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Difficult Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be very difficult to complete. They are made on large grids with more than 30 words of any size. To view or print a difficult crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
College Terms - Part 2 School Terms you'll need to know when attending or applying to college. The universal application for financial aid, including loans, grants, college work-study, and other federal and state programs.. A students chosen field of study that usually requires the successful completion of a specified number of hours. Expected family contribution(used to determine Pell Grant eligibility and amount of financial need. Conferred upon students who successfully complete a 2 year program designed to lead directly into employment in a specific career. A specific number of credit hours in a secondary field of study.
Language Techniques Literature and Writing Reach each example and identify the part or figure of speech it represents The cat sat on the kitchen floor.. the team played well in front of so many spectators.. The child hid under the desk when the earthquake hit.. We had to cross our fingers and hope everything would be okay.. Mrs Smith yelled, 'Get out of my house!'.
Muscles and Bones Body Butt muscle. Funniest bone in your body. Knee. Upper arm muscle anterior. Bone located on the inside of your foot.
13 Colonies US History Trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas. daughter of the Powhatan chief, married John Rolfe . the group of native Americans who lived in the Jamestown area. middlemost colonies, grew grains, mild climate . Founder of Maryland .
British Colonization Government and Politics The 13 colonies Trade between America and other countries other than Britain and along the way they gave something and in return they got finished products of produce.. Chief of the Powhatan Confederacy and father to Pocahontas.. A religious group who wanted to purify the Church of England.. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware.. He was the founder of Maryland, a colony which offered religious freedom, and a refuge for the persecuted Roman Catholics..
Ready Player One! Movies Read the Hints and write the answer in the box! A bat-and-ball game played between two opposing teams who take turns batting and fielding. A number that is one more than seven. A game played on a field between two teams of 11 players each with the object to propel a round ball into the opponent's goal by kicking or by hitting it with any part of the body except the hands and arm. The capital of Japan. A thermally insulated chamber used for the heating, baking, or drying of a substance, and most commonly used for cooking.
First Aid Health The ___ ___ law was enacted to encourage people to help others in emergency situations.. Bonus: I have broken ___ bones.. A persons skin color that is flushed, pale, ___, or ashen may be ill.. The lungs reside in the ___ cavity.. A ___ is a cut..
Radiology Business and Work your boss. the long bone in the upper part of the arm that extends from the shoulder to the elbow. radiography in which a 3D image of a body structure is constructed by computer from a series of plane cross-sectional images made along an axis. equipment or clothing that protects people from health risks at work. a test that uses high frequency sound waves to make pictures of your heart.
Joints Body Plane joint between the patella and the lower end of the femur. . Caused by bacteria transmitted by tick bites. . Angular movement that increases the joint angle. . Slightly movable joints.. sacs lined with synovial membrane..
Radiology Business and Work a person who is receiving medical care. the long bone in the upper part of the arm that extends from the shoulder to the elbow. radiography in which a 3D image of a body structure is constructed by computer from a series of plane cross-sectional images made along an axis. equipment or clothing that protects people from health risks at work. a test that uses high frequency sound waves to make pictures of your heart.
Sean Connery Bond Movies Sean Connery Bond Rosa ___, SPECTRE's No3, once of SMERSH. Adolfo ___ (played xx). Mr ___, one of xx's henchman in Diamonds Are Forever. Ian ___ (novellist who created the Bond character). Kissy ___, Bond's love interest who goes undercover as his wife.
Daniel Craig Bond Movies Daniel Craig Bond ___ Montes, Bolivian agent and Bond's main love interest. Rami ___ (played xx). ___ (sang the theme song for Skyfall). ___ Mathis, Bond's contact in Montenegro. Judi ___ (played M until Skyfall).
Age of Exploration History helped navigators find magnetic North. device used to find latitude. he entered the St. Lawrence River. sailed west encountered a large island & named it newfoundland. gave aid to the Netherlands by allowing privateers to attack the Spanish Armada.
Joints Body turning of a around its own long axis. turning backwards (radius and ulnar are parallel). point mandible forward. reverse of bending movement along the sagittal plane, (increase the angle). slightly movable joints.
Rome World Geography match the correct word to the hint given elected officials. Tribunes had the right to do this . worshipped like a god by the Romans. looted Rome and burned most of the city down. senator who demanded the destruction of Carthage.
Neck and Back Body Triangular bone that makes the base of the spine. the end of a rib that attaches to the vertebra. muscle that allows us to breath. Long muscle that runs mid back along the spinous processes. Large hole made by the vertebral arch and body.
