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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Social Skills eye contact, handshake, body posture, hand gesture and tone of voice. should vary depending on the number of listeners and intentions of a speaker.. a set of skills people use to interact and communicate with one another. social skills are important because they allow us to _______ with each other in a predictabile way. . greetings, conversations, participating in class. Older Children
Jealousy meaning an act or instance. what is Dru last name. being evil means. meaning foorlish or stupid. how old is Dru. Teenage
Vocabulary The opposite of niece . Ample . Something animals eat out of. A large mammal that lives in Africa . Not soft to touch. Older Children
Gay and Lesbian Marriage Use the clues below to solve the crossword. The state or quality of being equal (8). Everyone has their own ... (60. A proposed or enacted law or group of laws (11). Wrinkly and elderly (3). If it not allowed by the law, what is it? (7). Hard
English another word for convince . entertainment presented before an audience. long lasting, non fading marker. the other team kept _____________ of the ball. other techniques to make some on to believe on something . Older Children
'M' Puzzle I like to eat _________.. Please don't be _______!. I went to the mailbox to get our ________.. She will ______her bed soon.. My mom is proud of _______.. Simple
Human Rights The state or quality of being equal (8). Everyone has there own what? (6). A proposed or enacted law or group of laws (11). Wrinkly and Elderly (3). When it is not allowed by law, what is it (7). Hard
Socializing the Individual The sum total of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and values that are characteristic of an individual.. The unsocialized, spontaneous, self-interested component of our personality and self-identity.. The transmission of genetic characteristics from parents to children.. The interactive process by which we develop an image of ourselves based upon how we imagine we appear to others.. The part of our identity that is aware of the expectations and attitudes of society--our socialized self.. Big
Causal Argument Infers a general conclusion based on a limited number of specific facts. Explain recurrences if the same phenomenon. Does not mean causation. Inductive reasoning only give______truths. Takes the ”after this therefore because of this” idea. Teenage
Population People moving out of a country. People moving from place to place. Things which cause people move away from an area. Things which make migration difficult. The number of years a new born baby can expect to live: Life _________. Older Children
Responsibility recieving. what you do. to account for. Your own. code to live by. Older Children
Immigration Vocabulary Acting within the rules or in an exact way. To stay hanging in the air, often by quick flapping or spinning. A condition where a person's body has an unusual reaction to certain things. Able to be spread from one person to another. Continually treating others in a cruel way because of race, religion, politics, or some other difference. Teenage
Criminality Liability one forme of omission that is sometimes criminalized. when you are aware that you posseess the item. when the item is not on person or nearby, but it is under the person's control. mental element of a crime. mental state in which acts are not voluntary or conscious. Hard
Standardized Testing a type of aptitude test that measures aptitude for school learning. specific subject tests that can be bought and administered by a school district. tests that focus on a specific content area and emphasize the skills that are thought to be important for mastery of that subject matter. used to measure individual or group achievement in a variety of subject areas. tests designed to assess student’s abilities, meant to predict the ability of students to learn or perform rather than measure what they have already learned. Teenage
Spelling clean. animal flesh. a grip to stop slipping. to make hot. braid. Simple
Diversity criticism that promotes improvement or development . sexual activity during an arranged social encounter that is against another person's will. forceful behavior. intimidation in a sexual matter. confidence and self assurance. Hard
Sociology Concepts person under age of legal majority. denying a person contact with family or friends. bodily injury caused by a person who cares or has custody of a child. psychological, sexual, physical, spiritual abuse of unwilling victim by one or more people to satisfy percieved needs of a deity. conscious conduct on behalf of parents in which parental duties are rejected. Hard
Politics a political party whose policies are based on concern for the environment. noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform. a place where you vote. an organization to gain political power; 'in 1992 Perot tried to organize a third party at the national level'. 2nd in command to the president. Hard
Computer Safety freedom from risk, danger or injury. computer network, virtual. Is a popular social site for people to keep in touch with friends. A person or thing that can cause harm. Electronic risk awareness. Teenage
