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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Road Travel Transportation Use the hints to guess the word(s). place where a train transverses a road. small passage between buildings. side of road, place to pull over. where two roads meet to form an 'X'. official document required to legally operate a vehicle.
Embroidery Stitches Entertainment Precious stone, the hardest naturally occurring substance.. A vertical strip of unravelled fabric in tights or stockings. A bundle of grain stalks laid lengthways and tied together after reaping.. Persons whose job it is to work as a members of the crew of a commercial or naval ship or boat,. a mechanism for keeping a door, window, lid, or container fastened.
A Wrinkle in Time Movies Complete the crossword puzzle. Hard but liable to break or shatter easily (pg. 181). Having unlimited power; able to do anything (pg. 190). Megs youngest brother (pg. 12). The older boy that went with Meg and Charles Wallace on their adventure. (pg. 64) . Anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment (pg. 217).
Literary Elements Literature and Writing Word pictures that the author uses to evoke an emotional response in a reader. . The school day lasts an eternity!! . A conclusion abed on evidence given and your own personal experience. . When the narrator uses the word 'I' throughout the story, this is ________ ________. . If Ms. Horton says, 'I would study these terms! You never know when you'll have a quiz!' in a high pitched voice..
Introduction to Pathology Health Clinical course which may last months to years, sometimes following an acute course.. _____________death is an irreversible state of cellular destruction.. Refers to the mechanisms and characteristics of the major types of disease processes.. Objective or observed manifestation of a disease.. A method is used to detect a specific antigen in the tissue in order to identify the type of disease..
The International Space Station Entertainment Gravity - the force that causes things to fall towards the Earth. Orbit - the curved path that a moon or satellite follows as it goes around a planet. Compartment - a space or area that is often used to hold a specific thing. Laboratory - a room with special equipment for doing scientific experiments. Nation - a country.
Landmarks & Capital Cities World Geography Complete the crossword puzzle below This cathedral is one of the most recognized symbols of Paris and the French nation. The enormous ferris wheel in the middle of London. An ancient wat in Cambodia.. 'Lost City of the Incas' in Peru. A manmade stone landmark used by people in Arctic region..
Australia Birds Animals I am like an owl i live in woodland and start with an T.. I am black and white and sound like a type of food. I lives in snow type of owl. I have butiful tail fethers and start with an L.. I can ushaly be found in canada or neer mountains and i'm a bird of prey..
Equality and Diversity Society An area covered by The Mentoring Agreement. To keep someone safe from a person or situation. The document used to protect both mentor and mentee. The prejudicial treatment of people. A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing..
Sahara Desert Geology a relationship is between a predator and prey, the predator hunts the prey. an organism that photosynthesis. What protects the scorpions skin from the harsh desert sun. These consumers are herbivores which means they only eat grass and plants which are the Producers.. a relationship is where an organism benefits off another organism (or host) while the other organism is harmed and hasn’t benefited from the parasite in anyway..
Indigenous Sacred Sites Society Complete the crossword below easily broken. land that is ruled by a particular tribe. land almost completely surrounded by water. believing in and holding spiritual beliefs. connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose.
Lemony Snicket Movies The criminal in all the books.. Lemony_________.. The owner of the Lost Arms.. What Theodora calls her car.. A town that has faded away ever since the drained the ocean for ink..
Breakfasts Around the World Food What I would drink with pan dulce.. Eggs and this type of oil are added to 'pan con tomate.'. A cookie crust pan dulce. One of the fillings that go into pan dulce.. Akaras as a breakfast food are cheap and _________________..
Animal Health Animals the condition of having an abnormally low body temperature. providing for all of the needs of an animal to allow them to live, grow and reproduce free from pain and suffering. results from injury, improper nutrition, genetic abnormality, unfavorable environmental conditions or exposure to toxic materials. the practice of raising animals and tending to animal health. measure of how much heat is in the body.
Microbiology Terminology Biology Any prolonged or persistent invasion of the body by pathogens e.g. Tuberculosis, leprosy, syphilis. Means microbes are present. Are bacteria which are found in or on our bodies on a semi-permanent basis without causing disease. When bacteria grow on body sites exposed to the environment, without causing infection. . An infectious microorganism that is normally a commensal or does not harm its host but can cause disease when the host's resistance is low.
