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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Flag Rugby Sports done by a ball carrier to avoid being tackled by defenders. when a player touches the rugby ball down to score a try. direction of an illegal pass. world wide rugby event held every four years. end zone where players can score.
Eating Disorder Health This abbreviation is used as the name of the most generalized category of mental illnesses.. Despite the general belief they only affect young women, eating disorders affect people of all _________.. This is one of the most effective forms of treatment, often involving one-on-one counseling.. Differing from the belief eating disorders only involve food, this can be a serious symptom of an eating disorder. It comes after the word over.. This is one of the most generalized forms of mental illness, often expressed physically through stunted growth..
Love Your Heart Health Potassium is found in many foods, especially those of ___ origin such as oranges, avocados, bananas, and tomatoes. . High blood _____, often from a high fat diet, can lead to plaque formation in blood vessel walls. . Choose ____ meats and plant-based protein sources to reduce heart disease risk. . The _____ diet is higher in potassium, magnesium, and calcium, while lower in total fat, saturated fat, and sodium than the typical American diet. . _____ all cut, peeled or cooked fresh fruits and vegetables within two hours of preparing..
ACT Vocabulary School She will ________ a letter to her cousin. . That person has the best _________ traits.. Teachers want students to _______ in discussion.. To young people, the presidential debates may be _______ because they canít vote.. Washing your hands is more _______ than ever before..
Loans Other Name of the department that processes loans . A way for an individual to borrow funds at point of sale . Represents your creditworthiness to lenders . Name of applications done online . Type of loan where an individual uses the equity in their home as collateral .
Early Childhood Home and Family Children who lack a regular, fixed, or nighttime residence.. Certification that an early childhood program has met a set of professional standards.. The characteristics a child inherits genetically from parents.. Type of child care that focuses primarily on meeting the childís physical needs.. Describing the order in which events happened. .
Coping Skills Health You need roller skates to do this activity.. An example of this is deep breathing exercises.. Watching this can be entertaining.. This is very popular and has many different types to play.. This place is outside..
The Wretched Stone Books - Childrens Literature high-pitched sound as an expression of terror, pain or excitement. empty of people. strange or odd; unusual. used to express andger or annoyance. very unusual or remarkable.
Introduction to the Old Testament Bible _______ is an official list of books belonging to both the Old and the New Testament.. The _____ Testament fulfills the Old Testament.. How many books are in the Catholic Old Testament?. The ____ Testament is about God and His relationship with the Jews.. ___________ helps us to understand certain Bible stories and events better by putting them in the context of geography and history..
Energy Physics speed of an object. energy exerted on earth through the sun and moon. the movement of electrons produces this type of energy. the splitting of an atom produces this type of energy. this energy provides direction through a compass.
Romantic Era Music Music Find the words that describe the Romantic Era of Wester Classical music Visual art in Romantic era. A story set to music only sung by solos, ensembles, and chorus with sets and constumes. Made instruments easier to manufacture and more available. The Romantic era composer who wrote Clair de Lune. Devotion and patriotism and love for a person's country.
Fashion Society A 'Big Four' fashion capital of the 21st century.. The perfect necklace to own.. Fur coat fad during the 1920's.. 1960's mini mania.. Popular styles are called..
Work and Simple Machine Business and Work A simple machine that is an inclined plane wrapped around a central cylinder to form a spiral.. The number of times that the machine increases an input force.. A flat surface set at an angle or an incline with no moving parts that is able to lift objects by pushing or pulling the load.. The work done by a machine.. A device that makes work easier by changing the size or direction of a force..
Major Countries (plus more) World Geography largest country by area in North America. country with second largest economy in Asia. African country founded in 1990. only country on its continent. country made up of islands, with largest population for island country.
Cell Theory Health determined cells arise from pre-existing cells. concluded all plants are made of cells. all living things are made of cells; cells are the basic unit of life; all cells come from other cells. chemical reactions inside the cell. gave us the term cell; observed cork under a microscope.
Autism Spectrum Disorders Health A spectrum of diverse individuals who have a complicated condition that can include problems with how they communicate or how they behave.. Families must _____ to the needs of their child with Autism.. Child shows no intellectual disability, but may have trouble with communication.. There is no _____ of having Autism.. An acronym for Autism Spectrum Disorders..
