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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Hot Deserts Earth Sciences Desert landscapes are formed through this process. Lines on which deserts are found. An effect on easterly trade winds. The location where deserts are found on continents. The desert found in Northern India and Pakistan.
Canada World Geography that is national sport of canada . this country of canada that have french for national language. this is the country which is in the north of America.. a city that is between alberta and manitoba. that is sweet syrup.
Dracula Books - Classics A narrator who is not part of the story. A narrator who is part of the story. The century during which the events of the novel are set. A sexually suggestive word which is often used to describe the vampiric women. ...............Abbey.
Wind and Weather Meteorology Science 5th grade The extra water from rain or snow melts that flows donwhill into oceans. Weather over a long period of time (like a 'C'entury). What classroom item could be symbolic of our sun? (electrical). Moisture of any form that falls from clouds to the ground. State of the atmosphere including temperature, fronts and precipitation (usually within a 'W'eek).
Fossils Science Use the clues to complete the puzzle. can be used to help identify the relative age of a rock layer. occurs when many species die out at the same time. all of the fossils in Earth's rock layers. a unit of time that contains the Age of Dinosaurs. a geologic chart that divides Earth's history into units.
Musical Heritage of the Shoals Music Use the clues to complete the puzzle. Oak Ridge Boys. Former member of the Civil Wars. Father of the Blues. Gomer Pyle. valuable Library of Congress resource.
Springtime Holidays and Seasons Spring weather can be this. Pretty bulb with white blooms. Baby frog. Light and fluffy or dark and menacing. A host of golden .....
Jewish Trivia Religion Molly Picon best known for plays that were performed in (language). Last name of creator of Hadassah Women. First women in bible to be descrobed as a prophetess. Book by Leon Uris. Camp song by Allan Sherman.
Michelle Obama Government and Politics Where Michelle Obama lived. College Michelle Obama attended. City Michelle Obama was raised in. Title Michelle Obama is to Sasha and Malia. Michelle Obama's title.
A Monster Calls Movies The British term for donkey. A talk on a religious subject. A waterproof backpack . To crease. A trash container on wheels.
Life and Times of William Shakespeare Literature and Writing Shakespeare's only son (6). Playwright and Shakespeare's drinkning buddy (3,7). Shakespeare's theatre company (5,3). The plot to blow up the h. Shakespeare's House (3,5).
Antartica World Geography happening around antartica. live in the water around antartica. came 2nd in famouse race to antartica. eats fish. lots of ice is breaking.
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Movies William created the windmill to the wind. This is the main characters name. This is the continent in lived. malawians believed in____. He built it and it changed his life.
Library Business and Work Publication sold everyday that contains news, advertising, comments on the news.... Type of book that talks about different topics (football, cars, fashion, famous people...). . A small folded sheet that gives information about a place, an event... etc.. Announcement that informs about something (timetables, important events...). A book containing the words of a language, usually in alphabetical order, with information about their meanings, pronunciation....
The Elements of Teaching School answer the following connect them with their students like a magnet.. compelling force that emerges from teachers love for children.. a teachers uncomplaining nature, self-control and persistence.. synonymous to eagerness and excitment.. forming idea concepts, reasoning out and making judgement..
Bible Characters Bible Wrote second longest book of the Bible. One of the 'minor prophets'. One of the writers of Proverbs. Wrote six books of the Bible. One of the spies who gave a positive report.
London European History During 2015-16, this system carried 1.34 billion passengers around London.. Which train stop does this bear eat marmalade sandwiches?. This garden is full of market stalls.. The government debate here.. This cafe needs saving!.
British Empire European History Find all the missing words about the largest Empire that ever existed! An interviewer who interviewed over 20,000 sailors. A lawyer who campaigned for the abolition of slavery. A country discovered by Jacques Cartier. A country in Southern Asia under the British Empire. A country that has been overrun by foreigners and is occupied by those people.
Genetics Body Branch of biology concerned with the study of heredity and variation. Studies the structure, function, and evolution of genes and genomes. The RNA consists of the nitrogenous base _________ instead of thymine.. A form from the uncoiling of chromosome. Shortest stage of mitosis.
The First Americans History A government that links and unites different groups. The scientific method of determining the age of an artifact. A set of beliefs, behaviors, and action in a group of people. A narrow passage of water between large bodies of water. A society ruled by a religious leader.
Restaurant Business and Work A square piece of cloth or paper used at a meal to wipe the fingers or lips and to protect garments.. Domestic fowl, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese.. A meal consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves.. An instrument composed of a blade fixed into a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon.. The sweet course eaten at the end of a meal. .
The Lord's Prayer Religion We ......... when we pray. We ask our Heavenly Father for anything, such as strength, peace, health and joy.. We end our prayers with ....... We must ........ what we pray. We pray knowing that we are speaking to .......
US States World Geography Has a Palmetto Palm tree on its state flag. Has the shortest coastline out of any state on an ocean. There is an oil well on the front lawn of this state's capitol. Became a state in 1863 by seceding from an existing state. Rivers make up the entirety of its east and west borders.
Super Bowl Sports This play begins the game. The Super Bowl is always played on this date. Where the game is played. Lose the ball to the other team. The players are called.
American Icons US History Fill out the puzzle based on the provided clues. An American fast food chain thats gone international. Man with a cape that saves people from villians. A historic route. An American Sport. Our Nation's Symbol.
