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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Ancient Feudal Japan Asian History Life under the rule of the Shoguns Powerful Japanese warlord. Cut off from the outside world. Important protein source in Japanese diet. Samurai helmet with horns or frightening images. The city where the Emperor lived.
Unit 4-5 History of China and Japan Asian History Mongols could not fill all the positions in the ______ dynasty because many Mongols were illiterate. . A ____________ rules through military power. . _____ believed in most relationships one person is above the other. . the lives of many lower class people was changed when this dynasty allowed them to become government employees. . New faster growing ______ was introduced in China and lead to increased food production.
Japan and the Koreas Asian History Uniform; what Japan's ancestry is. Fixed total quantities, which limit the number of foreign-made goods sold in Japan. Affects Japan's seasons; are prevailing winds. Japan attacked this U.S. naval base during WWII on Dec.7,1941. Increase in number of atomic weapons around the world..
The Lightning Thief Books - Fantasy Complete the crossword puzzle by figuring out the clues. The safest place for all demigods to live and train. Half-human and half-goat. The daughter of Athena. The place where Zeus and all the Greek gods live and meet for court. . God of the sea, one of the Big Three gods.
Feudal Japan Asian History person exempt from the legal jurisdiction of the country in which they reside. fear or dislike of strangers or foreigners . shipwrecked person. sudden governmental overthrow by persons in authority. Chinese and Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism.
24 Kitchen Tools Food write in the kitchen tool that matches the definition used to strain liquids smaller than a collandar. used to take the skin off of vegetables. used to cut food on. used for pick up or holding food has movable arms. used to bake muffins.
South Asia & Indo-European Migrations Asian History Sum of good & evil in a life. Aryan term for the Dravidians. Priests. Chief god of Aryans; of rain & war. Aryan god who preserves cosmic order.
The Cay Books sea creature. hard stony surface forming reefs in warm seas. a weight used for fishing. a surface where one side or end is at a higher level. tied to restrict movement.
Written in Bone Books happening before death. to protect something and keep it in its original form. to become greatly interested or curious about something. to uncover by digging away and removing the earth that covers something. to float or flutter without moving from one spot.
The Reluctant God Books A rebellion against the government. 1000 years. To be grand, opulent, and extravagant. great in importance, extent, or size. 1. a place, typically a large, deep pit, from which stone or other materials are or have been extracted 2. an animal pursued by a hunter, hound, predatory mammal, or bird of prey .
Geography Geology Use the hints to figure out the crossword puzzles These are made in subduction zones.. These happen when stress in the Earth's lithosphere become to great, causing the plates to crack ad move along the faults.. Where an earthquake starts.. This kind of Eruption is the opposite of a quiet eruption.(two words). Waves that can travel through solids and liquids.(two words).
Concrete Construction Chemistry Solve the puzzle using the word clues. A cut in a concrete surface made by a saw or router.. A handheld impact tool used to firmly press stamping mats or texturing skins into fresh concrete to ensure a complete imprint.. Formed, sawed, or tooled groove in a concrete slab used to regulate the location of cracking, or to allow expansion or movement of adjoining structures.. A breaking away of concrete at joints in floors or slabs.. A bonded layer of material, ranging from 1/4 to 1 inch or more in thickness, placed on existing concrete surfaces to beautify, level, or restore..
Inca History Inca are ____________. One of their special workers were_________(s). How many provinces do they have?. Their history passed down through oral _________. Inca's government controlled ________ and social life.
Skeleton Body Most superior part of the body. Also known as the skull. the anterior opening of the mandible. Located on the inferior end of the humerus on either side. Superior to the scapula. Also known as the collar bone. Contains five vertebrae..
Solar System Formation Astronomy cold interstellar gas cloud. _________is a captured moon of Neptune. thick bubble of icy debris that surrounds our solar system. Our moon formed from a __________ of another object with Earth. exerted upon any surface exposed to electromagnetic radiation.
John Sherman Cooper Government and Politics His parents were ____, and _____. He ran as a _______ when he was a Senator. His wife's name is ________ Cooper. He failed to win the _________'s election against Paul patton. He was a _______ Judge of the twenty-eighth judical district.
