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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Panda Conservation Animals an animal that suckles its young on milk. an expert in the study of animals. protecting force or influence. a symbol identifying an organisation or product. more likely to be attacked or harmed.
Geography of Georgia World Geography This mountain range is partly in, the Appalachian Plateau, the Blue Ridge region, and the Valley and Ridge region.. This region is Georgia's coal producer.. The deep-water ports of ________________ and Brunswick are important to for Georgia for trading.. Georgia is divided into ___________ regions.. These protect inland Georgia from tropical storms and hurricanes..
Crossword Fit Health Complete the crossword puzzle by answering the hint as question. 3 Minute step test. 40 meters sprint. Stick drop test. Body Mass Index. Hexagon.
COVID-19 Flowchart Health Test your knowledge on the process of an inpatient requiring testing for COVID 1. What type of illness would prompt nursing staff to initiate a COVID-19 test on an inpatient?. How can we keep the patient calm during this time?. Whose office keeps the COVID 19 starter pack?. Who can enter the room of the patient?. 2. What is the first type of PPE you would put on the patient with suspected COVID?.
Gold Geology A tiny amount . Permission to prospect for gold. Digging for gold underground . Searching . Itís not gold, but it may look like it .
Musical Grid Music Sounds my bureau has changed its end with a small busy creature behind it playing the top part.. A piece of writing especially at the end with a male in front and you in the middle.. The carthorse goes about for the whole thing.. It could be a male singer or an old bank note, or even be knocked if you play it.. Three movements made up of a card for your phone ending as if it is fake..
History of Candy Food first it's a candy, then its a gum. Jamaican bite-sized, pan-coated, caramel sweets. One of the first sour and fizzy candies. The original name of Sour Patch Kids. Crunchy little candy with a funny name.
History Timeline History In 1797, George Washington returns home to where?. Who founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630?. Lewis and Clark reach what ocean in 1805?. Where did the First Continental Congress meet in 1774?. Who warned the colonists that the British were coming in 1775?.
Kisses From Katie Books A person whoís diet does not have proper nutrition.. Raw plantains . A feeling of quiet pleasure or security.. a squalid and overcrowded urban street or district inhabited by very poor people. To travel across or through .
Outlander Television Fill out the crossword puzzle by answering the hints Jamie's wedding gift to Claire is made of ____?. What distraction do the Scotts use at the Wentworth prison?. Jamie's term for Claire's 'vajajay'. What vaccination left the mark that Geillis claims is the 'devil's mark' during the witch trial?. In what castle does Claire live when she first enters the 1740s?.
All About Sharks! Animals ________ shark: This shark's abnormally shaped head with eyes on either side gives it 360 degree vision.. ________ shark: Distance swimmers that stay in cold water to feed on schooling fish.. ________ shark: Largest predatory shark that grows up to 20 feet in length using its five rows of teeth to kill their prey.. ________ shark: Speedy sharks that use their unique pattern to camouflage in kelp beds or sandy flats.. ________ shark: Spotted shark that swallows large amounts of water to expand to twice its size..
Canada World Geography Be careful. Some answers are compound words. Founder of Quebec CIty. Famous for its gold rush. One state. Canadian capital. Today's Prime Minister.
Social Justice Society A reflection of social justice _____ Rights, what everyone should have.. Dignity of the human person is an example of a ________. An act that is 'a wrong', violating another persons right.. The ______, It is a place of love, peace and justice.. The state of not owning or renting a home .
Electric Cars Transportation What make the Ties turn. to stop the car . What you sit in the car . To make the car move . Store the energy.
Tools Other You can remove chipping paint with this.. You use this when it's too dark to see.. You cut wood with this.. You can cut down a tree with this.. You pound nails with this..
Chemistry Chemistry The process where a gas turns into a solid. The process where a solid turns into a gas. A particle that contains 2 or more atoms is called a m_______ . All atoms types can be found in the periodic table and are called e_______. The process where a liquid turns into a solid.
