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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Feelings To sicken or cause extreme dislike. Being free of tension. Dull or tiresome. Disturbed or bothered by someone or something. To cause shame or make self-conscious. Teenage
Fashion in the 1930s Hair styles were short, wavy and, __________. These were no longer affordable to Americans, so many American designers created cheaper, simpler copies.. 'True legend of cinema'.. Chicago-based magazine that covered men's fashion.. 'Wallis Blue' was made popular by this man.. Hard
Places in the Town It's a place where doctors and nurses work.. It's a place where you play sports.. It's a place where you park your car.. It's a place where you can meet your friends, have a drink and eat.. It's a building you go to when you want some money.. Older Children
Lying Uprightness, sincerity, or candor human action or speech.. Deliberately making a statement contrary to the truth or withholding the truth under oath.. A false statement that harms the reputation of others. Wrongful, untrue defamation of a person in writing or printing.. Excessive, untrue, or insincere praise.. Big
Wedding Floral Arrangements duty is to throw flower petals on the floor in front of the bride. many wedding traditions in the USA have origins back to what royalty. consists of a few flowers and foliage that matches the bridal bouquet. what queen married her cousin Albert and had the longest impact on American weddings. the tradition of the flowers and foliage of the boutonniere matching the bridal bouquet dates back to what times. Teenage
Gender & Age Men use language to communicate ? . . ? tends to remain stable throughout life.. Men use non-support, silence and interruptions, to ? conversations. . When young people use a new form more and old people use it less, the form is ? popularity. ? usually does not lead to language change. Hard
Friends When you can't do something alone she/he .............you.. When you have a problem your friend......................to you.. ...............you to parties.. Your friends ................you the way you are.. Never forgets your ......................... Easy
Margaret Mead Children all over the world learn about their cultures and gradually absorb its _____ and values. Margaret live with an ____ family while in Samoa. Does you race and _____ mold you into the person you become?. She found that in Samoa, adolescence was one of the happiest and ____ _____ times in life. Her first destination. Hard
French Clothing Something you wear on your legs.. Something you wear when it's kind of chilly out.. Something you use that allows you to jump into the puddles without getting your feet wet.. Something you wear around your neck. It usually sparkles.. Something a married woman/man always wears.. Hard
Preparedness It is important to establish a disaster ______ plan . ________ Command System. _______ will help you survive. Important for emergency communication . Where supplies 'To Go' are stored . Hard
Preventing Accidents keep gun on_______ when not in use. you should never_________. always where _________ protection. keep finger away from this on a bow. _________ make perfect. Big
Ethics truthfulness. agreement to respect and support another's right of independent decision making. loyalty, fairness, truthfulness, advocacy and dedication to patients. theory that requires examination of content of the situation in order to come to a moral conclusion. compassion; desire to do good. Hard
School Violence In response to school violence, many schools have adopted ___-____ policies (two words). Bullies and potential bullies often exhibit overly ___ behaviors. Common place where school violence can take place. Who can be a victim?. A common way to counter mental bullying. Older Children
Email To send copy of incoming mail to someone. Internet Service Provider. Delete a message. Electronic Mail. Confidential. Older Children
Fire & Arson black particles carbon produced in a flame. agent used to speed or spread fire. to cease burning. reaction in which the velocity of the reaction front through . wide range of natural or synthetic organic materials . Big
Southern Sayins' Are you going to do that? I ______ so.. What you say meaning 'Be kind to her, she's just too stupid to know any better.'. 'I'm _____ to do that in a minute.'. Ask your grandchild for a kiss. What fried food got named this because it was thrown to hound dogs to eat so they'd quit howling.. Hard
Words for Renters You have to pay extra if the rent is ____. Written legal agreement between tenant and landlord. A type of federal housing assistance for low income, disabled or elderly clients, is called _______8. No late fee during the _____ period. A form listing your references, where you work, your social security number, etc. that you fill out when applying for an apartment, job or college. Adult
Emotions, People & Clothing To be the correct size. To have on your body. Sheep's hair. Over confident. Too small; fitting too close to the body. Big
Cowboy Words Used for protection by the cowboys. . What the cowboys used as a seat on the horse. . Worn on the cowboys' heel. . A long rope used for horse roping. . A socket to hold a weapon. . Big