Civil War US History Vocabulary Review Fee put on Southern voters in an attempt to prevent freedmen from voting. Amendment granting voting rights to all citizens, including black males.. Name given to the Southern states who seceded prior to the Civil War. type of law in which military commanders were in control. Amendment declaring all native-born and naturalized persons as US citizens.
Digestive System Body relating to the small intestine. surgery to form a new opening in the ileum. suffix that means abnormal condition. instrument to cut the esophagus. prefix that means under, below.
Bantu Society The last special worker is a ______(s). Bantu peoples ______(ed) across the entire continent, but from the Sahara back up to North Africa. One special worker works with crops. Chiefs are choose by ________. Another special worker works with fish.
Good Decisions Society Making good decisions A prize you can give yourself for doing a good job. What you determine to be either negative or positive. Beliefs that are important to you. Taking incremental movements toward a goal begins with the first. Specific actions designed to take you from point A to point B.
Muscle Types and Tissue Body Human muscular system Only found in the heart, this muscle never tires despite continual contractions. This involuntary type of muscle tissue is found internally, like in the digestive system. Skeletal muscles are this type of tissue meaning striped because of their appearance. A type of muscle that is controlled by the central nervous system without conscious thought. Connective tissue that connects bone to bone.
Literary Literature and Writing A writer’s use of hints or clues to indicate events and situations that happen later on in the story . a struggle between a character and an outside force. he substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive. used to imply that a statement or other production is humorously or otherwise not seriously intended. When the audience knows something about the story that the characters do not know..
The Glass Castle 🏰 Books - Autobiography Jeanette's baby sister . What Jeanette got for Christmas . Their random escapes. What Rex struggled with. Book title.
Smooth Muscle Health term for complete obstruction. senses environment of the lumen, regulates blood flow and epithelial cell function. nervous system that controls GI tract motility. small intestine where bile is secreted. has 2 thick layers of smooth muscle running longitudinally and circularly.
Fundamentals of Buddhism Religion Symbolized the feet or footprints of Buddha. Truths about life according to Buddha. When actions lead to consequences. Craving for pleasures. Craving to not experience the world or pain.
Division and Democracy in France European History ____ governments rose and fell at slightest pressure.. ___ men were even reluctant to agree with women suffrage? . French women didn't get suffrage till?. Emile Deeds was?. When did France get the chance to avenge the Franco-Prussian war?.
Al Capone Does My Shirts Books Being bad-tempered and silent from disappointment.. To clean or brighten the surface of something by rubbing it hard.. In a strange and frightening manner.. In the state of worry or confusion.. A group of bushes or small trees that grow close together..
Secrets of the Maya Books - Historical something that has small holes in it which water can pass through.. a point directly above a particular location. termination of existence or operation. a device used to tell time when the sun is shining. . ashamed or embarrassed.
Axial Division of the Skeletal System Body Made up of 26 bones includes the and the coccyx. Largest vertebrae; supports weight . Used for muscle attachment; mandible is the largest . Connects the parietal and temporal bones. Allows to shake our heads 'No'.
Nicholas Blowers Art Exploring and Responding The artist wants the audience to focus on the ______ of life. . The over-arching theme in his work is ____ and ____ in the natural world. . His artworks look similar to those produced by artists in the 1800s showing scientific classifications and _____ drawings. . Blowers’ subject matter includes dying plants in various stages of decay as well as ____ and moths lying on their backs as they have fallen. . He paints using ____ brushes and sgraffito tools to produce the intricate detail in his subject matter. .
Robotics Technology World's firsg actual humanoid robot. He is famous for creating a wooden beetle capable of flying. Robotic vacuum cleaner release in 2002. First industrial robot with six electromechanically driven axes. The one who took the Golden Fleece.
Musculature Body neck muscle involved in movement of the head . overstretching and possible tearing of muscle . bone tissue forming where it should not. ligament pulled from the bone, taking bone with it. flexing or bending part of the body .
