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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
What is Econ Science incentives effect those choices and shape our lives. higher price brings the amount supplied into balance. actions also require marginal decision-making . buy from stores that offer low prices . improve their well being. A mutual gain..
Sketching Terms Art line which indicates dimensions of arcs, circles and detail. a drawing which contains views of an object projected onto two or more orthographic planes. a line type that represents an edge that is not directly visible. a measurable extent, such as the 3 principal dimensions of an object is width, height, and depth. a point in space, usually located on the horizon, where parallel edges of an object appear to converge.
Cain and Abel Bible you will find all the answers in Genesis chapter 4 A person who grows crops. The name for a group of sheep. Who would Cain and Abel have celebrated Father's Day with. I am the younger brother. This happens to you when you have done something wrong.
Sources of Finance Business and Work A business pays for the asset (eg machinery/ a vehicle) in instalments. The business owns the asset once the last instalment has been paid. A business can borrow an agreed amount from a bank and repay the money, usually in instalments, over an agreed time. An agreement with the bank to allow a negative bank balance. When the owner can lose personal possessions for a sole trader's debts. A business sells their unwanted/outdated assets to raise finance.
Sports and Entertainment Marketing Sports A relatively small market with specialized needs . The importance worth or usefulness of something. Seating used for business meetings . Someone who makes a purchase . Method of distribution for a promotional message.
Sewing Other Used for general sewing without a machine.. Sewing directions and cutting instructions.. The sharp circular blade allows you to easily slice through fabrics and get a nice clean cut.. A small ruler with a slider that is used to measure small measurements such as seams and folds.. Clear plastic ruler that is used with the rotary cutter and matt to provide accurate measurements and a straight edge while slicing fabric..
Name That Tune Music Can you guess the Song Title Told Michelle it's hard to die. Put A Ring On It. Death Cab for Cutie covered famous Smiths track. The warden threw a party in the county jail. Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner.
Two Wolves Literature and Writing What card shows detail about you?. What is the title of this book we are advertising?. What is the girls name O....?. A long bed of water?. This is the opposite to grandmother?.
Deep Sea Creatures Earth Sciences Relating to the open sea. The kind if fish Mr. Blobby is. Lives in a chambered shell. The stinging cell on a jellyfish or comb jelly. A light producing organ in an animal.
African Music Music Read the clues and fill in the answers. When a soloist sings a passage and a larger group responds. Name of the West african drum commonly used in drum circles. Another word for seed pod - often used to make musical instruments. many different rhythms played at the same time. a combination of long and short note values that create a pattern..
Cells Body Organelles that capture light energy and create glucose in plant cells. A large structure found within the nucleus which creates ribosomes. Means there is a greater concentration of solute molecules outside the cell than inside. Cells that have membrane bound organelles. Longer projection that whips to help a cell move.
Dixieland Jazz Music Place where Dixieland jazz originated. Dixieland was similar to marching military bands with driving rhythms and powerful _________.. The __________ section kept the harmony going. front line instrument. Popularity died off in 1930's with the start of this type of jazz.
The Origins of the Cold War 1941-1958 History When Churchill said this existed to seperate the USSR and the rest of Europe (4,7). This is when one person is fully in charge of everything in a country, they are a ... (8). Set up in 1949, also known as the North Altantic Treaty Organisation (4). Ths UK is this type of government - money based (10). Early Russian leader, first name Josef (6).
St Thomas Aquinas Religion What year was he born?. What did his parents place him as when he was five?. How old was he when he died?. What year did he die?. Where did he go to university?.
Leadership Traits Business and Work use the hints to figure out the crossword puzzle Having strength to push through a hard situation,physically or mentally . Another word for reliable or trustworthy.. Having full confidence in someone hoping they don't betray.. What Harry Potter have defeat Voldemort.. To take charge if no one will..
Changing Environments Earth Sciences Coastal Erosion Building a new high-rise could damage the foredune and interdune - is this a social or environmental effect?. A way in which humans cause beach erosion.. Process that shapes coastlines. Starts with D. When salts and acids in seawater dissolve the rock gradually over thousands of years it is called _____________ .. Headlands, bays, caves, arches, stacks, stumps and wave-cut platforms are landforms created by _____________ . .
Southeast States and Capitals US History Match the state to its capital Montgomery. Raleigh. Tallahassee. Columbia. Charleston.
