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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Islamic Holiday Religion this day marks the end of Ramadan and is sometimes called the Breaking of the Fast. It is celebrated on the 1st day of the month of Shawwal. . ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It is special to Muslims because it is the month when the Quran was revealed to Muhammad. Throughout this month, Muslims fast (don't eat or drink) from sunrise to sunset.. takes place on the first day of the month of Muharram and marks the day when Muhammad and his followers traveled from Mecca to Medina. This holiday is sometimes known as just 'Muharram.' . this day celebrates the birth of Muhammad and takes place on the 12th day of Rabi al-Awwal. This day is often celebrated with parades and songs.. this day is also called the Night of Power. It takes place near the end of Ramadan and commemorates the night the Quran was first given to Muhammad..
Aromatic Chemistry Chemistry Name the reaction that converts aldehydes and ketones into alkanes. Pyridine is used as a nucleophilic catalyst. In what reaction can this be portrayed in?. Name a fairly unreactive aromatic amine that is used in reactions between acid chlorides + alcohols to make esters.. How many criterias are needed for aromaticity?. The reaction of ketones or aldehydes with zinc amalgam in concentrated hydrochloric acid is known as what type of reaction? .
College Terms School Terms you'll need to know when attending or applying to college. A student who does not want to receive credit in a course may, with approval of the instructor, observe the class as a visitor. Those classes outlined by an institution for completion of a program leading to a degree. Federal student regulations require that students maintain minimum grade point averages and earn a certain amount of credits per semester. The report you receive from the Department of Education after submitting your FAFSA. This report contains the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). A postponement or delay of payment obligations.
Information Technology Technology Object oriented, cross platform language . OS different from other OS as it is incredibly customizable . Logical address assigned to every workstation, server, printer, and router on any interconnected network. A lossy compression technique for color images. Universal language found in a variety of different applications .
Culinary Arts Food Involves the withdrawal of a stimulus and increases the likelihood of a previous behavior. The professional membership association for certified athletic trainers . Assistant. Invented Potato Chips. It's roots lie in a combination of Mesoamerican and Spanish cuisine..
Nelson Mandela's Speech History The laws which are made by the whites are designed to ______ this terrible situation. Children _______ about the streets of the townships because they have no schools to go to. Greater skills will bring higher ______. In a democratic society all persons live together in harmony and with equal _______.. _________ and robberies are increasing.
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Use these words to complete cross word puzzle After 66 days, settlers landed at Cape Cod, __________.. Thanksgiving is time to help others less fortunate than us. Pilgrims and Natives had abundance of wild __________, geese, duck, venison.. First settlers were the ________. Mixture of milk, honey, spices, roasted in hollowed Pumpkin made a _______dessert..
US Money Other Use these words to complete this Money Cross Word Puzzle Lincoln and the Lincoln Memorial on this coin. 13 unfinished rows symbolize strength and endurance. First US President. Part of Treasury producing US coins. Abolished slavery.
Fun & Factual Fungi Other A popular, edible parasitic mushroom, growing in clumps (common name).. The genus of a common coral type of fungi that tastes like lobster. . The Japanese know this yummy mushroom as maitake (four words). . An identifying feature of Suillus mushrooms (aka Slippery Jacks). . A way to preserve mushrooms. .
Tennis Sports A set is usually comprised of six games. how does the tennis racquet is the basic tool of the game?. what is his highest ranked or lowest?. The court is where the action happens!. The shot played when the back of the dominant hand is facing forward.
Tennis Sports Everything about tennis Who is the best ranked women's player?. In tennis, What has a round or oval frame strung with catgut?. What is it called when you score 40–40 in a game? . What is it called when a player makes two faults?. The shot played when the palm of the dominant hand is facing forward.
Attitude Towards Other People Society even-tempered . upset and angry because someone that you love seems interested in another person. telling the truth. not usually worried about other people's behaviour or things that need to be done. can be trusted or believed because he, she, or it works or behaves well in the way you expect.
Prefix Practice Spelling Lists before. after. to put off for later. weather prediction. below the water.
Age Of Exploration; History An area of the island of Indonesia; in the 1600s, the Dutch drove the English out of the spice market, leaving the English with only one port, here.. A fort was established by the Dutch on this island in Southeast Asia, at Batavia, in 1619 to defend their spices.. A nun of Latin America who wrote poetry and prose and encouraged women should become educated.. The top social class of Latin America, who were Spanish or Portuguese officials from Europe; they recieved all top government occupations.. A sailor from Portugal who went to Goa, in west India, and Melaka, where the Portugese could easily sail to the Spice Islands..
A Streetcat named Bob Movies where you take your pet for treatment. to be crazy. trouble. a plastic tube with a needle attached. He knew where the food ....
