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Animals Crosswords

To view or print a Animals crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
cows produce more milk than cream. has a white face and a black or redish orange body. what is a cow called bfore she has a calf. what is the lions name on narnia. it's meat is used in a burger. Older Children
A Bear's First Year Who takes care of cubs?. Bears eat nuts, berries and . Bear sleeps for weeks and weeks and weeks. Baby bears. Cubs are born in what month?. Easy
A Dog's Sense of Smell Dog's have up to 300 million _______ devoted to smelling . Dog's _______ are 10,000 times better than humans . Every item in a dog's environment has an ______ profile . Dog's can _______ when a person is happy, sad, sick or mean . Dog's can _______ things up to 40 feet underground . Simple
Adopt a Hedgehog Adult Hedgehogs do this during the winter when their natural food source is scarce. Season when hedgehogs are at their heaviest. Average number of hedgehogs in a litter. Hedgehogs can be very noisy during this time!. Month when hedgehogs are born. Hard
Adopt a Hedgehog Child Hedgehogs root nosily in the ground for food like this farm animal. Donít put out a saucer of this for hedgehogs to drink as it gives them an upset tummy . Hedgehogs do this during the winter when there isnít much food for them to eat . Hedgehogs like to nest under piles of these. The grey-brown fur along the sides of a hedgehog. Older Children
African Animals live in flocks and have pink feathers. live in herds of 100's and have huge curved horns. can have black fur and live in prides. largest LAND animal. live in trees and are related to humans. Older Children
African Animals Its nose is a trunk.. The male has a mane.. It has a horn.. It has black and white stripes.. It stands on two legs.. Easy
Alaskan Animals An animal that has quills.. Something that has horns and live on mountains.. Something that lives in river and that people can eat.. An animal that is like a bull but it is more hairy.. Something that is friendly to people.. Older Children
All About Butterflies a pupa of a butterfly or a moth. the food eaten at one time. the animal that can give birth to babies or lay eggs. a small bug theat has six legs and three body parts. the movement of animals according to seasons. Older Children
All About Chickens an animal in its earliest stage of development. a sharp bump on the end of a chick's beak. the bright red skin on top of a chicken's head. the red skin under a chicken's beak. the mouthpart of a bird that is pointed. Older Children
All About Reptiles a very hot area which is dry and sandy. a cold-blooded animal that lays eggs on land. the outer boundary of an object. an animal that eats meat. an animal that eats insects. Big
All About Stalls What do you know about keeping a horse's home in fine shape? When a horse is stuck in the stall, this is the word used. Something you can wear to keep your hands clean. Bedding made from something you can read. Type of bedding; some horses like to eat it!. These are usually rubber and can be used to make stall more comfortable. Teenage
Alligator Belongs to this animal group. Part of very swampy states in the south. Based on what they eat they are in this category.. A population area, part of the gulf coast of mexico, long and skinny. Another word for animal noses. Older Children
Alligators Alligators Creature was wearing a shell.. Things that smell.. live in water.. Walking things.. Creatures flying.. Older Children
Along the Shore & Trails Quite a hunter. Angler's quest. Watch out for its rising tail. Red and walks our trails. On the fram (and ona diet). Older Children
Alphabet Mammals One mammal for every letter except 'u' and 'x' What a monkey. Covered in long spines. All prickles. Always has the hump. Winnie's friend. Hard
Amazing Animals the soft thick hair that covers the boies of certain animals such as a bear or rabbit. a very young girl or boy. to come or go after or behind. in an early part of life or growth. to get knowledge about something through study or experience. Easy
Amazing Animals This animal roles in mud. This animal has a shell on its back. This animal loves hay. This animal is white and lives in a very cold place. This animal lives in the trees. Very Difficult
Amphibians Find the words to this puzzle using the hints. Greenish-yellow, often brighter yellow by tail, line down each side. Most common aquatic salamander in Ohio, under rocks at edge of streams.. Gray or brown body, dark spots ď13 inches. Permanently aquatic, retain red, bushy gills.. Spend most of their time underground. Large, stout bodied.. 2.75 - 3 inches, squarish spots, bright yellow groin and underside of legs. Forested ravines with rocky streams.. Mid-dorsal stripe, rounder tail. Hemlock ravines, under rocks at stream edge.. Very Difficult
Anaconda Often Anaconda __________ at morning. opposite shortest. It is Anaconda's family name.. It has _________ skin. The Anaconda's __________ is caiman. Older Children
Animal Animals connected by feeding habits. An animal that eats meat. An animal that eats insects. An animal that is hunted by other animals. An animal that eats only plants. Older Children
Animal Abuse Causes and Types of Animal Abuse Not knowing you are being cruel. Not standing up for what you believe is right. Owners who are ignorant about animal care. Different traditions in certain countries involving animals. Common type of animal cruelty. Adult
Animal Bones domestic animal species with a fibula. name given to unfused end of abone. group of animals usually underrepresented in non-sieved bone assemblages. chemical element used to study migrations. element present in shoulder girdle of humans but absent in sheep. Hard
Animal Cell Complete the following crossword The membrane that surrounds the nucleus. Stores the DNA. Attached to the Endoplasmic Reticulum . Also known as the semi-permeable membrane. Sometimes call the power house of the cell. Hard
