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Art Crosswords

To view or print a Art crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Color Painting Fill in the correct term for each definition. Reds, oranges, yellows. These colors suggest heat and appear closer to the viewer.. 2 colors opposite each other on the color wheel.. 12 colors from the spectrum bent into a circle.. The color part of paint.. A color scheme of three colors that form a 'Y' on the color wheel.. Hard
Intro to Art Fill in the cross-word puzzle. The point at which all perspective lines meet.. Artist who became famous for painting large scale grid portraits.. The line that marks the separation of the earth and the sky.. A method of shading in which crossed lines are used to create value.. A method of shading in which small dots are used to create value.. Big
Medieval Art Terms Match the term with the hint and write it in the box Made by tying animal hairto wooden sticks or the quill of a feather. There were rarely any __________ in the Middle Ages. . Pigments are mixed into resin, water, egg yolk or rarely, oil to make ________.. Made from plants & minerals. In the Middle Ages, artists hardly ever painted ___________. . Older Children
The History of A. George Pollard First city where we lived in Washington. Aerial warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces. The mailing address city for our second home. The city that we moved to after I retired. Month of my birth and nuptials . Very Difficult
Southeast Asian Art Name: a deity who refrains entering Nirvana to help others. the Hindu god worshipped as the protector and preserver of the world. a branch of Buddhism that teaches fulfillment through self-discipline and intuition. everyday life. a fully enlightened being. Hard
Creating 2D Art Objects take up ____ space in a composition.. Object that is flat and two-dimensional.. Surface quality of an object.. ____ space is the shape of the background.. Shading with overlapping lines.. Big
Manet at the Seaside Sea bathing was thought to help women prepare for the pains of _____.. The seaside became a social _____.. Rules permitted bathers to bathe without bathing machines depending on the time of ___.. This kind of transportation made the beach more accessible.. Doctors thought bathing in the sea would make city dwellers tough like ____.. Big
Theaster Gates Use the clues below to fill in the crossword puzzle. The artist's first name. Gates holds this position at the University of Chicago. This great city is where Theaster Gates is from. In 2012 he combined music in a special show held in what European country. His biggest project to date is changing the interior of place that once held money. Big
Color Theory Write the word the best matches the hint. Color made by mixing yellow and blue. When you combine†any two of the Pure Primary Hues. By adding white to any color to make it lighter. Named by temperature blue, green, violet . Are the only hues that canít be created by mixing any other colors together. Big
Art History A picture of the artist by the artist. A French artist who painted still life paintings. A group of art with the same theme. Two things close together for a contrasting effect. A painting by. Very Difficult
Principles of Design The area of the artwork that immediately catches the viewers attention. The elements and principles that are very obvious and directly relate to the message, meaning or concept of an artwork. Organized repetition of an object, symbol or art element. Repeated use of an object, symbol or art element. Equal distribution of elements in the space of an artwork. Big
Postmodern Art A style of art based on subject matter from a popular culture.. A print, also known as silkscreen print, made by squeezing ink through a stencil and silk-covered form to paper below.. A style of painting in which the distortions and special effects of photography are shown or used for ideas.. Intellectual, cultural movement, beginning in the latter half of the 20th century considered a reactionary movement opposed to modernism.. A change in form, shape, detail or appearance that makes an object different from others.. Big
Contemporary Art A style of art based on subject matter from a popular culture.. A print, also known as silkscreen print, made by squeezing ink through a stencil and silk-covered form to paper below.. A style of painting in which the distortions and special effects of photography are shown or used for ideas.. Intellectual, cultural movement, beginning in the latter half of the 20th century considered a reactionary movement opposed to modernism.. a change in form, shape, detail or appearance that makes an object different from others.. Big
Art Terminology & Famous Artists space that has been used. surface quality of artwork (how it feels). juxtaposition of different objects or things in an artwork. he painted 'The Green Stripe'. he created Impressionism, a movement of art. Hard
