is right. guidelines about right and wrong. speaking without an intention to mislead. sticking with something. Older Children
Trustworthiness Words to describe trustworthiness. If something is your property it's your _______.. When you have faith and trust in something it's your _______.. Taking care of others is being _______.. When you care about other people more than yourself you are _______.. Dogs are usually _______ to their owners.. Big
Twelve Types of Anger type of anger is a key factor in driving people to want to join movements and groups.. this occurs in varying degrees... it comes and it goes.. Using anger to gain power over a situation or person. Type of anger usually describes someone who is aggressive towards whatever triggered their anger.. type of anger that translates in causing harm to one's own body.. Hard
Types of Babies go on walks . two wings and swims in lakes . just came into this world . very fluffy . eats and runs around on two legs . Easy
Types of People to mourn or to express sorrow in a demonstrative manner. to decieve, to mislead, to persuade with charm. turbulent, stormy. to call together, to send or request to appear. arrogant, excessively proud and vain. Teenage
Understanding Poverty As soon as your income is more than the cost of you living expenses, you have __ security.. The country you live in.. When __ are higher than income, the result is poverty.. __ of life includes all the other things we need and want that money can't buy.. A family is living with __ when it has a lower standard of living than most people in society.. Older Children
Urbanization phenomenon characterized by poorly planned development on the edge of cities and towns. model of urban structure proposed by Homer Hoyt in which the growth of a city is said to occur in wedge-shaped sectors that extend outward from the center to the edge of the city . theory of city lofe that examines the ways in which the composition of a citys population influences like in the city. theory of citylife in which the characteristics of the city are said to encourgae tather than discourage the formation of primary group relationships. a situarion in which more people live in a city than can be supported in terms of jobs and facilities. Hard
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