Marketing Recap Business and Work A company with a high market share in a low-growth market is a ______. _______ market research involves using data collected by others, e.g. information on Google. Fourth stage of the product life cycle (high sales but little or no growth). A company with a low market share in a low-growth market is a ______. Things people must have.
Natural Disasters Earth Sciences a long period of time with below average rainfall.. the boundary between two different air massess.. climate pattern that mild winters and summers.. when people need to leave a certain area because of a natural disaster.. the regular rise and fall in sea levels on coasts.
Enamel Other Only in mature enamel, perpendicular to rods . Amelogenesis not turned off after enamel crown laid down, when enamel organ continuously produces enamel over root dentin . Chemical loss of enamel . Bundles of hypocalified rods extending from DEJ into enamel . Small hypocalcified areas near the DEJ, where odontoblastic process are trapped in enamel .
Red Queen Books Completely contrary to nature, reason, or common sense. . A collection of people or things. . To chuckle gleefully. . To irritate or provoke to a high degree. . A short journey or trip. .
Consonant Suffixes Spelling Lists Without hope.. In the process of (happening now) being shipped, sent.. Without help.. In the process of (happening now) being treated for something.. How someone is: ill, sick..
Energy, Work, and Power Physics type of potential energy that is typically the focus in physics. Although energy can not be created or destroyed, it can be _________________.. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that 'Energy can not be ________ or destroyed.'. type of energy carried by electromagnetic waves. work that an object does as a result of the work input.
Ships! Transportation Test your knowledge on the ships! Sister ship of Lusitania. A Cunard Line ship, which was torpedoed.. A ship that was rammed by the Stockholm and took 11 hours to sink.. A car ferry which capsized in 2 minutes.. Most famous sunken liner..
Home Sweet Home Home and Family a room used for sleeping in. where we park the car. material used for covering a roof or floor. make sure you lock it when you leave. a room where you can read, write,etc..
French Foods Food seed that is used for food and gives good nourishment . a white nutritious liquid created by a certain mammal. water directly from a tap. A dish that is caught in the ocean then cooked on a pan or in the oven. A juice created by oranges.
Governing Peoples of British North America History Governor of Quebec who replaced Murray, but shared many similar views. The Quebec Act enlarged Quebec's __________ to include the Ohio Valley. Pontiac's Resistance ended by signing a peace treaty at Fort __________. Name given to French people born in the Royal Colony of New France. Autonomous; having full independent rights of self-government.
X-Ray Imaging of Chest Pathology Health Imaging by sections or sectioning through the use of any kind of penetrating wave.. medical imaging technique used in radiology to form pictures of the anatomy and the physiological processes of the body.. disease in which there is permanent enlargement of parts of the airways of the lung.. an image produced on a sensitive plate or film by X-rays, gamma rays, or similar radiation, and typically used in medical examination.. Angiogram of a Vein.
Influential People Society Black History Month Activities Who was the first African-American woman physician in the United States?. Who was the first person to have performed the first open-heart surgery in the U.S?. Which boxer, nicknamed “the greatest”, passed away in 2016?. Who was the first black woman in the world to earn a pilot's license?. Who was the first Black President of the United States of America?.
Geometry Math Two angles and an included side. Angles that are in the same corner of each intersection . Two sides and an included angle . a pair of angles on the outer side of each of those two lines but on opposite sides of the transversal.. Two lines intersected by a transversal .
Stained Glass Other Architectural device by which windows are divided . Rose Window re-glazed to celebrate this dynasty. Great West Window second nickname. Surname of one of the leading Georgian glass craftsmen in England. Kingly figure on choir screen (c.1440-50).
Animal Animals one horned wild animal. huge wild animal. ugliest animal. slow hard shelled animal. crawls on walls.
Fur Trade History There are no spaces between words The process of exchanging goods or services for goods or services. What made beaver fur a soft felt. Allies from the North-Eastern part of present day Quebec and Eastern portions of Labrador. Currency. A group that the French fought for resources.
The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes Books - Childrens Literature An unsteady balance, or swaying/moving back and forth.. When in an argument, you have a reasonable explanation. . A food/ and or drink that has a good source of nutrients and strength. An example would be food like avocados or potatoes.. When you are or someone is feeling quite upset, and in a fuss. . When you make someone feel annoyed, frustrated and/or worried..
Judicial Branch Halloween Is a Judicial Opinion Agreed To By More Than Half of the Members of a Court. . Is a Theory of Judicial Interpretation That Encourages Judges To Limit the Exercise of Their Own Power.. The Opinion by One or More Judges of a Court Which Agrees With the Decision Made by the Majority of the Court, but States Different Reasons as the Basis for his or her Decision. . Is an Opinion in a Legal Case in Certain Legal Systems Written by One or More Judges Expressing Disagreement With the Majority Opinion of the Court Which Gives Rise to its Judgment. . Is a Process Under Which Executive or Legislative Actions Are Subject To Review by the Judiciary..