Animal Cell cavity inside a cell that fills with food being digested and waste material that is on its way out of the cell.. where microtubules are made; divides into two during cell division. transports materials through the cell;contains enzymes and produces and digests lipids (fats) and membrane proteins. transports materials through the cell and produces proteins which are sent to the Golgi body or inserted into the cell membrane.. spherical body containing many organelles including the nucleolus; controls many of the functions of the cell (by controlling protein synthesis) and contains DNA ; surrounded by the nuclear membrane. Hard
Animal Characteristics Find the words how most mammals have their young. Body covering to keep mammals warm. also a mammal. Birds, Amphibians Reptiles and some Mammals lay eggs.. Reptile with hard shell. Easy
Animal Classifications long mouthed reptile that lives in the Nile River. mothers always return to the same spot that they were born to lay their eggs. give live birth, nurse their young, breath through lungs. have scales & fins, live in water. native snake of Florida with colored stripes. Hard
Animal homes The king of the jungle lives here.. I am a bust bee, i live in a. Home of a bird.. Oink.. Oink this is my sweet home.. Rabbits live here.. Easy
Animal Nutrition the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. how well an animal likes feed; molasses is added to increase this in many rations. the material left after the food has been digested; it is made of plant cell walls and cellulose. a feed that is high in energy or protein. nutrient that can be dissolved with ether. Hard
Animal Nutrition Fibre increases the water-holding capacity of?. Fats and oils are made up of Fatty acids joined to?. Amino acids are joined together with peptide bonds to form?. What is used to transport fat soluble vitamins around the body. What are the building blocks of proteins . Hard
Animal Nutrition and Digestion Complete the following crossword. This will count as 5 test grades. a digestive fluid secreted by the stomach. an enzyme that digests proteins by hydrolysis. a mixture of substances that is produced in the liver but stored in the gallbladder and that enables formation of fat droplets in water as an aid in the digestion and absorption of fats. the long-term absence from the diet of one or more essential nutrients. the fourth and final stage of food processing in animals: the passing of undigested material out of the digestive system. Big
Animal Terminology goats are also called this. hen used for laying eggs. mature female ovine that has reproduced. newborn pig. castrated male equine. Very Difficult
Animal Welfare, Behavior an Husbandry this is necessary for the mother to restore her body resources and to start breeding. the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth, its rich in antibodies. nonliving factors. this chemical compound that created rapid results against microoganisms. dip the calf's navel in this to protect it from pathogens. Hard
Animals This bird has a colorful beak. Zebras use their stripes to hide from this. Japanese Giant Salamander take in water through ______________. A small bird with dark feathers on its back and wings. A llama might do this when it is angry. Older Children
Animals has a long tail, hops and lives in Australia . they have a shell. lay eggs and live in the sea. they live in water . it flies and lives in nests. a big white bear that lives in snow. Older Children
Animals No longer existing. A physical or behavioral characteristic of an organism that helps it survive in its biome. To conceal by disguise or protective coloring. The place an animal or plant normally lives. The number and variety of organisms found within a specified geographic region. Older Children
Animals Try find the animals They love Rowling in mud and they have more than one child. They curl up when you hold them. They climb trees and can swing tree to tree. They are obedeint and listen really well. They get killed for there tusks. Older Children
Animals Swings in the trees. Barks. The males have a big mane. Big ears. Ssssssss. Older Children
Animals Use Hints to find words (down ↓ / across →) This is the place where many animals live with lots of plants and trees. . These fish have lots of sharp teeth! . Many families have an animal or some animals at home. What's this called? . These birds can sometimes speak English! . These are baby dogs. . Older Children
Animals Pink and Goes 'Oink, oink'. Has a shell protecting its body. Has spikes protecting its body. A pink bird, has long legs. Baby dogs. Big
Animals Names of animals an animal with a sharp poisoness arrow on its tail. some of these animals are very poisoness. an animal that has big ears. an animal thats cross with a horse and a donkey. an animal that can rip you in half. Hard
ANIMALS They're black and white.. They're green. They haven't got legs.. They're brown. They can fly.. They're brown and big. They've got small ears.. They've got two horns.. Older Children
Animals These type of animals have ears.. This animal swings across branches and is related to us, humans.. This animal can live in your house and can be very hard to spot.. Living creatures that are just like us.. This animal is called the garbagemen of the sea.. Older Children
Animals this animal has gills. the second most popular pet in America. this animal has a trunk and tusks. sometimes called 'the king of the jungle'. this animal lays eggs. Easy
Animals eat both plants and animals. one of 35 major groups. animal without a backbone. single organisms produces a new organism identical to itself. one line divides them into two equal parts. Hard
Animals something slimy. walk on the nuckles. almost the same thing as a puppy. a cute thing that is platful. can jump big. Easy
Animals they are very good swimmers. it is very good at climbing trees. man's best friend. king of the jungle. big animal with a trunk. Older Children
Animals I love rolling around in mud. I can have one hump or two. A native NZ bird. I have 2 red legs, I'm a bird commonly found walking by the side of the road. A soft cuddly animal from Australia. Young Kids
Animals wear lab coat make & gloves when necessary . take car the animals . similar to AWA. when animals can be used . animal welfare act. Big
Animals lives in the waters of California. Donkey Kong is one of these. howls in the night and can be heard for miles. the Snake of Egypt. that lives in the Alaskan tundra. Big
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