Scientific Method Science ______ Science is the study of the earth.. A “rule of nature” that describes the behavior of something in nature.. An explanation based on many observations during repeated experiments.. The study of planets, stars and space. . A factor that influences the outcome of the experiment..
Conversation Rules Society another way to start a conversation. when you look at the other person. one way to start a conversation. rather than interrupting, you wait for a .... smiling and saying hi.
Game Shows We Enjoy Entertainment There are no spaces in the Puzzle. If the the answer is 3 words long just fill in a letter for each block You feeling lucky?. Balls with crazy bounces. Running around like chickens with heads cut off throwing things in their carts. Bargaining. It seems as though its set up backwards.
Financial Accounts Business and Work Revision of Key terms Section of the P&L shows the value of a firm’s profit (or loss) before deducting interest payments on loans and taxes on corporate profits.. The compulsory deductions paid to the government as a proportion of a firm’s profits.. Debts of a business. The profit from a firm’s everyday trading activities. It is calculated by the formula: Sales revenue – Cost of goods sold.. A firm’s indirect costs of production.
Nature Vs Nurture Society the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character, which would be more of cause of nurture than genes. The actions and mannerisms made by an individual. Something that only nurture can affect. The influence of external factors after conception, e.g., the product of exposure, life experiences and learning on an individual. What some psychologists believe that children are, from birth. It refers to what they are when it comes to world around them. (of twins) derived from a single ovum, and so identical. Twins that are this, essentially share the same DNA.
Journey to the Center of the Earth Books - Science Fiction Choose the correct word for each definition to burst out suddenly. to be put in suddenly. in a way that indicates friendliness or enthusiasm. to have courage to do something. not having the intended or hoped for outcome; unsuccessful.
Appellation Plateau World Geography A crossword puzzle for the appellation plateau. A sedimentary rock commonly used for fuel. . A stream of water flowing off a step incline.. Has a few medium sized cities.. The process of exploring caves as a sport.. One of the types of birds that live here..
Blugold Soccer Sports A term that can be used interchangeably with forward, though it sometimes refers specifically to a forward that is the team's primary scoring threat.. A move where a player attempts to win the ball by sliding towards the ball.. Our team's name!. When a player strikes or deflects the ball with their head to pass or shoot.. A player positioned at the front of a formation responsible for trying to score goals..
Gardening Recreation Part of a plant that is underground. Flowers that bloom only once. Move a plant to a new location. What we have experienced for several years. Flowers that bloom every year.
Big Brother Television Where do you work?. What you squirted in Rose's eye. First Dog's Name. Favorite casino video game. Name of pet bird.
Penny From Heaven Books - Childrens Literature Who did Penny hear saying her father was a spy. The girl who got her hand stuck in the wringer and her father passed away when she was little. Pennys favorite uncle . Pennys best friend . Penny is half this and her fathers side of the family speaks this language.
Economic Terms Business and Work Complete the crossword puzzle below using the definitions provided They supply goods and services also know as firms or suppliers.. The item offered for sale. Things which are essential for survival.. Something that someone provides for a customer, services are intangible, they can't be touched and ownership is not transferred.. Is a marketplace where securities, commodities, derivatives and other financial instruments are traded equally and fairly..
Big Sur World Geography ____start page let’s you set a custom background image to start every browsing session with the view that works for you. And decide what appears on your start page — such as your Reading List, Favorites, iCloud Tabs, Siri Suggestions, and even a Priv. Discover new places to eat, shop, and explore with curated _____ from brands you love.. Privacy information on the App Store. More _____ in every download. Developers self-report how they use your data, including what data they collect and whether that data is used to track you across other apps and websites.. Cameras that support _____ Secure Video can now take advantage of Face Recognition and Activity Zones, allowing you to tailor notifications to specific people or specific areas in your camera’s view.9. _____ Now is the new home for Apple Music,10 featuring new releases, artist interviews, and playlists personalized for you — all in one place..
Before They Were Authors Books Dr. Seuss wrote it, it has a orange furry guy.. when you feel weird about something. Redish flakes of iorn.. Obsessed with someone.. He wrote a book called Green eggs and ham..
Leonardo Da Vinci Art Did he have formal school . when did he die. what was the first animal he pith. why did he learn human anantomy . name of his wife .
