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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Wedding Floral Arrangements duty is to throw flower petals on the floor in front of the bride. many wedding traditions in the USA have origins back to what royalty. consists of a few flowers and foliage that matches the bridal bouquet. what queen married her cousin Albert and had the longest impact on American weddings. the tradition of the flowers and foliage of the boutonniere matching the bridal bouquet dates back to what times. Teenage
Wedding Fun She is married. Some including the bride do this during the wedding ceremony. The DJ plays them at the reception. A quick wedding spot. Flowers at a wedding. Teenage
Wise Judgement Grasping the whole reality of the situation; seeing ______ clearly.. Sometimes our path to _______ ________ is blocked by an obstacle . figure out what would accomplish the goo and to act accordingly; knowing your own _____ ___ ______.. The abitlity to make decisions according to a well-formed conscience and the willingness to carry out these descisions.. What is most needed in the situation; figuring out the _____.. Older Children
Women's Equality This was the nation's first women's rights convention located in NY.. She was an active reformer known for her public speaking and worked with Stanton to organize Seneca Falls Convention.. She was a great, independent leader who formed the National Woman's Party.. She was a writer, activist, and feminist in the woman's movement. She also wrote the book called The Feminine Mystique.. This organization dedicated itself to winning true equality for all women.. Hard
Words for Renters You have to pay extra if the rent is ____. Written legal agreement between tenant and landlord. A type of federal housing assistance for low income, disabled or elderly clients, is called _______8. No late fee during the _____ period. A form listing your references, where you work, your social security number, etc. that you fill out when applying for an apartment, job or college. Adult
Words of Affirmation grateful, thankful (synonyms). another way of saying that someone is delicate when it comes to the words that are spoken to them. bestselling author and speaker in a world renowned seminar (2 words, no space). friendly, good-hearted (synonyms). arrogant (antonym). Teenage
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