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Children Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 8 to 12. They are made up of words that are often found in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to older kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for children click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
A Good Night's Sleep is Important! Health If you choose to wear these, make sure they are soft and comfortable so you don't feel restricted.. Do as much as you can to make yourself feel this way before you get into bed. . We need this for all functions of daily life.. You need one to cover you but make sure it is not too heavy or too light otherwise you will be uncomfortable.. Eat this as early in the evening as possible; a full tummy right on bedtime can make for a poor night's sleep..
A Vital Business Resource Business and Work Find each of the following words. unable to work together. not planned, accidental. converting paper documents to pictures stored and displayed via computer. things that stand in the way. having something in common.
Polygon Math Crack the answers with the help of the clue Convex quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides. Opposite angles and sides are congruent. Convex polygon with all equal angles and sides. Diagonals cuts the polygon into two right angled triangles. Only Opposite angles are congruent and opposite sides are equal.
Superhero Entertainment has a trident. batman's sidekick. he has a golden spike ball. can turn into any animal. half human half robot.
The Road Not Taken Literature and Writing A person, place, thing, object, or activity that stands for something beyond itself used to add a deeper meaning to the theme . The message a poet once the poem to have for the reader . The science or study of poetic meters and verse . The overall organization of lines and/or the predictable patterns of sound . Voice of the poem.
The Texas Revolution History The woman that was nicknamed 'The Angle of Goliad'.. The man that has a famous knife named after him.. A famous Texan volunteer that fought in the battle of the Alamo.. The first president of Texas.. The only Tejano to serve in the Republic of Texas.
The Watsons Go to Birmingham Books Energy in a form of powerful and or harmful rays.. On time.. Soldiers sent to make an army stronger.. Immitate.. Frighten..
'ay' Words Spelling Lists use the clues to write 'ay' words The train was held up at the station.. Not here.. To have a rest.. Not to move from here.. African pots are made of this..
'Call of the Wild' Books Chapter Seven state of violent mental agitation . total certainty . an anticipated outcom . stable situation in which forces cancel each other out. stubborn/unyielding .
'kn' & 'wr' Spelling Words Spelling Lists You do this when you bend down and put your weight on your knee.. Something that is twisted or woven into a circular shape.. You do this when you use yarn and needles to create something new.. This is the place between your hand and your arm.. You use this to open a door..
'N' Words Spelling Lists Complete this crossword The _ tournament was about to begin. The shrapnel was a _ of the plane crash. The date is _ 17th October 2012. The day was very _. The _ had to read and sign a contract .
'Ous' Words Spelling Lists Find the 'ous' words Something funny. An explained serious accident. Likely to harm you . Well known for something . A risk or danger.
'W ' Words Spelling Lists Words start with 'W' large animal of the Arctic ocean with even larger tusks. the angel shark is named for its fins that are shaped like these. Harry Potter knows that this word means 'sorcerer'. shed tears. a big lie or a Burger King favourite.
'Words Of Wisdom' Spelling Lists state or quality of being unique. active, full of life. to descend from an ancestor. to look up too. a careful thought, considering others.
-tion Crossword Literature and Writing When you see 'tion' in a word, you say 'shun'. Can you work out which -tion words fit the clues? A choice.. The act of adding.. A sudden, violent outburst.. The act of giving to a charity.. A short description to go with an illustration..
1.1 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Spelling Lists scientific explanation for a set of observations that can be tested in ways that support or reject it. logical interpretation based on what scientists already know. group exposed to the same conditions as the experimental group except for one independent variable. an experiment in which one variable is changed, while all others are kept unchanged or controlled. the variable that is deliberately changed in an experiment .
10 Plant Parts Botany The male reproductive structure of flowers.. The part of the stamen that contains pollen.. A thin stalk of the stamen.. The part of the stamen that contains pollen.. Broad, flat, thin leaflike parts of a flower..
1820's Politics... History This crossword will have words to do with the 1820's Politics in it... Good Luck! An organization to gain political power-9,5. An activity associated with the governance of a country or area- 8. A formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action, expressed typically through a ballot or a show of hands- 6. The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed- 10. The social group between the upper and working classes- 6,5.
1830-1850 History Th first letter in each words in the answers are captial. A machine that is used for separating cotton. Who made the first artificial Christmas Tree made out of dyed goose feathers.. Someone who wanted to end slavery and they fought for black freedom.. The peak of the indusrtial age. A series of houses, paths, and barns that helped slaves escape the south..
1930s History FDR's radio talks were known as _____ chats. ______ Americans were the poorest during the depression. Alfred Landon was govenor of _____. Franklin_____ won the 1932 election. Government charity.
19th Century Inventors History Who developed kindergarden?. Who developed pasteurization?. Who Invented the Bunson Burner?. Developed the assembly line. Who invented the typewriter?.
1st Amendment Government and Politics this freedom means the government cannot stop people from saying what they think. means to have the supreme power. added to the Constitution to protect citizens' freedoms (3 words). the number of amendments in the Bill of Rights. this freedom means people can request that the government makes changes.
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Entertainment Whale With A Large Tusk/Horn. Underwater Animal. Large Sea Mammal. 'The Nautilus Is ______'. What The Crewmembers Of The Nautilus Eat.