Fall Favorites Holidays and Seasons People enjoy going on a ride on this. A large vegetable. An outdoor activity that takes place at night. Something that falls from the trees. Something to keep the birds away.
Geography of Europe European History Political and Physical Features of Europe 2nd largest peninsula in Europe and located on the countries of Portugal and Spain . 2nd largest river in Europe and important for trade. Important route for trade and cultural exchange. Country located north of the English Channel. Country located east of Spain and west of Germany.
Agricultural Machinery Business and Work a machine for cutting grass or other plants that grow on the ground.. grass mowed and dried before it has flowered, used for feeding animals.. the mechanism for connecting implements to tractors. Also called drawbars. (e.g.: three point ______). performed with great care. in large quantities, not divided into parts..
Positive Body Image Mental Health electronic platforms that can be both beneficial and harmful to health . what we should do when we see unrealistic images. our response to accounts that make us feel down. something we can do for a friend. a behaviour that we should 'call out' as it harms people.
King Arthur History Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places An Enchantress Who Lived under a lake . The Sword In The Stone. Son of Sir Lancelot. Arthur's Brother. Nephew of Arthur.
The PageMaster Movies Characters and Places The Vicious Dog from The Hound Of The Baskervilles. The Mad scientist who turned into the horrific monster. Song By Wendy Moten. The Swashbuckling gold adventure fiction book . The Savage White Whale Whom Ahab Hunts Down To Kill.
Blueback Government and Politics Fish popular with people for food. Movement of the water. Machine that helps produce air. A marker device that floats on the water. An opening between rocks, somnetimes underwater.
Zoom Programs Business and Work Participants in this program will exercise and work on their fitness. Participants in this program will create a visual dictionary and learn some words in French. Participants in this program will watch and discuss documentaries about fitness and the outdoors. Participants in this program will look at superheroes and the traits they posses. Participants in this program will learn about different mythological creatures.
Classic Songs and Classic Bands Music Name the band or artist by using the song clue stairway to heaven. born in the usa. yesterday. I cant get no satisfaction. Bohemian Rhapsody.
Literary Techniques Literature and Writing visually descriptive or figurative language. the way the author or character shows his or her opinion to a subject. similarities and dissimilarities between two things or people. describing a non-human object with human characteristics. irectly compares two different things. The simile is usually in a phrase that includes the words 'as' or 'like.'.
Golf Sports Complete this puzzle of Golf related words Keeping track. Life's a beach. Don't remove these. Hit 'em straight. One less.
Knowing Marie Carie Science Marie Curie discovered this new scientific element, starting with p.. What illness is radium used to treat?. what are the invisible rays called that can pass through objects?. What country did Marie come from?. What CITY did Marie study in?.
Acids and Bases Chemistry when with an acid it will turn red when with a base it's blue. a substance that can accept a hydrogen ion, feels slippery. a very important principle with reverse reaction. a strong type of acid with a word meaning water energy in it. a substance that can donate a hydrogen ion, tastes bitter.
Preparing for Power Outages Other If you run out of stored water, _____ is the safest method of treating your own water. During a power outage, keep the refrigerator and freezer doors _____. If kept closed, your refrigerator will hold a safe temperature for about ____ hours with no power. Never ____ previously refrigerated or frozen food to determine its safety after a power outage. . When the power is back on, check the ______ inside your freezer and refrigerator by looking at the thermometer.
Leaves are Falling, Autumn is Calling Holidays and Seasons a knitted or crocheted outer garment for the upper part of the body. occurring in autumn. a large perching bird with mostly black plumage, a heavy bill, and a raucous voice. a glossy brown nut that may be roasted and eaten. leaves in general.
Uses of Science Equipment Science Identify the correct piece of equipment for each use given in the clues a 3 legged stand that is used to hold vessels above a Bunsen burner for heating. holds equipment in a specific position often above the bench. cone shaped and used for larger scale reactions.. a small glass object used for heating small amounts of a substance or observing small scale chemical reactions. holds liquids and is useful for pouring from.
The Honest Truth Books - Childrens Literature Mark's grandfather gave him something before he passed away. What was it?. An illness that Mark has. The last word for the title. Mark's best friend. Mark writes these in his notebook, hint 2: 575 syllables .
Leadership Business and Work to give a person power. We should follow this. we should be this (starts with L). It is important to have this (starts with i). a leading position in the navy (PO).
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