Aromatic Chemistry Chemistry Pyridine is toxic and _ _ _ _ smelling.. What describes the reaction between the diazonium ion reacting with cuprous salts? . How many pi electrons does nitrobenzene have?. What substitution reaction is favoured when the starting compound is anisole?. Benzene diazonium chloride reaction with fluoroboric acid at 0OC gives fluoro benzene. What is this reaction called? .
Age of Exploration History Used to determine latitude by measuring altitude of celestial bodies. Discovered the Pacific Ocean after crossing the Panama. Explored Brazil; 1st European to realize he had discovered a new continent in the New World; America named after him. Pointed to the magnetic north, making it easier to determine direction. Aztec emperor.
Food, Microbiome & Brain Food Term used to describe 'rich ecosystem' of microbes that perform a variety of functions in our bodies.. Foods that have less of this will result in better 'fuel' for your gut bacteria. Subunit of protein that is required to build neurotransmitters for communication in the brain. Type of food that would have a high glycemic index. If left alone, they can damage healthy cells. Antioxidants neutralize their effect..
Christmas Fun Christmas Follow the clues Found in the pudding 8. Make a gobbling noise 6. Yearly reading. period leading up to Christmas. Which saint`s day comes after Christmas day 7.
A Day At The Beach Recreation Makes shade.. Seen flying at the beach.. For holding water.. Makes a hole in the sand and walks sideways.. A perfect seaside lunch..
The Interlopers Literature and Writing Use your terms for the Interlopers and fill in the word that best defines the statement. Please spell the words correctly and make sure that your letters are easily read. a drink or potion; amount taken in one drink. having little or no importance or consequence; caused by mean spiritedness. a mixture of things not usually found together. a serious determined effort. aid; help; relief.
Electricity Physics a fun game to test your knowledge! measures potential difference across a circuit. rubbing two neutrally charged objects together to exchange electrons. detects high current in circuits that have the potential to cause a fire. allows electrons to flow in a circuit. transferring electrons from a charged object to a neutral object.
Bone and Bone Development Body Deposited in lacunae. The vertebral bones are examples of ......... bones. Responsible for the bone breakdown . 30% of bone is made up of ... giving tensile strength.. Bones ...... organs from damage..
The Origins of Islams Religion the book of Islam. angel who supposedly spoke to Muhammad. wife of Muhammad. there are 1.8 billion of these in the world. the Muslims have how many pillars they live by.
Deserts World Geography what water does when it dries and disappears. the cutting down of trees. an increased risk of this happens when water is dried up. united states - tenth largest desert in the world. where the aral sea was.
All About Trees Earth Sciences Use your knowledge of trees to compete the crossword below. The canopy of a tree; where leaves are found.. Tightly-woven lignin and cellulose that makes up the structure of a tree.. A plant that completes its lifecycle in one year. . A tree with dense wood typically characterized by slow growth.. Contains the phloem of a tree which transports sugars from the leaves to the roots of a tree for storage..
Health Home Care Management Health Choose the care manager word that corresponds to the hint there are 5 billable of these services for care management . these include a member's name, address, telephone number, insurance information, gender etc. members need 2 uncontrolled of these conditions in order to be eligible for health homes. what is completed and sent to the health home for enrollment . this packet is reviewed and given to the member at the enrollment meeting .
The Wild Robot Books - Science Fiction Try to solve the challenging puzzle......... He has really loud wings in the water. lives under ground. Bright beek. tiny fingers. long teeth.
Essential Nutrients Health Fibrinogen în stare solidă. Partea lichidă a sângelui. Substanţe de natură proteică care distrug sau inactivează bacteriile și proteinele eterogene. Celulele sangvine suspendate în plasma. Legătură chimică nestabilă a Hemoglobinei cu bioxidul de carbon (CO2).
Science Science Find the words flat expanses of ground covered with salt and other minerals. to add air or oxygen into a liquid.. is the material that lies above an area that lends itself to economical exploitation. the second step in most waste treatment systems during which bacteria consume the organic parts of the wastes. a combustion device to burn associated, unwanted or excess gases and liquids released during normal or unplanned over-pressuring operation in many industrial processes.
Aromatic Chemistry Chemistry What describes the reaction between the diazonium ion reacting with cuprous salts? . How many pi electrons does nitrobenzene have?. What substitution reaction is favoured when the starting compound is anisole?. What electrophile is required for a Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction?. Benzene diazonium chloride reaction with fluoroboric acid at 0OC gives fluoro benzene. What is this reaction called? .
Textile Terminology Other Make this puzzle to test your textile terminology Part of the sewing machine that keeps your fabric into place. Tool you use for putting thread through fabric. Forming a stretchy fabric by looping a continuous yarn (with two needles). Type of fabric made of (recycles) plastics. Template to cut exact pieces of fabric.
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