The Beginning of Civilization History Paleolithic people invented the __________ and the bow and arrow.. The first modern humans appeared in ________ .. The first civilizations started in the ________ ________ of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China.. __________ use artifacts and remains of ancient humans to learn about culture. . In present-day _______, people raised beans, squash, and corn..
Fruits and Vegetables Food Crossword - Use the clues provided to complete Mandarins are a fruit covered in a thin, fragrant, shiny rind over a white pith. The soft and juicy segments are eaten. What fruit group is this?. This group of fruits are sweet, juicy and sometimes tarty and grow on a plant that creeps along the ground or climbs. Potatoes and ginger are examples of this vegetable group grown under the ground and on the root of the plant. . This is an example of a root vegetable; the part of the plant that grows under the ground and is also edible. This vegetable has clusters of segments and grows just below the surface of the ground.
Primary Song Religion Jesus Wants Me for a _____. A Child's _____. I Love to See the _____. Love is _____ Here. We'll Bring the World His _____.
Montgomery Boycott US History Who initiated Montgomery Bus Boycott's?. Type of movement?. What transport did they boycott?. Which amendment did it violate?. Where was the main protest held?.
Nursing 101 Business and Work Please complete the crossword below Master's degree in Nursing in regards to business and management. typically 1 year of nursing study, works under licensed practitioner/nurse. nurse trained to provide critical care for patients in flight. Nurse that works in area that assesses and treats patients in a variety of emergent medical conditions. Master's Degree or Doctorate Degree in Nursing, typically 3-4 years post Bachelor's degree.
Root Beer Food a root beer company, also the name of the man who create root beer. a tree whose bark can be used to make a tea or to brew root beer. cancer causing substance. dirty, not clean or pure. a mixture.
American Cities World Geography Where was the fortune cookie invented?. Our Nation's Capital.. Known as the Windy City.. What means 'hello' and 'goodbye' ?. Opened the first _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in Miami. (fast food).
Albert Einstein History What childhood gift Einstein received that intrigued him to study science on his own?. What is the first name of Einsteinís first love? . Which country was Einstein born in? . What was Einsteinís heritage? . What is the name of Einsteinís first son? .
Asian Countries World Geography Find out how many Asian countries you can spot in this puzzle a country with a population of 6 million, the lowest of the Central Asian republics. an island country of East Asia in the northwest Pacific Ocean. a country in Central Asia with Tashkent as its capital. a country in Southeast Asia with Kuala Lumpur as its capital. a sovereign island city-state founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles.
Rainforest World Geography tree loss in the rainforest. amazonian ecosystem. common furniture material. small armored mammal that lives in the rainforest. tree garden.
Pride and Prejudice Books - Classics synonym for arrogance . Elizabeth rejects Mr Darcy's first - due to his pride. being prideful and prejudice leads to this. preconceived judgment without experience or reason. the main character that represents prejudice.
Hebrews Bible Chapters 1-4 Believers have this kind of a calling. Do not do this with your heart. The Israelites couldn't enter Canaan because of this. God confirmed His apostles by these. Sin is this..
The Human Body Body this system is involved with breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide. the bottom two chambers of the heart. this system is involved in breaking down food and absorbing nutrients into the bloodstream. contracts in when inhaling causes the lungs to expand. this blood cell clogs your blood.
At the Airport Transportation An expensive and luxurious section of the plane. . The place in the airport that determines if you can enter a country or not. . The house you need to get on the plane because your flight is taking off shortly. . A person who serves you on a plane. . A safety device that can save your life if the plane needs to land on water. It helps you float!.
Depression Mental Health Your ______ cycle can be affected by depression and medications.. One of the three neurotransmitters involved in depression - involved in fight or flight response. Another symptom of depression is a loss of ________ in activities that you normally enjoy.. General term for medications used to treat depression and anxiety . In addition to medications, what is also important in treating anxiety and depression? .
The Call of Abram Bible An ______________ was built by Abram.. Abram pitched his tent with ______________ on the west.. Who did God promise to make into a great nation.. Who traveled with Abram from his father's household?. God told Abram he will be a __________________..
