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Art Crosswords

To view or print a Art crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Mondrian I need a camera. octopus, starfish, jellyfish, shark etc.. Something that makes me cry. I use it to make delicious food. bird, dog, cat, fish etc. . Big
Elements of Art (Form) is the area(s) that is shaded on surrounding objects and surfaces because of blocked light. is the area(s) that is shaded on the object.. objects that have specific names associated with them and are typically man-made.. do not have specific names associated with them and are often associated with naturally occuring forms. is the area on an object that is lighter because of reflected light off of surrounding objects. . Big
Charcoal Drawing A shadow cast by an object onto a nearby plane. The darkest part of the shadow on the object. Where the light is originating in an artwork. Achieved by applying one direction lines to create value; the more the lines the Dark of the volume. The area in the picture plane between the foreground and background. Big
Macrame Basketry complete the puzzle a fiber extracted from the stalk of abaca plants. is used when do the knotting. used for cutting the reeds. known as reed, one of the most popular materials. is used for trimming, sharpening and cutting off mmaterials. Big
Color a beautiful metal, worth money. a pretty stone color. the sky on a clear day. a lighter metal. lighter color of purple. Easy
Color The complementary color of orange is ___________________.. Green, blue and purple are ___________________.. Orange, green and purple are _____________________.. Blue, red and yellow are _____________________.. When you mix white with a color you get a _________________.. Older Children
Sketching Terms line which indicates dimensions of arcs, circles and detail. a drawing which contains views of an object projected onto two or more orthographic planes. a line type that represents an edge that is not directly visible. a measurable extent, such as the 3 principal dimensions of an object is width, height, and depth. a point in space, usually located on the horizon, where parallel edges of an object appear to converge. Big
Leonardo Da Vinci Did he have formal school . when did he die. what was the first animal he pith. why did he learn human anantomy . name of his wife . Big
Drawing Basics a marker colour used to represent gold or brass in rendering 6-5. a tool for drawing fine lines 4-5. the widest point of our markers broad felt tip . Drawing tools using ink and felt tip. bright areas in a drawing . Very Difficult
Pablo Picasso A place where important paintings are kept and shown to the public.. A painting, drawing, or photography of a person, place, or thing.. A painting or drawing of a person.. A simple, quickly made drawing that does not show much details. . Children watch funny characters on tv.. Big
Colour and Cognition The cognitive process of selecting information that is available in the environment.. The colour of wavelengths that are beneficial during the day as they boost attention, reaction times and mood.. The shade of pink found to impact the endocrine system, causing a tranquilising effect on the muscle system. It is reported to reduce aggressive and violent behaviour, reduce strength and lower blood pressure and pulse rate.. The strength/brightness or weakness/dullness of a colour.. The body’s natural sleep and wake cycle that is controlled by exposure to all colours of light.. Big
Andy Warhol He was inspired by things that were modern and changed ... . He made a print of what brand of soup? . He made prints, films, digital artwork, installations, paintings and ... . (video) Pop art is young, bold and ... . What country was he born in? . Big
Art lterms a painting or drawing of the countryside, park or green area. a painting or drawing of somebody's face. a repeated decorative design. the shade of colour. a long narrow mark. Older Children
APAH: Asian Art _______________ is the act of moving around a sacred object or idol.. the Gold and Jade Crown is from _________. the Hindu god who is known as the destroyer and creator is __________. White and Red Plum Blossoms is essentially a screen. Portrait of Sin Sukju was created by the _______________ Bureau of Painting. Hard
Painting unflattering of the Pope artist. I paint ______________ because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.. to some a party; to this artist his wife. african-american silhouettist and painter, themes center on history and racism. Picasso's Cubist buddy. Hard
Faith Ringgold Faith Ringgold Painter Civil Rights Activist Women's Rights and Educator depicted art with various fabrics used . This is the area Faith began working in for art. God's creatures she looked after . something we submit when we want someone to know about us. Fellowship for art. Hard
Asia Art A time of being closed off from the rest of the world. said; 'When Japan began opening its doors to foreign countries and trades in the 1850's, more cameras, accessories, and information about photography came pouring in.'. __________ had become part of Japanese everyday culture by the early 20th century. A Japanese historian. The year the photography era first started in Japan. Hard
Georgia O'Keeffe nationality . Moved here from Wisconsin. Birthday. Number of art schools she went to. age when she died . Big