General Drawing An instrument for drawing circles and arcs and measuring distances between points.(n)(7). A method to represent a 3 dimensional object in 2 dimensions.(n)(12,10). A dark area or shape produced by something between the light souce and a surface. (n,v)(6). A thin sheet of material with a shape cut out of it, used to produce the design on the surface below by applying ink or paint through the hole.(n,v)(7). A proportion that is considered to be particularly pleasing to the eye.(n)(6,7). Hard
Colors The color of growing grass and leaves. The color of coffee and chocolate. The color of coal or the night sky. It is very dark. It is also the name of a fruit. The color of blood. Easy
Elements of Art A two-dimensional area that is defined in some way, perhaps with an outline or solid area of color. The way a surface feels or appears to feel if you could touch it.. To shade with 2 or more intersecting series of parallel lines.. Shading technique executed by means of small dots or spots.. A color resulting from the mixing of two primary colors. Big
The Elements of Art the use of areas in two-dimensional space that can be defined by edges. the perceived surface quality of a work of art. The area around the subjects. Purple, Orange and Green are ____________colors.. Shapes that cannot be named. Big
Art Appreciation The material on or from which an artist chooses to make a work of art . a painting executed directly on to a wall . an area of lightest value in a work . medieval associations of artist, craftsmen, or tradesmen . a network of horizontal and vertical lines; in an artwork's composition, the lines are implied. . Big
Gateways To Art Shading to make something more dynamic . The space between the background and foreground. Proportion of the two divisions of a straight line or the two dimensions of a plane figure such that the smaller is to the larger as the larger is to the sum of the two.. Color is the main subject of the art. Colors that can be used to make all of the other colors. Hard
What is Art the effect of changing placement in time. color adjecent to each other on the color wheel. a system using diagonal parallel lines to communicate depth. the colored materials used in paint, often made from finely ground minerals. the surface quality of a work, example: fine/coarse, detailed/lacking in detail. Big
Art Appreciation The material on or from which an artjist chooses make a work of art.. The surface quality of work,. A print created from an incised piece of wood.. A work of art assembled by gluing materials, often paper, onto a surface.. An artist belonging to the Surrealist movementin the 1920's, later whose art was inspired by dreams/subconscious.. Big
Color Theory A visual method of organizing and understanding color relationships.. Colors made by mixing Primary colors together. Include Orange, Green and Violet.. Adding a color to white to create a lighter value. The more color added to white, the darker the value becomes.. Colors evoke cold. Include Blue, Green, Violet.. Colors that cannot be made by mixing other colors together. Include Red, Yellow and Blue.. Older Children
Colors Many trees and bushes are this color. The color of cement. The color of coffe. The darkest color. A mix of red and purple. Big
Ceramic Art Clay is heated. Coloured slip applied to clay. Bowls,plates,cups. Decoration technique. Ball of clay. Hard
Arts complete the crossword below what is used to apply paint. a basic drawing. one of the three color divisions that are not warm or nuetrals. one of the three major type of paint, is a slow drying paint. one of the three major types of paint, involves using water. Older Children
Arlene Shechet Complete the puzzle! Shechet's hometown, Oscar lives there now. Hard to see base material. Shechet's hobby. Not quite plaster. Word written on steel base. Hard
Leonardo da Vinci One of da Vinci's most famous paintings . Leonardo's first ever completed painting. Where Leonardo was born. The time period in which Leonardo lived. Where Leonardo lived with his father. Older Children
Sculpture The areas on a body where bones meet. A sculpture should be interesting to look at from ______ _______. We worked in the style of this artist, George __________. Michelangelo's famous sculpture of a boy after he slayed the giant. The natural substance made from gypsum. Older Children
Printmaking & Portraits Formal balance where both sides of a design are a mirror image of each other. Rolling out the ink on the palette. Different levels of positive and negative space. A type of textile printing from Western Africa. The name of the people who wear an Adinkra. Big
Introduction To Art Da Vinci's most famous portrait. The Spanish artist who began cubism. The another word for the material used to create art. A large painting on a wall. The element that involves enclosed lines. Big
Watercolor Techniques Lifting the overly wet areas of paint off the paper.. Painting with a very small amount of wet paint.. Used when trying to brighten up and even area of color.. When watercolor is repeled by the sticker itself and creates negative space.. Watercolors slide off the waxed area when painted.. Big
The Modern World: Arts and Literature Artistic director and choreographer of the New York City Ballet. Style of art who's artist used common objects in their pieces. Le Corbusier used this material in his building. Sounds created by computers. Style of painting after 1945 that involved a personal expression from the artist. Hard