School Bus Safety Never attempt to open the emergency ____ unless there is a true emergency.. Hold onto the _____ when boarding or exiting the bus.. Face _____ when the bus is in motion.. Keep your feet, hands, and bookbag out of the ______. Do not do any _____ to the seats. Moderately Challenging
Robbery and Security Complete the Crossword Puzzle using Security and Robbery phrases and names What is the #1 priority in the event of a robbery?. ______ _____ ink is located on the numerical value of the bill. . The opener will place two ____ _______ signals to indicate it is safe to enter the building. . If anything is in safety's way, contact the __________ department. . ______ alarms. Hard
Cub Scout Core Values Being cheerful and setting our minds to look for and find the best in all situations. (2 words). Using human and other resources to their fullest.. Contributing service and showing responsibility to local, state, and national communities.. _______ is 'values in action'.. Sticking with something and not giving up, even if it is difficult. Big
Archetype Find the words by matching the definitions. searches for answers, truth, adventure, a better life. is the object of discrimination, cruelty, or other situation. one that bears the blame for others. one who resists or defies authority. fights for rights or beliefs. Older Children
Behavioural therapy One way behaviour is learnt [12]. What may reinforce problematic behaviours? [8,11]. Who was the experimentor who conditoned dogs to salivate to the sound of a bell? [6]. One method of investigation [11]. Another method of investigation [6,7]. Big
Black Contributions to America Web Search Invented System Of Hair Straightening. Peanut Butter. Developed A System That Allowed Computers To Communicate With Printers And Other Devices. Refined Process of Evaporating Milk. Installed Wires On Telegraph,Worked With Samuel Morse. Big
Bullying bullying on the internet is called _________. __________is a form of bulling. Bullys are often only looking for__________. it is best to______the bullying behaviour. Bullys often engage in ________. Older Children
Famous Women First lady who became a delegate to the United Nations after her husband died. Marine biologist who wrote about how pesticides on plants destroy sea life. Founder of the Girl Scouts of America. First woman pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. First African-American woman to be Secretary of State for the US. Big
Heart of a Champion 360-degree turns. Showing skill and good taste. Mental pictures, ideas. United States Figure Skating Association. Someone who engages in an athletic activity for fun. Hard
Wedding The bride and groom will take lots of these to remember the special day by.. What two people may get when they love each other very much.. The woman who is getting married.. What the bride or groom will wear on their finger.. A special meal that all of the bride and grooms family and friends attend.. Older Children
Cultural Innovation, Diffusion, and Acculturation Taking existing elements of society and creating something nenw to meet a need. A place where people live the same way and believe the same things . An area that contains a similar human cultural or physical traits. A region defined by how you see it. Areas focused around a focal point, or place of reference. Hard
Responsibility Doing this at home helps you to learn.. Do your best, and _______________ in all class and school activities.. Come to class ______________ for learning each day.. You show responsibility with your words and with your ___________ .. You show this when you take good care of each other, and of the classroom.. Older Children
Urbanization Kate Chopin wrote what book?. What did Clara Barton begin that made her so important?. What departement store attracted middle class shoppers?. Who inspired yellow journalism?. Fewer then ______percent of childern in Itialy enrolled in high school before WWI. Older Children
Social Science The social science that analyzes behaviour by comparing it to groups with similar behavoiur and traits. The experiment using monkeys to determine how a parent affects development is the _____ Monkey Experiment. Famous psychologist, made Id, Ego and Superego. Used to suppress harmful information, often takes physical form. A family with multiple wives/husbands. Hard
Wise Judgement Grasping the whole reality of the situation; seeing ______ clearly.. Sometimes our path to _______ ________ is blocked by an obstacle . figure out what would accomplish the goo and to act accordingly; knowing your own _____ ___ ______.. The abitlity to make decisions according to a well-formed conscience and the willingness to carry out these descisions.. What is most needed in the situation; figuring out the _____.. Older Children
School Violence In response to school violence, many schools have adopted ___-____ policies (two words). Though school violence is a big issue, schools are still very ___. Bullies and potential bullies often exhibit overly ___ behaviors. Common place where school violence can take place. Who can be a victim?. Older Children