Leonardo da Vinci Important words about Leonardo da Vinci During his younger years he got most of his ideas from this.. Da Vinci was not only an artist, he was also this.. He little interest in these.. His Uncle Francisco was the only person who felt this for him.. His parents felt this way about him when he was young.. Big
Acclaimed Graffiti Art One of the UK's first Graffiti Artist's from Walsall.. International Graffiti Art competition founded in 2003 by the German Urban Art agency CSF Media.. Acclaimed Graffiti Artist who created the Weetabix mural in the mid 1980's.. Graffiti Federation started by Goldie.. A documentary that exposes the rich growing subculture of Hip Hop that was developing in New York City in the late 70's.. Hard
Color Wheel A thinned, watered down paint which is translucent. . A great difference between colors, one light, one dark for example. Complementary colors have a strong contrast. . Arrangement of colors in a painting so that one color dominates the work of art. . secondary color. The quality of a material that does not allow light to pass through. You can’t see through it. Hard
Keith Harring They are bright.. Being born.. Art form. Good outlook. Govenment. Big
Claude Monet Name of Monet's first wife. Disease Alice died from. Age Monet went to Paris to study art. Monet was the leader of this art movement. Monet developed this in his eyes and almost became blind. Hard
Art Terms a material used to create an artwork, such as pencil, charcoal, paint. middle of the scene or picture that is between the foreground and background. point at which converging lines disappear in the distance. area clearly set off by one or more of the other 6 elements of art. kind of line, runs straight up and down, means strength. Hard
Principles of Design A large difference between things that creates interest. . The use of scale in an artwork.. The area of an image that stands out the most.. An structured repetition of design elements.. The way elements are arranged to create visual stability in a work.. Big
Elements & Principles of Art The differences in elements.. A 2-dimensional flat enclosed area.. The most important area of an artwork. Also called the center of interest.. The surface quality or feel of an object.. The lightness or darkness of black or colors.. Big
Analysis of American Gothic by Grant Wood The architectural style of the house. Another words for overalls/jeans. This religious group was always seen as serious, stern, grim-faced, so some folks were outraged with the painting that showed them as such.. 'the Hans mewling of the American Midwest'. Throughout the piece, viewers are drawn to the horizontal and vertical parts.. Hard
Color Terms color strongly associated with calmness. pail, whitish low intensity. colors that wow a design . bold and vivid colors. . Having a small amount of color pigment dull faded, a since of less color.. Big
Artwork system using diagonal parallel lines to communicate depth. area of lightest value in a work. overlapping parallel lines to convey darkness or lightness. continuous, uninterrupted line. ine not actually drawn but suggested by elements. Big
Intro To Picasso Fill in words going across and down to complete Different styles of art used by Picasso. Where Picasso was born . The age Picasso died in 1973. Also created ceramics . Remarkable that these people loved his work . Big
Nicholas Blowers Exploring and Responding The artist wants the audience to focus on the ______ of life. . The over-arching theme in his work is ____ and ____ in the natural world. . His artworks look similar to those produced by artists in the 1800s showing scientific classifications and _____ drawings. . Blowers’ subject matter includes dying plants in various stages of decay as well as ____ and moths lying on their backs as they have fallen. . He paints using ____ brushes and sgraffito tools to produce the intricate detail in his subject matter. . Hard
Color Using neutral color in large areas of room and small areas of a bright color used for accent. Most common device used to show the relationship between colors; provides basis for basic color schemes. Using a color with the two colors on each side of its complement to make color scheme. Using two or more colors that are side by side to create color scheme. Colors made by combining two primary colors in equal amounts. Big
Principles of Art Find the word for each of the Principles of Art 2-D the outline of an object. The way something feels or the way something looks like it feels . Adding White to a color. How the parts fit together to make a whole- Size relationships.. The lightness or darkness of a color. Big
Da Vinci Da Vinci was an artist, architect, scienctist, but what else is he famous for?. His most mysterious painting?. Who was he apprentice?. His most famous art work?. First big area he was famous in?. Older Children
Art Elements/ Principles Gives light or darkness to the art piece. . Shapes are flat, enclosed areas that are two dimensional (length and height). Artists use both geometric and organic shapes.. Texture describes the surface and quality of an object. Artists use both actual texture (how things feel) and implied texture (how things look).. Brings units together.. Value describes the lightness of darkness in a surface. . Older Children
