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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Society deliberate, systematic annihilation of an entire nation or people. Shared cultural heritage, nationality, or lineage.. hate crime committed 'just for fun'. Trail of Tears is an exmple of?. exaggerations or generalizations about the characteristics and behavior of a particular group..
Bruno Mars Music crossword what instrument does he play? . What is his eye color?. How many tattoos does he have?. how old is he ?. what was his new song?.
Properties of Minerals Geology It's not formed from living things or the remains of living things.. A minerals ability to split easily along flat surfaces.. The color of a mineral's powder. The look and feel of a rock so that it becomes thinner in the middle.. A dark, dense igneous rock with a fine texture that is found in oceanic crust..
Henry Ford History Ford is considered the creator of this now widely recognised vehicle. Henry Ford held strong views on rthe Jewish role in WW1. Ford's method to improve the life of his workers. Henry Ford revoultionary production method. Fords method of car construction.
Preparing for Lent Bible Catholics are encouraged to personally take up three practices (fasting, almsgiving,and ________) during Lent.. Christ fasted in the desert for _____ days.. 'Take up your cross and _______ me.'. Why do we celebrate Easter?. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.
Mental Health Health When one feels overly sad . A positive feeling . Auditory, visual, or tactile . Lack of pleasure . A balance in all aspects of your life.
Contentment Other feeling joy or pleasure; delighted; pleased. the state of being happy.. great happiness and exhilaration.. the quality or state of being tranquil; calm.. the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled..
Artisans Business and Work made tables,chairs, even musical instruments. made wheels for carriages and wagons. made leather goods for horses such as saddles and harnesses. made head toppers. sewed clothing for wealthy individuals. Poor people made their own clothing.
Natural Resources Earth Sciences Average weather of an area. Essential component of amino acids, proteins, enzymes etc.. Multilayered, transparent, protective envelope of gases. Indicator of Sulphur dioxide pollution. Acid rain cause.
The 90's History Los Del Rio released a song that created this popular dance fad. These books were released in the 90's and spawned video games and movies. Killed September 13,1996. Got 14 Academy Award nominations, won 11 including Best Picture. This president was almost impeached in the 1990's.
Shutting Out the Sky Books - Historical Good luck! to move unsteadily, to limp . a small part or trace of something . to form a mental picture of something. To remove something that is not wanted or needed. to give up, desert or withdraw from something .
13 Colonies History This person was injured during a boat accident and sent back to England.. A crop that a farmer grows in large amounts to sell.. A fence of large pointed stakes or posts.. A leader who is either appointed or chosen by the people.. An area whose landscape, climate, soil and way of life make it different from other areas..
Opposites Spelling Lists Opposite of boy. Opposite of man. Opposite of quiet. Opposite of cold. Opposite of wet.
Cleopatra History Jerry Lee Lewis song '____ balls of fire'. a deadly snake. a black one means you did something bad. this cause of death occurs twice as often as murder. smartness.
Oregon Trail World Geography you use this to stay on track. you travel in this. this keeps the oxen together. you buy things here. half way there.
California Coast World Geography boundary formed where two lithosphere plates scrape sideways past each other . a slow moving cold water current that flows south ward along CA coast. seismic sea wave caused by an earthquake and is highly destructive when it crashes on the shore. the place an organism lives. A storm with violent winds.
The Watson's Go To Birmingham Movies to talk persistently. provoking much laughter. being older or higher rank. to pass out of sight. extreme grief.
Dogs Animals likes to box. likes to play fetch. a treat . dog who helps police. mean dog.
The Nervous System Body branch of trigemnial nerve that innervates maxillary teeth, maxillary sinuses and soft palate . carry signals about the outside world to brain, used to sense light, temperature sound etc . a neuron's ability to transmit a signal is called its. this part of the nervous system is composed of the brain and spinal cord. carry signals from brain to body, innervate muscles and glands .
Nutrition Health Complete the crossword Least beneficial part of the kernel. Quick cooking process done over high heat. Turkey, Duck, Goose, Chicken, Game birds. Building blocks from which new proteins are made. Some of the nutrients that were lost in processing are added back into the product.
Sources of Energy Physics Reading relating to the energy that is released when the nucleus (= central part) of an atom is divided. without limits. a strong wall built across a river to stop the water. relating to, or involving, the sun:. be able to develop into something or be developed in the future.
Christianity Religion A disciple of Jesus; help spread the Gospel throughout the Roman Empire.. Means 'of England', but is a branch of Christianity which exists in many countries. . First Christian Roman emperor . A disciple of Jesus; leader of the early Christian church. A person chosen to watch over members of the Christian church (Excl. Protestants).
Crystals Geology Complete the crossword and show what you know about crystals. Crystalline solids cannot be __________ into smaller shapes.. Crystalline solids have _____ faces when cleaved or sheared.. Has particles that are randomly organized.. Has a regular repeating pattern.. The smallest repeating structure of a solid is called a __________ cell..
Poetic Devices Literature and Writing a figure of speech that describes something as though it were something else.. anything that stands for or represents somethings else. Symbols are common in everyday life. . obvious and intentional exaggeration.. a type of figurative language in which a nonhuman subject is given human characteristics. . the use of words that imitate sounds and can help put the reader in the activity of a poem. .
Computer Network Business and Work Formed when Bluetooth devices are paired with one another. Two or more computers connected together . A network used exclusively by internal employees. Designated for a network connection within a large city or multiple small cities. Connects two or more LANs together.
Weather Meteorology The winds that blow across Kentucky. The layer of the atmosphere where meteors burn. An area near the equator where there is little wind. The layer of the atmosphere where satallites are. The layer of the atmosphere where ozone is.
