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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Celebrating Women Society First Indian woman to win a booker prize. First woman in the world to cross the seven seas . First Indian woman to score a T20I Century. First Indian to win an Oscar in 1983 . First woman chairperson of a listed Indian IT company.
Poverty and Living Standards Society A measure of gender inequalities in terms of empowerment and labour market participation.. A measure of living standards which includes a variety of indicators such as income, leisure time, distribution of income and environmental standards.. A condition when people are poor in comparison to others in the same country.. This measures the complexities of poor people's lives, individually and collectively, each year.. A measure of living standards used to measure the collective happiness and well-being of a population..
Middle-Earth Movies Actor who played Balin. Name of Bilbo's house in the Shire. Father of Bilbo Baggins. Durin's Bane. Race of Treebeard.
History of Latent Prints Other Person who was the first to identify the presence and locations of the volar pads on hands and feet. First to recognize that friction ridges assist with grasping. First culture known to have used friction ridge impressions as a means of identification. Credited with being the first person to study the persistence of friction ride skin. First country to rely solely on fingerprints as a method of identification.
Star Wars: Episode 1 Movies Was a Chancellor, Replaced by Palpatine.. Golden Droid, His name means; Human Cyborg Relations, Made by Anakin Skywalker.. Gungan, Clumsy, Saved by Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.. One of Anakin’s friends.. Padme’s Guard, Has an Eyepatch..
The Rescuers Movies Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places From The Film Ellie Mae's Husband. The Little Orphan Girl. An Owl In Deacon Clothes. Bernard's Co-Agent . The Mouse Rescue Organisation.
Fictional Giant Monsters Literature and Writing Main Characters: Heroes and Villains Kong's Mate. The Giant Insect-like Creatures. The Giant Mutant Dinosaur. Kong's Son. The Giant animal-plant-rock hybrid.
Trees & Forests Earth Sciences the top of a tree which forms the canopy. growing part of a tree where cells form wood. the non living wood making up most of a tree stem which strengthens the stem. living components of an environment. a tree which bears cones and has needles (ie pine, spruce, fir) aka evergreens.
Scientific Method Science ______ Science is the study of the earth.. An observation using words.. A “rule of nature” that describes the behavior of something in nature.. Moving energy.. An explanation based on many observations during repeated experiments..
Hematology Health Blood Cells and Clinical Applications methemoglobin is also referred as this name. capability of eosinophils. secreted by monocytes. one clinical application of hematology coupled with Hemostasis. exist in the peripheral blood for less than 8hrs after release from marrow.
30 Great Brits European History Fill in the grid with the surnames of these famous British people Microbiologist who in 1928 noticed that a certain mould destroyed certain bacteria.. Author of Emma, Persuasion, Mansfield Park etc in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries.. Queen of England 1533-36 and mother of Queen Elizabeth I. She was beheaded.. Pioneering nurse during the Crimean War,1853-56, and founder of two Schools of Nursing. . Victorian writer of Silas Marner, Middlemarch, etc whose real name was Mary Ann Evans. .
Gilded Age & Corporations Other Use your knowledge of the content and Read-Its (if needed) to fill out the crossword below. Amusement park that opened in New York during this time period. Investigative journalists who brought attention to issues and corruption. An early form of the modern bicycle; front tire was much larger than back. The first president to use the Sherman Antitrust Act. Founded Standard Oil in 1870.
Map Terminology Geology a half of the earth, usually divided by the prime meridian or equator. shows the geographic boundaries between governmental units such as countries, states, and are usually hung up in classrooms. a sphere that is usually the earth. east of the prime meridian. usually put on a map to see direction.
Music-Themed Entertainment What musical does the song 'Memory' come from?. Note value twice as fast as a crotchet . A keyboard instrument which can play baroque music on. New building in Manchester that the Halle and Halle Youth Orchestra rehearse in. High pitched double reed woodwind instrument .
Hematology Health Represents volume or size of the average RBC. Break-up or ruptured RBCs (surrounded membrane) can produced red colored plasma. Fight bacterial infection, destroy & eliminates by means of excretory system. Also referred as 'Hemiglobin'. Used to estimate red and white cell counts.