2014 Super Bowl Sports All about the Super Bowl Play by play announcer for today's game. Wilson of Seahawks. QB of host stadium home team. Last year's super bowl winner. Host stadium for 2014 super bowl.
3D Shapes Math a corner on a shape. this has 2 circular faces and 1 curved face - what am i. more than one vertex is.......... 1 side of a face. a cube has six of these.
3D Shapes Math This shape has 3 faces -2 flat and 1 curved. The corners of a shape. The side of a face. This shape has triangular faces and 1 vertex. This shape has 6 faces and edges that are all the same length.
3d Shapes Math This shape has 3 faces. This shape has 4 extended external faces. It has two triangular faces. This shape has one square face. This shape has 8 vertices.
4th Grade Math Math a way of displaying objects in rows and columns. symbols used to write a number (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). a pattern used to make a solid. a customary unit of capacity. equal to 8 fluid ounces.
4th Grade Science Science A trait that helps an organism survive in its environment.. A form of energy that allows you to see objects.. To change from a liquid to a solid.. A hollow rea or pit in the ground.. An animal that eats both producers and consumers..
6 + 1 Plus You Literature and Writing it makes them want to read the rest of your paper . presentation of information is compelling . auditory trait. Usually the first paragraph. Two things make ideas work well: clarity and details.
9 Types of Energy Physics Energy transmitted by electromagnetic radiation. Light is one type of electromagnetic radiation.. The energy an object has du to its position above Earth , energy due to its height. Outer Space does not have a lot of it.. Energy of an object or system due to its motion or postion.. Energy stored when materials stretch or compress.. The energy an electric current carries..
A Boy at War Books Use clues to determine the plot, characters. setting, and vocab specific place bomb was dropped. main character sister. grand-father of main charater. adam's ____ was missing so he went searching. receiving unexpected good.
A Boy At War Books bombing in hawaii on 12/7/41. final setting. islands where pearl harbor bombing occured. war caused by pearl harbor bombing. second setting.
A Christmas Carol Christmas Main Character's Only Living Family Member. Main Character's old Boss. Setting of the Story. Bob Cratchit's Job. Main Character.
A Christmas Carol Entertainment Ghost 1. Ghost 3. Greedy. Scrooges Nephew. Ghost 2.
A Christmas Carol Christmas A soupy food substance. Not active or working. An act of generosity. To form somethin by the action you take. Another word for a person who is in a gloomy mood.
A day at Mosque Religion Pilgrimage to Mecca. The Holiest city in Islam. Muhammads birthplace. Ferile area in the Desert. Used as a trade center. The Muslims Holy Book. The Arabic word for God.
A Mixture of Misspelled Words Spelling Lists Guess these commonly misspelled words, it is a really good challenge! Of extreme importance to something like a project or machine. To get physical money out of an electronic card. Directly oposite. To finally realize or understand. To explain something in a larger way than supposed to.
A Nightmare on Clown Street Books find out the words to make someone laugh and be _____. we wear these on halloween. to say something quietly to some one. teachers do this to kids questions. to bring something down.
A Piece Of Home Books A Lake By Uptown. Your Old Job. MN Hockey Team Mascot. The Best Football Team. MN Hockey Team.
A President's Day History the President provides moral for the country. the group of people the President asks advice from. the President's office where he works everyday. The President is in charge of the armed forces so we call him this. The President is in charge of international relations so we call him this.
A Turkey Takes the Stand Books The young orphan told of his__________ so passionately they were moved to tears. . My family serves_____________on Thanksgiving Day before noon.. It's hard for me to be a ______________ to a soccer match, when all I want to do is run onto the field and join the game.. President Lincoln set out to ___________slavery in the 18th century.. Students who register in this way must submit a ____________ to the department office by Monday, November 29, 2012..
A Wrinkle In Time Books 3W's appear on what planet. Shows up at the Murry's house on the night of the storm. Who shows the kids a battle between the stars and The Dark Thing. Meg's last name. Mr.Murry what imprisoned where.
A Wrinkle in Time Books A changeover. Gas surrounding the Earth. Victorious-winning and proud. Hard to describe;having no outstanding features. Bow down as a show of respect.
Abigail Adams History Abigail urged John to advance womens _______. City which Abigail was born in.. Abigail cared for her ____ at her home.. What month did she die?. Abigail and John corresponded through ________ when they were apart..
Abiotic and Biotic Biology the living organisms in an ecosystem. a Biotic organism that can be found in lakes and rivers. an Abiotic factor that can be found everywhere on earth . a Biotic organism that can be found in every habitat on earth. a Biotic organism that is formed by spores absorbing water.
Abolitionism Society Cross- Word Having equal rights regardless of race or gender.. Somebody practically owned by another person, however they are payed.. One bound in servitude to a person or family.. Region of the U.S. that is pro-slavery.. Famous person to oppose slavery, whom went on to become president..
About the Moon Science Features of the moon More than half...less than full!. Whole not half! . Brightness fades. When the Earth's shadow falls on the Moon. Brightness grows.
Abraham Bible Genesis 12, 13 13:4 and where he had first built an ______. . 12:10 Now there was a ________ in the land,. 12:1 The LORD had said to Abram, '_______ your country, your people and your father's household . 12:17 But the LORD inflicted serious __________ on Pharaoh and his household because of Abram's wife Sarai. . 12:10 and Abram went down to _______ to live there for a while because the famine was severe. .
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