Lent and Easter Religion the number of weekdays of Lent. Rites of self-examination for Catechument. Day that Jesus died on the cross. 14 'moments' that commemorate Jesus' passion. Three sacred days that follow Lent.
Fly Away Movies The landing of a plane at an airport. A machine used at an airport to find guns or other weapons. The leaving of a plane from an airport. A document that lets you take a trip from one place to another and back again. A machine used to scan items at the security checkpoint.
The Haunting: House on Cherry Street Books The main character's first friend introduced to the story. The four year old sister's stuffed bunny. The main character's family's last name. The older ghost who supposedly killed the kid ghost. The large clock that spooks the main character.
Financial Literacy Other Vocabulary when products are in stock and able to be purchased easily. an amount of money subtracted from a bank account balance. paper money and coins. an amount of money that a lender or business allows a person to use to purchase goods and services with a promise to repay the money, usually with interest. a table for recording information about checks written on a bank account.
Presidents of the United States #2 Government and Politics Neither a Democrat or Republican elected from the . His Vice President was Hubert Humphrey.. A National Republican elected from the state of Virginia.. A Republican elected from the state of Texas, while serving as President from 2001 - 2009. . A Democrat elected from the state of Georgia..
Living On The California Coast Other Boundary formed where two lithospheric plates scrape sideways past each other.. A wide, slow-moving, cold water current.. A huge wave created by an earthquake.. The place an organism lives.. Large storms that form in tropical regions..
Exercise Health The act, sport, or technique of riding or racing on a bicycle, motorcycle, or similar vehicle.. A roller skate.. A game played with a bat and ball by two opposing teams of nine players, each team playing alternately in the field and at bat, the players at bat having to run a course of four bases laid out in a diamond pattern in order to score.. likes a tennis but play on table. A Japanese art of self-defense in which sharp blows and kicks are administered to pressure-sensitive points on the body of an opponent..
Life In Colonial America History the leader of the Jamestown Settlement. founded by Pilgrims. wanted to be separate from the Church of England. name of the people who settled in Massachusetts. businessmen who were granted approval to settle lands across the Atlantic.
Downriver Books What do Star and Jessie receive at the end of the book?. Jessie grabbed the ______ to stop Al.. Freddy’s father was killed by a ______.. Star’s mother left when she was ______.. What rapid did Troy run on his own?.
Dictators Threaten World Peace History Dictator of Germany. Leader of a group of Spanish army officers. Political Philosophy that advocates a country ran by a dictator.. Tolitarian leader of Italy.. Laws made to prevent the U.S. to make sales and loans to a nation who are at war..
Numerical Prefixes Other A six sided polygon. Recurring every three years. A period of ten years. A figure with at least three sides and angles and typically five or more. Showing a great deal of variety .
Land World Geography be smart biomes that recieve very little rain. whats the name of the layer of ground thats permantily frozen. not living. going away for winter. how much percent reaches the forest floor.
Language Literature and Writing One of the headings in the COPS editing list.. _____ makes your writing better.. Make sure you add a lot of ______ in your work.. A __________ is a starter to your paragraph.. A type of space..
Road to the Revolution History What event was caused, in part, by disputes over land and trade with the Native Americans?. The British Parliament lowered the tax on molasses and allowed British soldiers to seize smuggled goods with this act.. Due to this event, English colonists in America could no longer settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.. THis act was a tax on imported goods like glass, tea, and paper. A group of colonial leaders who worked together to send a statement to King George III declaring that only colonial assemblies could tax the colonists..
German Foods Food German foods subway, eat fresh. is it a dog, no, its souperman. small backed doughy snack . white, yellow, or blue it all tastes good. don't watch sausage party.
Ancient Civilization History The Mayans built their pryamids out of _______________.. The social class that created art, sculptures and paintings.. The main food crop that they grew?. Each level is ______________________ from your family. . They believed in many __________________?.
Skin Body a mineral needed for strong bones. skin protects the body from these bad toxins. middle layer of skin. outer layer of skin. what doctors do to skin after a very bad burn.
Early Childhood Education Society An informal social gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group. Two to six years old. model is a broad view that attributes disease outcome to the intricate, variable interaction of biological factors (genetic, biochemical, etc), psychological factors (mood, personality, behavior, etc.), and social factors (cultural, familial, socioec. The process of being developing or being developed. Relating to the mental processes of perception, memory, judgement and reasoning.
Politics Government and Politics Complete the crossword to demonstrate your knowledge of politics This party was formed to represent and promote how politics can support environmental issues . The name give to everyone who is entitled to vote in an elcetion . Liberty the bird is the logo of this party . The building in which the House of Commons and the House of Lords meet and make decisions about the running of our country. The people we elect to represent us in running our local area and city.
Stubby the War Dog Books Type of dog Stubby was thought to be. Another word for canine. During his service, Sergeant Stubby received many of these. After being injured by mustard gas, Sergeant Stubby was given one of these. Something dogs like to eat.
Principles of Management Business and Work Strict compliance with organizational policies.. The ability to guide and influence the behavior of others.. Influencing and sharing in decision-making.. Long-term success.. Rapidly engaging in education and training..
Sergeant Stubby Movies Greatest country in the world. Another word for canine. During his service, Sergeant Stubby received many of these. After being injured by mustard gas, Sergeant Stubb was given one of these. Something dogs like to eat.
Sports Sports You kick a white and black ball into a net. You use a long stick like a golf club to hit a ball. You use a bat. You hit a small green ball over a net. You throw a balling a..........
Health & Fitness Health kicking a ball & pretending to be hurt. different ethnical behaviors. major league _________. sugar, pasta, bread. pattern of behavior done with little thought.
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