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Animals Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Falconry Radio systems that are used for tracking birds. The nasal openings. Another name for a tidbit. The toe that faces backwards on most raptors and is usually used as the primary killing weapon. The action of rubbing the beak against a surface to clean it. Big
Animal one horned wild animal. huge wild animal. ugliest animal. slow hard shelled animal. crawls on walls. Hard
Invertebrates class that has shell consisting of two hinged parst. example of a arthropod that possess Chelicerae. Phylum with water vascular system. this phylum contains Ascaris and vinegar eel. Choanoflagellates have been considered their ancestors. Big
Sheep Terminology Match the definition to the term in the word bank. Male that has been castrated. Gestation length in sheep. Female that has given birth. Leather made from sheep. Parturition in sheep. Big
Sheep a castrated male sheep. a well-known cheese traditionally made from sheepís milk. a group of sheep. a bag-like organ containing mammary glands. a female sheep. Big
Animals This animal only eats meat . This animal spread the plague . This animal hops about and croaks. This animal goes baa baa. This animal has a shell and moves very slow . Big
Arthropods A bacterial infection that results in joint swelling, fever, and a rash. Arthropods with hard shells. An external skeleton. The parts, each resembling a single eye, that make up an insectís compound eye. Invertebrates that have jointed appendages and an exoskeleton. Hard
Animals Complete the crossword When something get decay.. Clasification of a living thing.. when an specie reproduce and start creating a descent . When a living thing get adapted to a place.. Are tiny living things, and most can only be seeing by a microscope.. Big
Animals this jumps and says ribbit. this is a li__ard. this animal is in a shrimp sandwich. this is a bird that can't fly and lives on the North Pole. chicken wings chicken wing hot dog and baloney chicken and macaroni. Young Kids
Animal cell is a gel- like fluid that fills much or the inside of the cell.. is a thin layer, and controls what materials enter and leave . carry's out cellular respiration and provide's energy to cells . is a network of lubes that transport materials for the cell.. are structure that produce produce protein for the cell.. Big
Big Cats & Chameleons Aside from mothers and their cubs, tigers usually live _____.. Chameleon's are masters of __________.. The ______ of a chameleon is made up of bone, elastic, and muscle.. The _____ is the biggest cat in the World.. Baby cats are referred to as _______. . Big
Basic Animal Terms the upper rounded part of the hindquarter (also called the croup). the topmost part of the head. the part of an animalís body just above the elbow of the foreleg. the fleshy part of the side between the ribs and the rump (croup). the part of the foot that the animals walks on. Hard
Frog something that you must do because of a rule, law or promise. used to describe something that is boring because it is always the same. quiet and peaceful. boring and too slow or long. seriousness and sincerity. Big
Hardworking Insects The Bible uses the actions of the ____ as an example of being wise.. Dairy ants keep herds of _________.. Honeybees produce _______ and honey.. The bee or ant that lays eggs is called the ___________.. Honey is made from ___________.. Easy
Bald Eagle Words might be horizontal, vertical or backward STRONG. RAPTED. FISH. SAFE. WE. Big
Wild Animals a small animal that lives in Poland. a very big lizard. a big monkey. a very fast animal. a big cat with stripes. Young Kids
Horses and Goats All the hidden words relate to horses and goats Fleshy hair covered appendages that dangle off a goat, often on their neck (7). Goat breed (5,6). Horses and goats eat it (3). Triangle on the bottom of the hoof (4). Horses can wear them when it is wet or cold (4). Hard
Elephants .A vertebrate animal that feeds its babies with its own milk.. An extremely flexible and agile person who works in a circus.. An animal that has been tamed over the years and kept by humans as a pet.. A person who comes from Denmark.. Work in an organized way towards a particular goal sometimes by marching etc. . Big
Small Animals parasite; has long legs to jump. medication against bacteria. type of diet for dogs that consists of uncooked meat. disease affecting over 40% of dogs; overweight. wrist joint. Big
Animals small antelope found primarily in Liberia. rare species of deep-sea shark.. umbrella octopus. lives in the waters around Japan. Whale head stork. Big
Popular Pooches Have what look like beards.. Known as sled dogs and usually do better in colder weather. . Show dogs with puffs of fur.. Long fur and are usually, well, golden.. Scarlett is this type of dog.. Big
Batty About Bats the act of seeing; sight. join together, unite. a way of locating objects using sound. a condition in which something bad or harmful could happen. to get in the way of;disturb. Big
Grooming Your Horse Equipment A soft-bristled brush removes finer particles and dust, adds a shine to the coat and is soothing to the horse.. Preferred surface for the horse to stand on while grooming so he does not slip on hard concrete.. A metal tool designed to clean out the underside of the horses hoof, remove stones, manure and dirt.. This tool is used to remove individual hairs of the mane from the root with the purpose of thinning and shortening it.. A collection of these is necessary to groom a horses coat well.. Big
Fishing Trips Catching Many Fish Find All The Fish Large and Small Mouths. Great Sushi or Fillet. Fresh Water Colorful Fish. Comes in Many Sizes and taste great fried up on a sandwich. They Hide and are hard to catch. Big
Ancient Crocodiles very large in size, quantity or extent. made someone or something feel great fear for a long time. an early type of plabt or animal from which others have developed. a blade used for cutting hair or shaving. an animal that naturally hunts and kills other animals. Big
Farm Animal Nutrition the chicken's true stomach. higher protein needed for the meat bird to build.... the role of bacteria in the rumen. another name for fats. the outside of the chicken egg. Big