Immigration A method of journalism that depended on sensationalism and shock.. This person is credited with inventing basketball.. A protestant organization that provided food, shelter and religious education to the poor.. Laws that set standards for how buildings were built.. The East Coast immigration processing center.. Big
Understanding Poverty As soon as your income is more than the cost of you living expenses, you have __ security.. The country you live in.. When __ are higher than income, the result is poverty.. __ of life includes all the other things we need and want that money can't buy.. A family is living with __ when it has a lower standard of living than most people in society.. Older Children
People and Culture people forced to flee from there countries. leave a country. diffrent nationallitys have diffrent........... value of all products and services produced by a nation in one year. a lack of food.. Hard
Bullying When someone looks frightened by seeing or hearing about someone. How you feel when you know you did something wrong. Bullying on facebook, twitter, e-mail, texts, etc.. Marks that show someone has been physically abused. Someone who pushes others around wtih words, actions, or objects. Older Children
Criminal Investigations specially trained people who analyze and interpret evidence. the 'testable' idea that investigators use to attempt to explain or solve the crime. a rule that states that new scientific techniques must be accepted by the scientific community before being used as evidence in court. after collecting and labeling evidence, it is sent to the _________ ________. the scientific examination of evidence in a criminal investigation. Adult
10 rules for dealing with the police ...'Un___________________ search and seizures shall not be tolerated..'. Aggressive behavior/movements may result in the use of a '_____' or other weapons.. When asked for your I.D. and not _______, ask: 'Officer, am I free to go?'. Don't get tricked into waiving your _______.. ...'You have the right to remain ______...'. Very Difficult
Vocabulary very big. spring back after hitting. warns people of danger. mix up of things. person who does tricks. Older Children
Gloom and Doom Use the clues to fill in the blanks a person that wishes evil or harm will come upon another person. poor health caused by lack of nutrients. a dead body. a person that is bad at doing something because they are awkward or clumsy. where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation. Hard
Abilities voice. roller. drawing. mountain. salsa. Simple
Theory of Ego Development Young adults are at a _________ self-aware level. Young adults are between the _________ stage and the conscientious stage. The pace of development of mental processes that determines the meaning that individuals make of their own lives. The ego __________ between the two. ______ stages in the formation of the Ego. Hard
Groups In Context the degree to which individuals feel that they are in the presence of another person density the number of individuals per unit of space crowding a psychological reaction that occurs when individuals feel that the amount of space available to them is. the tendency for individuals and groups to gain an advantage over others when interacting in their home territory. a temporary spatial boundary that forms around interacting groups and serves as a barrier to unwanted intrusion by nonmembers. the quality of the fit between the human occupants and the physical situation. environmental settings that discourage or prevent interaction among group members. Hard
Foundations for Communications Nonverbal and verbal codes add meaning to each other and expand the meaning of either message alone.. Nonverbal movements that you might perform fully in private but only partially in public.. The study of the human use of space and distance.. The highness or lowness of the speaker's voice.. Nonverbal movements that accompany or reinforce verbal messages.. Teenage
Communications Nonverbal and verbal codes add meaning to each other and expand the meaning of either message alone.. Nonverbal movements that you might perform fully in private but only partially in public.. The study of the human use of space and distance.. The highness or lowness of the speaker's voice.. Nonverbal movements that accompany or reinforce verbal messages.. Big
Character Development How many roots of conflict are there?. Troyce pushes down the 1st graders during recess.. Tim hit Jenny because she said he was ugly.. The person that causes the harm.. Roots of_____________. Older Children
Bad Hair Day Finn's hair wasn't straight and it wasn't -----.. Finn's sister. Finn looked like this in the morning. Mum's real hair colour. Finn was not this.. Older Children
Living in the Environment a possible and testable explanation of what they observe in nature or in the results of their experiments. new discoveries and new ideas that overthrow a well-accepted scientific theory or law. A sequence of organisms, each of which serves as a source of food or energy for the next. exist in a fixed quantity, or stock, in the earth’s crust.. a set of organisms interacting with one another and with their environment of nonliving matter and energy within a defined area or volume. . Hard