Earth's Spheres Earth Sciences The high surface tension of water makes rain drops tiny bullets, that given enough time will erode ____. The lithosphere is able to move about, which over time causes the ___ to change positions. The current rates of use for lithospheric resource consumption is greater than the natural processes of replenishment - they are termed ___ resources. The lithosphere is broken into continental ____. Only 2% of the earth's water is ___.
Climate 3 Meteorology Climate change causes a loss of ____. Option for reducing the EGHE - protection of ___. Specialist ____ species are the ones most affected by accelerated climate change. Impact of the EGHE (2). Impact of the EGHE (3).
Joints Body Use the hints to complete the crossword. name of the end of the big toe joint. a term referring to a disease involving muscle or joint pain. . name of hip bone joint. the seams in between skull bones. name of the upper knee joint.
Music Music terms, etc music after the romantic period. a musical title, hint: they're independent. 4 of these make a quarter note. very loud, ff. whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half.
A Nation is Born US History A founding father that wrote 'The Federalist Papers.' He also has a broadway musical that was written about his life.. The two meetings of the delegates before and during the war. . This famous author is accredited to writing “Common Sense” trying to persuade British opposition. . A system of trade policies that the colonies didn’t really care about, the colonies just had to remain loyal to Britain.. In response to a certain act that the British imposed, in the middle December of 1773, a group of Patriots in Boston organized a protest and disguised themselves as Native Americans. .
Best Actress Nominees 1990s Entertainment Best Actress Nominees 1990s Pretty Woman (1990). The Wings of the Dove (1997). The End of the Affair (1999). Leaving Las Vegas (1995). Titanic (1997).
Best Actress Nominees 1980s Entertainment Best Actress Nominees 1980s Working Girl (1988). Shirley Valentine (1989). Peggy Sue Got Married (1986). Ordinary People (1980). Resurrection (1980).
Best Actress Nominees 1970s Entertainment Best Actress Nominees 1970s Ryan's Daughter (1970). The Way We Were (1973). Sounder (1972). The Exorcist (1973); Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974); Same Time, Next Year (1978). Cinderella Liberty (1973); The Goodbye Girl (1977); Chapter Two (1979).
Best Actor Nominees 1970s Entertainment Best Actor Nominees 1970s Equus (1977). Harry and Tonto (1974). Being There (1979). Taxi Driver (1976); The Deer Hunter (1978) (2,4). I Never Sang for My Father (1970).
The Monkey's Paw Books - Horror full of life; lively. anything thought to have magical or protective powers. Exposure to the risk of harm or loss. assuming . a final result or consequence; an outcome.
The Human Lifespan Society youth are devalued, victimised or neglected. focusing on one aspect while ignoring others. table manners, being considerate . experiencing the full range of emotions, increasing complexity in expression of emotions, the development of self-concept and resilience. writing, cutting with scissors, tying shoelaces.
Business Business and Work This puzzle is about words or meanings that relate to business. What do you get for doing a job.. A type of management style that gives severe authority . What do you get for doing a job. A person's regular occupation, profession, or trade.. A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit..
Baptist Grove Church Religion How well do you know your church? 8, 10, 1215. Pastor Akinbinu has been at BGC . Our Congregation. White Gloves. Baptist Grove Church is to reach, grow and empower committed followers of Jesus Christ, who live life to the fullest through growing in relationship with God, strengthening relationships with others, and bringing life to our world through service..
Economics Science Income earned through private means. Disposable income plus a set of benefits through indirect government benefits. Includes people who are not in a paid job, but are actively looking for one. A market which has a small number of sellers and producers. Comprises of people employed and unemployed.
The 1920s History Influential people and events that marked the fabulous era of the 20s French automobile manufacturer founded in 1919. 'Charles _' Made the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight.. Dance craze of the 20s. Law that made the US a dry state. This Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb was found..
World History History American Civil Rights Activist well-known for her refusal to sit at the back of a racially segregated bus.. Famous Russian Revolutionary assassinated in Mexico.. Leader of the Communist Revolution in Cuba.. The act of giving up sovereign power, especially by a Monarch.. Russia's 'White House'..