The Skin Body This gland produces sebum. This protects the skin against ultraviolet light. The outer layer of the skin. When the body temperature is raised the arterioles in the blood do this. When the body temperature decreases the arterioles in the skin do this.
Basics of Heat Stress Body Some __________ may contribute to heat stress. . Heat illnesses can be serious, sometimes resulting in _____.. Seizures or _______ can be a symptom of heat stroke. . Most heat-related illnesses can be prevented by taking appropriate ___________. . Heat ______ is immediately life-threatening..
Water Earth Sciences Someone who likes to explore the sea bed. Strip of water that travels to many places. Longest river in the world. No living thing can survive in it . All seas are .............
The Cafe Business and Work Solve the clues to fill in the crossword the meal you eat at night time. a hot drink. the first meal of the day. the people who eat in the cafe. a brown, fizzy drink.
Pompeii European History the mountain that erupted in Pompeii.. A city near Pompeii.. A female child of her parents.. A trembling of the ground.. A town covered in ash from the mountain..
The History of the Creeds Religion What is a creed?. the type of the summary of the principal creeds. who make a profession of faith at Sunday Mass . condemned many heresies . The Latin word for believe.
Bromley FC Sports Find all the Bromley FC and football related words! The name of the sport Bromley FC play. The player whose main job it is to score goals. One of Bromley FC's nicknames. The surname of Bromley's manager. The people who come to watch a football team.
Energy Physics Definitions of key words in energy. Bright flash of electricity.. Energy not moving.. Water into invisible gas.. Large spark caused by electricity traveling in air.. tiny drops of water in the air..
Can You Name These Magical Creatures? Entertainment I am sparkly! I am white and have a horn.. I am magical! I mix potions and cast spells.. I am scary! I have pointy teeth and can turn into a bat.. I am elegant! I live in the ocean and have a tail like a fish.. I am tiny! I have sparkly wings and I protect the forest..
Musicals Entertainment The story of a boy who comes from nothing and starts on an Arabian night. . The story of the Jets and Sharks and the love that comes between them.. The story of a boy who can fly and wont grow up. The story of a big bright beautiful world and the fairy tale creatures therein. The story of a baker and his wife and the magical people they meet within the forest. .
Breakfast Foods Food Made from bread and heated. Also can be put in a buttie or bap. Easy, quick and served in a bowl. Savoury donut. English savoury cake.
Animal Planet Animals What kind of fish always lives alone?. What bird can't fly?. What kind of fish is very poisonous?. Who can kick very hard?. Where do Kangaroos Live?.
Transport In Plants Botany It is responsible to make food for the plant by photosynthesis.. Around the stoma are two of these.. Tubes that transport water and minerals from the roots to the leaves.. They absorb water and nutrients from the soil.. Plants make food by this..
Lighthouses Other Blank Beach Lighthouse. Oldest lighthouse in North Carolina. Oldest tall brick tower in North Carolina. Superintendent of Construction. System of gears used to rotate a Fresnel lens.
Bees and why they are disappearing Animals Complete the crossword puzzle below Bees make it using nectar. A chemical used to kill weeds. It is a baby bee. There is nectar and pollen in it and the bee eats from it. The bees source of sugar to make honey.
British Democracy European History An 'Act' of 1832 which broadened the number of men who could vote to include small landowners and shopkeepers. . The number of demands made in 1838 by the Chartist Movement in 'The People's Charter'.. A key word meaning 'to be granted the vote or the state of having the vote'. . A key term meaning 'the right to vote in political elections'.. A very small area able to elect an MP based on a few (sometimes just one) voters..
Wildlife Animals all the animals of a particular type who live in one country, area, or place. a group of animals or plants in which the members have similar characteristics to each other. to keep someone or something safe from injury, damage, or loss. close to a particular number or time although not exactly that number or time. to go down in number.
Creation Story~Old Testament Bible What did god do on the first day?. Did God do it for a reason? Yes or no?. How many days are there in the creation story?. What was his form when he came to Earth?. What was his emotion when he created the world?.
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