Malaysia's Independence Day World Geography What are the four colours that appear on a Malaysia's flag? RED, YELLOW, WHITE AND ....... What is the Capital in Malaysia?. What does the blue canton on the flag mean?. Malaysia was previously known as .................. How Many Stripes are in the Malaysian Flag?.
Who is St. Thomas Aquinas? Religion What is Thomas Aquinas's mum's name?. How many siblings does Thomas Aquinas has?. How old was thomas aquinas when he died?. What is Thomas Aquinas's nickname?. Where Thomas died?.
U.S Health Care Health Common words that are used in the healthcare system. Nation's health protection agency. The death of children under the age one one.. A period of someone life. Key to reducing death, disability, and improving the Nation's health. Illness that are the leading cause of death.
The French Revolution and Empire History The belief that a monarch is subject to no Earthly authority, deriving his ruling from the will of God. The removal of government, usually through violent means. Name of French Legislature during the French Revolution. A wave of peasant riots and violence. Period where a series of massacres and public executions took place.
Genes, Genomes and Genetics Body the step of PCR when primers bind. genetic makeup of organism that determines phenotype. removed from mRNA by splicing. ________ disease - caused by a mutation in the HBB gene. the process of going from RNA to protein.
Washington State World Geography Washington state fruit. The Olympic Peninsula is home to the only temperate __ in the continental U.S. (2 wds). Longview is home to several bridges made specifically for this type of animal. Washington is one of the biggest providers of __ in the world. Highest mountain in Washington.
World Religions Intro Religion Moral code and laws for Muslims to follow. Includes statement of faith, giving to the poor, trip to Mecca, daily prayer, and fasting during Ramadan. holy book for muslims (follower of Islam). In terms of followers, Hinduism is the _______ largest religion in the world. Given to Moses. Set of Moral Codes and laws for Jews and Christians (thou shall not kill, steal, curse God etc.). Former Hindu prince, founder of Buddhism.
Silent Letters Spelling Lists Young sheep . A measurement of time. To be truthful . A person that inherits. A line on the skin.
European Cup Final Cities Sports San Siro. Heyselstadion. Olympic Stadium. Camp Nou. Wankdorf Stadion.
Egypt History large stone statues that have the heads of a man, rams, or hawks and the body of a lion. Egyptian kings. cloth used for mummification. the strange writing of the Egyptian . the study of the debris and ruins of other cultures.
Parks & Recreation Television First names of characters, last names of cast members ___ Perkins. ___ (stage name). ___ Knope. ___ Gergich (most frequent name). Adam ___.
Umbrella Academy Television First Names of characters, Last names of cast members, Superhero names No7. Sir Hargreeves' assistant. Adam ___. Robert ___. ___ Hargreeves (No7).
The Muscular System Body This is a crossword puzzle that has key terms related to the muscular system and how muscles are named. a muscle that has 2 different points of origin . something that can contract in different ways to cause movement. these make up your skeletal system. describes a muscle that is smaller in size compared to its counterpart. works side by side with the ___ system to help living things move.
Works in the Ministry of Sports Sports Greatest Wicket Keeper from Antigua. First female Director of Sports. Pan Genius. Husband and Wife working in Sports. 1997 Carnival Queen.
New World Beginnings History Use your knowledge of the content and your notes to fill out the crossword below. The Americas were nicknamed the 'New World' and Europe was nicknamed this. The land bridge went from this location to North America. This type of farming involved corn, beans, and squash. Interpreter for Cortes. Spanish explorers sent to find gold and Christianize natives.
Chemistry of Life Chemistry Apologia Biology Module 2 (Part 1) A chemical bond formed when one or more electrons are transferred from one atom to another. Chemical bond formed by the sharing of electrons between 2 or more atoms. A weak electrical attraction between a partially + hydrogen atom & a partially - atom of another molecule. Subatomic particles that have a negative charge. A molecule that contains atoms of at least two different elements.
U.S Health Care Health Branch that tracks the health of the nation and provides support to identify causes. . It is the number of deaths in children less than one year of age.. A patient health record stored in a computer database.. An average number of years of life. . Disease that progresses slowly, and reoccurs frequently..
Environmental Ethics Earth Sciences the ethical theory espoused by Peter Singer. a covenanted imperative from God to man involving nature. the life-centered system of environmental ethics. the focus of moral significance in Ecocentrism. the value an entity possesses because of its usefulness, as a means to an end.