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill nearly 900 of this endangered species were killed in the spill. what month did this happen. state where the spill happened . location where ship crashed . act passed by congress in response to the oil spill. Older Children
Human Geography Terms Government policies designed to favor one racial sector over others.. Maps where one dot represents a certain number of phenomenons, such as population. Local or regional characteristics of a language.. Pertaining to space on the earth's surface; sometimes used as a synonym for geographic. . The degree of ease with which it is possible to reach a certain location from other locations.. Hard
Living Green something that is produced or given out. a mixture of decayed plants and other organic matter. to use something again. the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an entity. adapt or convert something to a new use. Older Children
Categories of Crime Try and fail to commit a crime. taking an item from store with intent of keeping it. Signing a legal document with the intent to defraud. Use of threats to take someone elses property also know as blackmail. Criminal offense punishable by death or by incarceration in a prison for at least one year. Hard
Criminology two felonies that are often regarded as the most serious of crimes.. having sex with anyone under age.. Less serious killing.. minor crimes consisting of offenses such as petty theft.. making, altering, or signing a legal document with the intent to defraud.. Hard
Safety Contain information on hazardous ingredients used in shop . Should be placed under vehicle when the vehicle is raised. Refers to anything that prevents normal breathing. Used to prevent inhaling paint in your nose or throat and lungs. Equipped with fresh water and nozzles for washing out your eyes. Older Children
Criminology An offense not yet completed or also an offense that consists of an action or conduct that is a step toward the intended commission of another offense. Making, altering, or signing a legal document while the intent to defraud. The use of threats to take away someone's property. A criminal offense punishable by death or by incarceration in a prison facility for at least one year. The crime of using trickery or lies to acquire someone else's property . Hard
Sociology _______ is a common part of society?. Menachem Amir & Yitzchak Berman suggest their was a link between criminal behavior & ______?. a theory saying deviant behavior is not the result of biological or psychlogical,but the result of social control?. What is a deviant behavior pattern that the deviant accept society's goals but find alternate ways of reaching them?. who said that children through parents acquire a conscience, that forvids deviant behavior?. Hard
Clothing and Grooming A type of store that gives part of the sale price to the original owner.. A process that cleans fabrics using special liquids instead of water.. Treatment applied to fabrics to produce a certain look, feel, or performance.. Items that complete an outfit.. A way to wash a garment.. Teenage
Development Challenge an optimal time when an organism must be exposed . The parenting style that sets stricts standards with little reinforcement.. when someone touces a childs cheek they automatically turn their head. can only relate things from their perspectives . this psychologist said that each stage of life has its own psychosocial task or crisis that needs resolution . Big
Places in a City Tall building.. Where people go when they are sick.. A place with lots of shops.. Where people buy food.. Where people walk and play.. Older Children
Criminal Theories learn and/or comprehend. illegal acts committed by minors. feeling of alienation. used by mental health professionals. Standar reference classification. chemical messengers. Hard
Psychology Terms The number of cycles per second (Hertz). The pressure difference between the peak and the trough in a pressure-versus-time graph. Experiences associated with simple stimuli. A sensation based on the frequency of sound. the purity of the color. Older Children
Getting Along With The Social World the common finding that individuals will fail to help others during an emergency.. the tendency for people's performance to improve when other people are present. . The part of the personality that juggles the demands of the id, the superego, and the real world consequences of our actions. . racial stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination that can be hidden behind some other motive or belief. . the key neurotransmitter involved in reinforcement and motivated behavior. . Big
Lost Words from the Lost Generation. Mary thought she looked swell in her spiffy new______ dogs.. The party last night was a dud after a______ showed up splifficated and upchucked everywhere.. Lucy was a really hep and crazy girl. Her friends said she had a lot of________.. Jules flat tire parents thought she was a dump dora for going for a ride with a_________ in his struggle buggy.. After having a lot of giggle water, John made a big mistake in calling a hoofer the________. Older Children
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