Dinosaurs This crossword are words mainly about dinosaurs. meat- eater. eats both plants and meat. a scientist who discovers about remains of fossils. an extinct animal. only eat plants and fruit and vegetables. Older Children
Panda Conservation an animal that suckles its young on milk. an expert in the study of animals. protecting force or influence. a symbol identifying an organisation or product. more likely to be attacked or harmed. Big
Discovering Insects flying insect with large eyes and thin wings. flying insect that bites. hard outer layer some insects have. stage in an insect's life cycle after larva. series of changes in life from birth to death. Older Children
Australia Birds I am like an owl i live in woodland and start with an T.. I am black and white and sound like a type of food. I lives in snow type of owl. I have butiful tail fethers and start with an L.. I can ushaly be found in canada or neer mountains and i'm a bird of prey.. Hard
All About Sharks! ________ shark: This shark's abnormally shaped head with eyes on either side gives it 360 degree vision.. ________ shark: Distance swimmers that stay in cold water to feed on schooling fish.. ________ shark: Largest predatory shark that grows up to 20 feet in length using its five rows of teeth to kill their prey.. ________ shark: Speedy sharks that use their unique pattern to camouflage in kelp beds or sandy flats.. ________ shark: Spotted shark that swallows large amounts of water to expand to twice its size.. Big
Animal Health the condition of having an abnormally low body temperature. providing for all of the needs of an animal to allow them to live, grow and reproduce free from pain and suffering. results from injury, improper nutrition, genetic abnormality, unfavorable environmental conditions or exposure to toxic materials. the practice of raising animals and tending to animal health. measure of how much heat is in the body. Hard
Dinosaurs Dinosaurs became at the end of this period.. The biggest of all the herbivorous dinosaurs. . Scientists who specialize in the study of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that ate only meat.. Dinosaurs that ate only plants.. Older Children
Animal Planet What kind of fish always lives alone?. What bird can't fly?. What kind of fish is very poisonous?. Who can kick very hard?. Where do Kangaroos Live?. Big
Bees and why they are disappearing Complete the crossword puzzle below Bees make it using nectar. A chemical used to kill weeds. It is a baby bee. There is nectar and pollen in it and the bee eats from it. The bees source of sugar to make honey. Big
Wildlife all the animals of a particular type who live in one country, area, or place. a group of animals or plants in which the members have similar characteristics to each other. to keep someone or something safe from injury, damage, or loss. close to a particular number or time although not exactly that number or time. to go down in number. Big
Animal Noises gobble gobble. baa. cock-a-doodle-do. woof. neigh. Young Kids
Animal Habitat Giraffes live here. Camels live here. Chickens live here . Gorillas live here . Dori lives here!. Easy
Call of the Wild Large animal with a trunk. Long, snapping jaws, lies waiting in rivers. Flightless bird, lives in Antarctica. Slithers and hisses. Long neck native of Africa. Big
Crocodiles Complete the cross word puzzels. a warm-blooded vertebrate animal of a class that is distinguished by the possession of hair or fur,. relating to the Pacific Ocean. unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts. a domesticated ruminant mammal with a thick woolly coat. relating to water.. Hard
Dog Breeds There were 101 of this breed in a Disney movie. Like a collie, but shorter. This breed started as mountain rescue dogs in Switzerland. Blue eyed, snow loving breed. A breed that is often mixed with other breeds to prevent shedding. Big
Animals of the World Can you find all the animals in this cross word? Lives in Africa, it is very big. A pink bird that migrates every year. It is the most popular pet in England. The fastest animal in the world. A very long neck. Young Kids
Animals Puzzle #1 the largest land animal. this little rodent may be a good pet but it needs to run on a wheel up to a mile a day. tallest animal in the world. fastest land animal. Something cowboys ride. Easy
Animals a very large plant-eating mammal with a prehensile trunk, long curved ivory tusks, and large ears. [7]. a popular name for a gull.[7]. a small terrestrial crustacean with a greyish segmented body and seven pairs of legs, living in damp habitats. [9]. a young cat. [6]. parakeet which is green with a yellow head in the wild. [10]. Big
The Study of the Horse Used to rate a horse. British term for halter. The rider's motion at a trot. The study of the horse. Height measurement. Hard
Animals a huge animal with a trunk. rhymes with fat. looks like a cloud. a pink bird. a type of ape. Hard
Zoos What you get at school; what zoos often provide for their visitors. Name for intelligent mammals such as monkeys, apes, lemurs, many of whom live in rainforests. The study of insects, essential to our understanding of their importance in the ecostystem. Now famous TV programme presented by Sir David Attenborough that re-awakened interest in nature and the environment. Meaning the desire to keep or protect something for the future. Big
Fish Fill in the blanks ________ should be off-white to light pink or orange. Aim for fish _________ that day or the day before at the latest. . The eyes should be clear, bright, and slightly _______. . Then wrap the clean fish in ________ paper, plastic wrap or aluminum foil, and store it on ice or in the refrigerator.. Telltale signs of fish past their prime are sunken, ________ eyes and brown gills. . Big
Fear No Deer A time of day, deer are most active. A time of day, deer are most active. Fastest speed of a deer in miles per hours. Male deer grow and shed these each year. A female deer. Big
Turtles a safe place that protects animals. types of animals. trusted. a sea animal with a brownish shell. can be eaten by turtles and could die. Big
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