Tom Sawyer Books - Classics Ch. 3 'Busy at War and Love' to make a liquid thinner or less strong by adding water or another liquid; to lessen the strength of something. very confident and daring; very bold and surprising or shocking. unable to understand something clearly or to think clearly; filled with uncertainty; puzzled. done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed. a disease that makes plants dry up and die; something that causes harm or damage like a disease.
The Red Pyramid Books - Childrens Literature bedroom for several people in a school or college. litter or something useless. kingdom. way of thinking of feeling about something. disorganization.
Sea and Ocean Earth Sciences Black ___ are small black sea birds.. ____ are birds that look like they lost a lot of feathers.. Soft ___ is suprisingly soft.. Black ___ are black sea birds.. A ___ is a bird that skims the surface of the water for food..
Wings,Stings,and Wringly Things Art ? can fly 20 miles. the hercules is the longest beetle in the ?. the ? beetle is the heaviest beetle. worms tie themselves in knots when they are ?. there are a 1,000,000 kinds of ?.
Rocks and Mineral Geology The minerals that ___ to form our planet are made of one or more elements.. ___ organize rocks based on how they were formed.. The history of rocks and minerals is the history of our ___.. The rock ___ is driven mainly by heat.. On the earth's ___, rocks take a beating..
Dogs Animals They have wet noses because it helps________ scent chemicals.. ________only see in black and white.. You can lower your blood pressure just by ________ your puppy.. ________ are the most popular breed in the U.S. . They can hear about four times the ________ of a human..
Eagles Animals Eagles leave thier homes in the ____.. There are ___ kinds of eagles.. The bald eagle is a ____ for the US.. There are ___ main groups of eagles.. Aeries can weigh many ___..
Guinea Pigs Animals If they are____ there hair temporarily goes white.. The ____ guinea pig is long haired.. The main part of the body is called the ____.. They must have ____ every day.. The ___ guinea pig is born all white and then changes..
Wolves Art wolves are mebers of what family.. wolves dont have any __ after them. wolves live in a __ for there home. baby wolves are called ___. what wolves hunt..
Dog Animals Most dogs___ in the spring or fall , so they have a thick winter coat.. The kit fox lives in the ___ of North America.. In France , dogs are trained to smell out this mushroom.. The name of the dog family.. Hyenas are not___ , they are actually in the hyaenidae family..
Inside the Aircraft Other what the passengers sit on. roof of aircraft from inside. fasten your ....... alley between row of seats. body of the aircraft.
Febrile Seizures Health ________ change in temperature can cause febrile seizures. Fevers help build up a person's _________________. known to fight infection. these are not caused by high fever. Will not decrease the risk of a febrile seizure.
Oceans Earth Sciences the usual weather of an area over a long period of time. any moisture that falls from the air and reaches the ground. Almost three-fourths of the earth is covered by _______________.. Water can be salt or ___________.. How many high tides and low tides happen each day?.
Tsunami Entertainment Another word for destroy. Where you find seashells. Eathquake, Tsunami, Flood, wildfire. A big wave. a sport where you make 2 or 3 points per score.
Horoscope Entertainment Optimistic. People born from 20 January to 18 February. People in China think they bring good luck.. Clever. If you want to make 3 wishes, drop a coin there..
10 Qualities of A Lousy Leader Society Descriptions take responsibility for actions and mistakes. prideful. is not neat. not able to do what you promise. does not inspire others to follow.
China World Geography Name of one of China's great deserts. A protective coating made from the sap of a tree. Instead of letters they used. A tool that measures earthquakes. To move heavy loads the Chinese used a.
10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader Society Descriptions tries to see the good in any situation. understands easily how things work and how to solve problems. believes in his or her ability to succeed. able to give part of the work to others. will keep working until the job is finished.
Environment and Landscapes Earth Sciences Look at the meaning and fill in the word. a deep valley with steep sides, often with a stream flowing through it.. polluted water falling from the sky.. a dense forest in a tropical region.. the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth; the air.. a natural stream of water smaller than a river.
Poultry Farming Business and Work when the dead bird is turned into the meat we find at grocery stores. turkeys are sometimes dunked in hot water to ______ them. ______ is a good source of protein. if not disposed of quickly, it can potentially cause disease. the study of bird breeding.
TV News Reporter Business and Work Life of a TV News Reporter Facts learned about something or someone. A paper where you read the latest or any other kind of news. Something happening on TV right at the time. A person responsible for the financial and manager. Earliest information.
States of America US History Which state is the 2nd largest by both area and population?. Which state has the capital Oklahoma city?. In which state is the Walt Disney World?. In which state is the Golden Gate Bridge?. Which state has the capital Springfield?.
Civil War Extention US History helped raise troops for the Confederate army and encouraged the growth of Texas factories to make military supplies. Union military leader . Made up of Southern States who seceded from the United States. Griffin Pass was built here by Confederates. State with Confederate capital in it.
Deep frying and Shallow Frying Food A popular deep fried meal in the UK. (4, 3, 5). Absorbent item used to line trays on which deep fried food is drained before serving (7, 4). A coating that can be applied before deep frying fish. (6). A type of egg that is coated in sausage meat, flour and breadcrumbs before deep frying. (6, 3). A food item may become this if the oil used to fry it is too cool. (6).
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