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Who's Who IN Psych%3f Crossword Puzzle

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Who's Who in Psych?

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Across Down
4 Cognitive Development, 4 stages.
7 Hierarchy of needs.
10 Classical conditioning.
11 Revised Binetís original mental age test and renamed it the Stanford-Binet.
14 Taste Aversion.
15 3 basic levels of moral thinking, moral ladder.
16 Inborn universal grammar.
17 Human emotions and behaviors are conditioned responses. Baby Albert.
19 General intelligence, or g factor.
20 Misinformation effect. False Memories of childhood traumas.
22 Identified 7 clusters of primary mental abilities.
23 Social interaction of hypnosis.
26 Triarchic theory, with 3 intelligences.
30 First laboratory on sleep.
31 Humanistic psychologist. Believed people were basically good. People grow by unconditional positive regard. Self-concept.
33 Operant conditioning.
1 Founder of first psychology laboratory.
2 Collective unconscious.
3 School of functionalism.
5 Personality factors: Extraversion-introversion, and stability-instability.
6 Reformer for more humane living conditions for the mentally ill.
8 Described personality in terms of fundamental traits.
9 First female president of the American Psychological Association.
12 First woman to receive a Ph.D. is psychology.
13 Pioneering researcher in verbal memory and rehearsal.
18 Observational learning.
21 Inferiority complex. Social tensions are crucial to personality formation.
24 Stages of Psychosocial Development, a crisis that needs a resolution at each stage.
25 Created the WAIS test, the most widely used intelligence test.
27 Structuralism, though introspection.
28 Multiple intelligences and that they are independent of each other, shown by people with savant syndrome.
29 Repression and Defense Mechanisms.
32 Measured mental age based on mental aptitude.
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