Placebo Effect Other Chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. Numerous studies show that this causes the placebo effect.. It is an effect after taking medication, whether therapeutic or adverse.. The three main parts of the brain: the cerebrum, cerebellum and brainstem. . They are chemical messengers that transmit a message from a nerve cell across the synapse to a target cell. . Related to the mental and emotional state of a person..
Respiration and Energy Body A chamber of the heart that pumps blood. There are two.. A major blood vessel that brings oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart. A muscle in the arm that contracts to bend the arm. A gas that is given off during respiration and transported to the lungs to breathe out. Muscle that sits under our lungs to help them inhale and exhale.
Biology A&P Biology air filled organs located on either side of the chest. a hormones gland that plays a major role in metabolism. produces enzymes that are released to help with digestion. long continuous tube running from the stomach to the anus. converge to form veins.
Immune Deficiency Disorders Health phase when the patient develop indicator diseases with signs and symptoms of opportunistic infection. lung infection often found in AIDS patient. it is also known as common variable immunodeficiency (CVID). X-linked agammaglobulinemia is also called ________________.. secondary immunodeficiency disorder results from HIV infection which is transmitted by blood, semen and vaginal fluids.
Egypt Definitions World Geography process of judgment after death. lord of divine words and father of Isis. Falcon god and supreme deity. guardian spirit and essence of personal individuality. link between gods and humans, key to social order.
Multiples Math a multiple of 15 between 70 and 80. the next multiple of 8 after 60. a multiple of 12 between 30 and 40. the largest multiple of 8 before 45. the next multiple of 3 after 28.
Frederick Ashton Entertainment Which dancer did Ashton see perform that made him “want to be the best dancer in the world”?. Name a second teacher Ashton studied with.. Name one teacher Ashton studied with.. What country was Ashton born in?.
Chemistry Chemistry A small negatively charged particle. A reaction where oxygen reacts with something to produce heat. A reaction that creates a heat. When there are more particles in a solution. When two reactants combine to form one.
Jurassic Park Movies People, Places and Dinosaurs An animal behaviourist who was employed by Jurassic World. International Genetics Incorporated, a bio-engineering startup company . One of the New Cloned Raptors. A Hybrid similar to the Indominus Rex. The Island Where The Theme Park Is.
Gargoyles TV Series Television Main Characters: Heroes and Villains Xanatos' Assistant. The Gargoyle Beast. Leader of the Vikings. The Police Detective Woman. Princess of Medieval Scotland.
Before They Were Authors Literature and Writing Dr. Seuss wrote it, it has a orange furry guy.. when you feel weird about something.. Redish flakes of iorn.. Obsessed with someone.. He wrote a book called Green eggs and ham..
Sherlock Holmes Books - Classics Characters, Objects and Places The City Holmes Lives In. Holmes' Coat. Something that is difficult or impossible to understand. A member of the Police or Private Investigator . What Holes Uses To Smoke With.
Skin Body bleeding. lack of blood to tissue. drainage with yellow , green or brown color, and odor. drying out. red, moist tissue in wound bed.
Structural Engineering Business and Work Read the clues below and fill in the correct word into the crossword puzzle! Combination of both a simple and inverted truss.. A pulling force produced on an object when a pair of forces move in opposite directions from eachother.. The designing of structures to support or resist structural loads.. A cutting force produced when a pair of forces head into an object but the forces just miss one another.. A horizontal component in a structure that works well with balanced compression.
Canadian Provinces and Territories World Geography Which province is closet to the Bay of Fundy?. Which province is directly to the east of Alaska?. What province is the Nations capital in?. Which is the most eastern province of Canada?. Which province has a high French population?.
Neurovascular Observations Body This crosswords has been created to help staff understand the patients at risk of neurovascular compromise, and what to look for when assessing the patient. If there are some words you are unsure of, please look at CPG No. 851. Neurovascular impairment can be caused by pressure to the ..................., or vascular supply to the extremity.. This is one of the symptons or signs that is assessed when performing neurovascular observations.. This is a factor that increases the risk of developing the most severe complication of neurovascular compromis. ......................... document and inform the parent unit if observations suggest that compartment syndrome is developing.. This is one of the signs that is assessed when performing neurovascular observations..
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