lottery win alcohol . to be found guilty . female . group who help others. say a little about . Teenage
Econ Supply a tax on the production or sale of a good. the sum of fixed costs plus variable costs. the amount of a good the producer is willing and able to supply at a specific price. a cost that rises or falls depending on the quantity produced. the total cost divided by the quantity produced. Hard
Psychology Controls the body's skeletal muscles. Chemical messengers produced by the endocrine and circulated in the blood. Connect the central nervous system to the rest of the body. A set of glands that produce hormones. Controls the glands and the muscles of the internal organs. Big
Sensation & Perception difference between the images provided by the two retinas. ability to keep objects in the environment steady by perceiving either ourselves or outside objects as moving. an organized whole, shape, or form. ability to retain the size of an object regardless of where it is located. inaccurate perceptions. Big
Sensation & Perception Vocabulary words remains after stimulation of the retina has ended. Cones not used fire to bring the visual system back in balance. sense of hearing. of the eye, which contains millions of receptors for light. a colored circular muscle that opens and closes, forming larger and smaller circles to control the amount of light getting into the eye. process of receiving information from the environment. Hard
Social Studies The science or practice of managing the soil, producing crops and raising livestock. The movement from one country or region to settle in another . Services performed by workers for wages or profits. A group of people with similiar incomes, ways of living and backgrounds. The time before writing was invented. Older Children
Foundations of Education A medieval educator focused on faith and reason to find answers about the world and humankind . This concept is displayed in many preliterate societies where children learn through watching and imitating elders. Educator who focused on civility and a harmonious society . Hieroglyphics transmitted the ______ culture, where the goal of education was to reproduce dominant leaders. Socrates believed that true knowledge is latent, and attempted to uncover it through the use of Socratic _____, where critical thinking was encouraged . Teenage
Education how we get to school. find lots of books here. building to lean in . say the pledge to it. place to eat lunch. Easy
Behaviour Management Techniques guidance approach to discipline. guiding child to another appropriate activity, change circumstances or environment. should only be used if child in danger of hurting themselves or others. less stimulating area to play on their own, strategy used to help child who has difficulty playing with others. removal of attention replaced by positive behaviours, use only when appropriate. Older Children
Decision Influencers 10 Factors which can make a difference in our decisions Not essential but would be nice . Beliefs and customs. Your ideas or beliefs about whati s important. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies and the internet. Essential to your survival and well-being. Older Children
Phoenicians Phoenicia was made up of these. Their's had no vowels. Their type of religion. Another name for the Phoenicians. The strongest part of the Phoenician military. Hard
DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE COMPLAINANT Reference: Harassment Prevention & Resolution Guidelines, The Complainant has the responsibility to participate in a cooperative manner in the resolution process beingpursued. This includes responding promptly to requests for information from, and be available for meetings with, ROs, managers, mediators or . The Complainant has the responsibility where possible and appropriate, to approach the perceived respondent and request that the offending behaviour _________. The Complainant has the right to submit a complaint and have it reviewed in a prompt, sensitive, and impartial manner, without fear of embarrassment or ____________ ; . The Complainant has the responsibility to clearly state the allegations of their complaint, providing sufficient details of the incident(s) involved, such as time, place and participants, to facilitate assessment and ___________ of the complaint. . The Complainant has the ____________ to be treated fairly.. Hard
Psychology a group that truly reflects a selected characteristic of a larger population. a method of research that studies the same group of people over an extended period of time. a fixed set of beliefs about a group that is generalized to all or most group members; stereotypes may or may not be accurate. objective methods for observation and measurement of subjects in various areas, such as intelligence. a statement of the results that the experimenter expects. Teenage
Ethics The obligation to tell the truth. The branch of philosophy that concerns the distinction of right from wrong on the basis of a body of knowledge not just on the basis of opinions. Healthcare ethics. Respect for an individual's right to self-determination; respect for individual liberty. The principle of promise keeping; the duty to keep one's promise or word. Adult
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