Swiss Family Robinson Movies Drink found inside the half ripe coconuts. Youngest son. This animal is Jacks pet. Fritz gave these as a gift to his mother and brothers. The animal that rode on the dogs backs..
Film and Television Television The movement of the camera from left to right or vice-versa from its axis. A shot that usually is the first shot in a scene. It is used to show the location where the next action will take place. The style by which shots and scenes are joined together and progress from one to the next. Any spoken lines in a film by an actor/actress. A transition between two scenes where the first merges gradually into the second.
Structures And Forces Other By Sanat7E A Plan Or Drawing To Show The Look And Function Or Workings Of An Object.. The Ability For A Structure To Remain Or Return Stable When Forces Act On It. Forces Acting Outside Of An Object . Something Made By Machines Or Humans. Two Or More Cables Usually Passing Over Towers And Securely Anchored At The Ends.
Peoples of the Americas History villages of large apartment-style compounds. last mound builders. Inca ruler. Inca accounting device. a natural object with which an individual, clan or group identifies with.
Civil War US History Crossword ended slavery. dude that assasinated Abraham Lincoln. Union general and 18th president. increased the need for slaves. leaving.
The Spirit in the Bottle and The Frog King Entertainment The boy went to the university to become a __________ .. The frog says, 'Princess, oh Princess, open the __________ .. The handkerchief could also __________ injured people;. The princess promises to take the frog to the __________ with her.. The giant wanted to _________ the boy..
Biodiversity Other gradual process of a species becoming extinct.. any natural resource available in limited amounts or replaced extremely slowly by natural processes. . use of resources at a rate that they can be replaced or recycled. endemic species: species found only in one specific geographic area. . a large-scale dying out of a large percentage of all living organisms in an area within a short time.. any resource replaced by natural processes more quickly than it is consumed. .
Logic of Geometry Math A two column table where on the left there is a statement and on the right the reason. Intersecting a system of lines. An if-then statement. In the same plane. Angles on the opposite sides of two intersecting lines that have the same degree.
Theodore Roosevelt US History Show what you know about Theodore Roosevelt He named this famous home in Washington. He lived to be _____ years old. How many siblings does he have. This is another name for the Progessive party. What was his favorite subject.
Texas Revolution US History This battle ended the Texas Revolution. The revolution happened here. He was a soldier who fought and died at the Alamo. The Bowie Knife was named after this man. This siege took place at San Antonio de Bexar.
Hamlet Literature and Writing They acted out the play. Another one of Hamlet's old friends. 'Too much water hath thou poor Ophelia.'. Another Officer. 'Let four captains bear Hamlet like a soldier to the stage.'.
The Ancient Indian Culture Other solve the puzzle steps necessary to reach spiritual enlightenment in Buddhism. the four fundamental principles of Buddhism. total effect of a person's actions. means 'the enlightened one'. determined to find a path to a life without it.
Civil War US History abolished slavery and involuntary servitude. shot by Boston Corbett, a Union soldier. led the Republicans in their effort to remove the vestiges of Confederate nationalism and slavery. ruled the application of military tribunals to citizens. a major battle in the Western Theater of the American Civil War.
Wood Other solve this crossword to identify common types of wood defects Accumulations of a resinous liquid on the surface or in pockets below the surface of wood. Warping in lumber where the ends twist in opposite directions. Breaks in the wood along the annual growth rings. Can be caused by improper drying and storage or the presence of reaction. Due to improper storage where usually moisture evaporation from one side and not the other.
The Cranial Nerves Body smile. plulling for you. gag me with a spoon!. Double your pleasure. supplied by hypoglossal nerve.
World War I History Disaster in 1915 on the Eastern front of war. Site of a western front battle, where 60,000 British soldiers were killed in one day. movement to unify the people of all German speaking countries. The month the war ends. New technology for the war.
The Sacraments Religion The Eucharistic wine is Christ's _______. The sacrament given to those dying or undergoing serious surgery.. Sins should be confessed in _______ and kind.. The Church is considered the ______ of Christ.. This is poured over our head at Baptism..
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