Intro Into Forensic Science Science Crime scene unit that matches bullets and casings to specific firearms. A lie detector test. Fingerprints that are not visible. Type of Forensic Science that deals with autopsies and determining cause of death. Maintains the largest crime lab in the world.
Seaside Destinations World Geography All answers are UK holiday resorts.... good luck! Where to find Eric's side kick statue.. Here stands The Nelson's Monument.. Our Surf Capital.. Basil Fawlty's hotel is here.. Was described in a poster featuring a jolly fisherman in 1908 as 'So bracing'..
Beaumont Quarry World Geography Habitats, plants and animals found within Beaumont Quarry This 12 letter word is the combination of 2 words that explain all the living things on Earth.. A plant or animal that can cause damage to native species and habitats. . A colourful member of the corvid bird family that loves to eat acorns.. This an important type of grassland found in Beaumont Quarry.. Bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies are all known as what type of bug?.
Choux Pastries Food Savoury choux pastries that maybe flavoured with cheese and herbs. To activate the steam, choux paste is usually bake at relatively _______ temperature. Choux pastries that is deep-fried and rolled in sugar. ______ is a key leavening agent in baked goods with lost of moisture like choux paste. Choux paste must be baked until completely ______.
Museum of Antiquities World Geography Goddess often depicted as a cow, associated with fertility. Pictographic writing. Protective and decorative black make-up. God of writing, often depicted in the form of a baboon. Ancient alloy containing copper.
Touring Australia World Geography Known for pearling and oldest operating cinema. Country music capital. Meccano set traffic light intersection. Victory in the americas cup. See the Rocky Hill war Memorial.
Cell Organelle Body The microtubles and microfilaments that support cell shape . An organelle that is the site of cellular respiration, releasing energy . Found in plant cells and the site of photosynthesis . An organelle of interconnecting membrane sheets that assist protein synthesis. The site for RNA and protein to create ribosomes.
Black Death History one way plague was spread. another carrier of the plague. a spirit escaping from these was thought to be a cause of the plague. this facility diagnoses the plague. one carrier of the plague.
Palm Tree Care Other Scientific name for Palms. A nutrient deficiency that appears on the oldest fronds of some palms as yellow mottled spots. Only prune palm fronds that are completely '..........'.. Fertilize palms with fertilizers containing macronutrients and '........'.. A fatal palm disease caused by a phytoplasm.
Surprising Facts About Sir Ernest Shackleton Society Rescued 22 of his crewmen on this Island. Military branch that disqualified Shackleton due to health issues after expedition. Authored this well-read book. Birth place in Ireland. Valued trait of crew members.
Geography Revision World Geography Peru has a rich _________ that boasts over 1800 species of birds....... What type of threat has caused the Amazon to lose thousands of square miles?. Another term for plants in the ecosystem . What word refers to anything that is living?. Another term for animals in the ecosystem .
Continents - Australia, South America Africa World Geography Tourists and ____________________ are the only people who come to Antartica.. These penguins live in Antartica. Special food eaten by killer whales and other animals.. This river runs through Budapest.. Desert in Asia..
Signs and Symbols In The Holy Qurbana Religion representative of Christ. assist celebrant in ministry. the word cross in syriac. centre of sanctuary. symbol of church participating mass.
Job Position of A Frontliner Botany Finds and rescues victims in burning buildings or emergency situations. GrabFood / foodpanda. To maintain law and social order by protecting citizens. To maintain hygiene at highest level. Plays significant role in every hospital and clinic.
Accounting Math Electronic funds transfer. Amounts due to be paid to creditors within twelve months.. Money lost. An asset that is not expected to turn to cash within one year of date shown on a company's balance sheet. . Received when buying something.
Music Music the group of instruments that are played with a bow or with the fingers. a musical instrument that often seen with a kilt. a type of popular music with a strong, loud beat . the action of entertaining other people. a performance of music or poetry, usually given by one person or a small group.
Mosiah Bible number of plates the people found when looking for Zarahemla. the plates that were found tell of what people. wicked king who orders the prophet killed. lived with the Mulekits for nine moons, last man of his people. a man called of God who can translate records.
Japan Asian History Capital city. Only country to have a monarch called this . Ocean to the west. Japan is made up of 6852 what? . Famous Japanese fish dish.
