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13 Colonies Crossword Puzzle

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13 Colonies

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Across Down
5 the group of native Americans who lived in the Jamestown area
11 elected representative body of Virginia
13 Northernmost colonies, relied on shipbuilding and fishing
14 A group of tolerant Christians, colonized Pennsylvania
15 Proposed by Ben Franklin, to create a unified government for the 13 colonies, which was shut down by England
16 deeply religious, wanted to purify Christianity
17 omeone who came to the colonies in exchange for multiple years of unpaid labor, usually 7 years
19 Trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas
20 a person who leaves their country for religious purposes
21 Created by the pilgrims, set of rules for self- governing
22 Kicked out of Massachusetts for being a Quaker, Founded Pennsylvania
25 using slave labor to tend to crops on a plantation
28 went to the Jamestown colony, saved it by introducing tobacc
29 Founded Rhode Island, advocated for the separation of church and state
30 a crop grown specifically for monetary gain
31 'leader' of the Jamestown colony, saved the colony from disaster
1 Founder of Maryland
2 Southernmost colonies, grew cash crops using slave labor
3 Economic system of trade, creates a competitive environment
4 Founded Connecticut after leaving Massachusetts
6 kicked out of Massachusetts for believing that all you need is a connection to god to worship him
7 A proclamation forbidding all English settlers from settling west of the Appalachian mountains
8 A war between Massachusetts colonist and native Americans to keep the colonists off the native's land
9 the location where the pilgrims landed
10 middlemost colonies, grew grains, mild climate
12 A war fought between the British and French over the Ohio river valley, France loses and is kicked out of north America
18 A period of time in which multiple women were accused of witchcraft in Massachusetts
23 located in Virginia, first successful British settlement due to John Rolfe growing tobacco
24 Founder of the Massachusetts bay colony
25 daughter of the Powhatan chief, married John Rolfe
26 people being sold as objects to do labor
27 native American, acted as a liaison between the pilgrims and native Americans
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