Regions of Alberta World Geography this is how many natural regions of Alberta there are. a fierce prairie storm with high winds and blowing snow. a resource that once used cannot be used again. this region is known for its mountain ranges. this region covers less than 1/10th of the province.
Christmas Time Christmas The month of Christmas. Santa's little helpers. You are to celebrate this with these people. Red and white striped peppermint candy that can hang on the tree. Another word for present.
Food and Beverages Food Darlene makes this from the farm apples for Mary. A morning drink for adults but you don't like it. It's yellow and people squirt it on hot dogs. Salty snack made from potatoes. Mary's birthday cake is often made of this.
Animals Animals Complete the crossword When something get decay.. Clasification of a living thing.. when an specie reproduce and start creating a descent . When a living thing get adapted to a place.. Are tiny living things, and most can only be seeing by a microscope..
Waste and Our World Earth Sciences We need to understand the waste we produce and reduce or recycle or compost because too much waste will harm the natural ___________________________.. Examples of decomposers are bacteria, fungi and _____________. (Hint, plural). Paint, batteries and other chemicals should be disposed of at the fire station because they are __________.. This material is made from oil or other fossil fuels.. Fruit peels, yard waste and paper towels are __________________ because they can be broken down by living things into new nutrients..
Road to Revolution History This refers to the act of dumping 342 chests of tea into the harbor. Alerted the colonists that . This is the economic policy behind colonialism. This act was a tax on paper products. This act required colonists to house and feed British troops.
Clothing for the Season Other a warm hat made of wool. It's a french word. You knit this warm piece of clothing to cover your stomach and arms. You wear on your hands and they have fingers. boys wear this under their pants in the winter. This wraps around your neck to keep you warm.
Professionals Business and Work Rescues people and puts out house fires. My eyes are blurry. Go see this person. I need my hair cut and styled. This person carries a gun and keeps people safe. The person who runs the school.
Fractures Body when the bone is diseased or weakened it is known as. fracture type where the bone breaks and pierces through the skin and becomes exposed. when the bone breaks and the two ends are pushed into each other...common in children. when the bone breaks in the shape caused from a twisting direction. fracture most commonly seen in athletes and comes from repeated stress on the bone.
Satellites and Gravity Physics The Earth has an escape _____________________of 25,000 miles per hour.. If there weren't any gravity, we would all _______________into space.. Supposedly it was this dropping from a tree, and striking his head, that gave Newton an idea about gravity.. Number of satellites in the Global Positioning System. When you are in a car, and need directions, this is what you use..
Kinetic Energy Physics speed of an object. _______ energy is the movement of electrons. ________ energy involves the splitting of uranium atoms. ________ energy is exerted by the moon and sun on earth. _______ energy is the general term for energy that moves.
Storm Boy Movies . firearm with a short, large caliber barrel. showing ill will and a desire to hurt. thorough search for something. fierce, violent and uncontrolled. mockery or teasing.
Fashion Terms Other a teardrop-shaped cutout. ornamental shoulder pieces. a double cuff that folds over and is fastened with Gabardine. a snug band of fabric around the chest. embossed cloth.
Nutrition Health half of the most important food group (these have seeds). number of essential nutrients. helps build muscle. a type of carbohydrate that can be put in a toaster. carbohydrates act as a ____ for the body.
Simple Machines Technology A simple machine that is an inclined plane wrapped around a central cylinder to form a spiral. the number of times that the machine increases an input force. A flat surface set at an angle or an incline with no moving parts that is able to lift objects by pushing or pulling the load. the work done by a machine. A device that makes work easier by changing the size or direction of a force.
'The Woman in the Snow' Books - Action and Adventure refused to give up her seat on the bus. Name of the 'woman in the snow'. to shrink back as in fear or disgust. to fall suddenly and steeply. important movement in American history to get equal treatment for all.
City Places Society Read the definitions and write all the words. a place where children learn. You normally start school at the age of 5.. the place you go when you want to travel by plane to another city.. you can see the latest movies here. Many people eat popcorn while they're here.. the place you go to put petrol (gas) in your car.. where you sleep when you visit another city..