Roman Goddesses European History Goddess of Love, Desire, Sex, and Prosperity. Goddess of Flowers and Spring. Goddess of the Harvest, Agriculture and Motherly Relationships,daughter of Saturn and Ops. . Mother of Zeus / Wife of Cronus. Goddess of the Dawn.
Intro to Rays Math it is formed when the light rays appear to be originating from a point but does not actually meet. he angle at which light hits a reflecting surface . the mirror-like reflection of waves, such as light. a line (straight or curved) that is perpendicular to the light's wavefronts. the light that falls on a subject.
Gastrulation Body Complete the crossword puzzle below The mesoderm that is formed from proliferating cells from sides of primitive node and streak. A membrane structure that marks the site of the future oral cavity. This structure gives rigidity and serves as a basis for the development of the axial skeleton. Which cells are replaced by endoderm cells during gastrulation?. The direction in which cells invaginating in the primitive pit move.
Mitosis and Meiosis Biology Complete the crossword puzzle below Meiosis that occurs in males. Cells that are not dividing leave the cell cycle and remain in this stage. A chromosomal locus that regulates the movement of chromosomes during mitosis and meiosis. Results from the abnormal mitotic cell division. Somatic cell division.
Reproductive System Body Absence of menustration . Develops in uterus during pregnancy. Provides nutrients and oxygen to baby. Aids in the production of sperm. Stool composed of materials ingested by the infant while in the uterus. Fertilized eggs pass through this from the ovaries to uterus.
Anastasia Other aka Ana What is the only known allergy that I have?. Where are all of my clothes from?. What is my favourite type of shoe?. What did my mum want me to be called?. What did I want to be when I was younger?.
Rays and Reflection Physics Find the words using the hints below: Formed in a location where where the rays cannot actually reach. . Equal to angle of incidence. Parallel rays bounce off a flat surface, reflected rays remain parallel. . These go into our eyes. . Incoming ray.
The Festival of Diwali Religion Oil lamps.. They eat ______ to celebrate the occasion.. Hindus will say _______ to the goddess for a successful year.. Diwali lasts for ____ days.. ______ celebrate this festival..
Crocodiles Animals Complete the cross word puzzels. a warm-blooded vertebrate animal of a class that is distinguished by the possession of hair or fur,. relating to the Pacific Ocean. unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts. a domesticated ruminant mammal with a thick woolly coat. relating to water..
Summer Olympic Cities Sports 1952 host . Would have hosted for the second time this July . First host after the First World War. Were held at the highest elevation. The 100th anniversary host .
Covid-19 Health A liquid used to clean your hands. When you’ve got nothing to do. Covid-19 is a type of. There was a shortage of this. What the signs on most stores now say.
South African Theatre African History Using the South African notes - complete the crossword An independent theatre that sprang up. This was an important black writer.. This significantly influences theatre.. Was influenced by Black Consciousness. An English playwright.
The first Farmers in Southern Africa South American History Complete the crossword puzzle abreviation: Before Christ: before the birth of Christ. These people lived in Southern Africa 20 000 years ago.. These people were herders and arrived 2 100 years ago.. A unit of time (100 years). Period in history when people made and used iron.
Chemistry Chemistry Type of Liquid crystal meaning soap. Molecules in LC with a chiral cntre. Anisotropic fluids. Device operating on photovoltaics. Hydrogen atoms on either side of C=C bond.
Elements and Principles of Design Business and Work The use of different lines, shapes, textures, colours and other elements of design to create interest in a work of art. A feeling that all of the parts are working together as a team – the quality of wholeness. An element of art that refers to the lightness or darkness of a colour. Colours made by mixing a primary with a secondary colour. Also called intermediate colours. Made of only a single colour or hue and its tints and shades.
Anatomy and Physiology Body This lobe of the brain receives auditory stimuli from cochlea of the ear. This gland helps lubricate skin and hair. This lobe of the brain receives visual stimuli from photoreceptors in the eye. This structure is a chamber within the diaphysis of long bone. It contains yellow bone marrow and is lined with spongy bone. This region is where bones grow.
Travel Recreation A particular place or position. A medium-sized vehicle with a boxy shape and high roof, used for transporting goods or passengers.. A mechanical device that inhibits motion by absorbing energy from a moving system. Make the vehicle goes slower or stop.. An intersection of two or more roads. The complex of runways and buildings for the takeoff, landing, and maintenance of civil aircraft, with facilities for passengers..
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