Commercial Cookery Food Crossword Thick slices of grilled bread, drizzled with garlic and olive oil and served warm. Often topped with chopped tomato and fresh basil and/or other ingredients such as Spanish onion, chargrilled vegetables and olives.. Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points. HACCP is a practical plan (or program) that enables food handlers to implement and maintain high food hygiene standards and comply with food regulations and legislation. HACCP is the most widely used food s. indicates when a product must be consumed by. After this date, it may no longer be safe to eat and must be discarded. Under food safety regulations, you are not allowed to sell food past its use-by date.. Multiple portion appetiser ... A variety of olives, cured meats, salami or other sausages, semi-dried tomatoes, cheeses and marinated, pickled or chargrilled vegetables are common ingredients.. French term which means a little bit of food which is served before the meal to stimulate the appetite. typically without charge at restaurants. amuse mouth.
Drawing Basics Art a marker colour used to represent gold or brass in rendering 6-5. a tool for drawing fine lines 4-5. the widest point of our markers broad felt tip . Drawing tools using ink and felt tip. bright areas in a drawing .
World History History Bus boycott and American Civil Rights Activist. Leader of Communist Revolution in Cuba. Russian Revolutionary. The act of giving up sovereign power, especially by a Monarch.. The German State from 1918 -1933.
Neurones and Senses Body Peptides produced in the brain which inhibit the feeling of pain and cause euphoria. Specialised structure in the membrane of the postsynaptic cell.. Pain resulting from a stimulus that does not normally elicit pain. A type of glial cells that produce myelin sheath in the central nervous system. . Tiny space between presynaptic and postsynaptic cells..
Real Estate Business and Work A claim or lien on a parcel of real property.. Lease that has fixed start and end dates. Can be short as in days or as long as 100 yrs. . Property owned by spouses or registered domestic partners, with ROS.. Voluntary use restrictions adopted by homeowners or homeowner associations.. Things that are permanently attached to it. Transferred by Deed. .
US Presidents Government and Politics US Presidents Brand of Vaccum. Assumed Presidency in 1945. Brand of children's clothing. The last president to have served in the American Civil War. First of 5 presidents that did not have biological children.
Where The Red Fern Grows Books - Childrens Literature Chapters 4 and 5 awful or dreadful . a type of tree. one who is in charge of a railroad station. a small, thin sharp piece of wood or glass broken off from a larger piece. a quick look at something.
Berkeley Heights History World Geography Name of the second house at Littel-Lord Farmstead. ______ House. What was invented at Bell Labs in 1947?. Last farm in BH. What famous rock band played at GL in 1970?. Former Murray Hill resident who worked on Telstar I project at Bell Labs.
Fruit Food AlL aBoUt FrUiT Has the word dragon in it. Sour. Small and pink. Starts with goose. Very common and it is red but the inside is white and really really popular..
Optics Physics The highest point of a wave. The angle between the refracted ray and the normal line.. Emission of light during chemical reaction. Distance that a wave dips or rises.. Form of electromagnetic radiation detected by the human eye.
Romans 3 Bible rules that a society lives by. to make a statement based on personal knowledge. the reconciliation of God and man through the death of Jesus Christ. in remarking about time, right now; this instant; . left out or omitted.
Scientific Revolution Test Science Inspired by von Guericke's Madgeburg experiment, Boyle produced a 'pneumatic engine' which we now call a _________ pump. a microscope opens our eyes to see the intricate __________ of God's creation. the planets and the sun are all attracted by __________________ force. Christian Huygens believed that light behaves like a ______. sound also travels in _________.
Geography Terms World Geography a long, narrow, deep valley formed by glacial erosion and flooded by ocean water. an extensive open plain or meadow; a plain destitute of trees. a flat-topped mountain with steep walls. a structure constructed perpendicular to the harbor for securing vessels . a small inlet or bay; a recess in the sea shore.
Australia World Geography Landmark Katu Tjuta was also known as what? . Town of the BIg Prawn?. Helped fund Sydney Opera House?. Name of band Paul Keating managed?. Oldest uni?.
Romeo and Juliet Literature and Writing What Act 4 is usually called in Shakespeare's tragedies . Romeo's best friend . The Saint the Friar mentions when he talks to Romeo about his change in love . What Romeo and Juliets death cause the fueding families to make . What Romeo says he loves Juliet by, but is told by Juliet to not say that becuase it is inconsistent .
Romeo and Juliet Literature and Writing soon after Romeo and Juliet meet they plan to get _______. what family does Romeo belong to. which family does Juliet belong to. what does the prince say is the punishment for fighting in the streets. who makes the plan and gives Juliet the sleeping potion.
Blood Body Overall function of leukocytes . Engulf and destroy . Smallest WBC. White blood cells with granular cytoplasm . Initial stem cell.
Music Theory Music F Clef. Interval that is major, minor, perfect.. Scale that sounds sad.. Lines of the treble clef.. Lower a sharp one semitone, you use a ___________..
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