Coping Methods Mental Health replace something with something different. say it's somebody other than your fault. excuses rather than admit. turn negative emotions to positive. can't remember something.
Trees and Other Plants: Earth's Vegetation World Geography Geography - Grasses and scattered trees adapted to a tropical wet and dry climate.. Permanent ice and snow; no plant life.. Treeless plain with grasses, mosses and scrubs adapted to a cold climate.. Evergreen trees with needles and cones.. Short and tall grasses adapted to cool climates..
World Climate Zones World Geography Geography Warm all year with dry summers and short, rainy winters.. Hot and dry all year with very little rain.. Hot all year with rainy and dry seasons.. Hot, dry summers and cool, dry winters.. Hot and rainy all year..
The Business Cycle and Circular Flow Business and Work Economics Year 10 a cycle or series of cycles of economic expansion and contraction is known as. the actions done for you by others, which are designed to satisfy needs and wants. a period of declining economic performance across an entire economy that lasts for several months.. refers to a phase of the business cycle in which the economy as a whole is in decline.. the amount of money received during a given period of time by a person, household or country in return for services provided or goods sold. .
How the Brain Learns Body the state of continuing to live or exist, especially in spite of difficult decisions. to devote or to surrender to something habitually or obsessvely. afraid or nervous, especially about what may happen. the power or process of remembering what has been learned. to feel angry, discouraged, or upset because of not being able to do something.
History and Philosophy of Foodservice Food Chef. Meal Service. credential that you have earned . New practices . Cooking .
The Van Gogh Deception Books - Mystery Deron Hicks The girl who helps the main character in his mission. She and Art are friends at the end of the book. . What was the last name of the detective that helped solve the mystery? . What brought back all of Artís memories? . City that this book takes place in. Month that this book takes place in.
Energy Physics Electrical energy travels through ___________.. A hairdryer plugged into the wall uses _________ energy.. The friction caused by rubbing hands together creates __________ energy.. ____________ are materials that allow energy to easily pass through.. ____________ are materials that do NOT allow energy to pass through easily..
Holidays Holidays and Seasons Find out the Holiday This day is all about your mom!. Looking for toy eggs is pretty common on this holiday. . The 'spooky' holiday. . The holiday where you give thanks.. The holiday that celebrates love. .
Parts of a Paragraph Literature and Writing A paragraph explains ______ part of a topic. The subject of a paragraph. The concluding sentence is at the _________ of a paragraph. The controlling idea is the ______ of the topic the paragraph will explain. The explaining sentences are in the __________ of a paragraph.
Epic Poetry Terms Literature and Writing The terms are to make you familiar with the unit terms. lengthy, serious narrative poem. journey both to and from the nether regions. Time order. these divine figures like to manipulate mortals. . Calling on or asking for help.
Eggs Food Eggs are very high in this nutrient, which is also a nutrient that body builders eat a lot of to gain muscle.. Examples of this egg function are battered fish and fish fingers. This is a type of bacteria that can be found in raw egg. Examples of this egg function are mayonnaise, salad dressings and hollandaise sauce. Examples of this egg function are meringues, mousse and souffles.
China & Japan Asian History Complete the crossword puzzle. founder of Taoism. established the Mongol Empire. the oldest surviving religion in Japan. China's longest ruling dynasty. founder of Japanese civilization.
New Testament Survey Bible Gospel written by a medical doctor. Historical narratives of Jesus life and ministry. Epistle written by Jesus' half-brother. Gospel written to show that Jesus is the Messiah. Epistles written by Apostle Peter.
Elements of Art (Form) Art is the area(s) that is shaded on surrounding objects and surfaces because of blocked light. is the area(s) that is shaded on the object.. objects that have specific names associated with them and are typically man-made.. do not have specific names associated with them and are often associated with naturally occuring forms. is the area on an object that is lighter because of reflected light off of surrounding objects. .
Sports Sports This sport is mistaken for Number 15. This can be said as an Insect. This sport includes ball,stick and is played outdoors. use of hoops in this game. Some call it Table Tennis.
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