Color Painting Fill in the correct term for each definition. Reds, oranges, yellows. These colors suggest heat and appear closer to the viewer.. 2 colors opposite each other on the color wheel.. 12 colors from the spectrum bent into a circle.. The color part of paint.. A color scheme of three colors that form a 'Y' on the color wheel.. Hard
Intro to Art Fill in the cross-word puzzle. The point at which all perspective lines meet.. Artist who became famous for painting large scale grid portraits.. The line that marks the separation of the earth and the sky.. A method of shading in which crossed lines are used to create value.. A method of shading in which small dots are used to create value.. Big
Medieval Art Terms Match the term with the hint and write it in the box Made by tying animal hairto wooden sticks or the quill of a feather. There were rarely any __________ in the Middle Ages. . Pigments are mixed into resin, water, egg yolk or rarely, oil to make ________.. Made from plants & minerals. In the Middle Ages, artists hardly ever painted ___________. . Older Children
Southeast Asian Art Name: a deity who refrains entering Nirvana to help others. the Hindu god worshipped as the protector and preserver of the world. a branch of Buddhism that teaches fulfillment through self-discipline and intuition. everyday life. a fully enlightened being. Hard
Creating 2D Art Objects take up ____ space in a composition.. Object that is flat and two-dimensional.. Surface quality of an object.. ____ space is the shape of the background.. Shading with overlapping lines.. Big
Manet at the Seaside Sea bathing was thought to help women prepare for the pains of _____.. The seaside became a social _____.. Rules permitted bathers to bathe without bathing machines depending on the time of ___.. This kind of transportation made the beach more accessible.. Doctors thought bathing in the sea would make city dwellers tough like ____.. Big
Theaster Gates Use the clues below to fill in the crossword puzzle. The artist's first name. Gates holds this position at the University of Chicago. This great city is where Theaster Gates is from. In 2012 he combined music in a special show held in what European country. His biggest project to date is changing the interior of place that once held money. Big
Color Theory Write the word the best matches the hint. Color made by mixing yellow and blue. When you combine any two of the Pure Primary Hues. By adding white to any color to make it lighter. Named by temperature blue, green, violet . Are the only hues that can’t be created by mixing any other colors together. Big
Art History A picture of the artist by the artist. A French artist who painted still life paintings. A group of art with the same theme. Two things close together for a contrasting effect. A painting by. Very Difficult
Principles of Design The area of the artwork that immediately catches the viewers attention. The elements and principles that are very obvious and directly relate to the message, meaning or concept of an artwork. Organized repetition of an object, symbol or art element. Repeated use of an object, symbol or art element. Equal distribution of elements in the space of an artwork. Big
Postmodern Art A style of art based on subject matter from a popular culture.. A print, also known as silkscreen print, made by squeezing ink through a stencil and silk-covered form to paper below.. A style of painting in which the distortions and special effects of photography are shown or used for ideas.. Intellectual, cultural movement, beginning in the latter half of the 20th century considered a reactionary movement opposed to modernism.. A change in form, shape, detail or appearance that makes an object different from others.. Big
Contemporary Art A style of art based on subject matter from a popular culture.. A print, also known as silkscreen print, made by squeezing ink through a stencil and silk-covered form to paper below.. A style of painting in which the distortions and special effects of photography are shown or used for ideas.. Intellectual, cultural movement, beginning in the latter half of the 20th century considered a reactionary movement opposed to modernism.. a change in form, shape, detail or appearance that makes an object different from others.. Big
Art Terminology & Famous Artists space that has been used. surface quality of artwork (how it feels). juxtaposition of different objects or things in an artwork. he painted 'The Green Stripe'. he created Impressionism, a movement of art. Hard
General Drawing An instrument for drawing circles and arcs and measuring distances between points.(n)(7). A method to represent a 3 dimensional object in 2 dimensions.(n)(12,10). A dark area or shape produced by something between the light souce and a surface. (n,v)(6). A thin sheet of material with a shape cut out of it, used to produce the design on the surface below by applying ink or paint through the hole.(n,v)(7). A proportion that is considered to be particularly pleasing to the eye.(n)(6,7). Hard
Colors The color of growing grass and leaves. The color of coffee and chocolate. The color of coal or the night sky. It is very dark. It is also the name of a fruit. The color of blood. Easy
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