Color color made by mixing yellow and orange together. color made by mixing equal amounts of yellow and blue. a color plus the two colors next to its complementary color. colors made by mixing equal amounts of two primary colors. red, blue, and yellow. Hard
Primary and Pastel Colors A mixture of blue and yellow. The color you see when the power goes out at night. A mixture of red and yellow. A common color of fire truck and fire hydrants. Color of clouds. Easy
Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting. Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, engineer, scientist and one of these. Place where Leonardo da Vinci lived and worked for thirteen years. Leonardo da Vinci worked for these people who were considered powerful in those days. Describes Leonardo da Vinci's parents' feelings towards him. Older Children
Picasso What influenced Picassoís Black Period. What was Picasso's father's first occupation. At the turn of the century, where did Picasso move. when he was 14, his family moved where. in what country did Picasso die. Hard
Art of Africa type of figure placed on baskets containng relics of the dead. a full costume including a face covering. present location of Yoruba in Africa today. made with gold by the Asante's. well-known innovative artist from Yoruba. Hard
Pablo Picasso Famous Cubist and Surrealist painter.. Last name of friend who helped Picasso create Cubism.. Country where Picasso died.. Picasso's greatest influence in painting as a child was his ____________.. Period of art influenced by the suicide of a close friend of Picasso.. Older Children
Artist We Have Studied Pablo Picasso was born in what country. Van Gogh was born here. Art using American iconic images or everyday objects. The kind of architecture used in many government buildings in the USA. Artist who painted using different perspectives. Hard
Color Theory Review of color theory Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Red Yellow Orange. Colors that can't be created with other colors: red/blue/yellow. Colors in between Primary and Secondary Colors. Orange, violet and green. Big
Color Theory Reds, yellows, and oranges; reminds us of things that are cool, like ice and grass.. A means of organizing colors in a circular format.. Yellow, red, and blue; cannot be made by mixing other colors.. Green, orange, and violet; made by mixing 2 primaries together.. Lighter value of a color made by adding white.. Big
American Arts he wrote the poem 'Raven'. was created for people who thought they should leave the crazy life for a simple life. her poems weren't famous until she died. a belief that people can be risen above . started in Europe and came to the US because people started to love nature. Older Children
Ceramic Find each word ceramic ware that hasn't been fired. the process of heating the pottery to a specific temperature in order to bring about a particular change in the clay or structure. a glass-like surface coating for ceramics that is used to decorate and seal the pores of fired clay . this is the technique of building ceramic forms by rolling out coils, or ropes, of clay and joining them together with the fingers or a tool . ceramic ware that has been fired once without glaze . Hard
Color Wheel Sara Brooks Green, Purple, and Orange are ____ colors.. Blue, Red, and Yellow are ____ colors.. Blue, Green, and Purple are considered ____ colors.. Made by adding white to a color. The intensity of a color. Older Children
Art Appreciation Cave Dwellers-Realism High Renaissance artist _______ sculpted Pieta and David as well as painted Biblical frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.. Egyptian figures in paintings/carvings are standardized with male figures always _______ squares tall.. _______ architecture can be seen in the columns on buildings in America.. Romantic art focused on _______, feelings, and moods of all kinds including spirituality, imagination, mystery, and fervor.. Medieval Romanesque paintings, usually of Christian subjects, were _______ (no shadows) and somber.. Very Difficult
Claude Monet As a teenager, I painted paintings of this as I enjoyed it very much. I moved to this city at the age of four.. When my wife Alice died i took the opportunity to ______ her in her death bed. Instead of doing work, I drew____ of teachers and kids. I donated 12 of copies of this painting to the Nation of France. Hard
Claude Monet As a teenager I painted paintings of. Where did I move when I was four. I was born in this month. When my wife Alice died I took the opportunity to _____ her. What age did my first wife die at??. Hard
Ancient Greece Art this material was sometimes used to weave . jug used for gathering water. this was made my the metal workers . oil jar. jar used for storing wine and oil . Hard
The Arts one of the parts that a book is divided into . a kind of film where drawings and models move. the art of designing buildings. a male singer with a high voice. a feeling of sadness. Hard
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